On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I ran my fingers down my face as I poured myself another cup of coffee looking over the files of inventory and map plans of the building where we meet with M8s tonight. It was silent in the bar, brothers who came in keeping quiet out of respect to me for what happened last night. I was grateful, needing the time to gather my thoughts so that I will be ready for the fight when it comes. The M8s needed to die and I can’t do my job if I am stuck replaying last night. If any brother tried to talk to me they would be on their back with a broken nose before they could finish a sentence. I don’t need their apologies, I need my woman back. I need to shed blood. It will be awhile before I can truly trust the club, despite their good intentions to protect Amara.

Nothing has been said of the final plan yet. Briac, Hamlet and Princess were going over final ideas with the Sorrentinos, I just knew the location where it will be. I should be in that room but my head wouldn’t be focused just yet. I wanted to be in there plotting the demise of those bastards but Briac said I needed to get my head on straight first. Part of me knew he was right but fuck I want to be in there.

“You sleep?” I lifted my head to see Hunter walked over to where I was sitting, picking Bella up in order to have room in the booth.

Slowly I shook my head. I tried to get some sleep but every time I close my eyes the image of her in that empty grave and fake blood came to mind. It didn’t matter that it was a fake execution it looked and felt real enough. Until I feel the heat of her body against mine, that image will be the only thing I see when I close my eyes.

A couple minutes went by where neither of us said anything. I didn’t know how to start, I understand him wanting to keep my back safe from going crazy but he also terrified Amara and faked an execution for her. I though he betrayed me and in a way, he did, he could have told me or Amara at least to stop her panic attack in the car. She is alive I just need to focus on that… Not much to say to otherwise.

“Fuck I am sorry Ryker. I couldn’t tell you before we did it. When Briac asked if I would do anything to ensure you didn’t go cowboy and find a way to keep Amara safe I jumped in. I just wanted to protect Amara for you as you would protect Birdy. It killed me doing that to her but it was the only way.” Hunter said making me close my eyes. “It kills me knowing how much you think I betrayed you. And her.”

“I know brother. I know.” I opened my eyes lifting my hand to grasp his shoulder to show I forgive him. And I did. He called out to me before Briac pulled the trigger so I wouldn’t see it and even though it was painful, it was necessary. I just don’t feel at ease until I have her in my arms and see that she is fine. “You did what you had too, though it may take a while for me to get back to normal about this.”

“Didn’t make it an easier watching you think we actually killed your woman or think that I would do that to you.” Hunter voice broke at that. We have been brothers ever since we were children going through the same horrors and finding the same family with the Riders of Silence. If I was in Hunter position I would be feeling the same emotion that he would be.

Looking back to him I saw that he was focusing on Bella who was snuggled close to him. “Means a lot that you would protect her when I couldn’t. She’s alive and she will be back that’s all I can think about. That and whether she will want to stay after going through that.”

“She will.”

“Will she? We shot her in the head and gave her to the mafia to watch over.” I poured another cup of coffee dragging my hand through my hair. I had promised Amara that she would be safe and that I would always be there for her yet I had failed. She had panic attacks about everything that happened in Portland watching her dad’s murder and just the sight of a gun made her hyperactivate. Last night must have thrown her right back in that and I wasn’t there to help her keep her breathing calmly.

Why would she want to be with someone who kept her in that terror? The very terror that killed her dad and kept her panicking. She is it for me. That much I know. If Amara leaves then she takes my heart with her but I wouldn’t blame her. She is too pure for this world why should I take her down with me.

“Nah, she’s had chances to turn back before but she won’t. Plus, you’ll look like a saint compared to those Mafia men.” Hunter chuckled.

I chuckled back before groaning. “Fuck... we really are mistresses to each other… you giving me a mother fucking pep talk that I have given to you in the past.” I grumbled to him as I took a sip of coffee making Hunter laugh loudly.

A few moments later the phone in my pocket began to ring making me groan. The last thing I wanted to do was talk on that stupid device.

“Ryker.” I mumbled drinking another cup of coffee.

“Morning Ryker.” A voice came into the end of the phone that had me sit up so fast that coffee spilt onto the table making Hunter groan since it got on his breakfast.


“Indeed. Thought you may care to check that your girl is alive and well. Little doe of thing, not who I would expect you to be with.”

I shook off the shock of the call, “She’s got some fire in her. Is she alright?”

“Yeah, she’s fine would have called you sooner but final plans needed to be made. You know how that goes. Ah here she is, Miss Woods? Your biker…” Maximus started as the phone shuffled around.

“Ry?” A soft voice came through the phone making me release a breath, feeling of warmth coming back to my chest at the confirmation that she was in fact alive and not six feet deep by my brothers doing.

“Amara, are you alright? I didn’t know what is going to happen. I’m sor-” Words vomited out of my mouth before I could stop them just from the need to hear her saying she was okay.

“Ry! It’s okay, I understand why it had to happen, sort of, there are a few questions I have but I know enough at the moment. I’m okay, my head hurts a little bit but other than that I am fine. The Sorrentinos have been very hospitable and I’ve mostly been baking today so my anxiety doesn’t have me too freaked out. Tried making homemade pasta but that didn’t go well...” She mumbled.

“You mean there is something you can’t cook? Thank god there is balance in the world.” I chuckled against the phone smiling as I heard her mutter under her breath. Warmth filled my body, my head no longer a mess but finally being able to clear at hearing you go back to taking of food. Not only was she safe but she wasn’t consumed by her anxiety; I can take comfort in that.

“Shut up.” She whispered. “Are you okay? I don’t remember too much of what happened.”

I sighed, “That’s a good thing you don’t remember too much, may be hard for you to see the brothers like that. But I am better now hearing your voice but I won’t be a hundred percent until you are back where you belong and those bastards are six feet deep.” She gave a small intake of breath making me smirk, “I really have turned you into a dirty girl, haven’t I?”

“No… okay fine that may have been pretty hot. You just make sure you are careful okay?” She said still in a quiet voice. “You can’t take any risks, I won’t have the M8s hurt you too.”

A small smile appeared on my face as I leaned back against the booth, “Don’t worry about me Amara, I’ll be out against the M8s before they even know it. You just focus on you and keeping your anxiety down, before you know it you will be back here with me and Bella permanently.”

A soft chuckle came over the line, “Permanent? You are pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you? You think Bella makes you safe with me being in your future?”

I made a mental note to punish her for that tease. “I just know what I know. You and me are permanent and you know it.”

“Fine you are right, but don’t get too arrogant about it. Focus on your fight tonight and I’ll think about what happens after this is over. I know I definitely won’t be going back to Portland, not like you would let me to either.”

“Acceptance is the first step Amara. You just think about opening a bakery here and what pastry you are naming after me.” I sighed into the line, “I know we can’t talk long but I love you. When you get back you are getting my claim no matter what. Nothing will stop me from keeping you around. I love you Amara and I swear those M8s who show tonight will die.” And it was true, the second she was in my arms there will be a leather jacket and the Luna tattoo on her. She also better be prepared to not be leaving the bed for a day or two, fuck, even week.

“Love you to Ryker, be safe tonight and watch Bella for me. I’ll see you soon and this can be a distant memory.” The phone shuffled before I could Maximus saying hello again.

“Thank you, Maximus, for watching over her.”

“Course Ryker, we are all on the same side. See you tonight.” With that the second in command of the Sorrentino Mafia hung up on the call.

Same side as the Sorrentinos, it’s one thing to buy our guns from there it’s another to be having my woman with them. I didn’t even know them that well, just from our transactions. The only topic was about the guns and cash never anything else. Could I trust that she would be safe? Amara did get in contact with the police about the M8s which could mean the Sorrentinos could may be hesitant to trust her. Yet she sounded fine, it didn’t matter just after tonight she will be back.

Leaning back further into the booth I let out a deep breath before taking a sip of coffee. I was ready to go at the M8s and take them all down for what they have put my woman through. Amara was safe and I was going to make sure she would stay that way. That future I had started to think about with her will happen and this will end. I just need to survive this next fight and that will be it.

“Church, let’s go!” Hamlet called out making everyone get up.

It’s time to make the final plan on killing those sons of bitches.

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