On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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We have been riding for well over an hour driving to where the M8s and us will be meeting tonight for a full meeting. Well that’s what Reaper’s crew believes, in truth, it will be where we also meet the Sorrentinos to take kill them. Reaper had wanted this meeting ASAP which only proved how desperate his position is. But that is what happens when you expand gun running while also making yourself enemy to the leading mafia in the area. Not to mention how desperate they are for their men behind bars for more man power.

I have spent the entire ride going over the plan, each mug shot and FBI photos of every member of the M8’s burned into memory. Every man will be a target so no loose ends or a large gun fight ensues; small chances of casualties. The Riders will hit everyone inside while the Sorrentinos will be outside taking out anyone not in our line of sight. Just a bunch of bikers and mafia men working together; should go great. Here’s hoping.

Ten minutes later we pull our bikes up to an old warehouse where the meet will take place; it was in no man’s land so that each club wouldn’t get an advantage. Though of course we are bringing the mafia so we will have the advantage. Some brothers hid their bikes to hide our numbers since they didn’t know they were meeting with all of us. Sliding off my bike I follow Briac into the building, my fingers lightly tapping against the blades on my thighs. The warehouse was empty with multiple different beams from the floor to the ceiling plus ones running across the ceiling. This place will be the perfect ambush location and what makes it sweeter was that the M8s chose it.

I felt a smile tug on my face, seemed like a nice poetic justice to the havoc they have created. Giving MC’s a bad rep and for trying to hunt my woman like she was some kind of a dog. My knives will fly tonight, burying deep in them to let their blood spill. I didn’t always look forward to killing, but these kills will be something I remember for a long while. Whatever, I’m going to hell anyway, might as well enjoy the ride.

“When are the Sorrentino’s getting here?” Hunter asked checking the guns and knives on him.

Briac did a final look around the warehouse, giving a small nod of satisfaction for being a perfect ambush location before turning to Hunter. “Anytime I suppose, their safe house is close to here so they should be here soon.”

“How will we get in touch with them before the M8s come in since they aren’t?” Tatt asked leaning against a beam.

“That is where I come in.” A voice said coming out of nowhere making men jump drawing their weapons. “Easy their bikers, same side.”

I looked up to the ceiling beams to see a woman in all black and ruby necklace sitting up there smirking when she saw I saw her she winked before swinging down and landing in a crunch position. Once standing she walked over to me. “Ryker, I believe, Amara says hi and to not die or she will kill you herself.” She then turned to Briac who had walked up beside me. “President Briac, damn your photos do not do you justice. Anyway, we arrived just five minutes ago. We are in position outside far enough away where the M8s won’t notice us until we are on them.”

I saw Briac smirk looking at the woman. “You must be Esperenza Sorrentino, the Sorrentino Ruby. Your reputation precedes you. We will be sure that we don’t kill Reaper and that he is yours to take.” Briac said taking his hand in hers shaking it before she puts her hand on her coms speaking Italian into it.

Asper our agreement, all M8s are fair game to kill but the Sorrentinos will take Reaper to make an example out of him. Don’t start a war with the mafia if you can’t fight them.

“M8s are coming down the road. ETA Three minutes. Thirty-five Charlies.” Spotter said into our coms who was on the roof looking over the scene.

“Ohhhh I get all warm and bubbly when you start going all soldier on us.” Tatt said back into the com making Briac shake his head while receiving a wink from Tatt. “just waiting on the other to start barking orders.” Tatt went to attention saluting Briac, “Sir.”

Briac flipped Tatt off before nodded for brothers to get their location while taking out an extra com and giving it to Esperenza, “might be good to be on our frequency too.”

Esperenza nodded at us to then jumped up a beam disappearing into the ceiling once again. I leaned back against the same beam she went up crossing my arms so that I wasn’t twitching with my knives. Couldn’t give the M8s who are already trigger happy a reason to start shooting before we kill them. We thought of sniper shots but then we couldn’t be sure if Reaper would be taking precautions against using a double to keep himself safe from the Sorrentinos.

The plan is that we separate Reaper from the other M8s in order to keep him alive and then kill those inside. Each man had their own mark ensuring that it will be efficient. “Positions boys.” I called out to brothers where some hid behind beams only showing that it will be Briac, Hamlet, Hunter and myself. If they walked in and saw all of us they may suspect something. Plus, with them hidden they take out their guns or knives finding their mark to kill them all at once.

“Nice of them to bring their entire club.” Hamlet says standing next to Briac.

Briac just smiled and nodded, “got to love the predictability of a man’s ego. Showing his power.”

I chuckled against the poll. Taking one last glance around the room to be sure I knew the surroundings.

“Entering in Contact.” Spotter counted in our ears.

“Riders of Silence! President Briac I am glad we can finally meet. Ryker mate I am sorry about the girl but it had to be done.” Reaper said as he walked in with some of his crew all taking off full face helmets. They had taken precautions in keeping Reaper anonymous. I counted twenty men; just what we anticipated for inside and at this moment every brother has taken their mark we just needed to separate Reaper from any line of sight.

“Sorrentinos are in position and ready.” Spotter whispered in the coms and I can hear Italian in the background. Must be sharing a roof with a Sorrentino man. “Esperanza has the position to take Reaper. All brothers get your marks in the next ten seconds.

“Reaper, it is good for us to meet so quickly. We need to go over linguistics of what sharing a border will mean between us and how you intend to handle the mafia.” Briac said walking up to Reaper with a smile looking relaxed to keep the M8s unaware of their current danger.

“Of course, of course. Well since we now share border I suggest you buy our guns, make sense and good quality.” Reaper said with a smile.


“How much per crate?” Briac asked as I slide my hands down towards my blades looking at the man behind Reaper being my mark who was too busy picking his nails to pay attention.


“Willing to give a discount on first order than we can go over final product costs.”


A whip came down from the ceiling beams wrapping around Repear’s neck cutting off his air supply distracting him as his hands went to pull on it. My hands went up and a blade soared into the throat of my mark taking him down as I heard gunfire going off taking down either M8s inside or outside the building.

I ran up to another M8 grabbing another blade and putting it through his temple waiting him to be dead, thinking about their cockiness coming into our territory and hurting Amara.

M8 men crashed through the door thinking they were coming to refuge from the assault outside only to come to us. My hands went to the knives on my thigh whipping them out and throwing them into the men that were rushing in. A man crashed into me trying to take one of my knives. Grabbing his arm, I turn it behind him thrusting it upward hearing it break as I take a knife up front and slit his throat feeling his blood on me.

A few moments later everything went quiet as the gunshots stopped going off. Turning around I see the Sorrentino woman behind Reaper keeping the whip around his neck with her boot on his back talking into the coms in Italian.

“You good?” Hunter asked coming beside me with a smile cracking his knuckles, no doubt going bare fisted against his marks.

“Fuck yeah, you?”

“Oh yeah, fuck it felt good to put these rabid dogs down.” He raised his eyebrows smiling looking around at the carnage with a grin.

“I need to get to Amara.” I said back seeing that all our brothers were fine besides a few scratches. Goal of tonight was done, M8s gone. Nothing can stand in the way of getting back my woman.

“Yeah I think you should shower first brother. One of you already came back from the dead if she sees you she will think we shot you too.” I glared at him making him raise his hands, “Too soon?”

Shaking my head, I looked down at myself seeing the blood, I nodded my head agreeing to what he said. I can’t let Amara see me like this, she doesn’t need to see this side. The door opened again with Sorrentino men walking in, I recognized the Sorrentino brothers walking to their other family member and Reaper.

Walking over to the men I took down I grabbed my knives putting them back in my holsters. Looking around I see Briac and Lorenzo talking and shaking hands before Briac says we are heading back to the club house along with the Sorrentinos to celebrate and to have Doc look over their members. Politics of alliance I guess; so, glad I deal with weapons and not words.

“Don’t worry,” My head snapped to the Sorrentino woman beside me, “Tate is already driving her to your clubhouse.” She winked before walking back over to her cousins and Briac.

I let a breath of air out as brother cleared out of the warehouse. The Sorrentinos will be doing clean-up which I was glad about, who likes to get rid of dead bodies. Not me, anyway it was time to get home, shower and get my woman back where she belongs.

“We are missing two bodies. Under princess’s list there had two prospects down here that are missing.” Spotter said turning each body over checking their faces to photos on his phone.

I sighed looking over to him, “must be keeping them up north in Portland to help try and get the ones in jail out.” I muttered glancing to Hamlet.

He nodded to me, grabbing my shoulder, “prospects brother, easy as pussy. Let’s go celebrate and handle that when your girl goes to re-testify.”

Nodding back at him I headed out of the clubhouse and swung onto my bike; waiting for others to get on. Hamlet was right, prospects would be easy to handle. One night at a time, and this night was only getting started.

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