On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Dropping Pies


Turning the key, I opened the door wincing as I pulled on my fresh tattoo bandage while feeling Bella run past me into the empty building to look around. I did end up getting the Luna tattoo on my sternum, which Ryker was still angry about seeing as it meant Tatt would be close to my chest. So, I went without him and he will see it later, then I am sure he will have no objections. Wasn’t like Tatt saw my boob, everything important was covered.

Chuckling to myself I walked into the building, it was old and needed some work but there was potential with marble counters, window into the kitchen and a good amount of space up front for seating. There would be a lot of cleaning to be done but I think I can do it. Placing my bag on the marble front counter I chuckled at Bella as she ran around a dust bunny before I took a deep breath thinking that this can finally happen.

My life was here now and I was ready to make it permanent starting with opening my own bakery in the daylight. With the M8s gone I was able to access my old bank account and I had all my savings from the past 5 years so I was able to get it.

It had been a few weeks since the M8s have been taken down. The club has a solid alliance with the Sorrentinos with weapons deals and the loyalty test they went through. Ever since I have been a Luna the club has been my family and Ryker has been staying at my apartment every now and then. The clubhouse can honestly feel like how I imagine a fraternity house at times and gets to be a little much, I enjoy the silence of it being us.

Shaking my head, I looked around the space, it was my perfect dream. I could put wooden shelves behind the counter for loafs of bread I will sell. The high beams across the ceiling will stay stained and maybe I’ll add some vines to wrap around them, there is enough sun light to keep them alive. I will need to get new glass cases for displays but that will be no problem. That and of course paint, maybe a grayish green? Something relaxing and calming. But I will keep the brick wall behind the counter unpainted and let it stand out. So now I will just need high top tables, some regular sized wood tables, with comfy chairs and then equipment. Not to mention that awesome find I found at a yard-sale of a metal motorcycle sculpture to hang on the wall. I’m a biker girl now, it was obligatory.

The sound of a Harley pulling up in front of the building only made me smile more, the warm feeling at the thought that Ryker is about to step through those doors had me smiling like an idiot. I haven’t told him about the space so I am not sure he knows I have been looking for a bakery but he has caught me on Pinterest look at interior decorating so the smart ass may have put it together.

“Hey babe, is this where you are supposed to kill me? It was nice to have waited till after the wedding but dam...” Ryker said as he hopping through the door, looking at me suspiciously as he took in the space. “Got to say not the best location for killing someone but good initiative?”

I smiled hopping up on the dusty counter not carrying about the dirt while holding my hands out, I’m on cloud nine nothing will burst my little baker bubble. “What do you think?”

Ryker look at me before looking around the place, “Think, um well… it’s a project maybe can bribe some of the brothers but um... okay what is it? Fuck! Did you buy this place to live in? Fuck I had signed the papers and began construction…”

He began muttering words that I couldn’t understand which only made me laugh jumping off the counter to stroll over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist. “It’s my when.”

“Your when?” He asked wrapping his arms around me giving one final looking seeing the counter, kitchen doors and set up of the room. “Your bakery.” He whispered with a smile growing. “You bought the location for your bakery.”

I nodded at him, “Yep, it will be my bakery. As you said it will be a project but with food I can make your brothers do anything. The location is perfect being close to the clubhouse, the only bakery in the area, and it will be mine.”

Ryker’s arms tightly pulled me against him as he beamed down on me. “It’s perfect babe, anything you need I’ll do it for you. I’m proud of you.” His lips took mine hungrily before pulling away to breath. “What will you name it?”

Smirking I wound my arms around his neck to pull him into a kiss before looking back at him. “Dropping Pies.”

He threw his head back laughing at the name and no doubt remember that day where I dropped his special order pies in front of him all onto the floor. “I couldn’t have thought of a better name myself.”

“It was the only one that came to mind. Guess you are truly getting stuck with me. First the cut now the bakery what else will make it impossible for you to get rid of me.” I said mischievously to him ready to truly have this future with him.

“Oh, I can think of a few more things to happen to make you permanently mine.” Ryker muttered dropping his forehead against mine before looking to the left, “Bella don’t chase after that!” He sprinted away from me towards the puppy who disappeared into the kitchen chasing something making me laugh. Something about seeing a biker turn into a fluffy parent when there is a dog involved.

“Amara?” I spun around looking at a woman in front of me, her cheeks stained with tears as she ran forward hugging me tight.

“Mom.” I whispered hugging her back just as tight as I see Esposito leaning against the door frame watching us with a small smile. “You’re here, you’re actually here.” Her hair had gone grey from her once dark brown hair and she has stress lines on her face from her time in hiding.

She sniffled releasing me in a hug and cupping my face, “God you are so grown up, look how gorgeous you are! Esposito said this is where you are buying a bakery, God you always did want it and I had to come as soon as I heard about this.” She sniffled more as I did too, “I am so happy you are okay my baby.”

I smiled looking back to Esposito as he came up and hugged me, “It’s all over kid, it is time for you to be a family again.”

Nodding into his chest I released him looking back at my mom, “I am sorry I stole the past five years from you.”

“Oh, hush Honey, Esposito told me everything don’t you feel sorry. We can be together again that’s all that matters. Oh, and he tells me you have a man in your life?” She raised a brow making me chuckle from her going right into wanting to talk about Ryker.

Esposito groaned and before I could say anything I heard a bark telling me that Ryker was about to come back into the room. Well it looks like I can’t give a heads up. “Be nice.” I muttered to Esposito despite his warning look that we were going to have a talk.

“Hey Amar, I am going to call Spotter to see if he could place some tr-” Ryker began before stopping as he walked back into the room with Bella in his arms seeing the three of us in here. “You must be Mrs. Woods, Detective Esposito good to see you again.”

My mom jumped wide eyed and I knew I should have prepared her that Ryker is a Biker but if Esposito told her about him he should have dropped that bomb as well. “Mom this is Ryker, I know he is a biker but he isn’t a M8.” I rushed as I went to Ryker wrapping my arm around his waist and smiled hoping she wouldn’t freak out. “Ryker, this is my Mom.”

Ryker quickly shook the shock off his face of meeting her now. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mam, Amara talks a lot about you.” He smiled to her holding out his hand to shake and I could feel how tense he is. If I had known she was coming I would have prepared him for meeting her, maybe have practiced what to say.

Mom looked between Esposito, Myself and Ryker a few times before she flung herself into Ryker crying. That wasn’t what I was expecting. “Thank you for watching over my baby.”

Ryker look at me unsure what to do before he hugged her back as Esposito and I looked at each other trying to not laugh. “Anything for her Mam.”

“Oh hush, call me Sydney.” She said stepping back from him and wiping her eyes. “So, Ryker, that’s a good name and a Biker which means you will protect my baby girl. Now she moved here to start her Bakery and life with you, when is the ring going on and I can have grandbabies.”

I chocked on the air in my lungs, “MOM!”

She shrugged, “well look at him Honey he has great genes and just because I haven’t seen you in a while doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about you having grand-babies. Nice choice Amaradrya, though I will have to meet your club to make sure they don’t try to kill my Baby, got it.”

I groaned feeling the heat on my face as Ryker was relaxing beside me, “Of course Ma- Sydney, the brothers would love to meet you at the next cookout.”

Esposito scowled at what my Mom said while looking Ryker up and down, “Why don’t Ryker and I check the rest of the building to make sure the building is safe for you to start cleaning and moving in.”

I went to object but Ryker just kissed my cheek passing me Bella before walking away with Esposito and disappeared into the back of the soon to be bakery. “He’s not going to try and scare him, away is he?”

My mom chuckled wrapping her arms around me as we walked around the front, ideas of interior designs coming up. “Hun, he is a detective who spent the past five years keeping an MC away from you and here you are bringing an MC member home. I am sure he won’t kill him, just rough him up.”

Groaning I kissed the top of Bella’s head placing her back on the floor as she started running around again. “I’ve missed you mom. And you will love Ryker, he has been everything past amazing to me. Are you upset that I won’t be going back to Portland? I can’t live there after everything.”

She smiled softly, “Oh Hun, I can understand that and I could never be upset. I am thinking of staying here for a while, I have missed you too and I want to make up for lost time for us. It’s taking all my strength not to lock you in a kitchen so you can talk to me for hours while you show me your baking skills. So, what’s this leather jacket you are wearing?”

Laughing hesitantly, I began telling her about how I met Ryker, the club and everything else… well besides Briac shooting me. We kept talking, catching up on each other’s lives and what I want to do for the bakery. Esposito and Ryker came out from the back ten minutes later, Esposito no longer staring daggers at Ryker making me breathe easy. Ryker winked at me as he came beside me pecking my cheek and talking with my mom about himself and our first meeting when I dropped the pies.

After spending a while at the baker we went out to my apartment to make dinner and catch up there; Ryker staying to get to know my family which meant more to me then he knew. By the end of the night my mom was in love with Ryker and I had a feeling Esposito wasn’t going to shoot him. Though he said there is always the chance…Guess he will just have to learn to love him like I do.

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