On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Ryker is annoying me. He keeps smiling to himself and it’s driving me nuts. Okay it’s not him everything annoys me now, not my fault or his, well it is partly his and mine with how I can’t stop freaking out how to start the bakery but either way he needs to stop smiling to himself.

“Okay what are you keeping secret?” I asked him leaning against my car as he pulled his bike up next to it outside the clubhouse.

He chuckled sliding off his bike coming to me and pressing his lips against mine, “how is the Bakery coming along? You finish painting the inside?”

I shook my head at him, “no we are not talking about my bakery we are talking about why you are smiling?”

Ryker raised a brow, “I can’t be happy with how things are?” I playfully glared at him, I was supposed to be telling him something today, something I hoped would make him happy but he needs to tell me what’s keeping him so smiley. “Alright, you and Bella hop in your car I got something to show you.”

Jumping up I ran to the other side of my car and slipped in with Bella jumping in with me. Looking over to the driver’s side Ryker just looked at me amused while sliding into the car. “Okay if I am acting weird smiling to myself than you are acting weird with you being so giddy and jumpy.”

I turned away from him smiling, the object in my jacket’s pocket burning into my skin. He turned on the music singing along to AC-DC as he sped the car to whatever is making him smile, nervous vibes coming off of him. Rolling down the window I winced feeling Bella pounce on my lap barking with her head out of the window making me laugh while adjusting her claws so they wouldn’t be leaving marks.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to field with open framing of a house, Ryker stopped the car and hopped out quickly as I opened my door watching Bella run out of the car to go chase some birds.

Ryker’s arm wrapped around my waist pulling me into him as we began walking into the field to the open foundation and framing of the soon to be house, “I don’t think they like people walking on a construction site Ry.”

He chuckled stopping in the middle of the framing, “We just walked into our kitchen.” My head turned to him looking at him confused since Bella was running around in a field and we were standing in a framed structure. “Well, none of the places nearby for sale have a decent kitchen and that will always be the first thing you look for and I know a contractor from saving his life a couple years ago who is giving me a huge discount to build on this plot. They just started building since it took time for paper work to run through but our future home is being built.”

His hand moved into his cut taking out a set of paper handing it to me, as I opened it I saw they are blueprints to a small house, “Your building us a house?” I felt his thumb run under my eyes wiping a few tears that escaped my eyes from him doing this.

I got his smile again as he cupped my face, “yeah Baby, I am building us a house. I want you forever and it can start now with the perfect house, perfect land and us. Your my woman, you get the best.”

Smiling I looked around happier than I have ever been before a thought came to ruin it. “Wait Ryker, can we afford this?” I was building my bakery which I had money for but building a house is expensive.

“I have money saved up and as I said the contractor is giving me a discount plus Jax heard and is giving some money too. It’s not like the house is a mansion, just a good-sized house perfect for us. Do you not like the idea? I can go through the plans tonight.” I chuckled seeing him now looking nervously around the plot and taking back the plans muttering about the measurements.

Wrapping my arms around his neck I moved in front of him going up on my toes kissing him slowly, pouring my emotions into the kiss, “I love it, I love you, and I love the bread I will make with you.”

“And I love the knife of my life with you my Amara.” I chuckled thinking about how we both have our own way of looking into our lives; me with bread and him with his knife analogy.

“And which knife would that be?” I wiggled my eyebrows making him throw his head back laughing.

Ryker’s eyes turned dark as he looked at me, “Oh I have turned you dirty, it feels like only yesterday you could blush at the most innocent innuendo. So, you like the land? It’s near the club, near your bakery and Hunter lives just five minutes away.”

I laughed at that pushing away from him looking around before glancing back, “That’s the real reason isn’t it, none of the houses available were near your mistress?” I shrieked seeing Ryker ran up to me throwing me over his shoulder and spinning me around.

“I am going to kill Birdy for making that term stick.”

“Well you and Hunter are the ones who make it stick.” I laughed as Bella started running up and jumping onto Ryker barking at him to put me down. My feet found the ground as Ryker growled giving me a dominating kiss in response to that making me giggle against his lips. “Is that your way of saying there is only me?”

“You know it love. You, me and Bella.” He relied back, kissing me again.

Pulling away from him I took this as the perfect time to tell him as there would be another one to his list soon. “So, do you think we could get the house done in nine months?” I asked making him furrow his brows.

“Nine months? Um it would take allot of men to do that but the contractor is putting his best men on it and its their primary concern right now.” His face went blank looking at me, “why nine months?”

I smiled hesitantly putting my hand in my pocket grabbing the object in there, “I know it’s not the best timing with me opening a bakery and you building a house,” I took out the positive pregnancy test and showed it to him, “but it looks like we are having a baby this year. I mean it’s still early so anything could happen but with my mom here we can have her hel-”

Ryker broke me off kissing me as he picked me up, spinning me around as he did so. Chuckling against his lips I guess he wasn’t against the news.

He set me back on my feet, rubbing my belly before muttering to himself, breaking off and walking around the soon to be house. “Okay so there will be a rush on the house since it needs to be up before you are far in the pregnancy though it took a few weeks to get started due to buying the land and of course the fucking building zones-”

“Ryker.” I said trying to break him off as he kept talking.

“No, you deserve the best so I mean, I don’t think it could be ready by the baby but I will threaten every constructor to get their asses moving and your mom will be willing to help she has talked about us having a kid numerous times-”


“The house will be ready I will find a way. Wait can you even be handling the stress of opening a bakery while pre-”

“RYKER!” My yelling finally brought him out of his self-rant to look at me. “Am I actually the calm one right now? This is new. We will figure this out, the house will be ready when it’s ready and I can handle both being pregnant and starting the bakery. But can we not tell anyone about the pregnancy for a while, not till its farther in term and the bakery is started?”

Ryker took a deep breath calming himself before walking back to me, his hands landing on my stomach, “Sorry, your right we will get there when we get there. But when you get farther along I will be pushing the conversation so you aren’t over working with your baking and pregnancy.”

I rolled my eyes at him as he took my lips softly, “But you are happy about this?”

He smiled that smile of his pecking my lips once more before cupping my face. “Babe I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see your bakery in a few months, this house when it is built and our baby when he comes.”

“He?” I asked laughed as he nods.

“Of course, it is a son then we can have a daughter.” I laughed as Bella began barking on the land making me pull him out of the house to go see what she is doing.

Ryker kissed my temple making me look up him, my eyes watering from how much I love him. “We will see, I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” Bella barked again running up to us with a stick. Ryker gave me a wink before taking off after Bella who hit his leg with her stick asking to play.

I laughed again watching those two run after each other, tugging against the multiple sticks Bella would pick up. This moment, this day, this evening and this company was who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. To think that just a year ago I was train hopping waiting to be brought back to the M8s only to have found my new home while on the run. The reason for stopping at this town was because I saw a bakery off the train stop and decided to jump off for pastries and now I have the love of my life and his family.

My Dad would have loved him, probably would have been weary that he was a biker but he would have warmed to him. Then again if it wasn’t for the M8s, my Dad’s death causing Detective Esposito to put me on the run I would never have met him. I would never have met the man who helped me through so much pain and panic. Giving me things I never knew I needed.

“Hey give her the stick back!” I yelled out as Ryker looked offended at me for choosing Bella giving her the opportunity to take back the stick Ryker was holding above her as she darted off in the other direction. I turned running away as Ryker chased after me instead, grabbing me and putting me on his shoulder as he called to Bella to come back to the car.

He dropped me on the hood of the car as Bella ran around his feet, “Want to stay here longer or go back home?”

“Here” I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling him between my legs, “I like having you all to myself where no one will come looking for us at our future home.”

“As my Luna commands.” He chuckled bending down throwing a stick to have Bella chase before pushing me down on the hood and kissing me.

This is where my heart is no matter how I got here. I smile into the kiss placing my palm on his heart feeling it beating under his shirt making me know I was his heart just as much as he was mine.

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