On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Hunter hasn’t stop pacing since Birdy told him she wouldn’t see him till they got married. So, there he goes front to back as he yells into the phone in his suit just about to lose it from needing to be seeing his woman. “Just get here Deadpan, I don’t care how fast you drive just get him here!” He slammed the phone down with a groan. Last night Birdy had her bachelorette party and the girls went bar hopping with Tatt going with them to ensure nothing happens… well something did and Tatt got arrested making him spend the night in lock up. “Hey Ryk, you think Smoke and Jax will stay away from each other tonight or fight?”

Looking into the mirror I fixed my tie ensuring that it was straight before glancing over at Hunter, “Fuck brother will you calm down? One, Tat and Smoke will get here, two Birdy won’t be leaving you at the alter and third Jax and Smoke will know to stay out of each other way so calm down.”

“No, he can’t he’s getting hitched.” The door opens to a road dirty Smoke strolling into the room with his long hair in a bun. He is the Nomad of the club, been so for six years after some deep shit went down.

“About fucking time! Get in the shower and change you got an hour.” Hunter huffed before rolling his shoulder blades. Smoke rolled his eyes saying his apologies as he walked up to Hunter giving him a hug, “Missed you brother, now seriously go get changed before I run you over with my bike.”

Smoke let go and laughed saluting us all to head into the bathroom to shower and change quickly. “Classic smoke, showing up last minute.” I muttered to Hunter seeing him still tense.

Before I could say anything else the door opened to a smelly Tatt still in his clothes from last night, “Of all times to get arrested you had to get arrested the night before my wedding! Go find a shower, get clean and if you aren’t in your suit I’ll let Birdy kill you.” Hunter growled.

Tatt chuckled grimly while walking into the room going to the other bathroom in the room, “yeah well next time you guys need a babysitter for your girls when they go out partying it won’t be me.” The brother should be fucking happy Hamlet could pull strings to keep him out from behind bars otherwise he would be looking at a few years in lockup.

I withheld a chuckled seeing Hunter roll his shoulder, “Want me to go check on her?”

Hunter sighed glancing at me. “Would you? I am sure she is fine just want to make sure she is you know good.” I laughed cutting him off.

“I got her ha I’ll send some brothers in to help get Smoke and Tatt to move their slow asses.” I patted his shoulder walking out of the room nodding to Briac to get in there and calm Hunter down.

Hunter wasn’t scared to marry Birdy he was just excited and worried that she will run off on him for some reason. Not like the fool wouldn’t run after her, I already had to stop him from running across the building to just catch a glimpse of her. He is also wearing a suit which I don’t think he has ever worn one before but the things we do for love. I don’t mind the suit, I look hot in it and I know Amara will gladly rip the jacket off if she objects.

I haven’t thought of proposing to Amara yet and I doubt we will get married as fast as Birdy and Hunter just because of not having the time. Amara is finally done with the trials and getting her affairs in order plus I know she has been looking at buildings with the possibility of her own bakery. If I were to get on one knee her head would explode, she needs remember who she is first. After her Bakery opens that’s when I will get on one knee to put the ring on her finger; she’s my Luna already so she isn’t going anywhere.

Walking to the other side of the estate I knock on the door where Birdy and the girls are, the door opening from Hamlet. “Expected Hunter to come breaking down the door.” He chuckled as I walked in.

“Yeah, it’s been hard containing him, nearly had to tackle him a few times, well Briac did but he has Smoke and Tatt to handle at the moment stopping him.” Hamlet chuckled as I looked around the room seeing Doc, Princess and Birdy in their dresses. “Wow Birdy, Hunter is not going to know what hit him, you look beautiful.”

She was wearing an all lace off the shoulder white gown with that wedding glow girls talk about, definitely more relaxed than Hunter. “Thank you, Ryker. Smoke and Tatt show up yet?”

“Oh yeah, five minutes ago.” I chuckled hearing an intake from Birdy making me think that probably wasn’t the right thing to say, “don’t worry they are both showering and getting their suits on or Hunter would bash them in.”

Chuckling Princess got up giving Birdy a sip of her drink, “Still can’t believe Tatt got arrested last night and there is classic Smoke for you, always last minute.”

I turned around hearing the door open expecting it to be Hunter, “Got the flowers someone put them in the wro- fuck Ry, you are hot in a suit.” Amara said as she came in through the door, stopping when she saw me, her cheeks blushing when she realized what she said. “Well you are always hot just now it’s another level…”

I smiled at her. Fuck she is gorgeous right now, her hair is down, wavy framing her face perfectly. Her emerald green dress making her green eyes shine, popping from her face looking captivating. Every day she amazes me with her beauty, she can take my breath away with flour on her cheeks or in a gown wedding ready. On our wedding, she will look even more gorgeous than ever, but for now this image will burn into memory.

I smirked walking over to her grabbing her by the hips and pushing her body flush against me, “and you look absolutely stunning Amara, you take my breath away.” I cupped the back of her head moving to kiss her for a quick moment as to not ruin her make-up.

“Alright we know you two are a hot couple, Ryker go back to Hunter before he comes over here.” Doc says shooing me out making me go instead of letting me stay with my woman.

I made my way back to the room seeing Briac and Hunter debate over Smoke’s tie making me chuckle going to my bag to throw them an extra I brought just for this reason.

“So, they say you got a Luna too huh Ryker, pretty little baker.” Smoke said getting out of the other’s reach as they kept saying he was doing his tie wrong. Nothing gets bikers going then debates on how to put a on suit. Some of us have never even worn one until today; Bikers not Mafia.

I smiled remembering just seeing her, “Yep, Amara you’ll see her in the ceremony. Hands off brother or I’ll cut them off.”

“Ha oh this is going to be fun with both you and Hunter having Lunas.”

Hunter growled back to his anxious energy, “Smoke, even flirt with my Birdy and you’ll become the next knife target.” Smoke laughed at that no doubt already thinking about all the flirtatious comments he was going to use on our Lunas; harmless but annoying.

“Oh, this will be entertaining, good to have you back Smoke.” Tatt chuckled walking out in his suit fixing his tie just as someone called through the door that we needed to get our asses moving.

Soon enough Hunter, Briac, Smoke, Tatt and I found ourselves outside of the estate waiting for the ceremony to start. Hunter was bouncing on the balls of his feet only to get laughed at by Briac who moved in front to ordain as is his duty as president. Standing behind Hunter I grabbed his shoulder for a minute to try and get him to calm down, once he was standing still the music started.

The first one down was Doc, to Princess, then my stunning Amara who looked more gorgeous than I have ever seen her. When I wouldn’t stop staring she playfully glared at me before looking to Birdy walking in with Hamlet on her arm. Hunter swearing loudly making us all chuckle as Birdy walked to him. The ceremony went quickly and everyone laughed when Shadow ran down the aisle bringing the rings that were strung on his collar. I wish I could remember what vows were said but I was too busy staring at Amara who kept playfully glaring at me to pay attention but hey Hunter was saying vows to Birdy not me.

“God where do I begin talking about Hunter” I muttered into the mic at the reception next to where they just made their vows. “Hunter and I met under some pretty interesting circumstances but we came through it together for over ten years now. We have seen each other at our worst, helping each other through it and now I am here seeing him at his best. From the night Hunter and Birdy ran into each other they belonged together, everyone saw it besides those two which is why the betting board started hoping they would stop dancing around each other and just get to it. I mean the woman held a broken bottle under his throat how could he not see how perfect she is for him? Now I have seen Hunter going into pits and fought three people without a single worry but when he met Birdy and got ready to propose he was the most scared I have ever seen him. And he once dank Jax’s $4,000 whisky gift from the Sorrentino Mafia.” A few chuckles went around the room at that with Jax yelling that he was still angry about it. “Welcome to the family Birdy, your stuck with us forever now, it’s too late to run away, the poor fool would find you and hide in your closet. But know that the highest compliment I could give you is that you deserve this man, for he will stand by you forever. I mean you got bikers in suits, that shows you how much he and your new family love you. To the bride and groom!”

After the toast Birdy and Hunter got up for their song slowly dancing to each other with their foreheads together. The song changed to a slower beat, looking around I saw others joining the couple. “May I have this dance?” I sat up offering my hand to Amara who smiled getting up taking it as we walked to the dance floor.

She giggled as I spun her around before bringing her back to me slowly dancing to the song. “Have I told you how beautiful you are tonight?”

Amara chuckled learning against me, “Yes you have. Are you having a good night?”

“I always have a good time with you. It’s good to see Hunter happy and Smoke is here which is a rarity, god it was a good thing he wasn’t here for the bachelor party. He and Hunter together are like gas and fire.” I shook my head looking over the party and the entire club that is here. Birdy had offered her mother to come but that didn’t go well, everyone heard that phone argument staying well clear of her anger for the rest of the day.

“They look happy.” Amara said looking at the newlyweds, “they deserve it.”

“As do you.” All I could do was watch her, I never would have thought a woman could captivate me so much yet here she was, consuming me fully. It took all my control to not tell her the secret I had burning in my phone.

Amara looked back at me pecking my lips, “Only with you. I love you.”

“Love you too, till the day the sun dies.” I spun her around and dipped her kissing her lips as the party went on.

She smiled at me, that smile that showed me every emotion she felt. “I’ll be sure to not watch any universe documentaries that tell me when the sun dies.”

I growled against her sliding my hand on her ass and giving it a pat, “careful Amara or you’re going to get spanked hard tonight.” Her eyes shown with apprehension, “or maybe that’s what you want.”

Amara looked away, “it’s their wedding night, behave.”

“Babe they will be making a baby tonight, I am allowed to be thinking of all the ways to make a baby with you just as well.” I teased kissing her lips as she giggled and wound her arms around my waist.

This night was just getting started and won’t end until well into the morning sometimes things are good. And be her reaction she isn’t opposed to have a child with me either, maybe getting a ring on her finger won’t have to wait a year.

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