On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Half a year ago

“Hey, I need you to pick up the pies for the party tonight it’s under special order at that diner on 4th,” Tatt said as I placed my freshly sharpened sword on the armory’s walls.

“Why do I need to?” I asked into the phone annoyed, “You’re the one going all out for this what would I know, I don’t even like sweets.”

He groaned on the other end of the phone, “I’m about to tattoo her bro. Also this is the first Luna celebration of this generation AND the first birthday for Birdy so don’t be a little shit or I will tell all the groupies that you just got an STD, have fun trying to get pussy then.”

“Alright alright fine I’ll go get some fucking pies.” I hung on him before he would list off whatever else he wanted, if I had to go on some run then I should have at least chosen whatever we are eating.

I was glad for tonight, Birdy was being brought into the club as Hunter’s Luna and we can breathe easy with having gotten rid of Remious. Not to mention I see Hunter get what he deserves but at the time I just wanted to resupply the ammo and do my job rather then go pick up pies. I don’t like sweets, how the fuck was I supposed to know if the ones I picked up were going to be good?

Strapping some knives on myself I headed out to my bike ready for this run to be over with, Tatt no doubt chose me just so he could fuck with me since I stole the pussy he was interested in the other night. Settling onto my Harley Davidson Street Bob, I kicked the stand up and started the engine heading to the diner Tatt had wanted. Why a diner? Wouldn’t a bakery make more sense? I didn’t pay attention to diners but don’t they have a reputation for burgers not party pies?

It didn’t take long for me to pull up to the diner, parking my bike in front of the entrance thankful for the empty lot so no one would scratch my bike. Don’t trust people around her, can you really blame me? I felt my pocket vibrate but ignored it already knowing it would be different brothers telling me what to get them, Tatt is going to owe me for this.

Walking in, the bell above the door rang inside the empty place. My head turned to the door that went to the kitchen as I heard a string of soft curses coming from there as the door opened to a young woman shaking her hand rapidly.

I felt my jeans tighten as I looked over her body, her tight jeans showing off every part of her long legs. The t shirt showing my her round breasts. I couldn’t help my eyes roam over her body appreciatively before snapping back to the present as she keep shaking her hand rapidly.

“You alright?” I asked stolling over to the counter as my eyes went over her face. She had soft green almond shaped eyes that held an innocent view of the world, though there was something else in there I couldn’t place. Her hair up in a messy bun with a blue scrunchy that she began to fiddle with before muttering again shaking her hand. I did notice how her eyes slightly widened as she looked me over, taking an obvious moment to see my Sargent of Arms patch on my cut but as she kept looking over for something she got more worried before relaxing a little.

“Uh yeah, burnt my finger on a cooking pan.” Her voice was very soft, timid almost as she shuffled behind the counter making sure not to meet my eye. “W-what can I get you?”

A tug on my lips occurred as I looked at her, “picking up some pies on order, under Tatt or Riders of Silence or maybe I am supposed to choose he didn’t say.” Crap, these better fit in my saddle bag how did I not think of that. I stood up straighter when I saw her eyes widen and she bit her cheek as she looked over my cut specifically taking another moment to see the patches again. “You okay sweetie?”

She just nodded slightly still not looking at me as she turned around going into the kitchen to get the pies. Not sure why it bothered me so much but I did not like the fear that was rolling off her just because of my cut. Sure I have killed and gone after people; its my nature in the club but I would never hurt someone who was innocent. Plus the club didn’t have a bad reputation in the city, if anything we gained respect kicking dirt bags out.

Seeing her walk back into the front of the restaurant I could see a small spot of flour on her cheek as she balanced a couple pies on a tray. “Wow those look good.” She jumped seeing that I had gotten closer to the counter then I was before, at her movement the tray tipped causing the pies to slide off. A load crash filled the diner as the pies shattered onto the floor breaking upon impact sending pie filling and glass in every direction.

“I-I am so so so sorry, I can fix this, I can make new pies on me, fuck.” She exclaimed as she bent down trying to pick up the pies that were a mess on the floor. Her breathing becoming unsteady as she began to pick up the glass, my body moving to crouch next to her, stopping her before she cut herself on the shards.

“Hey hey easy, it’s okay its just a couple of pies, it’s just for a Luna party, it’s fine.” I shushed her trying to make her calm as my hand went out to wipe off some of the flour on her cheek. The hand coming back quickly when I saw how startled she looked from my touch. “You have flour on your cheek.” I smiled softly trying to calm her down which looked to be working slightly. Looking around I saw a broom and got up taking it to sweep up the mess.

“You don’t have to do that, it was my fault.” Her voice was soft but at least it was steady this time.

“I startled you, it’s the least I can do.” Truly I didn’t mind but now I really needed to think about where I would be getting pies. I couldn’t see any on the counters and had lied when I brushed it off being a Luna party.

Hunter will shoot me.

“Here. I was messing around in the kitchen and made these.” Turning around I saw her standing behind the counter with new cooking trays with different pastries she was packing up. “There are chocolate and lavender macaroons in here and then here is a Tiramisu cake and lastly are some fresh biscuits with cut strawberries and mint whipped cream for shortcake. I know they aren’t the pies but it’s the least I can do for dropping them on the floor when you have a party.” Looking over at the goods I could now understand why Tatt had sent me to some random diner instead of a professional bakery. She had made desserts that you would see in magazines with their decorations and just by the smells I could tell them will be amazing. That and I am also assuming because she is fucking extreamly hot.

“Well Birdy will be very pleased with the pies falling if she gets something with coffee now. Plus I am pretty excited about shortcakes since I don’t like sweets all that much.” A small genuine smile appeared on her face with that comment as she looked at me before averting her gaze again.

“If it’s horrible don’t tell anyone you got them here.” She passed me the boxes with everything in them.

“You doubt it?” I asked taking out my wallet giving her a thirty shaking my head when she tried to tell she couldn’t accept it, “Keep it.”

“Just don’t want my boss to find out if they are. Just got hired, don’t want to get fired.” Her eyes widened for a moment before she fidgeted with her hair almost as if she had said something that she wasn’t, a small look of fear in her eyes for a brief second. I looked down to her shirt seeing her name tag smirking as I saw the name knowing that it fit her in the short time I have seen her.

“Well Drya, I am sure they will be very good and I won’t tell anyone; I’d rather be the only one your baking for. Have a good night.” I grabbed the rest and walked out of the diner, still picking up on her nerves; I am a tall guy and if she isn’t used to MCs there could be numerous scenarios going through her head.

Once I got to my bike I knew they wouldn’t be fitting in my saddle bag, well not without destroying them. I sat on my bike looking into the window at the movement that drew my eyes, she had taken out her hair from the bun letting it fall loose as she ran her fingers through preparing to put it up again. My fingers twitching, wanting to be the ones to run through her long locks. I gave her a final nod when she looked up meeting my gaze to which she returned before heading back into the kitchen.

Wasn’t one to get interested in a woman, usually it was just club groupies but I never kept them around. They were a good lay nothing more and if you kept sleeping with them you risk them getting ideas into their heads particularly now with Birdy being a Luna. But Drya had something about her, those eyes drew you in, along with that small soft smile even with the nerves I could pick up.

Taking out my phone I called one of the prospects to come and meet me here to take the goods. Maybe I should have done that first but at this moment I was glad that Tatt had called me for this.

Drya was scared of something, something that she tried to hide. A fear in her eyes, hesitancy talking to me and not to mention a little flash of confusion when I said ‘Drya’. I may just have to learn to start liking sweets if it means I could see who she is and what it is that has her being jumpy.

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