On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Middle of War


Closing the door of the Armory I walked towards the bar of the clubhouse to go find Amara and see how she is doing. It had been a couple days since the meeting with Drexton and Maximus and I could see the questions beginning to form behind Amara’s eyes. She could see how I was spending more time in the armoury and how busy the brothers were getting ready for whatever plan Briac was coming with. A plan I was beginning to feel I wasn’t privy to but knew I had to make sure the weapons were all ready for whatever that plan was.

Walking into the room I began to automatically scan the room looking for that one person finding her sitting at the bar with Birdy, Shadow and with Bella on her lap as she talked with Spotter, tossing a chip at him while laughing at whatever he said.

“You claiming her yet?” I turned to see Hamlet walking over to me nodding to Amara. “I mean you got her a fucking puppy.”

I turned back to Amara nuzzling Bella, who was with her constantly, working just as I hoped she would; Amara’s anxiety having dropped dramatically. I liked Bella, she was a cute puppy but fuck was she a cockblock. Amara won’t have sex with her in the room so now I have resulted in locking Bella in the bathroom just so I can fuck her. And that puppy does not like to be moved during the night, the little thing will growl. But claiming Amara to be my Luna with her by my side and with the club; wasn’t even sure if she knew what that meant. “Could I ask her to be a part of this life?”

“Technically she already is. Plus, it’s not your choice brother, its hers. And she doesn’t look like she is going to leave anytime soon. Even if she did, you wouldn’t let her walk away, as I said you got her a fucking puppy. It works better than a ring on her figure.”

He was right about that. I wouldn’t let her walk away but the club was getting tenser by the minute and I didn’t want her here when things went to blow.

I nodded telling him I knew that he was right, I should claim her but it isn’t the right time. “And if I brought up a vote what would Copper say? He would shut it down the second the words went passed my lips, you know that.”

Hamlet didn’t say anything for a moment knowing I was right. A vote had to be brought up to claim a woman and it had to be unanimous. “It’s complicated brother. He just doesn’t want to fight even though it’s our only option.”

“And what do you say about it.” Glancing I looked at him, the adrenaline junkie moved his head cracking his neck, no doubt still getting used to his position. “I don’t think you have told me.”

He sighed, “well I always figured you would have a complicated story. Never did like it easy.”

Sighing I knew that was as good as an answer I was going to get and walked over to Amara at the bar. Approaching her I bent to kiss her check as I stood behind her, patting Bella on the head. “Hey love, how are you.”

Amara kissed me with a smile on her face, “Good Birdy invited me to the bachlorette party she is having in a few days while also mentioning about Hunter’s party and the trouble he will get in from you boys.”

Chuckling I shook my head knowing that Hunter would be too scared to do anything Birdy would define as trouble. “Don’t worry I’ll keep him out of it. And myself.” She shivered under me as I nipped her ear knowing I was getting her worked up. Seeing that she was comfortable with me brought out a light I wasn’t used to thinking or feeling. I thought I had it under control with knives but with Amara around I realized I had barely been hanging on, she gave me a new way handling my demons. It’s hard to figure out when your life is going through weapons all day and being used to blood but one look at her and I am desperate to keep holding onto her.

Seeing a plate of different biscuits she was putting in a bag I grabbed one and popped it into my mouth making Amara’s eyes bulge as I slowly chewed. Questions beginning to form as it felt very grainy and had a weird chicken and maybe peanut taste?

“Um… how was that?” Amara asked with her lips curled inward as Spotter started to chuckle placing water in front of me.

Swallowing hard I smiled at her, “different. It’s uh different but you know it’s still uh still good.”

Amara nodded grabbing one and giving it to Bella who ate it happily licking every taste of her fingers, “Different… that would be because they are homemade dog treats...” Groaning in my head I grabbed the water, chugging it to get the taste off my tongue while hearing Amara laugh, “I appreciate you being so nice about it though.”

“Yeah that explains the taste.” I went to kiss her but she shook her head no, “oh what you don’t want to taste it?”

“Ryker, my office.” Briac call out to me making me turn and nod at him before he disappeared behind his doors. Dread filling me that he was about to give me a lot of shit for last church when I almost went across the table to beat Copper to a pulp.

Turning back to Amara I pressed my lips against hers quickly, “you going to be okay?”

Amara chuckled kissing me, “I’ll be fine, I need to talk to Spotter about dog training. Go on before you get in trouble.”

Knowing she was right I kissed her cheek before heading over to Briac’s office, the brother already sitting behind his desk as he looks through some files. Taking a seat in front of him I got comfortable.

“Amara know about this? Did you?” Briac passed over a newspaper article from the Portland Times that made me sit up straight while clenching my jaw shut. “We have enough trouble didn’t need this added to the pile.”

Murders Appeal for Detective Woods Up Next Week

His daughter, the witness, will be in attendance

“Fuck. No, I didn’t and if she did she would not be as calm as I just saw her being.” I muttered watching as Briac stand from his desk to look out his office window. “They are trying to get her out of hiding. Think Reaper knows she is here?”

Briac sighed, “if he was certain we would have bullet holes in the clubhouse and prospects being killed again. The M8s need the men she put away and they need more allies by proving their strength from killing a witness.”

“Certain? Mhm.” Fuck how the hell was I going to tell Amara that she has to go relive that trial all the while I have her on lockdown since M8s are heating up.

“That’s not all… Sorrentinos were hit last night by the M8s. They are calling for us to fight against the M8s and the M8s are telling us to come fight with them. Only things are the M8s are right outside our turf ready to shoot at us and the Sorrentinos are at least 2 days out. We are in the middle of this fucking war and time is not on our side. Not only that but Sorrentino believe we could have helped kill his men at the dock. Need you to get the armoury ready and make sure the brothers start stocking up. This is about to be a powder keg and this trial just lit a goddam match. I won’t lose a single brother over a war that doesn’t belong to us.”

Sighing I watched him, “and what have you decided to do.” Briac didn’t say anything make me roll my shoulders. “Come on brother I know you have something planned and have had it since Amara walked into the clubhouse and M8s showed up trying to sell guns here.”

“I didn’t want the club to get into a war. Not if it could be prevented.”

“Always trying to be peaceful. It was bound to happen brother but I understand, your first year as president you don’t want to make any unnecessary decisions. But you didn’t answer me about your plan.” I said tossing the newspaper on his desk.

Despite my tone Briac didn’t say anything to keep me in check which must have been hard as he kept looking away not moving an inch. “When Amara finds out about her trial I want her here. She tried to run once I won’t have her trying to go to Portland on her own or run to meet that detective of hers. Deadpan will accompany her to work where she will give her notice, stop at her apartment and she will be here permanently. Make sure she doesn’t get any ideas on how to handle this. I won’t worry about you going AWOL to follow her.”

“She will be here. You telling me everything Briac? You haven’t mentioned your feelings about Amara last chapter when Copper was saying we should hand her over.”

He looked up at me before looking back out the window, “tell Hamlet to come in, remember to keep watch on Amara, be ready for an early wakeup call tomorrow and brothers needing weapons.”

Sighing I got up knowing an order when I heard one. As much as I wanted to push and shove Briac for more information, I couldn’t risk pissing Briac off who could send Amara out away from me. Heading out of the office I saw Hamlet talking to Hunter and motioned for him to go into Briac’s office. When I began looking around I didn’t see Amara anywhere.

Seeing Bella on the bar counter with Spotter I walked up to him asking, “You see Amara?”

Spotter nodded motioning down a hall, “She got a call and then took off. Not sure where though, but headed down that direction.”


Nodding I went looking for her, I had a feeling I already knew what the call was for and I needed to make sure I wasn’t spinning from Briac not telling me anything to the fact that she has to be in Portland soon. When can she and I go back to the days of her baking and me flirty without worrying about a gun to her head.

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