On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Stirring woke me out of my dream, as I rolled over my arms found themselves around Amara’s naked body pulling her into me as I nuzzled into her neck. I began to slowly kiss along her skin, my hand sliding in between her thighs, her moans urging my movements. She grabbed my hand throwing it out from within her before she turned around getting up to straddle me. Sitting up, I grabbed the back of her neck claiming her lips, turned on from her assertiveness.

Her body grinded against as I bite into her lip tightening my grip against her from her tease. I felt her hand slip down between us as I kissed down her lips to her neck, my hips bucking as I felt her grasp my shaft, slowly running her thumb over my head. “You tease me much longer and I’ll make it so you can’t walk.” I growled as my hips bucked again and I bit her neck.

Not waiting anymore my hands lifted her hips, Amara’s hands placing my head at the base of her core before I pushed her down on me, her wet folds taking me in as she moaned out from the sudden intrusion. Her hands grabbed my shoulders as she rocked her waist while she adjusts to my size then started going up and down, milking me as she went up. “Fuck Ry.”

Amara bent over me moving faster and faster as she rode me, my groans filling the room from the feeling of her tight folds squeezing my cock. God, she was made to fit me.

“So, tight.” My hands gripped her waist tighter as I started to buck from under her, pumping her with my cock faster and harder feeling her core tightening with her upcoming organism. Leaning up I took one of her nipples, biting it as one hand moved to her clit playing with it roughly to trigger her.

“Ry!” she cried out as her core painfully clutched my cock, her body withering as her orgasim ripped through her.

Flipping her over onto her back I pumped myself into her harder and harder feeling her core tightening against me once again. Her nails clawing into my back as her back arced crying out another organism which triggered my own as I unloaded with in her. My thrust slowly as we both came down from our high.

Our foreheads bent together as we got our breathing down, “Fuck babe.”

She chuckled under me, “Yeah, I’ll be walking funny.” her hands moved to my face taking me into a small kiss.

“Go on a date with me. Just you and I for one night. All this club business gone for just a couple hours.”

A large smile came onto her face as she kissed me, “I’d love one, the second this is done though. You need to focus and we can go out without me panicking.”

“Church!” Hamlet banged against my door causing Amara to growl making me look at her in surprise but she just hid her face in embarrassment. “Don’t make me go in their children!”

“Alright!” I shouted back moving away from Amara before I made church get very delayed when I took her again. Grabbing my pants, I slipped them on then slid on a shirt turned to see Amara biting her lips looking at me as her legs wiggled around. Chuckling I walked back over to her kissing her. After a moment, I pulled back tilting her chin up in me, “No playing with yourself, I want you hot and bothered for when I slip right back in.”

“Church better not go that long.” she grumbled.

“I’ll have you screaming my name again in no time.” I gave her one last kiss before heading out of the room to church, one more moment and I would definitely have someone walking in to get me.

“Look who decide to show up.” Hunter smirked from the table where every brother was sitting looking at me.

“Bite me dipshit.” I smacked his head as I sat down nodding to Briac who just rolled his eyes at me.

“Nah I’ll leave that for Amara.” My hand punched his stomach, a smile of satisfaction as he doubled over letting out a puff of air.

“You two done or can I finally get started?” Briac asked banging the gavel for church to start. “So, for those who don’t know some of us met with the M8’s VP Drexton to figure out what they want. Basically, to buy our guns from them and to find Amara to hand over. This is how this is going to work, we are to keep pressure against the M8s arms dealing that may try to come onto our territory. Under no circumstance do I want their guns here. Few of you go to the undergrounds stopping any deals from happening but if you see M8s refer them me; we need them to think we are serious about future alliances. Keep a look out for any of them trying to slip into our territory to see if we are serious about relations with them.”

“How many men does Reaper of the M8s have? Don’t get me wrong; hate that the fuckers tried coming in on our territory and I like having Amara around; just want to know how much we are to risk for the M8s. Why not leave it to Sorrentinos.” Copper said shifting in his seat scratching his head.

Anger rushed through me. “How is she a risk? The M8s are putting us against Sorrentinos, we are in the middle for their fight. Amara doesn’t have a place in this, yes, the M8s want her but they will still be knocking even without her. If we just ask the Sorrentinos to handle it they won’t because they don’t trust us since M8s guns were here.” My voice made him flinch when he was saying Amara is to blame.

“Exactly! The Sorrentinos are watching so we should give them access to handle it. But then we can’t because now the M8s are in the area watching for that pussy of yours. Who will start shooting us once they realize we have what they want! We shouldn’t be in this fight! Think of the club!” The old man shot back.

Growling I slammed my hand on the table, “Do not refer to her as that. And think of the cub? I always think of the club. Sorrentinos have our backs against the M8’s once we prove our loyalty to them. Even without the M8’s trying to get us to find Amara they would still be selling guns here!”

Copper scoffed, “you are thinking with the wrong head and I would think as Sergeant of Arms you would know better. She’s a pussy not a Luna I’ll treat her as such.”

“I think with the right head Copper. It’s you who thinks this is black and white.” I growled back only getting angrier.

“This is a gun’s issues between M8s and Sorrentinos, who should handle it themselves but Amara makes sure we are dealing with the M8s! They need her to free their jailed brothers so they will break war for us over her. I am not the only one who sees how she puts a target on our backs!” I felt Hunter grab my shoulder to keep me from lunging over the table.

“Enough! Ryker’s right, it was only a matter of time before the M8s wanted to sell guns to us and expand their range. Amara is just another card in our deck for future reference if we need it. Though I agree with Copper that Amara makes things more… complicated. How did the Sorrenintos feel?” Briac asked.

Hamlet sat up running his hand through his hair, “We told them straight up what was going on, they knew we had been in contact with the M8s and were ready to kill us. Sorrentinos believe we are going to take down the M8s but they will be preparing to take us down if we make the slightest move to suggest otherwise. Either one is watching and waiting. We need to play this right before they make the first move and it will only be a matter of time before they do.”

Briac scratched his beard, “Princess keep eyes on M8s to see where they are watching us from and with who. Keep movements small to not make anyone trigger happy. Both sides are going to be waiting for this fight and we are smack in the way of them getting to each other. Ride in twos and be prepared for anything while I figure out the best way for this to play out.”

Brothers shifted in their seats, the reality of our position settling into us; the M8s may be desperate but sometimes that means they will lash out and be unpredictable. If that is the case we could be in more harm then we realize. I need to cut Amara’s working schedule and just keep her with me in case things took a turn for the worst.

“Fucking hate when we have to deal with politics first before the fight.” Hamlet muttered, “takes too long for adrenalin shit…”

I sighed running my hand through my hair feeling the same, I just wanted to put a knife in the M8’s throats so my woman didn’t have terror dreams about them or go into panic attacks thinking about the trial she will have to go back to. Plus, I am pretty sure she is already picking up on the tension on the club. No doubt the second these doors open everyone will know how church went.

“We good? Amara is definitely cooking and I haven’t eaten today.” Tatt said breaking the tension in the room.

Briac rolled his eyes banging the gavel, “All you fuckers are going to get fat, work out today would ya. Hamlet and Princess stay back. You too Hunter.”

Rolling my eyes, I looked at Princess who was typing, she had yet to get back on the guy who creeped Amara out. Maybe it was over kill to check it up but I can’t be too careful with everything going on. Seeing her show her laptop to Briac I got up taking a step forward making Briac look up and motioned to head out. Sighing I nodded turning around making a note to talk to her later.

But there was something in Briac eyes, the tension of the church that made me want to know what they were going over. Anger was still rolling off of me from Copper and when I had looked around the table he was right; there was some brothers looking hesitant about Amara.

Walking out of church I spotted Amara crouching down petting Shadow as she talked with the other girls. She looked calm laughing with them giving Shadow attention and hasn’t once started to shift nervously from brothers walking around armed. Amara had been working hard on trying to get comfortable though I knew she will always have anxiety in her everyday life; it was just heightened at the moment.

My arm went out stopping Spotter from walking by me, “Need a favour a brother.”

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