On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I lifted the gun back up then fired, empting the magazine into the target. My aim wasn’t perfect but I was getting there. Part of me wanted to be curled up with Bella right now but the other part needed to feel the power a gun had given me. I understood why Ryker had so many knives strapped to him, the object that used to cause fear to us is nothing anymore but the material its made of. The sound of an empty clip came to me when I remembered seeing my dad’s dead body. I wasn’t a fighter, I didn’t want to be responsible for harm but I didn’t want people here to think I was weak. Birdy is the first Luna and is talking about fighting pits while I am baking.

Lowering the gun, I felt him behind me. Taking apart the gun I walked back towards the armoury passing Ryker without a word; I shouldn’t have a gun on we with whatever this talk is going to be. I have felt the tension in the clubhouse and I guess it has to do with me.

Placing the gun back in its rightful place I turned to look at Ryker who was standing there, studying me with an uncertain face unlike his usual calm.

“You know.” He was the first to speak after the long minute of us staring at one another.

“Yeap. Esposito called telling me I need to go back to court in around a week to go against the M8s again and that things are heating up for your club. He thinks I need to get out of here and I agree. I have to head back to Portland which would get the M8s off your back.” I muttered to him.

The fact that I had to go back to court to relive the murder of my father terrified me, to have to face those memories again. Some think that a bullet to the head may be a clean shot but they forget how it depends on the gun. How a bullet may go in with a small entrance but when it exits the whole back of the head explodes sending brains everywhere. Yeah pretty picture, now I have to go tell random strangers who are trying to set free the murders of my father about that picture. Not fun. But what terrified me more was if my position affects Ryker, leading to his head next to explode.

Ryker scoffed at me, throwing one of his knives into a wall. “They want to flush you out. And get off our backs? It’s not just you in this war, it’s also about us. I know the Mafia, I know MC wars, its where we get all this,” he motioned his hands around the room to all the weapons, “You turned on the M8s, for all the Sorrentinos know you could send the dogs after them after you are involved with us, not to mention the M8s already think you are here in our turf.”

“I just want out of this whole thing! I just want this to end. If I go to Portal-”

“It’s not just going to end! This life ends bloody, fuck, you should get out of here and be far from this fight as you can and you can come back after it settles. You don’t like fights I should never have brought you into it further. But I can’t, Briac has ordered you stay here and he’s right, I would rather you be in my arms knowing you were safe.”

“Stay? I have to go back and I won’t have you die because of me.”

“Yes, I want you to stay! You’re too innocent and should be away from this but I can handle the M8s, mafia and some fucking brothers.” He ran his hand through his hair roughly as his finger twitched to throw a knife again.

“Brothers?” I took a deep breath as he put his hands on a counter looking like the weight of the situation is getting to him. “Okay then use me as bait to draw M8s out, that way you can take them out before they take you out because of me.”

“Bait only works two out of ten times and I am not risking you for a possible mistake. They see you, they shoot you. I don’t care what this situation is I am not giving up on what’s between us. I don’t know what the club is going to do but you’re staying here.”

I found myself angry at him now for trying to tell me that he wants us but at the same time telling me what to do. “God, I love you Ryker but don’t think you can tell me what to do! I need to go to Portland and run again. I am one of the reasons the M8s are pressuring you. I am done running but I have to go and I won’t have you deciding my actions.” I huffed angrily as he just stared blankly at me. “What?”

“What did you just say?” His velvet voice soft as he stared blankly at me.

I grabbed my scrunchy putting my hair up, “I said don’t tell me what I should do. Just because I work in the kitchen doesn’t mean I’ll stay in one. You fight, I fight well not fight but you know get them to follow me out of your turf.”

“Not that.” My head tilted trying to figure out what he meant but then it hit me... I told him I… fuck, did I?

“Oh that.” His eyes flinched at that but he didn’t say anything. “I guess it depends.”

“On?” His voice was hard; he was waiting for me to say no and reject him.

My feet walked over to him where my hands went up pulling his cut down where his face close to mine, “If you think you can tell me what I can and cannot do.”

“Even if it means getting yourself killed?” I cupped his face to make sure I was looking straight into his eyes to see the truth.

“If I wanted a peaceful life I would go find a pastor. I want my hot Asian badass Sergeant of Arms of the Riders of Silence who better not think he can tell me to stay home. And I want him alive.” I growled against his lips.

“Fuck, I love you Amaradrya.” He kissed me hard picking me up, wrapping my legs around his body. He broke off for a movement slipping my shirt off, “You’re still staying because Briac ordered it, I’ll talk to Esposito about getting you to the trial.”

Shaking my head, I looked into his eyes barely able to see from the tears about to spill, “and what happens when the guns start going off? When your brothers get killed because you guys are keeping me safe? What happens when your brothers take out their frustrations on you because you love me?”

“Then I will tell them to be a Rider of Silence and balls up. They chose a MC life for family and the fights. I am not letting you go and sure it may be selfish right now but I don’t care. I need you Amara. I need you to pull me out of the blood I drown in, to let me breath outside this room. I didn’t just give you Bella for your anxiety but for me to keep you with me. Do you understand?”

A soft moan came out as he pulled my shorts off moving his hands against my core, groaning as he felt how wet I was. He began to kiss my neck giving it a couple nips before looking back to me who hasn’t answer as his fingers were too distracting. “Yes, I understand.”

My hands pulled his cut off him placing in on the counter, moving to slide his shirt off of him. I began to trace my fingers down his abs moving to his pants. “Good. Your mine and never leaving me now say it again.”

Looking back at him I could see his hooded look as he finished what I started with his pants. “I love you Ryker.” I meant it wholeheartedly, sure I have no idea what I am about to do with my life but I would do it beside him.

He groaned wrapping his arms around me pulling the last piece of clothing off between us as he slowly lined himself to me as I leaned against a counter. My back arched as he slowly entered me making me moan. God, I hope no one walks in on this, we are pushing having sex in here… again. I found his lips, kissing him slowly to put everything I felt in it. As he kept grinding into me I pushed every thought about what was going to happen and only focused on him right now.

“God Ryker.” I moaned as he broke off kissing down my neck to find my nipple, my back arching to him feeling his pace quicken when he found my lips again.

“Say it again.” He demanded stopping his movements.

“I love you.” Once I said those words he growled, the extra gentleness gone to a choosing a rough dominating sex to finish claiming me in that room.

He moved, slamming me against the wall holding my hands above my head as both legs were wrapped tightly around him, “I am going to kill every last one of the M8s who stand against me and I will threaten any brother who tries to tell me I can’t claim you. You belong to me.”

I couldn’t speak so I just nodded. He was driving me crazy. “Say it. Tell me you won’t run. Tell me you will stay here with me and let me help you figure this out.”

“I’ll stay.” I whispered looking into his deep eyes.

“Fuck you are mine.” He thrusted into me hard making me gasp as he thrusted in and out fast, finding the perfect spot within me. One of his hands left mine to hold my waist helping my hips meet his thrusts as I moaned into his mouth as he took it again. “Mine.”

My head went back against the wall as I felt myself building, “yours.” His hand brushed over my clit and that was all it took for me to unravel on him making me call out his name. He lasted a bit longer before I felt him unload within me before resting his head on my shoulder as we got out breaths again.

“We’ll figure this out Amara.” He looked up brushing his lips softly against mine as I was lowered back to the ground. I nodded leaning against the wall still catching my breath as he lightly chuckled passing me my clothes, “too much?”

“Not at all.” Slipping my clothes on I watched him do the same.

I loved him, there was no question but as he said this life ends in blood and I have feeling blood was coming. I don’t think I will be helping him out of it but the other way around; he’s going to have to drag me out of it.

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