On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Something is wrong.

Hunter has been avoiding me the past couple of days, besides the party last night and now he wasn’t answering my texts. The last thing he said to me was that he loved me and to trust him. Trust the brotherhood. Then he walked away to go on a run with Spotter before I went out with Briac to check terrority line. He was acting funny and I don’t like it.

There was something going on, I could tell with the glances between Briac and Hamlet that whatever plan they had made was going to be executed soon but no one would tell me what. As Sergeant of Arms it is pretty fucking important for people to tell me what is going on so I can be sure that we are prepared. Part of me knew they weren’t telling me because it had to do with Amara and the Sorrentinos. I could help make sure the Sorrentinos know to trust us against the M8s and keep Amara out of the limelight so why aren’t they saying anything?

We were currently putting gas in our tanks before meeting up with the brothers. We had gone out to meet with different businesses ensuring they know it’s ROS territory and not M8s for when Reaper comes to check his lines. Honestly, I don’t know why I had to go, it wasn’t something I went on but Hamlet wanted me out. Looking at the brothers I couldn’t help but look at the way they are acting. I trust them but something isn’t right…

Taking out my phone I dialled Amara’s number but it went straight to voicemail. My fingers tapped on the knives strapped to my thighs as I tried again and again and for some other reason again.

She always has it on her…

“What is going on?!” I yelled to Briac who swung back on his bike and looked back at me. “You’re keeping me from something, what it is.”

He sighed before starting his bike nodding his head, “Trust the club. Come on, we need to meet the others.”


Briac is telling me shit, no he is brushes it off just saying to trust him? Why has Briac, Hamlet and Hunter tell me to trust them?

He pulled out of the gas stations and I followed him out, watching as the sun set over the horizon. For some reason, it reminds me of Amara, the light in the current darkness of my life. God, I needed her on the back of my bike with her thighs pressed against me with her arms wound around my waist. I shook my head quickly focusing on the drive; I needed all my attention on what was being kept from me.

About twenty minutes later we pulled up to a graveyard where there were other brothers sitting on top of their bikes which we pulled alongside too. I glared at Copper knowing that with his smile this was something I wasn’t going to like.

“What’s going on?” Tatt asked looking to Briac as I swung off shrugging at him when he looked to me. At least I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what was going on.

Glancing around I couldn’t see Hunter which made me more nervous which was only heightened when we heard the roar of a couple bikes that stopped on the other side of the area. “Those are M8s cuts.” I growled before looking to Briac, “What is going on brother, what are they doing here?”

“Reaper called. He knows we have Amara, it was leaked to him by someone. The M8s have said if we don’t deal with her they are going to start killing civilians in our city. They already stopped by the University to say hello to Birdy again, along with talking to families of the club that he would kill. We had to choose a side brother and this one was knocking on our door fast… So, we made a deal. You know the number one rule in the club.” Briac said looking at me.

“What the fuck type of deal Briac!” I yelled feeling someone grab my arm as an SUV pulled in beside us. I watched as Hunter and Spotter hopped out of the car making me focus on Hunter while he looked everywhere but me. No. No. He wouldn’t be in agreement to handing Amara over, no. “What did you do Hunter.”

Hunter closed his eyes with a pained expression before looking to me for a second then turning away, walking back to the SUV muttering. “Protecting my brothers and the club Ryker.”

“He followed his president. He followed our code.” Briac yelled at me making me whip my head to look at him. “The M8’s know that she is with you. Reaper also called me to say you met with the Sorrentinos for guns so this is payment for going against him. Amara is the reason why the M8s want to hurt us and this is the way we can be safe from the fight. We can’t be in the middle of this war, think of the lives in our city. We needed to protect the club and our families before getting dragged into a fight with a club and mafia that we can’t handle.”

“So, you are going to give them Amara! That’s not who we are brother, we protect the innocent. You run the security agency for fucks sake. I claim her! She is my Luna alright so she can’t be given over.” Panic was seeping into me at this point. My brothers. People I trusted were going to have the woman I love die. But at the same time, I needed to protect my club, do anything to protect those I owe everything to. This club took me from hell and raised me up, I can’t turn my back on them when they need to be protected. But it’s Amara.

Briac shook his head, nodding back to Hunter who opened the SUV, “The club tradition of needing a vote prevented that from happening brother. It’s too late now. We aren’t giving her to them. We told them we would take care of her for them to save her the pain of what they would put her through. It’s a kindness.”

A whimper made my look back to the SUV where I saw Hunter drag out Amara whose frantic eyes looked everywhere until they found mine. Her eyes were red with tears leaking down her face as she stumbled to keep up with Hunter who held onto her arm letting me notice her bound hands.

“Let her go Hunter.” I growled not believing my brothers could do this to a woman let alone MY woman. Someone grabbed my arms, keeping me from going to Amara as Hunter dropped her on her knees in front of a deep grave that was right in front of us.

Everything was out of control. I couldn’t let Amara die, I wouldn’t. And I couldn’t let my brothers be killed in a fight that could have been prevented. I should have seen this coming; how could I not see this coming. My head turned to Amara hearing her breathing in a panic, the sounds muffled by the gag in her mouth, the terror in her eyes and betrayal at the brothers. At me?

“Her or the club.” Briac demanded with a hard voice thrusting a gun in my hand. “Your family or a woman.” The Riders are my family but she is the love of my life. How can I kill the one who owns my heart but how can I betray my club? My family? But how could they ask this of me? Code of the club, you protect your brothers and always have my back. They are breaking that code not I.

“Briac this isn’t us!” I heard Tatt shout but I felt paralyzed, unable to recognize this betrayal.

The knife I always held slipped. My whole world was overturned. I looked up back across the graveyard seeing part of the M8’s watching. Waiting for me to pull the trigger for an alliance or for us to refuse where they would call their president to declare war against us. Immediately.

“There’s another way, there is always another way.” I choked out looking back to Briac, “I am loyal to club always have been but brother don’t make me do this. I won’t kill the woman I love for the M8’s pathetic excuse of an MC.”

Briac looked at me then Amara, his face and eyes guarded from me seeing his emotions. “There is no other way. Her or the club. If you don’t do it someone else will.”

My eyes flicked back to Amara, silent tears rolling down her cheeks stopping at the cloth. I could see her chest rising but that’s not what killed me. She nodded and tried to bring her lips up.

Amara. My love. Was telling me it was okay for me to pull the trigger- to choose the club. And that killed me more than anything else. And it woke me from my freeze.

“No.” I lowered the gun looking at Briac as anger coursed through me making me take a step towards him as two people grab me to hold me back. “NO! You can’t do this! I won’t let you do this.” I fought against the men hold seeing Briac take out his own revolver, “BRIAC YOU CAN’T DO THIS! LET ME GO OR I WILL KILL YOU! She’s innocent! Not the woman I love brother!”

“Ryker. Trust.” Hunter said making me look at him as he fidgeted on the ground with a pained expression shaking his head. I was about to ask him to put a stop to this when I heard it.


My face flinched as I felt something spray onto me making me look back to where Amara was but didn’t see her just heard the thud of her body falling into the grave behind her.

“No.” I whispered looking at the empty spot where she was supposed to stay. Everything stopped. I couldn’t breathe or think… just stared. Barely registering Hunter calling to me. Slowly I turned my head to Briac who lowered his revolver, blood covering his face. “YOU BASTARD!”

I lunged at Briac but Hunter’s and Hamlet’s hands tightened on me before I reached him. Both of them not letting me go as I struggled against their hold. I was fighting against them, trying to get to Briac but they wouldn’t budge.

“It had to be done.” Briac said wiping his face and turning to the M8s.

Shaking my head, I needed to see her, needed to see Amara. I fought against the hold to move over to the grave to see Amara’s body not moving. Blood and braid on her head. “Don’t look Brother.” Hunter whispered as I tried to move to Amara. “Look away Ryker.”

“AMARA!” I shouted not caring about my brothershearing the vulnerable emotion in my voice.

No no no no. This couldn’t be happening. My brothers wouldn’t do this to an innocent woman, not to my woman. We were in bed this morning and things were fine, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Last night I thought about us, her and me now she was lying down dead. I shook my head trying to get to her only to be held back. I needed to hold her, I need her in my arms.

I failed her. I was supposed to protect her and she gets killed by my brothers.

“AMARA!!” It felt as if my heart was ripped out of me, someone’s nails clawing into me as they gripped my heart, ripping it out into shreds. More pain than I have ever felt came to me as she remained unmoving. “NO AMARAAAAA!!!”

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