On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Already Am


I walked to Ryker’s closet grabbing one of his sweatshirts putting it over my head, and sliding on leggings, not caring about a bra at the moment. Still asleep I lifted the sweatshirt and took a small sniff of Ryker.

“Already taking my sweatshirts?” Ryker chuckled as he placed his hands on my waist pulling me to him. I shrugged innocently hoping to go back in bed but he bent down taking my lips softly in his as my hands moved up onto the back of his head as I kiss him back. “As much as I want to continue with this, we got to be somewhere.”

My head tilted to the side as Ryker wrapped his arms around my shoulders directing us out of the room. I wasn’t sure where we would need to go, I haven’t really been leaving the club since the M8 found out I was here and Ryker has been busy with the club which I knew was stressing him out. Part of me knew I was a part of that stress, right when the church doors opened yesterday I felt the tension off of the brothers and some glances that were thrown towards me.

“Brother.” I turned to see Spotter tossing a set of keys that Ryker caught making me confused, those weren’t his bike’s. Spotter saw me looking at him confused but he just responded with a wink as he picked up a glass to clean.

Turning back to Ryker he just shook his head moving us out of the clubhouse, his arm still slung over holding me close. Walking out we headed to one of the tinted SUVs that are in the lot making me look at him questionably, I have never seen him go into a car before, he has always been on his bike.

“Where are we going?” I asked sleepy as he opened the door for me, letting me slip in.

“It’s a surprise.” He must have seen questioned the look I gave him getting him worried about my anxiety, “One you will love, trust me.” He cupped my face giving me a deep brief kiss before shutting my door and coming around the car to the driver’s seat.

“Ryker?” I asked him with a tone making him chuckle shaking his head as he started the car pulling out of the lot.

“We are seeing a friend of Spotter’s that’s all I will say.” He passed me the ox cord for my phone letting me know this was going to be a trip. Deciding to just trust him rather than give him twenty questions I opened my phone putting on some music as his hand went to my knee running his thumb over it.

Glancing back at him as he watched the road I ask, “Why the Sergeant of arms? What made you choose that position in the club?”

Ryker chuckled, “Well, it was an easy choice. I trained with weapons and learned everything I could about them so I would never be that powerless kid. So, when I got older and the Sergeant of Arms stepped down I got voted in since I knew about everything and spent most of the time in the armoury anyways. I love working with the weapons, it’s the best I can offer the club that has done so much for me, I can still remember the day Jax broke in and got Hunter and I out there. We didn’t think we would be living much longer when that happened.”

A moment of silence passed between us as he thought back to where he came from, me thinking about how he went through that but is still here today. “You are incredibly strong to come through what you have lived through. Your brothers are lucky to have you.” I felt him take my hand and kiss my palm.

“I do my best, what was it like living in Portland.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that, I haven’t thought of it in so long. “It wasn’t bad. I had a couple of friends from school that I used to hang out with. Then growing up with my parents was easy; you would think that because I was the only child they would be strict but they weren’t. I never had a curfew, we didn’t really get into fights, it was just simple. My parents would like you.”

Ryker’s chest moved up and down as he chuckled, “I am assuming you didn’t have a curfew because you didn’t sneak out since you would rather be baking.”

“Shut up.” I muttered, knowing he was right as his mouth twitched up.

“But also, your dad a detective meeting me an MC member who has knives strapped all over him? Yeah that would be interesting.” he replied thick with sarcasm.

Looking back at him I grimaced, “Yeah my mom would have to save you. But at least she will like you, well hopefully you will just have to be on your best behaviour for when that day comes. Oh fuck, Esposito will probably interrogate you since my dad isn’t around to do it. Maybe you should run.”

“Well it’s a good thing I don’t scare easy.” Ryker winked. “Have you thought of opening up your own bakery after all this? You deserve to be baking in a real place not a 24-hour diner, and you make your own recipes as is.”

Taking a deep breath, I looked at the road waiting to find out where we are going. “You already know I would love to. I have a book for recipes, pages of torn bakery books for design ideas of what I would want my bakery to look like. Maybe when this is all over I’ll think about it more but I do know that there is an available building that I consider as a location possibility.”

Ryker kissed my hand again. “This will end and you can get the bakery. I am sure the brothers will help you clean a building up and help you build it if you offer food. They are hooked on your cooking.”

Smiling I began to think that the dream of opening a bakery could actually be obtained. It would mean I would stay here and not go back to Portland, not that I would want to after everything that has happened. Plus, Ryker is here and I want to stay with the man who was taking my heart.

After driving for over an hour, Ryker pulled down a long driveway to a small house with farm in the back. As we hopped out a man with long hair in a ponytail came from around the house waving at us.

“Hi you must be Ryker, Spotter’s friend. Craig.” The man said shaking both of our hands, “I’ll lead you right to them.”

Ryker raised both eyebrows motioning me to follow Craig still not telling me what it is that we are doing at the small farmstead. We walked to the back of his house walking in through a slider glass door into his living room my eyes going wide as my hand went to my mouth spinning to look at Ryker who was just smiling at me.

“You can come in the gate and see who you connect to.” Craig said drawing me back to him and the three Catahoula Leopard puppies that are running around in a playpen.

I looked back at Ryker trying to not freak out that we are in the same room as puppies but also Catahoula Leopard puppies who I have wanted one since I was a child. He smiled moving his hand up swiping a small happy tear before silently motioning to go meet the puppies.

“Hi puppies,” I cooed walking over the pen they were all in.

Stepping in two of the puppies ran over to me jumping up and down. Bending down I started petting them as they played against me before jumping off and running after each other leaving the last one a couple feet away. Looking at the puppy it was smaller than the other two with a sandy light brown spotted colour with pale green yellow eyes that were looking at me as she crutched on the floor slowly crawling towards me.

“Hi pretty girl.” I whispered sweet and softly to her trying to encourage her to come to me reaching out so she could smell my hand as I sat down.

Once she was near my hand she smelled me then walked over to my lap. Picking her up she started to run her face along mine as I turned to Ryker seeing standing next to Craig as they talk quietly about taking care of a puppy.

“She beautiful and looks like a sweetie.” Ryker said turning to see me coming to stand in front of me as I pet under her neck feeling her lay against me.

“I’m in love, how did you know?” I asked him since we never really talked about dogs before.

“Thought one might be good for your anxiety and heard they were your favourite breed.” Ryker said stroking her soft ears looking at her fondly when she turned giving him kisses. Birdy wasn’t kidding about being careful who you talked to about dogs.

“You look good with her, was worried she might not be adopted since she is pretty timid,” Craig started looking at me holding the small puppy, “Normally I wouldn’t let adopters leave after choosing a dog but I trust Spotter to not send me bad dog lovers. She is all yours.”

“Really?” I asked holding the puppy close as I leaned into Ryker unable to hold my excitement squeal as I have my own puppy that Ryker has thought for me to have.

Craig nodded leading us out of the house back to the SUV, I wasn’t paying too much attention to what the boys were talking about, all I cared about was the precious beauty in my hands. He shook our hands waving us goodbye as he headed back to his place as Ryker opened the door for me helping me up into the car as I wasn’t letting her go.

“You thought of this for me?” I looked up through my lashes, my eyes getting blurry from the happy tears that threatened to come out, feeling the puppy start to lick my cheek.

Ryker smiled as one of his knuckles swiped my eyes to keep the tears from falling. “I saw how much calmer you can be when Shadow is around and I want one with a stronger bond for you to help your anxiety. Have you thought of a name yet?”

“Mhm, Bella.” Ryker smiled softly as he leaned against the door stroking Bella. “I think I am falling in love with you.” I whispered softly to him making him stand up straighter making my heart stop. Fuck.

A smile started to appear on his face as his eyes lightened, “I already know I am.” Ryker leaned down kissing me only standing back quickly wiping his mouth as I laughed as Bella kept kissing my face. “I am remembering everything Hunter said about Shadow being a cockblock now.”

I laughed settling into the chair with Bella as Ryker got into the car starting it up to head back to the clubhouse. I didn’t know what the future held but him giving me a dog told me he expects to be in mine.

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