On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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“Where is everyone?” Tatt asked as he came into the kitchen as I made some biscuit dough.

Knowing that he probably knew about whatever the brothers were doing I figured he was talking about the women. “Clary is off hacking and Doc and Birdy are out looking at Dresses.”

“Didn’t want to go?” Tatt asked grabbing an apple.

“Well I had just gotten back from work and I doubt I should go rolling around the city with ROS members when I am still wanted dead. Why didn’t you go?” Putting the dough in the fridge I looked at Tatt.

“Already had enough brothers for the small jail, plus I own a tattoo parlour and had an appointment.”

Nodding to him I shifted on my feet wondering if he could help me in what I have been thinking about all night. “Can I ask you a favour?”

“Depends darling.” His look changed to one of skepticism since I asked hesitantly.

Taking a deep breath I looked at my feet before looking back at Tatt, “You probably have noticed I can get a little jumpy around the guns. Ryker has started to help me by taking apart one and putting together in front of me. I was wondering if you could maybe just tell me about the different guns? I want to get over it so Ryker doesn’t feel like he is obliged to help.”

Part of me knows that when Ryker told me about his story with the knives after being in an underground fighting ring where he had to kill people that he wouldn’t judge me. But he was doing so much I couldn’t let him focus on me when he has a high position in the club as he does.

Tatt softened looking at me, “it doesn’t make you weak, just a survivor and Ryker knows that. Come on, I’ll help until Ryker comes back and kicks my ass for being alone with his woman.” He added a wink making me chuckle.

I follow him down the corridor looking away as he ended the code into the armory; I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to know. Tatt walked into the room waiting patiently as I took a couple of deep breaths to keep myself calm before I walked in. The room looked the same as it did when I was here the last couple times with Ryker, but this time I wasn’t leaning against him letting me focus on the room. It was impeccably organised with wall to wall shelves of knives and swords and cases of guns of all different kinds.

“I am assuming Ryker only showed you a small handgun right?”

“Yeah… 9 mil?”

“Alright we will start with small handgun then.” I followed him, doing so at a small pace sorta wishing Ryker was here instead of Tatt but I need to try and do this on my own. “So you and Ryker huh?”

Looking back at his face I realized that my breathing had quickened and Tatt was trying to distract me. “Yeah ha, was terrified over him at first with my history but then he kept coming, calmly talking to me and here we are.” I felt a smile on my face thinking about him.

“He’s a good guy, one not to fuck with but of all people to help with a fear of weapons he is the best. You like him?” He asked calculating my reaction. His usual relaxed, joking demeanor gone as he thought of his brother.

“More than I am ready to admit I think. Fought it for six months...” My voice was really soft as I shuffled on my feet trying to relax in the room, thinking of Ryker’s arms around me as he kissed me earlier tonight.

“Good, I can see you are too sweet to ever consider hurting him.” He replied with a wink, his regular charm back. “This will be interesting. The lunas so far; rebellious teen Birdy and now the mom in the group; emotional, against fighting and putting brothers in place.”

“I’m not a luna.”

“Sure you aren’t.” He shook his head opening a cabinet clapping his hands together to bring us back to why we are here, “Alright darling we are going to start with...”

For the next hour or so Tatt went through different guns, taking them apart before letting me approach them as he talked about them in depth. The door opened after a while longer and I saw Ryker walk in stopping short when he saw Tatt and I standing there. It was in that moment I saw how close we were and I quickly gave the gun back to Tatt who had somehow convinced me to hold one and placed it back in the case.

“Amara, Brother.” With a mock salute Tatt walked out of the room leaving me and Ryker, his eyes dark as he walked over to me looking me over making me pull at the end of my dress.

Was he mad that I was here with Tatt?

“I realized how that looked but I swear he was only going over the different guns in here; which I asked him to because I wanted to be better around your brothers and not be all nervous which would allow me to enjoy my time better with you which would also be good since you wouldn’t have to be burdened with me. I don’t want you to feel like you are in the case you are and I am not really sure what I am saying anymore I just wanted you to know -”

My ramble was cut off as Ryker’s lips slamming into me hard, dominating me as he pushed my waist back to one of the counters. The kiss became heated as his tongue slipped into my mouth moving with mine. Heat going down into my lower regions as he reached down cupping my ass then lifting me up onto the counter going between my legs. I kissed him back with the same fervor he was kissing me, my hand roaming in his hair and down up cut holding him against me making sure he wouldn’t break away.

“Tatt would never make a move on you and I know you wouldn’t make a move on him.” He said slowly breaking off the kiss making me miss his taste already. “You will never be a burden to me, are you okay here right now?”

My head nodded slowly having my nose rubbed against him, “I was uh,” My cheeks heated up making me draw my face away from embarrassment but he just used his fingers to make me look at him, silently asking me to continue, “I was thinking about how being with you always calms me.”

“I will always be there for you when you panic or have a slight amount of anxiety, no matter what.” His eyes told me that he meant every word that he said as he spoke so earnestly.

Kissing me again slowly my fingers grasped at his hair to pull him into me, “How did I get you into my life.” My voice was soft telling him how much he was affecting me.

Ryker just slowly shook his head at me chuckling softly, “you are the one who is too good for this world.”

It was my turn to shake my head at him now, “I think you are seeing things. Never would have thought that biker who made me drop all those pies would be someone so good to me, bringing me back from fear. How did tonight go?” My voice was soft as he kissed the top of my nose.

“Not now. Now I am going to take you as mine. Later we can.” His voice husky as he breathed against my lips with his hands moving inside my inner legs from my dress settling within my legs, only heating my core up more.

“Yes.” I moan pushing him back into me, kissing him with more fever not wanting to be without him for a second longer. My hands began to pull at his belt buckle to get his pants off needing him in me, to make me fully his as he put it.

He groaned against my mouth as his fingers moved to my underwearing finding how it was already wet for him, a tearing sound in the air as he pulled them off to give him full access. He began to play with me causing my head to go back as I moaned, his kisses moving to my neck as I tore his cut off of him putting in on the counter behind me. His hands moved to the halter ties my dress had, uniting them and pulling the dress down to free my breasts for him to take in his mouth. I should be worried about someone walking in on us but at that moment I was too caught up with the desire flooding through me.

With his cut gone I grabbed the bottom of his shirt pulling it up which he quickly took himself off of me to throw it off real quick before coming back to me. I began to feel every part of his chest, slowly taking the time to trace over the muscles, feeling the heat coming off of his body; not knowing how I had gone the past couple hours without feeling him.

Grabbing his face I went back to kissing him, moaning as he grinding his undone belt against my core, teasing me with friction. “Ryker” I moaned reaching down to his pants flicking open his button, my feet pushing down his pants feeling his member rub against my thighs.

“Fuck, I don’t have a condom.” He growled pushing back resulting in me grabbing his shoulders to keep him against me.

“I’m on the pill.” I whispered back, and with that he entered me in one thrust making my back arc; our chest pushing together. “Fuck.”

“God damn you are tight.” He muttered as he rolled his hips making him feel every inch within my walls as I withheld a moan. I couldn’t be loud, we were in the armory and I was not letting someone walk in here. But fuck after thinking about how he would feel in me, he is a hundred times better.

Ryker grabbed my legs, putting them on his shoulders pushing me flat on the counter allowing better vantage with his pace picking up. I grabbed the counter as his hands kneaded my breasts. Hearing him lightly groan and his grip tightening around me I could tell he was trying to be quiet as well. Only hardening more and quicking his thrust knowing that we could be walked in but still trying to connect with each other.

“Ry.” I gasped out feeling him hit me where I needed him, my head rolling to the side as my back arched and toes curled. I have had sex before but not like this; he was reaching and giving me things I have never felt before.

Gripping so tight on the counter I felt my orgasm hit me, sending me on a high as my core clenching around Ryker. His thrusts in me began to be sloped as he rode out my orgasm before I felt him hitch within me as he released. A groan filled the room as his hands went out to stop his body from crashing into me; caging me against the counter as he placed his head between my breaths allowing us to catch our breath.

“That’s one way to help you get over your fear of guns.” Ryker chuckled moving his head back in my sight making me laugh. “We should go back to my room where I will let you call out as loud as you can.”

I smirked, “Yes sergeant.”

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