On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Open Arms


My legs bounced uncontrollably as I sat in a passenger seat of the car that Tate was driving hearing him mutter in Italian. I don’t know much about what has happened tonight only that Tate is bringing me back to the clubhouse. But I have questions! I need to know everyone is alright but just how do you ask a mafia guy questions?

“Fucking hell. Stop with that leg bouncing or you are walking.” Tate said.

“Sorry.” I muttered stopping the leg moving and instead wrung my fingers together in my lap. “Just anxious to get back.” From Tate breaking the silence since the start of the car ride, my resolve to keep quiet was now broken. As my mind kept spinning about Ryker and Bella and every possible scenario where things could go wrong, I was going to ask questions.

“Hm.” He said still looking annoyed at my fidgeting.

“I’m surprised you didn’t go to the fight?” Almost all the men at dinner had went besides Tate who looked pissed that he was the one to babysit me.

“Got a bullet hole in my dominant shooting shoulder, wouldn’t be any good.” He took out his phone looking at a message making me grab it, placing it back in its original location.

“I don’t care if your Mafia, I have survived a bounty, my man’s club fake execution and I still have to go back to court against the M8’s. I am not dying in a car crash because you text and drive.”

“Gattino giù.” He muttered turning into a neighbourhood I recognized being close to the ROS clubhouse. “Sono un autista eccellente.” (Down kitten. I am an excellent driver.)

“I know you can’t tell me everything about tonight but could you just give the spark notes?” I basically pled to him but I didn’t care; I was desperate for information.

Tate let out a sigh glancing over to me then back to the road. “The M8’s who showed up, which was basically the whole club, have been… disposed of. Reaper showed up like the fucking idiot he was and now we will be taking good care of him.”

Staring at his face I was shocked that he had actually told me something, particularly the little hint that the riders and his mafia killed people tonight. “Really? Just like that the club is just... gone?” I should be happy, doing a stupid dance in the car or something but I wasn’t. Maybe its shock? Shock this could be over and I could be at peace? That just one night could make it that simple?

Tate rolled his lip, “Mm. Still some roaches left but yes, for the most part the M8’s are gone. Guess the rest is up to you. Enough questions.”

I let my legs start bouncing again making him mutter in Italian as he pulled into the clubhouse lot. The whole parking lot was filled with Bikers and Mafia men as they were celebrating outside; a sight that I never thought I would see nor even imagine. My eyes immediately began surveying the area finding Ryker sitting next to Hunter, Birdy and Sorrentino men. The second the car stopped I felt my feet fly out of the car, my whole body moving fast to get to Ryker. Once I was a few feet away I see Hunter nudge Ryker nodding towards me. I didn’t care how I look sprinting to my man but I needed to make sure he was okay after what ever really went down tonight. Even if I didn’t know, I know Ryker and he would have been in the thick of the fight.

Ryker turned his head spotting me, his face softening as he got up from his seat while I ran to him. His body opened up, catching me as I jumped into his arms and kissed him. My legs wrapping tightly around his waist with my arms around his neck as Ryker held me up with his hands on my butt and lower back. With me secure against him, he kissed me back just as deeply as I was kissing him.

I blocked out all the wolf whistles and sounds of banging on tables as brothers shouted, instead I just focused on feeling Ryker against me again. I will definitely blush later for being so outward from tackling Ryker with a kiss but at his moment he was the only thing on my mind. Kissing him hard until it felt as if my lungs were going to explode if they didn’t get any air in them.

Being in his arms felt like home. I never thought of love much and if I did I wouldn’t have believed you could feel it so deeply or fall so quickly. But Ryker owned my heart and being in his arms made everything around me slow down. He made me whole and the brothers won’t take me from him again.

Regrettably as I finally felt my lungs begging for air I broke away panting looking into his dark eyes. “Hi.”

His smiled, bringing up one of his hands to brush my hair away grimacing at the bruise near my temple from Briac’s fake shot. “Hello my Luna.”

“Luna?” Ryker lowered me down to the ground but kept his arms around my waist keeping me flush against his body while he bent down to kiss me again. As the first time was deep, desperate almost, this kiss was slower. A moment later he sadly pulled away.

“Told you. Once you are back you’re mine to be claimed. That is if you still want to be with me. I understand if not aft-”

Before he could finish I got on my toes, kissing him hard and pulling at his cut to keep him from moving from me. “I am yours as you are mine Ryker.” He growled cupping the back of my head and began kissing me again. I usually was one nervous with so much public affection particularly since I am in front of the Club and Sorrentinos but I still didn’t care. As I said, I’ll blush later. But in fairness, I thought Briac was actually going to kill me, so being in Ryker’s arms again was the only thing that mattered.

“Alright breath you two.” Birdy said walking towards us as we broke apart and tackled me in a hug, “So glad you are safe, you okay babe?”

“Uh, the brothers had me there last night so it may take a while to catch up with what’s happened but it’s good to be here, ha.” I said back to her still not ready to fully face what happened. Just want to move on. Birdy broke off from me showing Hunter who looked nervously between Ryker and I letting me see how torn up he looked. I couldn’t image what happened after the whole event went down between them.

I smiled at Hunter and walked over to him giving him a hug, from how straight his body went I know I had just surprised him, “Thanks for watching over Ryker.” I whispered to him.

His arms slowly came around me while giving a nod to my statement. “Sorry for kidnapping you, making you think we were killing you and triggering a panic attack in the back of the car.” I cringed remembering that putting it in the back of my mind. I couldn’t hold what happened against him, okay, maybe I could but I’m alive so I will choose to focus on that.

We released from the hug allowing me to lean back into Ryker’s body as he hugged me from behind, “yeah let’s not do that again?”

“Deal.” Hunter smiled grabbing Birdy as I felt a paw nudging me with whine below my leg.

“Hi Bells.” I leaned down picking Bella up with a smile, snuggling into the puppy as Ryker kissed my temple once I stood back up, flush against his body again.

We moved to the table they were just at where I sat on Ryker’s lap as he kissed my cheek, petting Bella and laughing along with everyone. The lightness and feeling that the club was safe from the M8s and gaining a stronger alliance with the Sorrentinos surrounded us. I could see in Ryker’s eyes that he expected me to reject him for what has happened in the last day or so but I could never. This is my home; bikers, guns and all. Over time brothers would come up saying they were sorry for the act and that they were glad I was back. Tatt looked like he wanted to cry as he ruffled my hair before grabbing a beer and a blonde. Spotter looked just as torn as Hunter and gave me a leather jacket for Bella with the club logo on it before kissing the top of my head and walking away.

My head turned seeing the doors to the clubhouse open as some Sorrentinos walked out with Briac and Esperanza. Briac stopped when he saw me saying something quiet to Esperanza before walking in my direction. For the first time since I have known him, I didn’t see him walk with confidence. “Hey Amara.”

I smiled softly hopping off Ryker’s lap handing him Bella before turning to Briac and hugging him hearing Briac release a breath as he hugged me back. “Thanks for not actually killing me.”

His hold tightened on me briefly before loosening. “Sorry for putting you through that. It was the only way.”

“I know.” I felt myself getting pulled back by Ryker who looked annoyed at how long we had been hugging for. Chuckling I reach up to kiss Ryker while rolling my eyes at him as I took his lips softly before pulling back to look at Briac.

“Alight!” Briac hollered out across the lot to everyone, “Thank you Lorenzo and all Sorrentinos for your help with the M8 bastards and taking care of one of our own. We look forward to sharing a border with you and future endeavours. Amara, sorry again for pretending to kill you. Think it is time to make you an official member of the club.”

Hamlet came to Briac handing him something as Ryker pushed me closer to Briac with a wink.

“Technically you are supposed to get the tattoo first however I think we can break tradition just this once.” Briac said with a smile, bringing forth a leather jacket with the Luna symbol on the back and Ryker/Amara on the front left side.

Ryker took the jacket turning me around and putting it on me as I blushed under all the people’s gazes and hollers. Brothers started to get the night rolling into a party, the Sorrentinos began shuffle to leave to go back to their territory.

“I need you.” Ryker breathed into my ear as his hands roamed my body making the leather jacket I was wearing burn into my skin, biting my lip I turned to Ryker seeing his eyes hooded.

That must have been the final straw as Ryker bent down picking up Bella and gave her to Birdy who looked at him confused as she was already petting Shadow. Before I could say anything, Ry bent down grabbing my wait and threw me over his shoulder making me shriek.

With me secure, Ryker turned walking away towards the clubhouse doors as people behind us gave us whistles again and making me hide my face against his leather jacket. His grip tightened as we walked in but I didn’t care, I need him just as he needed me at this moment.

As I said.

I’ll blush later.

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