On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Night Piers


My arms wrapped tightly around Amara’s body, my fingers threading through her hair as I stared at two swords I have hanging on the wall crossing. They were the first one’s I got when I moved here. I guess I was being sentimental when I hung them up; the ones I learned to control my fear on. Yet we haven’t moved out of this room all today, I haven’t let Amara out of my arms.

Don’t lose the grip on the handle. Don’t get cut. If you lose it, you lose the club. You lose Amara. Hold the handle.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” Amara asked softly, lightly running her fingers up my face to my temple.

I sighed, “you know, my family had a tradition on Fridays. We would watch Jeopardy while making dumplings. Ha, mine would always fall apart but my mom would switch them out with hers to tell me mine were good and hers were the ones that fell apart. Dad would always over fill his, ha… You know that’s the only memory I have of them left. I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like.”

Amara shifted resting her chin on top of my chest as her hands traced over my chest. “I have killed people Amara. I have helped… question people. But that. That loss of memory feels worse than those sins combined.”

“Could Clary find any photos online for you?” She asked softly.

My eyes closed trying to think back to what they looked like but coming up with nothing I sighed opening my eyes, “not the same.”

Her fingers curled around mine making me lift her hand and kiss the back of it “what else is going on? You haven’t let me leave this room all day.”

“You complaining?” I questioned raising my hand and slapping her ass hard making her jump.

She bent down biting my torso make my abs twitch, “no, but I am pretty sure I’ll have bruises with how hard you held onto me... They know I am here don’t they.”

I pulled her closer to me, her legs tangling in mine, “they suspect you’re in the territory. That’s as much as I will say, I don’t want you to worry about it. None of it.” I knew once the words left my mouth it was wrong. It’s like when someone says don’t think about ‘x’ it’s exactly what you do… Now telling someone with anxiety not to worry…

“Ry, I understand there will be club business you can’t tell me but this concerns me.” She sat up looking at me, “you can’t expect me to not worry.”

I sighed running my hands back through my hair, “I am just waiting on more intel, allot of moving pieces babe.”

Amara shook her head making her get up and straddle me, her long hair covering her breast as my hands held onto her waist while my eyes wandered over her body. My body jolting when she smacked my chest, “Stop that. And tell me what else is going on in your head.”

I smirked bucking my hips lightly making her bite her lips and scowl at me knowing she could feel my erection, “I am also meeting with the mafia tonight, who may shoot me on sight if they think we are working with the M8s.”

“What? Then don’t go if they are going to shoot you!” Amara’s fingers were twitching on her side making my hands slide up and down her legs to calm her rising anxiety.

“Hey, I doubt they will. I have been working with the Sorrentinos for a while and they are not known for rash decisions. It’s just a possibility. We are in the middle of a rising situation and everything has to be treated with caution.”

Amara sighed tracing one of my scars, “and I put you in more tension…”

“No.” I bit out harshly gripping her tightly, “don’t think like that. Me and the club have chosen to protect you and we will.”

“But wha-”

“No. I swear woman if you even consider going on the run I’ll tan your ass so fucking hard I’ll have to tie you on your stomach.” I bit out even harsher making her flinch from the tone but at this moment I didn’t care. She won’t leave to be on her own. “I told you I will protect you and I will. M8s have made their choice to be our enemy the second they sold guns here.”

Amara nodded leaning her head back making her hair rise, letting me see those perfect breasts of hers. “I guess… Doesn’t make it easier.”

I chuckled brushing her hair over her shoulder making Amara look down as I took her breasts in my hands knowing my erection was pressing right up her ass. “Welcome to the life babe. But I know something we can do to take my mind off of it.” With a smirk, I rolled us over and got lost in her body before I had to go to work.

Four hours later I leaned against the hood of our SUV waiting for the Sorrentinos to arrive with our gun shipment, waiting to see if they consider us allies or against them with the M8s. There was no doubt in my mind they knew about the M8s trying to move against them, it is whether or not they confront us or trust our friendship to handle it.

“So, when are you going to thank me?” Tatt asked in a singsong voice as he leaned against the hood of the car while Hamlet paced in front ready for some adrenalin.

“Thank you? For what teaching Amara about guns? I was already doing that.” Being with her in that ammo room than carrying her back to my room to continue was a feeling I have never had with those club groupies over the years.

I was beginning to see how we complement each other. I needed her purity, innocent emotional look within the world. She being one of the few people who could understand the power a simple object has and the difficulty to see it as just an object and nothing more. But I can still see the hesitancy in her eyes; not just the guns but this life. Her father was a cop and he was killed by an MC, being with an MC would only raise the chance that I would suffer the same fate. She was getting more confident but the nagging voice of anxiety was there.

Tatt chuckled. “No, forcing you to go pick up the pies allowing you to meet her. If I hadn’t done that you would never have met herrrrrrr. And I had to threaten you with an STD at groupies for it. What can I say you’re welcomeeeeeee.”

I chuckled slightly, “fine, thanks for making me go pick up the pies.”

“As I said you’re welcome, I’ll take the name of your first child in payment.”

I rolled my eyes looking away from him back to Hamlet’s pacing. “Fuck no and dam you moved way to far fucking ahead in my future…” What would Amara look like if she was pregnant with our child, with her genes they would be gorgeous. Stop, I haven’t even thought about her being my Luna.

Before he could respond pairs of headlights appeared ahead of us stopping Hamlet’s movements with three SUVS parking in front of us. Once they stopped men in suits came out led by Maximus Sorrentino, second-in-command of the Sorrentino Mafia. I walked in front of them shaking his hand as he welcomed us in Italian; he was the only Sorrentino I have met during my years as Sergeant of arms.

“We have your guns and even the ammo came early.” Maximus said glancing around. He definitely suspected something and I have a feeling we have a couple snipers on us.

I relaxed my body to make sure he didn’t see us as the enemy, “we have your money and intelligence on the M8s MC and their interests in your gun sales.”

Maximus raised his brow as he fixed his suite motioning for his boys to get our shipment crates, “Do you now?”

“I know you know that the M8s brought guns into our territory.” Hamlet said getting right into it hopefully knowing to keep Amara out of the M8s agenda. “We shut that down immediately and had a meeting with them the other night to see what they wanted. Which is of course for us to buy our guns from them and when the time comes to go against you.”

A few of the Sorrentino men took out their guns at that, Maximus holding his hand out to stop them from being trigger happy. “And what did you say in response.”

“We told them we would be in contact.” I put my hands out as a gun was pointed out to me, “Put that fucking gun down before I throw a knife in your neck to watch you bleed out. We aren’t going to side with the M8s, they are desperate for men even with a Paskovia backing. The only reason we talked to them was to get them comfortable before we take them out. Now put the gun down or knives will fly.” I growled getting really pissed about these guns out.

Maximus growled, “Paskovia? Dam bastard should be six feet under already. Glad to hear you’ll be going against the M8s. Told the Don I wouldn’t expect you to side with them, they are a bunch of wanna be Sons of Anarchy and we all know how that show ended.”

I chuckled still glaring at a man who had a gun out, “Believe me I’ll be putting a few under the ground myself. Would have told you sooner but wanted to make sure we knew their plans before telling you.”

The crates were placed in front of us allowing me to open them quickly checking the content and ensuring that they were the right product before moving to the ammo checking that too. Everything that we asked for was here perusal with their high quality. I gave a nod to Hamlet who passed the bag of cash to pay for it all while Tatt began to move the crates to our SUVs.

Maximus took the cash handing it to man beside him who counted it before nodding to him that it was all there. “Appreciate your business and loyalty to our agreement. Have Briac contact our Don to discuss the M8s, I am sure he will offer our men if you need them.”

Hamlet shook his hand as the mafia men walked away jumping back in their SUVs and drove away.

“That wasn’t as much fun as I wanted. I need some adrenaline shit.” Hamlet muttered walking back to the SUV picking up the last crate to put in.

Tatt laughed at that, “You can be jumping off your bike to run into a house fire while trying not to get shot from enemies to save a fucking woman and that wouldn’t be enough adrenaline for you. Those men sure are of few words.”

“God that sounds like a good rush, think the woman is naked? That would make for a good fuck after. And yeah well in the Mafia you have to get your point out fast. If you take too long they shoot you.” Hamlet said hopping in the car. “At least we have one less thing to worry about now.”

I nodded, getting in the driver’s seat turning the key feeling the car turn on. Tonight had gone smoothly, too smoothly, which made me think they were already watching us. Waiting for our reaction. We were right in the middle of this gun war which means it’s a waiting game, if we don’t act before someone else and everything backfires against us.

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