On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Cuts From The Blade


“Pick up the blade! Pick it up kid now!”Someone was yelling at me as I picked up the sword, my hands shaking as I looked around at everyone banging on the wire. My eyes stopping at the other kid I had gotten to know here, Hunter. His face was black and blue from his fight and now it was my turn.

I held the knife, fisting the handle in my hand tightly so it wouldn’t fall out. Why did I have to fight? Why was I here? How could we have been placed in here? Who am I going to fight? Or what?

Hunter and I have only just started to fight. He goes into the ring with other kids and fights with his hands but I am always given knives to fight other kids or dogs. They say since I am only of the few non-white kids I have to be exotic.

As the cage opened to giant dog I found myself on my back.

I sat crying in the corner trying to wipe the blood off my arms. I could hear Hunter in another room tapping on the wall between us. But I didn’t respond I just wanted the blood off.

The scenery changed as I was an adult again, no longer covered in blood. “Ryker?” Looking around I see myself back at the clubhouse, “Ryker are you okay?”

Drya appeared in front of me, her hair down, the brown curls cascading down her back as she wrapped her arms around me. One of my hands moving to cup the back of her head looking at her, that constant soft look in her eye taking away my past.

She took in a sharp breath, her eyes going wide as she looks down. “Ryker?”

My brows furrow together as I look down seeing my right hand against her stomach. No... I drop my hand away from her as if I was burned allowing me to see a knife embedded in her stomach, my eyes widened in horror as blood came out of her wound. “Ryker?!”

“RYKER!” My body jolted awake seeing that I was in my room, papers of inventory sprawled around me as my head goes up to banging on my door. “Come on brother, time to go!” Hamlet called.

“Coming!” I shout back shaking my head of the dream, I had gotten them a few times whever I considered making a move on Drya, how my postion could fuck her up. Glancing over at the clock I could see the banana bread I brought from her as a peace came over me; she always made everything seem simple.

I felt myself chuckling as I remembered her from earlier when she mentioned my body and the possibility of me fucking her. It was nice to know that she was atracted to me and I have no problem just thinking about all the ways I would fuck that body of hers. That long hair that I would grab whenever I pounded into her, she could be sweet whenever I saw her but I couldn’t help but wonder if that changed when she was in bed.

My body shivered as the image from my dream came back with one of my knives in her stomach. No. I couldn’t be responsible for that no matter how badly I wanted to take care of that body of hers.

Getting out of the bed I strapped my knives across my thighs then grabbed my short sword sliding it into the holder on my back. Tonight, we were going to shut down the fighting ring and see what underground activity was going on. We had spent last night and all day getting ready for tonight, Briac being sure we had enough intel before going in. The plan had been set now we just need to execute it. Briac wanted everyone in the city to know that the MC is not going to let anyone else think they can take a hit towards us. He needed to make a statement as him being the new president of the Riders of Silence MC and he won’t show mercy.

Walking out of my room my hands clenched and unclenched notice of course by Hunter when I passed him at the bar, who was looking at me cautiously. Shaking my head to silence any questions I walked over to my bike swinging on, waiting for the other brothers to get on their bikes. Not sure why I felt on edge but I was and now was not the time to be.

The sounds of roaring bikes fill the air as all the other brothers got on their bikes ready to go, I kicked my bike starting the engine making it roar to life as well then we took off. A Lot of brother were coming tonight, our bikes drawing all the other sounds of the night. As we took a familiar corner I felt my eyes drift off the road to the windows of the dinner. A small smile forming on my face as I could see in finding Drya dancing around the empty dinner with a mop in her hand. Dragging my gaze back to the road I had to remind myself that it would be dangerous for her if I get her involved in this life, fuck look what happened to Birdy. I was a high position in the club meaning her involvement with me would earn her a target. And yet I always went to her, multiple times a week just to see a sweet smile from her. A little glimmer of goodness, in a world that doesn’t deserve it, that I don’t deserve.

Our bikes pulled up to the warehouse soon, all of us getting off, my hands reaching for knives and twirling them around my knuckles. Briac gave a final nod to the brothers and we all moved in slamming the doors open to the building, at a sight of movement my knives went flying taking some men down. After a short moment of chaos on their end, all those in the building stopped moving, staring at the club stunned.

“Well what do we have here,” Briac started walking over to where a group of men were sitting around, ignoring the pit in the middle of the room. He moved to open a box that was in the middle of them, “guns? We don’t sell guns in this city, have you forgotten that?”

One got up only to be grasped by Spotter who threw him back into his chair, “We…”

“We?” Briac asked unamused.

“We thought you wouldn’t mind, we were staying out of your way.”

“This is our territory, you breathing my air right now is currently in my way. And we don’t do illegal guns yet here you are pretending to fight for what? Some pieces of shit that will go on our street.”

At a flicker of movement, I felt a flick of my wrist, sending a knife soaring past Briac hitting a man in the eye as he came down screaming with his hand over his eye.

“I give it an 8, could work on your presentation a bit.” Hamlet said beside me watching as the guy was now held down.

“What do you want? Jazz hands?” I asked turning to him twirling my knives in my knuckles moving my hands in a ‘dazzling’ way.

“Yeah, no looks wrong, we will work on it.” He said shaking his head at my attempt.

Focusing back on the room, some of the men were sputter excuses thinking that the MC wouldn’t care even though we are a legal club that explicitly says no on this shit. Yet here they are trying to move in, did they really think we wouldn’t know?

“Who you work for?” Briac demanded to one of the men pinned down about to piss himself. Must be new to this line of work.

“Wor-work for? We are just doing fights that’s all nothing else the guns will disappear.” A man said.

Hamlet nudged me, “How about we work on that presentation?”

I rolled my eyes motioning for the man to be tied up to one of the polls, “Alright fine, where do you want me to throw?”

Hunter chuckled walking away from the tied man to beside me, “Hm middle finger? Try a spin on it.”

Rolling my eyes, I rolled the knife then flicked it sending it into the man’s middle finger making me smirk. “Eh still 8.” Tatt said making me throw another knife into the man’s other middle finger.

“The purpose of knife throwing isn’t to make a show of it, but nice fluid movements.” I took two more knives off my holster and threw one into his left ear and then his dick making him yell out.

“The M8s!!!! They are trying to expand their gun business!”

M8s, a gang from up north around Oregon area, notorious for drug and gun running. Back when we were a 1% club we had done business with them but broke it off once we went legit. Word is in the past couple years they have been working harder to get into the gun action, even trying to sell to us but we only buy from Sorrentinos.

“What the fuck are the M8s thinking that they can move in?” Briac yelled at the man pistol whipping his head.

“I don’t know. They offer it cheaper then you or the Sorrentinos so we thought we would try them out, I’m sorry Briac!”

Briac scratched his bread in deep thought, “Alright, let them go and you all run from here as fast your feet can go. But you are leaving the guns and cash behind. Now fuck off and if I see you again, Ryker over there will keep on practicing his presentation.”

The men got up sprinting out of the room before Briac could change his mind. “You’re letting them go?” Tatt asked as the final man ran.

“Yep, call Princess see if she can track their movements and where they run too. Need to find out who the M8s are talking to in the city and where they are coming in.”

“Let bring the guns with us back, I need to look at them to see where and who they really came from.” I said bending down closing the crates of weapons looking at the make and models.

This could be tricky, if the Sorrentinos found out new gunsm not of their kind, were on our territory they will be pretty pissed. In exchange for select deal products we buy from them, which is a no brainer since they have the best product and won’t try to undermine us, we can only buy from them no one else. But if we have new guns they will undermine us for breaching that contract and it would be a war.

“Figure it out the second we get back, we need to get on this fast. I won’t have it spiral out like the Remious incident.” Briac said while yelling at prospects to get a van to bring it back to the clubhouse.

Hunter looked at me with a smirk making me glare at him stopping whatever thought he is about to have, “Who is hungry, I know a diner up the road.”

“No.” My voice was hard at the thought of all my brothers meeting Drya, it took her months to not flinch at me if all my brothers walk in there is no knowing how she is going to respond. She is pure and I am taking every precaution.

“Oh yes.” Hunter said with a smirk.

That piece of shit. This is going to go bad.

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