On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Running a hand through my hair I let out a tired sigh as I swung off my bike. The past months of cleaning up the Remious issue had been crazy and now it can hopefully go back to peace. The new gun and ammo order has been ordered and should be coming in shortly allowing us to be back to a fully stocked armory ready for the next threat, if and more likely when it comes.

The clubhouse was roaring with another party, everyone was still celebrating the victory in biker glory and even Birdy and Hunter were here tonight. Since they have moved into their new place after the Luna celebration they often spent the night there instead. I couldn’t help the small smile when I saw Birdy’s dog Shadow dutifully laying down beside her as I walked into the clubhouse. He may be only a puppy but you could already see the bond between them that Hunter is pushing to ensure the Shadow will be a guard dog.

“Mistress!” Birdy yelled once she saw me walking into the bar area, “Come over here and take my man would ya, he needs his Mistress time!”

I tried to hide the smirk forming on my face at her nickname to me, Hunter’s mistress. She didn’t always use it, just when she said our bromance needed some love or whatever. Won’t lie, there was a small part of me that was worried about Hunter when he finally got his head out of his ass and went for Birdy, that he would just deal with the club and be gone. But Birdy and Hunter weren’t like that, Birdy was part of this club and I never lost my brother. I saw the part of him I knew was there.

“What did he do now?” I asked once I was standing next to where they were sitting at one of the booths.

“He got on one knee, well sorta.” She said laughing showing her left hand where there was a ring on her finger.

“About time brother, wondered how long you would be hiding that ring for.” I said shaking my head and pecking Birdy’s cheek dodging the fist that came towards me from Hunter as he muttered to stay away from his woman. “Welcome to the club Birdy, couldn’t think of any one else for my brother.”

“Thanks Ryker, means a lot from his mistress,” She winked as she stood up, Shadow hopping up from his seat following as she walked over to where Princess and Doc were sitting.

I looked back at Hunter who was wearing a proud goofy smile watching Birdy walk away. “Happy for you brother, you deserve happiness.” I clasped his shoulder making him look at me, his smile growing even more

He stood up fixing his cut, “Come on, we haven’t gotten pie in a while. Need to talk to you about something.”

“Actually was there already tonight, want a tart?” I asked him sitting down at the booth placing the box Drya gave me on the table. Never really shared her creations but the fucker did just get engaged so I figured it was something I should do.

“Oh yeah?” He started as he sat back down grabbing the box with a smirk, “And how is your baker girl?”

“She’s not my girl.” I mumbled back to him as I reconsidered taking the tart back.

Drya. She was beautiful, not just in appearance but herself. Trust me I have had my share number of women, perks of being in an MC, but there was always something different in her beauty and innocence, that being the reason why I have never done anything more then just eat there. Even with her beauty and the telling of herself in her treats I couldn’t help but stay fascinated. But there was always something I was missing, something that she would always be trying to hide when I saw her. A haunting look in her eyes that drew me in every time I looked at her making me want to know everything about her and her past. Yet everytime I would get to something personal she would stop talking. Hunter has never really brought it up, he has always known the meaning of the diner, me being out of the armory and has known never to push something like that towards me. We all fight our demons in a different way, but now he’s getting married somehow so who the fuck knows what the fuck is going to happen.

“Mhm pretty sure I said the same thing about Birdy yet here I am. Plus you pushed me with Birdy, hard might I add and I have given you time so you can’t be an ass but hey. Anyways got a question for you.” Hunter began making me look back to him. My eyes ran over him, a hint of worry coming into my chest, he usually just asked things not tell me he is going to ask me which mean he is hesitant about something. Maybe it was my position of the club as Sargent of arms to always be preparing for war and after what we just went through all bad scenarios were coming to mind. “Be my best man?”

I released the breath I had been holding, “Fuck brother” I ran my hand through my hair getting rid of the previous thoughts, “Of course I’ll be your best man, someone has to keep you in check.”

The fucker just grinned even wider, Birdy sure made a miracle with him and I will always be grateful. Leaning back into the booth I chuckled as we continued on with a new conversation, my thoughts drifting back to Drya every once in a while. Hunter had been hesitant with Birdy but she was in this world, Drya wasn’t and I wouldn’t wish my demons on anyone.

“Got to go, Briac is beckoning for me. Congrats brother.” I got up from the seat patting his back before walking over to Briac’s office closing the door after I walked in. “What’s going on man.”

Briac leaned back in his chair behind his desk, the role of president coming natural to him after he was voted in. “Did you get the shipment order in? Want to know the state of the armory.”

I nodded taking a seat in front of his desk, “yeah the guns should be coming in the next couple weeks and ammo the week after.”

“Separate?” Briac asked confused, usually when the order came in the guns and ammo came both at the same time and not at different times.

“Yeah not sure why, our supplier didn’t have them both at the moment. They didn’t explain why so I am assuming just trouble on their end. Hopefully won’t spill onto us. Either way the armory is stocked well so if something were to hit us we would be fine.” We got our guns and ammo from the Sorrentino Italian mafia that runs up the coast up until Oregan as it gets into a different MC territory who runs guns, the M8s.

“Good, I am calling church in the morning, we have an underground fighting pit that we need to shut down. Been hearing from our contacts on the street that something is going on besides fighting. Need to find out what and want to make sure we are good.”

This was why Braic was a good president. He took every possible lead as a serious altercation ensuring we wouldn’t walk into something unprepared hurting the club. Every single lead no matter the threat level was always followed up so he would know everything going on in the city. The club had multiple little birds on the ground to pick up the smallest whispers of actively and Briac paid everything with strong cautions.

“We will be fine, and I can keep my contact with the Sorrentinos to ensure about the shipments and future ones.” This position was my pride within the club and I took every part of it seriously. Under my watch we will never be below half stock and there would always be good relations with our suppliers in case of emergency supply.

Briac chuckled shaking his head “you are damn good at your job Ryker, dam fucking good. By the way who’s the baker girl Hunter wants to put on a betting board for you?” Briac asked with a knowing smirk.

Groaning I rolled my eyes at him flipping him off as I got out of the chair and walked out of his office hearing him laugh as I headed to the bar counter where Hunter was standing at talking to Spotter.

“You texted out a betting board? Really brother?” I asked Hunter making him laugh as I looked behind the counter not seeing the board up… yet.

Just as he was about to respond a hand wrapped itself around my waist making me turn to see one of the known club groupies who I have fucked once or twice. As she gave me the fuck me eyes she moved to kiss me making me lean back unwarpping her arms giving her a push away, “Leave now.” I growled at her turning back the brothers who looked at me surprised. I used to be one of the biggest man-whore in here now I was pushing away decent pussy.

“Not interested in the baker girl my ass.” Hunter laughed as I took the beer Spotter placed in front of me making me take a large gulp.

He was right though, ever since Drya walked out with flour on her cheek I couldn’t be interested in anyone no matter how hot they were or how drunk I was. All I would think was they didn’t have her hair, or her eyes, or her body. I barely knew the girl and she was on constant play in my head.

Fuck I even watched that British baking show… I was bored and caught up on netflix when I came across it. Drya’s eyes coming to my mind and how nervous she gets whenever I try something new of hers. Somehow I ended up watching the show paying attention to what those judges were talking about and how Drya would kick all of their asses. Fuck if Hunter knew or any brothers, they would have my balls for sure.

It took months for her to not flinch when I walked into the room or said her name. But now, this night even, she smiled and looked at ease with my remarks. The flush of her cheeks at the idea of her on my bike… God, her wrapped around me on my bike was something I needed. I felt my fingers twitch on my blades just thinking about feeling her body.

Fuck how am I whipped by her already sure its been months but still.

All my life I have worked on being patient waiting for things to play out as I took control over them but I am starting to run out my patience with finding out about Drya. I need to know about her and I need to know about her now.

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