On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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A Cuts Confidence


I hung up the phone with Esposito feeling the weight of my life. Even though the M8s were dead, something I should feel bad but didn’t, I still have to go testify again. Reaper put all the stones in place so now there was no stopping it even though the men in prison wouldn’t have a club to go home to. Rolling my shoulders, I remembered the leather cut I wore giving me a smile and a burst of confidence. Yeah, I am not taking this off for a long time. Shaking my head, I went back to Esposito’s call, I have to be in the court in just a few days to stand up talking about those murders again. Will this never be over?

Moving around the kitchen I took out ingredients I need while wincing a bit. I didn’t leave Ryker’s room for a solid ten hours and I was feeling it. I bit my lip thinking about all the things we did, thankfully I was alone or I would finally blush about it. My movement stopped suddenly when I remembered something. From the whole, not killing me night I haven’t taken my Birth control pills for two days…. But just because we went all night with no condoms while missing a few days of birth control doesn’t mean I’m pregnant. Right? My hand moved to stomach at just the thought of carrying his child but it was too early to even think that last night could have me pregnant.

“I kissed Hamlet supper drunk and we can’t get out of the weird awkward stage. We were plastered and I was trying to get over something on my mind so we kissed then he stopped, put me to bed knowing it wasn’t what I wanted and it’s still awkward! I feel like those southerners who marry their cousins, fuck why did I kiss him, I knew it wasn’t going to change anything!” Doc said bursting into the kitchen looking at me.

Shaking my head, I went over to the counter to the two open bottles of champagne I had opened for baking pouring each of us a mug and handing her one. There’s no way I am actually pregnant so I can drink? “Have you two talked about it?”

“No” She replied chugging the champagne as I stared mine, the stress of court pulling at me but the nagging voice of the pill circled my brain, “We just want to forget. But fuck it feels good to say that, I haven’t told anyone. I just want my best friend back...”

“What were you trying to get in your head?”

She sighed leaning back into the chair looking or studying me. “I always work it’s what I do... and living in a biker world can be tough as a chick just don’t want to cause problems if I am not interested in who I should be in their eyes…. You okay?” She sat at the counter as I moved back to shave the inside a coconut for a cake.

I knew where she was going with that but since she changed the topic I let her drop it, for now I walked over and gave her a hug before walking back to the ovens. “Courts are bringing the men who killed my Dad up for appeal due to me being a questionable witness. And I keep having anxiety which is causing me to become dependent on Ryker though I have been better with Bella but still. Though at least I’m his Luna so I’m feeling secure in our relationship.” I grabbed my phone turning on a party playlist and putting it on loud as Doc poured more alcohol, “I say you get drunk and we dance to forget about all the woes and when the others get here eat tons of cake. Also, since you are a Doc, I forgot my pill for two days and last night was unprotected…”

Doc smirked drinking from her mug, “I knew there was a reason why I like you. For the birth control, it would be too early to know if your pregnant and the chances would be small unless your ovulating. In a month or so I’ll show up with a test to clear that overworking head of yours. As for the curt and being a witness again, you have done it before, you can do it again.” Nodding I put the champagne down and picked up a mug of tea. Even though the chance of me being pregnant was tiny I won’t take the chance.

“Wait…” I looked at her hesitantly as she stopped mid drink, “You and Ryker-.” I didn’t even need to finish as she spat her drink out on the floor; coughing up the alcohol.

“Ew, no, Hamlet was the only one and I had to be two bottles of tequila in.” Wasn’t sure why I felt relieved from that but looking back at her it probably had to do with how gorgeous and well suited she was in this world. “Did you know he threatened everyone’s thumbs over you?”

Before I could answer back Birdy walked in with Shadow who curled up next to Bella as Birdy plumped down into one of the bar stools reaching over grabbing Doc’s mug to chug. “Who threatened thumbs? Fuck that was good, do you need this or can I drink it?”

Chuckling I shook my head as I handed Doc my old mug. “You too?”

“Yep, I am ready for alcohol and cake. Pass me the music I am changing it up. But back to thumbs.”

Music started playing again making us look back at Birdy confused, “Moana? Really?” Doc asked chuckling. “Moanaaa make way make wayy. Ha anyway, I was just telling her how Ryker had threatened every brother’s thumbs if they were to imply that she belonged in the kitchen to cook for them.”

“Ahhh so that why Hunter bet so much money on them the other week.” Birdy winked at me making me just drop my head before placing the final testers on the kitchen table; all finished with decorations. “Get fucked, you got skills.” She grabbed a fork and cut into the coconut champagne cake; letting out a small moan. “Oh, I am telling mistress to give you some extra attention tonight.”

“CONSIDER THE COCONUT! THE WHATTTTT?!” Doc said lifting the coconut cake singing along to Moana. They may have had more than I thought as I started to dance around the kitchen picking up their drunk energy as they ate.

“How did you get involved in the club Birdy?” I asked leaning against the table drinking more tea, amused at the girls as they started the chocolate mint one.

She cringed, “I came to study sex workers, made new policies to help them as a guy started forcibly prostituting them and was targeted by them since I worked with the Riders to help them stop it. Oh yeah and my dad was helping the bastards pay.” She grumbled taking a bite of cake, “But hey I got myself a sexy mother fucking biker who may take me to the pits to fight.”

Doc laughed at that shaking her head, “you and Hunter have serious fighting addictions. Thank god you and Ryker aren’t like that.”

I shrugged scooping some frosting with my finger, “I don’t think I am fighter enough.”

Birdy threw some frosting onto my face, “You hit a prospect over the head with a pan shut up and don’t compare yourself to others. You are you for the first time in five years and you being what you are is the reason you have Ryker. He picks up the fire and blocks you from the fights you don’t want while you give him the emotions he forgot.”

“You are way too in love with Hunter, it’s infecting everything.” Doc muttered with her mouth full of cake.

Birdy started sniffling as she tipped back some more champagne, “I know but I can’t help it. Fuck these are all so good I don’t know how to choose. A woman at work said that if I chose the wrong cake it means we will get divorced. I have never heard that superstition but what if I choose the wrong one and everything breaks apart. Hunter is the love of my life but what if things blow up in our face again.”

“Hey speaking of the wedding when’s the bachelorette?” Doc asked trying to bring light back into the conversation as she drank more alcohol.

“Well I need you and Clary to give me a free day before we go to Summerset! But you both are always working, like come on you boss bitches.…”

“Sumerset? The gay bar?” Doc asks making me look to her. She looked excited but also hesitant and I had a feeling why.

“Yes! They have burlesque night but with everything going on my bachelorette will be the night before the wedding. But we are fucking going one night!” Even though she sounded excited I could still see the tears in her eyes and Doc still looked upset about her and Hamlet. “Hey you get your dress yet? Don’t care for style but it has to be emerald green.”

“Wait why do I have a dress?” I asked looking at Birdy confused.

Birdy raised a brow to give me a dumb look, “Because you’re in the wedding? Hunter has Ryker, Tatt and someone named Smoke? He was going to have Hamlet but he is walking me down the aisle. I will have Doc, Clary and you.”

“Smoke is coming?” My head turned to the door seeing Clary standing there looking shocked to hear that name.

“Who is Smoke?” I asked as Clary moved into the room rushing to the coffee maker and filling a cup while biting the inside of her cheek.

“He’s our club nomad brother for the past six years; comes back here a few times but not for long. Didn’t think he would be interested in a wedding…” Clary muttered before walking out of the room just as fast as she came in.

“What did he do to go nomad? Sleep with Clary?” Birdy asked.

Doc watched Clary disappear before turning to Birdy and me, “listen, Smoke is a great brother and loyal to a fault but he is dark, very dark. You think your men are dangerous killers you haven’t met Smoke. One thing you guys need to be aware of is that something went down before he went nomad. Something bad involving him, Clary, killing and whole shitfest that made Jax say to either go nomad or hand in his cut. As for Clary, she has been locked down as hacker for the club ever since… think she was 16 no 15 at the time.”

I glancing up from my mug, “You know what happened?”

Doc shook her head, “pretty sure I heard the words psychotic maniac used in reference to him and the event. As I said dark but Clary is sensitive about it. I was busy with school to be honest so I am not sure what went down but even the brothers don’t talk about it. Not even sure anyone besides Smoke, Clary and maybe Jax know what went down.”

I looked at both the girls who cheeks had both turned rosy as I saw they had finished both the bottles and were in the process of drinking some brandy that was in the kitchen. Glancing at the door Clary disappeared at I found myself kicking the door open looking around the bar area. No sure who for but once I spotted them I knew at least one person I could help.

Hunter, Ryker and Tatt were sitting in a booth with some files around them looking busy but at this moment I didn’t care too much; I had two girls in my kitchen upset and one who disappeared from one name. My glare fixed on Hunter as I marched over to him.

“OIYY Hunter!” I grabbed Hunter by the ear lifting him up from the booth despite his protests which only made me tug it harder. Yeah, I was feeling this cut. “Listen my man’s mistress, I have your FIANCEdrunk in my kitchen eating cake, blasting Disney and crying because her day sucked and she thinks if she chooses the wrong cake you’ll end up breaking her heart. So, get your ass in there, eat some cake and help her choose or I’ll shoot your dick off!”

“She said sh-” He started still under my hand probably fighting every instinct he had not to shake me off of him because there was no doubt he could kick my ass without a single hair out of place.

“I don’t care what she originally told you. Ugh, Tatt pass me your gun.” I growled shoving him towards the kitchen as he quickly began mumbling he was going; rushing into the kitchen doors. My face turned when I saw Hamlet walk into the clubhouse with a limp, “Oi and you Hamlet! Stop being a little boy, get over it and be best friends again. If you are doing the adrenaline shit people keep saying you do go to Doc and make sure you aren’t killing yourself. She’s in the kitchen so march and if you don’t I’ll poison your food.” I huffed crossing my arms as he looked at me, opening and closing his mouth before mock saluting me and walking to where Doc is.

“Dam Amara, you’re like full mom mode right now.” Tatt muttered shrinking into the booth in case I came after him.

“Not a mom, my Amara and I am so turned on right now.” Ryker mumbled huskily into my ear as he wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me into his chest. Leaning back, I turned my face kissing his stubbly jaw; the things I wanted to do to him right now. Fuck now I get why all these boys walk around like the own the place; I should have gotten a leather jacket a long time ago.

Smirking I looked at him, “then do something about it.”

Oh, and he did.

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