On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Say It Once More


I kicked the door to my room open bring us in before kicking it closed letting me throw Amara onto the bed not giving her time to move before getting on top of her.

“I thought you were dead.” My voice was barely a whisper as I leaned my forehead against hers while my hands moved up her body. “I have never felt such pain as that; seeing you lay there. I was helpless trying to beg Briac to let you go before he shot you.” I shook my head against hers trying to focus on her under me and not those images. “I didn’t know what to do after that shot rang out. I couldn’t move or breath.”

“Hey I’m right here. Yes, it was terrifying and I thought I was going to die but I understand why it had to happened. I love you and I’m right here. It’s over now.” She whispered back while cupping my face bringing me into a slow kiss.

Backing off I looked at her, “You are not okay. No one would be. I love you which is why if you want to go you can go. You don’t need these kinds of things happening to you.” I said feeling my chest tighten from the idea of her walking away. But if it’s what she needs then I’ll do it.

She gave me a hard look grabbing my face between her hands. “Do you often pretend to kill people? Will you try and shoot me again?”

My brows furrowed knowing where she was going with this but I couldn’t shake my head away from the tight hold she had. “No bu-.”

“Did or do you intend to hurt me?”

“No but Amara I’m saying-” I began before getting cut off from her again.

“When I sprinted out of that car to jump into your arms did it indicate that I was going to buy an airplane ticket to London?”

I sighed looking into her eyes, “I just want to make sure you feel safe. I love you and I put you at risk even more with your anxiety. The fact that my brothers faked your death… you can say you’re okay and that you forgive my brothers but Amara… that’s allot for anyone.”

Her eyes got harder and she pushed my head towards her, “Then I will say this, I want you. I will always tell you that I love you but in this context, about that night, I choose you. Sure, I am not totally okay with what happened but if it meant protecting you then I’d do it again. I love you and your family. But if your brothers try killing me again I’ll never feed them again and I’ll put laxatives in the alcohol…”

My already hard cock became painful from her being so strict with me. Plus, there is something about someone who is usually soft having a switch and threatening a whole batch of bikers.

Grinding into her core I clenched my teeth, I hoped that I could relieve the pain for a moment but it only made me want her more. “Amara, my Luna I am trying to make sure you want this. Be honourable.”

Her hard face turned back into its usual soft one, those eyes of her showing me every emotion that is running through her. “I accepted to be your Luna Ryker. You can’t get rid of me. I love you. But if you have reserve-”

I didn’t let her even finish the thought before I took her lips pouring my own emotion into it. I gave her the out, the opportunity to find a better man but now that she has said she wants me then she is all mine. All. Fucking. Mine.

The kiss soon began to go faster, needy as I lifted Amara’s hips up to slide her leggings off along with her panties tossing them on the floor hearing her softly moan. Her hands moved to push my cut of my body which I also tossed on the floor separating from her body for a brief second to lift my shirt off as she moved to pull her new cut off before I stopped her.

My hands roamed the leather on her body before a smirk came and I looked into her eyes. “Tonight, the only thing you will wear is this cut. Understand me Amara?”

Her tongue slipped out of her mouth wetting her lips as my figure slid through her pussy letting me feel the evidence that she was excited about only wearing her new cut. As her hips moved up for more friction I moved my hand away to her hip waiting for her response. “If that is what the Sergeant of Arms wishes for my first Luna duty.”

Groaning from my painful cock, my hands went to slip the cut off her body then ripping her shirt and bra off before she slipped the cut back on letting me see her nakedness surrounded by my Luna cut. “Fuck you’re so beautiful, you are going to kill me one day.”

I leaned down kissing her neck nipping at her soft spot while having my hands slowly trace her skin down to between her legs.

“Ryker, I need you.” She moaned while pressing her body against mine.

“Sorry love, we are going to take this slowly. I want to memorize every part of you.” I wanted her so bad, my cock throbbed painfully against my pants needing to be inside her warmth but I needed to show how much I loved her. To feel that she is alive in my arms.

My lips moved down to her breast kissing around them to then take a nipple in my mouth sucking it then nipping it while my hand went between her thighs finding her perfect core. Her moans had me move to her other breast as my fingers traced over her clit feeling her hip buckle under me every time I teased her. I could feel her nails raking down my back knowing that they will probably draw blood.

I gave her breast one last kiss before kissing down her body slowly getting painfully reminded of my erect cock again but I was still going to take her slowly. For just a bit longer. Finally, I found myself at her base kissing the inner of each of her thighs. Taking an extra second to tease I moving on to her core, blowing on it softly as my hands held down her hips which buckled again. I smiled against her as I blew again knowing just how much I was affecting her.

“Ry please.” She said to making me look up to see a gorgeous sight of her arching in my bed in her leather.

Smiling against her I decided to help her out, “If that’s my first duty to my Luna.” With that I attacked her core. Biting. Licking. Sucking. Taking and giving to her as she arched and clawed against me. My movements being furthered as her hands gripped my hair urging my fingers into her pussy feeling her walls around them.

As I stuck in my third finger my movements quickened as I flicked her clit with my tongue while I hit her spot, driving her mad until I felt her walls tightening. Giving her one last pump she came on me for the first time tonight. My movements slowed as she enjoyed her high while I moved my face up from her letting me kiss up her body before taking my fingers out of her. As I said, I was going to memorize every part of her.

Amara’s eyes opened up to see me stick my fingers in my mouth sucking off her sweet juices. Smiling I bent down taking her lips in mine letting her taste herself as my hands spread her hips, lifting them up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Pulling away from her lips I looked into her eyes waiting to see her sexual hunger in her eyes to keep me going.

“Ryker, please I need all of you.”

Smiling I slipped of the bed taking my pants and briefs off quickly before returning back to laying over her. “I love you Amara.” I position myself between her thighs, placing my cock in front of her entrance, her hips wrapping back around me. I slowly pushed into her tightness, making me groan as she closed her eyes. “Eyes open love.” Amara’s eyes snapped back open to lock onto mine once again as I let her adjust to me.

Her hands went into mine which I brought over her head holding them there as I left her eyes for just a second to look over her under me before going back to her.

“God you’re so beautiful.” She felt like my home as I pulled in and out of her. Her core wrapped tightly around me and clenching as she was coming to another high soon. But this slowness was killing me, I needed more. My pace quickened making me bury myself deeper and deeper. My hands moved to her hips holding her in place as I went into her faster and harder as the bed shook.

“Fuck Ryker.” Her back arced as her legs tightened their hold around me while I felt her core gripping around my cock. My right hand left her hip to her clit playing with it till she cried out my name. My cock getting clenched tight as she came on me.

I thrusted into her a few more times before looking over her in the leather making me release into her completely. Coming harder than I have before, my arms moved out quickly catching myself before I fell on top of her. Taking deep breathes I placed my forehead against hers as we took our time coming back down. Amara’s fingers feathered lightly up my spine to then going around the club tattoo I have on my back.

Opening my eyes, I saw her already looking at me as she breathed deeply still catching her breath. Smiling I leaned down taking her into a slow kiss as my hands traced lightly up her body till it cupped her check, my thumb brushing the sweat off it. Moving to my side I laid beside her, wrapping my arms around her body pressing it against me as I traced lightly on her skin.

We didn’t say anything, just having her in my arms was what I needed at the moment. The last time I was in this bed I couldn’t get the image of her body on the ground out of her head. My arms tightened around her from just the thought of almost losing her that night, with her on that ground. Never again. She is here with me and now I could resume thinking about us. Where we will go with this just about over. Me. Her. And we didn’t use a condom and though she is on birth control I wouldn’t mind her already carrying my child.

“My sternum.” Amara said after a couple moments of silence.

“What?” My hands went to trace her sternum worried that I had somehow hurt her during sex but felt goosebumps rise on her skin. The more I traced it the more I wanted to kiss it, moving down I placed gentle kisses on her skin before moving back up to look at her.

“Its where I want my tattoo, on my sternum going up between my boobs.”

Letting out a growl I pushed her up so that she was straddling me as I kissed where her Luna tattoo will be, the place I had just kissed seemed sexier now. This sight of her with that tattoo will be the greatest view I could see, she needs it now. I kissed it once more before growling again looking at her from a thought that came up. “No, I will not have Tatt see your perfect breasts while he tattoos you.”

She chuckled as I kissed each one them, biting the last breast making her jump on my semi hard cock from the sight of her and her core rubbing against me. “They will be covered, he just needs to get to the area in between.”

I rested my head against her chest before looking back up, “I know you don’t want to talk about this anymore but are you okay Amara? What the club did must have brought back memories and been terrifying. Are you sure you want to be in this life? I have to offer you one last chance to be out.”

She sighed running her hand through my hair. “When Hunter took me, I had a panic attack where I passed out in the back of the car, I seriously thought they were going to kill me. But as I said earlier I love you completely. My life isn’t back in Oregon, it’s here with you. And if I really have to say it once more I will. I. Choose. You. I. Love. You. Now stop asking me about it. Remind me that I am back here with you where I belong.”

Sighing I had to face my faults, “but I failed you. I promised to protect you and my brothers had to shoot sheep’s brain onto-”

“THAT WAS REAL!! I am going to kill Briac and bleach my hair.” She scrambled to get off but I held her firmly in place making my semi get a little harder seeing her body go up and down.

“Your hair smells like roses, you got it all out. You didn’t notice?”

“Not really. When I woke up Esperenza was there, I think I was in shock when I was meeting with the Sorrentinos and maybe till I was baking in the kitchen. Was a lot to take in.”

I looked back into her eyes. “Say it once more.”

Amara smiled softly cupping my cheek. “I choose you. Forever Ryker.”

Sighing I kissed her sternum before moving up to her lips not wanting to talk about this anymore. “When are we going to talk about this tattoo placement again?” I growled against her lips as she bit down and tug my lower lip.

“My tattoo my choice. Now fuck me again.”

“Yes, my Luna.”

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