On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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It was probably past midnight at the diner, Deadpan was sitting at a back table, I give him whatever he wants to make up hitting him… that seems to work. Food fixes everything no matter the problem plus he doesn’t mind his name.

“Here, keep the change.” A man who has been here for a while said passing me a twenty, the smell of BO and cigarettes strong around him as he took out his phone. “Yeah tell D I’ll be right there. See ya. So Drya you free sometime this week?”

I took the money and rang him up in the register, “Sorry I have a boyfriend.”

The man tsked, “that’s a shame. Maybe that circumstance will change allowing you and I to be acquainted. Be a shame to waste someone who looks like you.” He growled answering his phone, “I’m going tell boss I’ll be there in an hour.”

I shuffled on my feet looking at Deadpan who was on his phone not paying attention before looking at the customer putting his phone away. “I’ll be seeing you again Babe.”

With that the man walked out letting me release a breath I was holding as I bent down picking up my recipe book; sometimes people are real creeps. Flipping through the page I groaned trying to think of what to name after Ryker if I open a bakery. A thought plaguing my mind ever since he brought it up, more so than my current problem either falling in love with him or dragging his club into my problems. Maybe I should put a bullet to the head from M8s on that list too. My book slammed shut when nothing I have so far is good enough for Ryker.

Okay focus do I want savoury or sweet. Opening my book up to an open page I wrote down ‘sweet- light sweetness.’ It can’t be something that has too much sugar since he really doesn’t like sweet things, which took me a month to find out, poor guy was eating cupcakes and pies before I realized that. I can also use alternative sweetness to keep sugar count down whenever I create the recipe.

Hmmmmm, he does like fruit tarts, something a little sweet with a sharp flavour that cuts it. Like the pear, honey and sea salt tarts so maybe I can work from there. I started to write down different fruits that I can use as a basis and possible undertone flavours that would make it more special. Do I want a dark chocolate for bitterness?

Feeling someone walk beside me I slammed my book closed seeing Ryker look at me confused at my abruptness, “Stop scaring me.” He chuckled, walking over to me and kissing me deeply making a moan come out, “Meeting went that bad huh?”

“Well I am alive so I am going to take that as I win...Ouch!” He rubbed his chest that I just hit as I glared at him.

I detangled myself to walk over to the coffee maker, grabbing the pot giving Hamlet and Tatt some coffee as they already helped themselves to tarts, “Not allowed to joke about that.”

I knew that he had a Sergeant of Arms deal that he had to go to though he didn’t tell me the specifics since he fucked me into a sleep. All I know is that it had to do with Sorrentinos and tensions with M8s.

Ryker’s arms went around my waist pulling my back into his check as he kissed my cheek, “sorry, I won’t do it again.”

“You better not.” I muttered turning around into his embrace kissing his lips gently as Tatt cleared his throat.

“You two know there are people present and this is a food place, right?” Tatt asked making me


I untangled myself from him bending down to grab some dough I had proving, moving down the counter to empty space placing a board there and sprinkled some flour before dumping the dough on it. “Sorry Tatt. Ryker sit and behave yourself.”

Ryker smirked, “or what?”

I threw some flour in his direction, “or you’ll be using your right hand for a while. Sit.”

Hamlet and Tatt snickered as Ryker gave me a look that made me shiver knowing I will be paying for that comment later tonight. After kneading the bread, I took a knife cutting the fought into six equal slices and rolled out to the same width and length. Laying them out I tied them at the top and began to twist each length. Making sure they were equal I began to braid it together, taking my time to make sure I get the technique right.

“I know that is dough but it smells good from here. What is that and when can I have it?” Hamlet asked making me look up to see the boys staring at me.

Blushing I looked away from them and focused back on the braiding, “It’s rosemary and garlic loaf and will have sprinkled parmesan cheese on it. And I can bring it to the clubhouse after work to bake there, can’t sell it here since new recipe and who knows if the braid will look good. Fuck how long should I prove it for after…”

“Don’t know what proving is but when I smell it cooking I’ll be there.” Tatt mumble making me hide a smile, “fuck your making me fat.”

“Please we all know you fuck it off.” Ryker muttered, “Sucks living next to you.”

Tatt snorted, “Ya? You and Amara have a good night? Morning? Day?”

Hamlet started laughing making me blush even harder as I muttered ‘left, right, 3r braid against the 1st braid’.

“Oh no, no, Amara don’t go all shy baker I would love to know how wild you can be. So, Ryker got stamina huh?” Hamlet chuckled making me grab some flour and throw it into his face, “aw babe not the hair.”

Ryker and Tatt chuckled, “yeah well keep your own sex life to yourself and thoughts of mine to yourself pretty boy.” I said finishing up the braid.

I glanced over to Tatt who just smiled, “hard to do darling when I live in the room next door. Hey if Hamlet’s pretty boy what am I?”

I smirked thinking back to what he said about the walls thing, “I don’t know, god of ink.”

Tatt laughed winking at me, “looks like you can hear through the walls too. What can I say Stacy is feisty ha remember that time Ryker with Stacy and Cal-” I flung some flour onto Tatt covering his face stopping him from finishing that sentence, “I shouldn’t talk about previous fucks of Ryker huh darling.”

Ryker just glared at him, “Don’t you have something better to do? Either of you?”

Tatt just winked at me with a shrug getting up wiping his face, “Your right I do have someone to do.” Hamlet got up too giving me a nod tossing a bill down on the counter as they walked over to where I was. Both bending down kissing my cheek before dogging Ryker’s hit.

“Use protection!” I yelled out as they left the dinner feeling Ryker against me as he appeared behind the counter.

“Deadpan you can head back too, I got her.” Looking up I saw Deadpan nod as he got up from his seat and walked out of the dinner, “well he no longer looks scared of you.”

Chuckling I unwrapped myself from him reluctantly before cleaning up the counter. Looking at Ryker as he went back to his stool at the counter taking off his cut, “I gave him a lot of testers so I bribed away that fear.”

Grabbing a mug, I poured him a cup of tea thinking that he has drank too much coffee today and that he is going to be killing his stomach if he drinks more, “What happened?”

Ryker shook his head taking a sip of the tea, “No business tonight. Just want you, not the current situation. Like the old times. What were you working on when you slammed that books so hard?”

I couldn’t help the nervous chuckle that escaped me, “nothing that concerns you.”

“Oh, it definitely concerns me.” He gave me a smirk, “you are trying to decide what to name after me when you open your own bakery, aren’t you?”

“No.” I dodged his look knowing that I was not convincing as I shuffled on my feet checking that the bread braid was done right and was tight.

“Oh yes you are, so what do you have so far. What am I in baker terms.”

Shaking my head, I grabbed the dough putting it back in its pan and covering it to prove, “I am not going to create something for you, you can decide what you want in my bakery if I ever open one. It’s a far away idea so you have plenty of time to decide. What does the tattoo on you right forearm mean?”

On Ryker’s forearm staring at his elbow going down to his wrist was a sword with a dragon wrapped around the blade with what looked like a long stretch of mandarin written down the blade. I have seen it countless times but never asked about it. He gave me a look knowing that I was dodging his question but sighed looking at his tattoo than back at me.

“There’s a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand.”

My face went blank staring at him, “Did you quote Game of Thrones on your body.”

He looked taken aback for a moment looking back at me shaking his head slightly, “You only had Ramon in your kitchen yet you have an HBO subscription? Anyway, this saying is very accurate to my life, Mormont understands me perfectly.”

I glared at him playfully, “Don’t judge my priorities. And you are not a beast Ryker, you may have been forced to have been one but you aren’t.”

Ryker didn’t say anything but look at me. After a moment, he got up from his chair walking behind the counter and came up close to me, cupping me face as I looked into his eyes. “Every day, even with my control over these blades there is that side begging to be let out again. I’ve shed blood and I will continue to do so. This is the life that I live. I hope every day that you never see that side of me because Amara, there is a beast inside of me and it won’t ever go away.”

I started back him, looking at the fire in his eyes no hesitancy he wanted me to see the truth in his words. My hand went up to the tattoo, tracing the design as I looked at him reaching up and taking his lips on mine.

“Definitely no to sweet pastry.”

He just gave me a sexy smirk, “totally trying to make me into a recipe. Anything happen while working?”

I thought back to the last customer before shrugging, “not really just getting hit on be smelly creeps earlier but nothing else.”

Ryker tensed, “and Deadpan didn’t do anything?”

I pressing my lips against his, “he wasn’t wearing a cut babe. He wasn’t M8.”

He just looked at me pulling out his phone, “Hey Princess think you can run some footage at the diner and streets. Run every face in past hours. Thanks.

I rolled my eyes as he hung up, “Ry… you can’t run facial recognition to everyone I don’t like.”

He got up walking around the counter and pulling me to him.

“Ya, I can. We can’t be too cautious right now babe. Allot of moving parts remember.” With that he kissed me stopping any thoughts of the man or the situation at present.

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