On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I felt like I didn’t know how to breathe as I walked off the stand and headed right to Ryker, his arms immediately wrapping around me, leading me out of the room without waiting for permission. The questioning took forever and at the end I was ready to freak out and yell but I kept my calm; thanks to those glances at Ryker.

It’s over. Sure, I got shot at in a parking lot but it’s over.

“It’s over?” I asked Ryker as he stopped outside the courtroom looking at me. “Is this really over after five years Ry?”

A soft smile came over the man I loved as he nodded, “Yeah Amara, it’s over. They got the last M8s from the parking lot now it’s up to the jury. The verdict willbe guilty.”

I rested my forehead against him as silent tears came down while I took a shuddering breath. Ryker’s head resting on top of mine as he pulled me close to him as this sunk in. I have thought of this day a hundred times and never thought it would be here. I didn’t have to live in the shadows anymore. My body melted against Ryker’s soaking in his warmth and safety he gives. I felt his lips kiss the top of my head making me smile against my thoughts, I can think past tomorrow and live to be his Luna. I could plan my future with him now.

“Amara.” I looked up to Esposito walking towards me making me unwrap from Ryker before sprinting to the man who was like an uncle to me and wrapped my arms around him. “It’s over Kiddo.”

I nodded against his chest, “may take a while for me to get used to that.”

Stepping back from him we smiled at each other before he looked up at Ryker who pulled me against his chest, “Esposito, good to finally meet you in person.”

Esposito nodded holding out his hand for Ryker to shake, “Aye I suppose it is. You and I will have to have a talk on a less than busy day. Think Amara has had enough to worry about than her boyfriend being in a cell tied to a lie detector test.”

“Esposito!” I cried in protest, “there is no need for that. Ryker has perfectly honourable intentions and has proven himself to you keeping me alive.”

“Hm, I am sure that Ryker, the Sergeant of Arms to the Riders of Silence is a perfectly honourable man. Just doing what your dad would do in my shoes. We will have that talk when I am in California once this mess is officially cleaned up. Talk about your work, life and where you live because my girl is not staying in those clubhouses of MCs.”

I felt Ryker chuckle against me, “of course Detective and I will be a fully honourable man after I meet Amara’s mother. Can’t ask her to be officially mine without her blessing.”

Esposito only sighed before looking at me, “A biker really kiddo?”

Smiling I nodded rubbing my hand on Ryker’s arm that went around my waist, “you did say to get to know the Rider’s and find out if I can trust them. Guess that just lead to me falling in love with one. Thanks for the advice Esposito.”

He shook his head bending down to kiss my forehand before stepping away, “I guess I won’t have to ask about if you want to stay in Portland, I know you don’t want to be here anymore.”

I bent up kissing his cheeks, “Thanks Esposito, I hope to see you soon but your right. I am ready to finally put Portland behind me and go to my home in California.”

Glancing to the right a detective walked up to us, “The jury just came out if you want to come back in to hear the verdict.”

“Um, I think I am just going to change. I won’t be in the same room as those murderers again.” I looked over to Ryker taking a couple steps back, “is my bag of clothes in the car?”

I kept backing up as Ryker came around me wrapping his arms around my waist, “I had a brother bring them in. Are you sure you don’t want to watch this?”

Shaking my head, I watch Tatt walk up passing me a bag, I need to get out of here. “Thanks Tatt, I’m okay. I have seen enough of them to last a life time. I just want to change, hear the verdict after and have you take me home where I’ll spend a couple days baking everything on my mind.”

Ryker kissed my forehead, “okay love, you go change I’ll be here when you get out.”

Nodding I untangle myself from him and walk into the bathroom, tossing the bag onto the floor as I switch the lock on the door. Looking at myself in the mirror I place my hands onto the sink taking a deep breath. I know that I should be in that room. In that room watching those men who have had their club chase me for five years after murdering my dad be sentenced for the murder, defeating their appeal.

And when that guilty verdict comes back to them again it would be over.

Like over.

Over, over?

I shook my head feeling tears swell up in my eye. Every part of me wanted to break having to remember and tell a bunch of random people about how a bullet shot by those M8s made my father’s head explode and have had to run for my life for five years to keep my head from exploding too. Taking another deep breath, I couldn’t breathe anymore making me reach up unzipping my skirt throwing it onto the ground. Once it fell my hands began unbuttoning my shirt throwing it off as my gasps became shorter and shorter. What if it’s not over? What if this will never be over?

I tried to slowly take control of the anxiety attack that was starting to affect my sight but I couldn’t. Taking steps back I hit the wall, my knees buckling at the impact making me slide down to the floor, my arms hugging my knees to my chest as tears rolled down my cheeks. Sobs racked my body as I clung against my knees tighter and tighter on the floor. I couldn’t even breath all I could do was sob unable to calm myself down.

One of my hands left my knees and clutched my chest trying to settle but it only made me cry harder. I jerked feeling warm arms wrap around my body picking me up and placing me on their lap.

“It’s okay Amara.” Ryker said gripping me tightly as I cried on his chest, “they all got guilty verdicts with no chance of appeal again. It’s over now.”

My fingers dug into his shirt as if it was the only thing keeping me from being swallowed up from the grown. “I-I nneeed thiisss too bee overrr. Iss itt overrr? I just, I can’t do do thhhiisss ag-again.” I cried into him more as his grip on me tightened in his lap.

“Shhh, shhhhh. It’s over, you won’t have to do this ever again.” He whispered in my ear. “It’s over my love I promise.”

His hands kept moving up and down my body in soothing motions as I cried on him while he whispering loving thoughts. I don’t know how long I sobbed onto him but by the time I finally stopped, the tears dried up and I could breathe again. The room fell silent as I finally stopped crying but Ryker didn’t loosen his hold on me, he kept holding me tightly not letting anything take me away from him. He was the only thing keeping me together at this point.

“How did you get in? I locked the door?” I whispered after a moment of being able remain calm.

Ryker’s chest rumbled as he chuckled and lifted a few metal items, “picked the lock. Told you nothing will keep me from you not even a stupid lock.”

He pressed a kiss on my head as I melted completely into him. “Breaking a lock in a courthouse? You know there are cops here right, and the judges?”

A finger came under my chin lifting my face to him, “As I said nothing will keep me from you not even coppers.” He kissed the top of my noses with a hand rubbing my back. “You okay?”

I let out a deep sigh, “ask me tomorrow?”

Ryker smiled softly giving me a slow kiss, “and every day after that.” He reached over dragging the bag to his side and unzipped it. His hand moved around a bit until he pulled out a plain black T-shit and one of my skinny jeans. “Lift your arms up babe.”

Raising an eyebrow, I did as he said letting him pull the shirt over my head. “Never thought you would dress me, you seem to enjoy undressing me instead.”

He groaned giving me a look, “do you have any idea how sexy you look even while being a crying mess. But as much as I would like to bury myself deep in you right now, you just finished you dad’s case and I am not that much of an asshole to fuck you after you went through all that. Especially since you just sobbed on a bathroom floor for ten minutes.”

I resisted a chuckle and settled for a smile as he pulled me up from him, lifting me up to settle on to sink. He picked up my pants and slipped them on my legs, pulling me off the sink to finish sliding them up on me. Running a hand through my hair I looked up at him as his thumbs rubbed beneath my eyes.

“How bad do I look?” I ask not even wanting to look in the mirror to see for myself about the red puffy eyes.

“Beautiful, as always.” He replied back grabbing my cut and putting it on me.

I rolled my eyes zipping up the jacket, “lying to me already?”

I felt him kiss the top of my nose. “Never babe, even with puffy eyes your beautiful. Why don’t I give you moment and I’ll meet you outside the room okay?”

Smiling I gave him a quick kiss on his lips before he turned and walked out of the room with my bag. Turning around I saw how bad I looked. Yeah real red and puffy eyes…Taking a deep breath, I pulled my hair to the side braiding it before wiping my eyes one more time.

Slipping out of the bathroom my phone went off in my pocket, looking around seeing Ryker busy talking to his brothers I took it out seeing that it was a notification from my real estate agent. I smiled reading it over and turned away to ensure that Ryker wouldn’t see my face and suspect anything.

“God not you too.” Tatt said picking my phone from my hand. “First Hunter and Birdy and now you and Ryker are full on cute all the time. Dam I blame myself for you and him.”

Snatching my phone back I playfully scowled at him. “just for that you are going to the brother who has to babysit the girls and I when we go bar hopping for Birdy’s bachelorette tomorrow night.”

“You wouldn’t.” He asked horrified, “Come on if I go out with you guys women will think I’m gay and I won’t be able to pick them up.”

I shrugged putting my phone in my pocket walking backwards, “probably good for you, imagine if you knocked up a strange girl and you need a woman to kick your ass in line.” He groaned again making me laugh and walk to Ryker who was now looking at me and a disgruntled Tatt. Wrapping my arms around him I smiled softly, “take me home now?”

He bent down kissing me, “always babe, come on your pup is waiting.”

Leaning against his body we walked out of the courthouse to head to the car for the long drive back home. I felt a smile cross my face, for the first time in years there was no pressing weight to run and hide, no voice in the back of my head circulating that no matter what there is always something to do.

Ryker opened my door for me as I smiled standing up on my toes to kiss him. “It’s over.”

He pressed his lips to mine one more time before helping me up as Bella jumped on my lap, “guess this is where I say something cheesy like yeah but we are just beginning?”

I laughed shaking my head, “great delivery Ry.”

Winking he closed the door while I continued to laugh as he slid into the car starting it up, the sounds of Harleys roaring in the lot. Yeah, he was supposed to say something cheesy like that. That chapter is over and now we really get to start.

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