On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Biker Girl


“I know why you won’t talk to me.” I glanced up at the man who always comes in, ‘Ryker’ the very biker who I dropped the special order for. He has been coming in for two months now and despite my need to stay away he draws me in like a moth to a flame. I don’t know why, we would go together like water to a grease fire; destroying everything.

Clearing my throat and putting a tray down I looked to him, “excuse me?”

He gave a soft smile taking a sip of his coffee, “You always come out here with flour on your cheek and give me maybe ten words before silence. And I know why, I need flour on my cheek too.”

My hand went to my face wiping flour off of it making me blush, of course the hot guy sees me with flour on me, “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for the flour on your cheek or not talking to me?” He said in a teasing voice making me blush even more. Pretty sure my face was the same red colour as the seats in the diner. “Though personally, I think the flour is a cute look on you.”

Fidgeting on my feet as I refilled his coffee, I shrugged trying to hide the deepening blush, “both I suppose. I am used to cooking late, not used to people coming in to talk at this hour.”

He chuckled lightly making me flutter, gosh why him???? Grease fire, we would be a grease fire! “Well what can I say, I am not like anyone else. Unless you have dropped pies for another person.”

“No, that’s only happened with you.”

Ryker gave me another smile making me blush again, “well that’s good I like being special. Care to tell me about the things you bake. I find myself interested in knowing how a baker comes to make a new recipe.”

My eyes squinted as I cocked my head, “You want to know about baking? I can’t really see a biker baking. Wait that’s not what I meant it’s just that well you’re in leather and your bike and like you just don’t seem the type I mean... I really don’t have much to say about myself. Nada. Nothing special about what I do-” I tried moving a tray but it slipped out of my hands and clattered to the floor becoming the second tray of pastries I have dropped in front of him.

“Shit.” I muttered dropping to the to pick up the mess, my hands shaking slightly.

Movement made me turn to see Ryker bent down, a sense of déjà vu hitting me of the first time I met him. “I got to make you stop dropping things huh.” A ghost of a smile was on his face and amusement in his eyes.

I looked down at the mess and stood up to throw the food away, “yeah I guess you do. You don’t have to help…”

Ryker threw away some of the food he picked up leaving the floor ready for me to sweep. As I grabbed a broom he sat back down taking a sip of coffee. “Part of it was my fault,” I looked over to him as he said that, his dark eyes staring into my own trying to find out the real reason why I won’t talk to him. “What were those anyway?”

Somehow, I found myself talking to him for over an hour that night, starting with those pastries on the floor to showing him my recipe book and how I came to combine ingredients to make a new spin off a classic treat. He never interrupted me but just let me ramble on and on and on and on. The entire time he had that smile on him as he nodded and would throw some questions to me. When a timer went off telling me how much time went off I blush profusely and disappeared into the kitchen embarrassed from my geek out.

After this talk with him I made myself take extra steps to avoid him though in the end it never worked. He always showed and I was always drawn into him.

Shaking the memory off I pick up the icing pipe again to finish making the tiramisu I was making. I had spent the entire day in my memories, guess it was one way to keep me calm. Working with Anastasia wasn’t bad, she didn’t talk but that was for the best.

Anastasia was a pretty girl, probably around my age with long ink black hair and frail pale body. She didn’t look like a Sorrentino but when men walked through they gave always gave her a respectful nod. I think they walked through just to take notice of me making sure I wasn’t doing anything I shouldn’t. Maximus had left after allowing me to talk to Ryker which had hurt more than I had expected. As much as I loved the kitchen I was in, all I wanted was to be in his arms. We had been here all day; she is working on dinner and me on a tiramisu; I wasn’t sure how many to make so I made a couple along with a chocolate mousse cake. What I stress bake? If you were in a mafia building after your love and his club just fake shot you what would you be doing?

I had just finished the desert as the doors to the kitchen opened. “La mia sacerdotessa russa leggerà le carte per me? Stiamo andando fuori e devo prepararmi a morire o avere tutte le mie ricchezze?” Romano said as he walked into the kitchen to lean against the island smirking to Anastasia who just shook her head.(Will my Russian priestess read the cards for me? We are going out and should I prepare to die or have all my wealth come true?)

“Non ho bisogno di leggere le carte dei Tarocchi. Non morirai.”Anastasia replied back, it was the first time I have heard her speak outwardly and put a smile on her face. (I don’t need to read the tarot cards. You are not going to die).

Romano’s gaze flickered over to me causing him to straighten up behind the counter putting that stone face back on. “Miss Woods.”

I shuffled on my feet feeling as if I intruded on them, “Mr. Sorrentino.”

“Di’ agli uomini che la cena è pronta in dieci.” Anastasia said to Romano who looked back at her before nodding and turning back out of the kitchen. (Tell the men dinner is ready in ten). “The dining room is already set, want to help bring out the salads and pasta dishes?”

“Of course.” I moved around the kitchen to where Anastasia took out the pasta dishes she was keeping warm in the oven and brought them out to the dining table.

The room was huge; easily at least sixty people could sit in there at a time. It took four trips for us to get all the food out onto the table; salads, pasta and the tiramisu. Anastasia said that since it was the weekend the usual maids were out and that it was being relaxed. This was a huge fancy dinner to be relaxed I would love to see it on the weekdays when it was strict.

We had just finished putting water pitches on the table when the doors to the room opened and men in suits came in either talking in Italian or English. As they walked in they kissed Anastasia’s cheek before taking a seat at the table. Turning around I headed back to the kitchen before I felt myself pulled back.

“Where you going?” Esperanza asked looping her arm in mine walking me to a seat, “Don’t worry you won’t hear anything you’re not supposed to. No business at family dinner, tis a rule. Plus, you only speak English so they would just use a different language if they need to talk.”

She sat us down at the end of the table where I saw the other Sorrentinos sitting. My eyes watching as Lorenzo came in last giving a kiss to Anastasia as all the other men have done before taking his seat at the head of the table.

“So, you’re the biker girl.” A man covered in tattoos said smirking across the table as he started eating. He seemed different than all the other men around the table, not as cold but there was still something in his eyes that told me he could very well be.

“Uh yeah I’m with Ryker.” I responded slowly starting to eat getting aware of all the eyes on me. I am sure they are not used to random outsiders eating dinner with them.

“The Sergeant of Arms?” He asked hesitantly. I guess Ryker had a reputation? He has mentioned his fighting his skills and how he does business with them so it would make sense that they may know his name.

A man beside him chuckled drawing my eyes and breath, “Fuck Tate, your plan to get into her pants just went out the window. He would fuck you up with those blades of his and Lorenzo would let him.” Half of this man’s face was entirely burn scars, as his eyes shifted up they looked almost black, matching the dark ink of the tattoos going up his neck.

“Shut up Vinzo I was just curious. I wasn’t trying to get into your pants.” He said as my cheeks blushed and I ducked my head from all the men laughing.

“You know Ryker?” I looked back up fiddling with my fork trying to keep my jitters at bay. They all are an intimidating bunch; even when I first met the club I didn’t feel this much anxiety but that was because Ryker was there.

“He’s a businessmanI work with,” Tate shrugged, “Plus I have seen him fight in a ring. Looking forward to fighting with him with those blades of his; see what these Bikers bring.”

I shifted again on my seat. I know Hunter has a reputation for being crazy when he fights and that Ryker is known to be on the same level since they grew up in a fighting rig. But I have never seen it and it’s always been a topic the Ryker never wants to discuss.

“Tate, Vinzo, stop making our guest uncomfortable.” Esperenza said to them making Tate mock salute to her and Vinzo just go silent before Tate started muttering to him in Italian. I tried to just look at my food, I didn’t want to be someone who stared at Vinzo’s burns.

The table fell into an easy conversation in Italian, English and other languages. Esperenza asked me a few questions about how I met Ryker and baking… Guess she must have a file on me since I haven’t told anyone here about my job at the bakery. But I don’t mind, I suppose she is a sweet even though I know she can probably kill me in hundreds of different ways but I appreciate how she is helping keep my anxiety down.

Looking around the table it reminded me of the club, well, in a way. The brotherhood and closeness of them all but there was something colder in the air around all the men, not to mention formal suits rather than the leather and beer of the club. Lorenzo and Maximus were sitting beside each other talking in Italian, Romano, Anastasia and Tate were talking in Russian? Until Anastasia gave him a face and ignored him telling Romano to tell Tate to never speak Russian again.

I focused on eating in silence my thoughts only on Ryker. I wished I could have talked on the phone with him more but I knew I was lucky enough to talk to him for that short amount of time.

A phone went off eyes shifting to Maximus as he took his phone out giving a nod to Lorenzo. “The ROS are getting into position.”

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