On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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My head was pounding painfully. I tried to think back to what was the last thing I remember that could have caused this pounding. Hunter taking me, panic attack in car, graveyard, Ryker, gun, pain then nothing. Is this what death being then? I must be dead; there was a gun and my head is pounding so I must be dead.

Groaning I sat up putting my head in my hands trying to see if it would calm it down at all. If I am dead will I always feel this pain?

“Yeah you are going to be in pain.” I jumped seeing a woman sitting in a chair near my bed, “There are some pain meds by the bed.”

Nodding, I looked for the meds and took them quickly needing this pain to go away. My eyes blinking a couple times to see clearly around my room. I then looked back at the woman in front of me. She looked to be my age in mid-twenties with long black hair, an all-black outfit and a big ruby necklace around her neck.

“Did I die?” I asked her as she softened her face.

“Yes, the year is 2019. Welcome to the afterlife the name depends on what religion you follow.” The woman said moving to sit beside me on the bed pushing my hair back from my face as her words settled in me.

“What? No no no I I can’t be dead!” The woman started to laugh then shook her head.

“Mi dispiace. It was there and I had to take it,” she chuckled, “you’re not dead you just had a fake death. My cousin will explain it all when we go to meet him. Why don’t you go shower Amara and I’ll take you to him?”

Letting out a sigh of relief I got out of bed, gently swaying as my head was still throbbing. A million questions were running through my head but a shower sounds like the best thing. Walking into the bathroom I looked like I should be an extra in a Game of Thrones episode, my entire head was covered in blood and something that looked like brain bits but I jumped into the shower not even waiting for it to warm up as I didn’t want to think about whether or not it was. I made sure to scrub my hair extra hard not caring I was pulling some of it out, I just wanted to make sure it was coming out of my hair. Thankfully there were new clothes in the bathroom to change into rather than my blood-soaked ones.

“You look much better.” The woman said as I came out of the shower and she jumped off the bed.

“Thanks, feel better. Wait how do you know my name? Who are you?” I asked feeling more aware of my situation.

“Scusa, I’m Esperanza-Isabella Rosa Martinez Sorrentino. I know it’s a mouthful. Con of having contract parents both wanting their lineages in the name.” she shook her head rolling her eyes, “I am one of those who brought you back after your Biker club ‘killed you’. Come we shouldn’t keep my cousin waiting.”

My eyes widened at her name. Sorrentino. My mouth forming an ‘O’ as I looked at her, “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you. So… right, sorry my head hurts so it may take me awhile to catch on. Where am I? The Sorrentino houses?”

She shook her head, “Not the official one just a safe house that’s close to the border with your club and gives us faster response time to meet you with your club later to fight. Thank god for that, it’s been a while since I was in the field and I am bored.”

I slowly followed her out of the room with my mind going a million miles an hour. I am with the Sorrentino family. The Italian Mafia Sorrentino… the Sorrentinos are all here… What the fuck has happened in the past however hours. Hunter and Spotter kidnapped me. Ryker being told to kill me. Briac pulling the trigger and now I wake up at the Sorrentino household.

No, not a household this place is like a mansion with marble floors, designer interior that you would expect in fancy magazines or the design tv channel. As we walk down the hallway we passed different men walking around in designer suits with a stern look on their faces as they slowly look me over as if I am about to attack them.

We slowly walk to a different wing of the mansion, geez how big is this place? I took the time to watch Esperenza walking, seeing how confident she walked through the mansion and how different men in suits would nod at her as she walked by. Well she said she is cousin to the boss so that must give her some respect though the way she walks and holds herself told me she doesn’t get it just from her name. Esperanza stopped at two giant wooden doors and knocked twice on them.

“Si entra.” A deep voice called out from behind the doors that Esperanza began to open. “Dite loro che porteremo 60 uomini e li incontreremo a 12:30” (Tell them we will bring 60 men and meet them at 12:30).

As I follow into the room I noticed we have walked into a large office which matches the mansion’s interior design. Pretty sure this room is woth more than my bank account. There are three men in the room, two sitting in chairs in front of a desk with one man behind the desk. All of them wearing a suit... Must be the dress code for the Mafia I guess. They all looked similar so I guessed they all had to be Sorrentinos.

“Cugini, this is Amara. Amara meet my cousins Romano, Maximus and our Don Lorenzo Sorrentino.” Esperanza said as she walked to the other side of the room and leaning against a window as I stood there feeling awkward while trying to suppress my anxiety.

“Hello.” I said to them as the one closest to me got up and took out his hand.

“Maximus, please sit.” I smiled hesitantly at Maximus who even with the smile on his face felt a little cold. He was tall, with a broad muscular body and styled mid-long hair.

I sat down in the seat that he once occupied as Lorenza Sorrentino slowly got up from his seat walking to the front of his desk and leaned against it. He watched me as he adjusted his suit cufflinks and I got the feeling that I was the prey and he the predator.

“Amaradrya Woods.” Lorenzo began after a moment of looking me over, “I suppose I should explain how you are here. We have been in communication with your MC for the past week about the M8s. President Briac wants them gone and so do we; we have just been waiting to see who the players are. As the M8s wanted you, President Briac pretended to kill you in order to gain their trust which worked. Either tonight or tomorrow the M8s will be dead. We took you after they shot you…think of it as collateral.”

“Dios Mio. Lorenzo, poor girl is traumatized enough you didn’t need to call her collateral.” Esperanza began in Spanish before shaking her head.

“Solo dirle la verità”, Romano said in Italian from beside me with a cold calculating look over me. (Just telling her the truth).

My head already hurting from the gun, from the shock of being here and it began to throb more with the different languages being spoken. “What do you mean by collateral?” I asked looking between the Sorrentinos.

“Means that if your club betrays us for the M8s, we kill you.” Romano said back to me not moving his stone face.

“Which we won’t since the Riders of Silence will help us kill the M8s so there isn’t anything to worry about.” Maximus said in the corner sending me a small wink.

My head slowly nodded to Maximus response as I took a deep breath. This was a lot to take in and I was not ready for this. My hands wrung themselves together as I tried to not let my anxiety get the best of this situation. Even though I was sitting in the room with members of the Mafia the good thing was that I wasn’t killed by Ryker’s club so there is a win... I suppose.

“Esperanza, portatela in Anastasia per guardare e poi tornare.” Lorenzo said before looking back at his brothers and continuing in more Italian, (Esperanza, take her to Anastasia to watch and then come back.) Lorenzo backed off his desk as he went to sit back behind his desk. I stood up walking to the door that Esperanza had opened, “Oh and Miss Woods. Whatever you hear or see, you didn’t.”

“Yes sir, and thank you.” I replied back to which he just gave a slight nod as Esperanza placed her arm in mine as we left the room leaving the young mafia men to their business. A breath escaping my lips that I didn’t know I was holding.

After winding around in the mansion, I found myself in a kitchen where a woman was rolling dough into a pasta maker, “Anastasia this is Amara she will be here until will kill those M8 bastards. Mind watching her?”

Anastasia slowly looking over my face before slowly nodding and going back to her work. “Thanks amour. See you later Amara and one last thing as my cousin said, you see and hear nothing. I don’t know how your biker club works but we have a code of silence. We are helping you stay alive so…”

“So, I see and hear nothing. I promise.”

Esperanza nodded her head before smiling. “Also, is Briac as hot as he is in his photos?”

Completely off guard I stared at her until I realized she was serious as she put her hair up in a ponytail, “Um I don’t know what the photos look like but uh Briac is relatively attractive. I don’t think he dates though.”

She gives me a wink, “neither do I Amara, but good to know. Maybe I’ll have time after killing those M8s to get acquainted with the new president.” With that she was out the door making me want her confidence and badass aura around her.

Looking back at Anastasia she threw me an apron before motioning with her head to come help. Well at least I can be in the kitchen that will help me relax and handle my anxiety. God, I can’t wait to see Ryker again. Be in his arms in bed with Bella on the bed. Did he know it was going to happen because he looked just as freaked out as I felt? Sounds of him screaming my name tugged at my heart and I just wanted to be back with him.

With a sigh, I got to work following what Anastasia was doing. Things can change so quickly in a matter of hours. I just needed to keep busy to help stop my head from spinning. And it was spinning. I had a feeling something was going to happen but I didn’t expect to be waking up in a mafia household. I just needed to keep calm for a bit, any questions I will ask Ryker as I am not sure that I can ask those here. This is all too much, I just needed to get through this then I can lock myself in a room with Ryker for a week.

Just breath, stay calm and I will be back before I know. Then I can freak out.

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