On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Twirling the knife in my hands I flicked my wrist watching it hit the bullseye as Briac and Spotter groan taking a shot. It was Hunter and I against those two; staying safe away from the strippers and club whores Tatt and Hamlet brought for Hunter’s bachelor party that we all forgot about. Serenity would no doubt cut Hunter’s balls off if he even looked at one and Amara ... not sure would she would do; probably something silent and painful. Not that I would look at anyone of them let alone touch; none of them were my woman. Hamlet and Tatt can have those all to themselves same goes for Spotter and Briac. I don’t need anyone besides Amara.

“None of you fuckers are allowed to tell my Birdy we are doing this. She hates this game.” Hunter slurred as Briac took one of the throwing knives and threw it at the board making Hunter and I take a shot.

“You sure you should be risking it then? That woman has you around her finger.” Briac said back as Spotter took the next throw resulting in more alcohol for me. “Whipped.”

“That’s not the only thing she has wrapped around me. Man, I never wanted a woman but fuck, I can’t wait for her to be mine. Allll mine.” Hunter slurred back taking a knife and throwing it at the board hitting the middle. “You get that Ryker?”

“I get you brother. All those women are nothing compared to my Amara.”

Spotter got up taking the knife out of the board waking back to us as he placed a new bottle on the counter, “So she is yours? Does that mean I can take this betting board down, sick of brothers trying to come back here and mark it.”

“Woah did you try to claim her or just saying she is yours? There is a difference and it changes things.” Briac said seriously taking one of the knives.

Taking a shot, I shrugged at the brothers, “You boys like pushing this discussion, don’t you? We aren’t giving her to the M8s despite her being a Luna or not. Plus, not like I could claim her, we all know that if I brought it to the table fucking Copper would vote no stopping me.” I was on edge ever since I found out the M8 want her, for respect and blocking her as a witness. But we weren’t going to give her up, no fucking way, I don’t care what they promise, this club doesn’t do that. “Fucking unanimous vote…”

We won’t give her up, right? My brain knew that, but something was going on I wasn’t sure about.

“Well it is a valid question there is a difference between a Luna and a fuck you have, though not many people give puppies to those they just fuck.”

I took another shot as Briac threw the knife, “Yeah well you tell me right now if it would pass in church?” Briac looked me in the eye with a deep sigh before looking to pour a shot. “Listen, aren’t we supposed to be talking about Hunter, it is his bachelor party?”

Hunter threw the knife only for it to miss its mark nearly hitting Pepper walking by who looked like he was about to shit his pants. Pepper nodded at us before walking the other way saying something about getting more alcohol which had us laughing.

“Alright,” I hopped off the bar stool, “that’s my cue to go check on my girls. Night fuckers.” I couldn’t stand to hear people talking about me claiming her when I know it wouldn’t make it at the table. It felt like a knife twisting in my gut.

Walking down the corridor I almost made it to my room before Hamlet called out to me stopping my tracks. Glancing back at him I saw that he looked tired, and I knew that he hadn’t done anything for his fix of adrenaline. That may sound good but for him it means he would do something seriously stupid. “How long we been brothers?”

I sighed leaning against the wall shrugging, “over ten years give or take.”

Hamlet nodded, “you trust me? You tr-”

“If this is about to be a loyalty test about if I chose the club versus Amara-”

He held up his hand, “that’s not what this is about. Tomorrow you are going out with a few of us to check the lines, I need to make sure your head will be clear and not here during that time. I get it brother you found your Luna but we aren’t there yet. This is something you haven’t been a part of yet, uncharted waters with a woman. I need to know that whatever the final plan is you’ll be thinking and then not about the woman in your bed. Amara is out of the clubhouse tomorrow working her last shift, you going to be thinking about her or club business?”

I growled glaring at him, “can I keep my head in this? Did you seriously ask me that? You’re my brother Hamlet but I am over how little people are thinking of me right now. I have always club first and my position. Don’t ever question me on that.”

Hamlet sighed deeply, “that’s not it. Briac and I are just feeling the pressure and Copper is rounding up the old crew about it. You know, a woman is either a Luna or whore therefore we shouldn’t protect her against a threat. And since Amara isn’t a Luna….”

I unclench and clench my fists looking at Hamlet, “what are you not saying Hamlet.” In a club such as this there is a hierarchy, not as much as other but everyone has their place, their position. Amara may be with me but if she isn’t claimed Hamlet is right, there isn’t much a club could do.

He ran a hand through his hair as his phone went off making him sigh taking it out before looking back at me. “I don’t want you going cowboy on this. I need to know that when the plan comes out you are there.” Hamlet said still being cryptic as before making me narrow my eyes, “don’t look at me like that brother, you know that if Jax was president Amara would have been handed over a long time ago.”

Staring into his eyes I took a step forward, “I won’t go cowboy. I will respect whatever club plan Briac gives. We good? I want to go back to my woman before this all goes to a head with us against the M8s, Mafia, her having to go back to court and this club shit. Fuck why is this complicated.”

Hamlet sighed with a nodded, “You’re my brother Ryker, I will always protect you and the club. I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to claim her.” With that Hamlet turned and disappeared out of the hallway.

Didn’t get a chance to claim her?

With a sigh, I dragged my hand down my face whatever plan they were making I wanted it fast. Slowly opening my bedroom door, I silently slipped into the room and rested against the door watching Amara sleep. Hamlet was trying to say something without saying something. Fuck even drinking it seemed Briac was trying to draw something out of me. I was their brother and Sergeant of Arms I should be kept in the loop no matter what.

Thoughts came to mind watching her. Thoughts of her and me after this, she being mine, just as Hunter phrased it: all mine. Her and the dog in our own place where none of this shit keeps us tangled. And yeah one day her belly round with our kid. Fuck where did these thoughts come from. No fuck it I want them once the dust settles. Her, her cut, our house, the dog and yeah, her pregnant. I want it.

“Why are you staring like a creep?” Amara said groggily as she moved around in the bed with Bella perfectly curled on her chest.

“Guess my woman and her dog already kicked me off the bed.” I whispered back softly, “just wondering once I get in whether you two will either cuddle making it a furnace of heat or you two starfish kicking me off.”

She chuckled softly, “Can always do that thing when you move me around on the bed.”

That made me chuckle softly taking my shirt off, kicking my boots and pants off as well, “tried that with Bella and she lightly growled. Think she is going to be like you. Looks cute and innocent to be all loving but once you do something she doesn’t approve… the teeth come out.”

Amara opened her eyes to look at me, her eyes taking me in with a dirty smile on her face, “we both know you don’t mind getting bitten.” Heat flared me, me legs taking me to her as she shook her head, “if you smell like cheap perfume from strippers don’t think about it.”

I leaned down caging her body between my arms, “You are mine Amara. I won’t ever be touching other women for the rest of my life.” Bending down I took her lips in mine, her soft lips moulding perfectly with mine. Hearing a groan Amara chuckled as I leaned back bending to pick the puppy up and put her on the couch knowing she won’t stay there long.

I stalked back over to Amara, bending down to take her lips again as I kneeled over her. My hands pushing back the covers exposing her to me. Letting my hands wander down her body to the end of my T shirt she wearing I reliving her of it, leaving her bare for me. Her hands wander over my back as I leaned back letting her lips go as I looked into her eyes.

“Tomorrow is your last day at work. Work it, grab stuff from your apartment and get back here fast. If something doesn’t feel right get back here immediately.” I said to her straight.

Her eyes softened as my thumb traced over her lip, “is something going to happen tomorrow?”

“Yes.” I answered immediately, “I don’t know what but I feel it in my gut. Fuck I wish I knew, just promise me you will trust your gut and the brothers.” Even saying that I wasn’t sure about that last part, they were making it difficult to trust them. But trust is all a club has. You don’t trust one then it all falls apart. We were a brotherhood, trust was something earned in prospect and given no matter what. Though the way they were handling Amara made me think their views on her wasn’t one for protecting.

“You’re not saying something.” I bent down kiss her softly.

“Just promise me Amara.” Her eyes opened them to me, showing me her emotions. Love was never something I thought about, yet right now I wouldn’t dream of someone taking her from me. The knife in my gut from earlier twisted at that thought. Something was coming and neither Hamlet or Briac were going to tell me what it was.

I know it has something to do with me.

And Amara.

Amara’s soft smile brought me back to the present, the fact that at this moment I did have her in my arms. “Last shift and then I am back safe. Promise me you will be safe as well.”

Chuckling I leaned against her body, “Babe no one could stop me from coming back to you. I have yet to find out what kind of pastry you will create for me.”

“Maybe I’ll make it a weakly different treat, it depends on how you are.” She played back making my hand tweak her nipple.

Nipping her bottom lip, I smirked, “then I better watch myself.”

I took her lips running my hands over her body as she played with my briefs. I may not know what tomorrow held but I will take this night to memorize each part of her body. Whatever the plan was tomorrow, I will be sure to let the blades fly and blood spill.

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