On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Deep Breaths


“NO NO NO NO YOU PIECE OF SHIT DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE DON’T!!!! OH COME ONNNNN YOU WERE PEAKED YOU WERE PEAKED!!! Stupid eggs whites, YOU ALWAYS MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT! I EVEN FLIPPED YOU OVER MY HEAD butttt noooooo you just INFLATE turning into mush you stupid chocolate egg white piece of shit desert.” I glared at the inflated chocolate dessert beyond pissed that it didn’t come out the way I wanted and caved in. Gabing a spoon I scooped a piece up eating the chocolate goodness, “Well at least you still taste good. BUT SERIOUSLY!”

“You alright there Drya?”

I jumped hearing Ryker’s voice coming from the window into the kitchen putting my hand into my chest. “Jesus Ryker, don’t do that.” I muttered walking to open the door to the front it was well past one so I had been in the kitchen not expecting anyone to come or hear me shouting at egg whites. “Test 26 egg whi-” I cut myself off seeing a bunch of bikers looking at me amused, panic and anxiety rushing in as I looked anywhere but them. Sure I was used to Ryker but that was about it and it took a few months to look him in the eye for more than a few seconds with fighting an anxiety attack. Now there were at least ten in here.

“Dam, Hunter you didn’t say his baker girl was hot.” One with short blond hair said making a couple chuckle and the another one rolled his eyes as he leaned against a counter looking over at us.

His baker girl? Was I Ryker’s baker girl?

“Behave Tatt,” Another biker said as my anxiety went even higher as I walked behind the counter feeling the knife in my pocket.

“What can I get you all?” my voice was small behind the counter not looking in the eyes of any of them, fully aware that all their eyes were on me. Sure Ryker has brought a friend before but it would be one friend not a bunch of his club members late at night when I am the only person here.

“Coffee would be great darling, we got a long night with those crate-” Smack I jumped up seeing that one of the bikers with the patch ‘President’ had smacked the back of the head of the one who was talking, Tatt was what he was called earlier?

The guy with the president patch looked back at me, “Sorry about him, we try to train him but sometimes they are a lost cause.”

Nodding shortly I glanced back at Ryker who was looking at me cautiously, almost wondering when I will break making me duck my head taking out coffee cups and filling them up for the bikers at the counter. I smiled softly as they drank their coffee trying to keep the rising anxiety in my stomach down keeping away from Ryker. I didn’t feel like talking in cases I said something I wasn’t supposed to.

“Why were you yelling at egg whites?” I jumped hearing someone talking to me looking to see their name patch being Spotter.

Clearing my throat I took a rag cleaning a mug looking at him, “I was testing a recipe and since the egg whites weren’t done properly they caused it to go wrong. Sorry about that I didn’t think anyone was here.” Offering a small smile I looked away from him focusing on something else as I heard a timer go off walking back into the kitchen.

I probably shouldn’t leave the front open for someone to steal but there isn’t any money in the register during these hours of the night for that reason, plus the fear of being stolen from is less then the bikers in the front. Taking deep breaths I tried to calm myself down, Ryker is here and even though I shouldn’t trust anyone, I trust him.

“She really is a skittish thing.” Someone muttered as I walked back in placing a tray of cookies and the souffle out for them to eat along with a pile of spoons for the souffle, might as well let someone enjoy it.

“So this is why Ryker didn’t mention you before, you are an amazing baker.” one biker said eating into the souffle making me smile and duck my head again.

I didn’t want to check to see if they were carrying guns; Ryker doesn’t and he is the Sergeant of Arms doesn’t that mean the rest of the club won’t? Seeing movement my eyes went to a biker who just walked in as he took something from his back and showed it to another brother muttering about make and model. Gun. He was holding a gun. “Yeah, they are confirmed from M8s.”

I felt the coffee pot that I had just picked up slip from my fingers shattering onto the floor sending coffee and glass everywhere as I just stared at the gun in sight. “M8s.” My voice was barely a whisper but I know they heard it.

“Fucking prospect.” Ryker muttered moving to me making me unfreeze as I turned on my heel and ran ignoring his call of me name. I sprinted out from the counter running in the kitchen not caring about leaving the bikers in the diner. I just had to get out of there.

My hands shoved open the back door as I ran through the back alley to go back to my apartment as I felt panic rising in me. They were a gun club. Esposito mentioned the M8s may be interested in this territory. Tatt said something about looking over crates. Ryker wasn’t in a good club, he was in one that may put a bullet in my head.

“Drya stop!” Ryker yelled from behind me as I heard the sound of his boots on the pavement running after me. “I am not going to hurt you, just stop Drya!”

I ran as fast as I could, my heart beating rapidly with my feet pounding on the cement seeing my apartment building up ahead. Lunging at the door I fumbled with the keys hearing Ryker’s feet stop making me jump turning around to see Ryker and the one called Hunter breathing heavily looking at me. “Dyra.” Ryker started with his hands out in front of me as I backed up.

“You.. you sell guns too, you work with the M8s.” My breathing started to be erratic from panic as I backed into my apartment’s main door fumbling to get my keys and away from Ryker.

How could I have been so stupid.

He’s a sergeant of arms! Rykers a biker, even though he doesn’t have a gun their club has to sell them, they are a MC. This is what I have been warned about, M8s are going to work with the Riders of Silence, it isn’t safe here. Maybe they will give them me to settle their deals, a sign of good faith. How could I have taken this risk, I was told not to get close to anyone particular someone who could know the M8s and that’s what I did and now there are two bikers who can take me.

“Drya I swear to you we do not work with the M8s, we do not sell guns. Our club is completely legal we don’t dabble into that. We buy guns for stock in case we need them but that’s it. We aren’t those dirtbags.” Ryker said taking a step towards me, his hands out like a wounded animal he was stepping towards; cautious to make sure I don’t bolt again.

“No but he has a - a - g-gun, you lie they all had guns didn’t they,” I couldn’t think any more, my breaths got shorter and shorter as I went into a panic with my back hitting the door to the building. The world around me seemed to get closer, my head pounding, the sounds around me muffling. “Why did I trust- y-you.”

“Drya, let me help you with your breathing I don’t want you to pass out okay.” He took another step towards me making me jump to the left crashing into a bin by the door making me fall. When he took another step forward I jumped back onto my feet backing away even more as black dots started to form around my eyes. “Okay, okay I won’t come closer, see I will stay right here.” His voice was calming and I wanted to trust him, trust the effect he gave me but I couldn’t, I didn’t want to die. “We do not work with the M8s Drya, Hunter has a gun for security to protect the city, he will not use it on you. Same with the other brother it is just a precaution.”

“Crates, models, M8s what are you doing with them. Why should I trust what you say.” My hand was on my chest feeling how my heart was beating out of it.

Taking a chance I looked back to the Hunter guy, seeing him show me both of his hands, empty of any gun he may be carrying on his body. He gave me a little smile hoping to show that he meant no threat but it didn’t work. I was becoming desperate for some air now, the black spots only becoming larger as the memories of what I have seen guns do started flashing in my mind.

“Drya,” My eyes drifted back to Ryker who had somehow gotten closer to me while I was looking at Hunter. “Let me help you calm down before we talk about that, you know you can trust me.” His voice was smooth, trying to soothe me but I was too far in my panic for it to reach me. I wanted to look in his eyes to see the truth but I couldn’t move them.

“You you you can’t help me, stay away- aw- away from me.” I felt my knees give out, my hands going to catch my fall as my knees hit the ground. Hands cupped my face bringing me to look up into Ryker’s who has kneeling beside me.

“Are you in trouble? If you are I will protect you, I swear.” His voice was somehow extra soft but I could barely hear him as he continued to say something, everything around me spinning as my gasps for air become shorter and more desperate.

“Are you going to--- shoot me---- or give me---- up?” I couldn’t focus or remember what he had told since I have stopped running, everything was spinning around, the ground feeling as if it was going to open into an abyss.

“Why would I do that to you?”

I kept shaking my head trying to stop the world spinning, stopping what is going on, hoping that I am about to wake up from a dream and find myself back in my room. Ready to go through the motions of waking up from a panic but no matter the force of my fingernails pressing into my chest it wasn’t enough to wake me.

“The only reason--- I talk--- to you is because---- you don’t have----- a gun.”

Soon, no matter what I tried, no matter what we going on around me darkness fully began to take me over completely. Ryker was saying something but I couldn’t hear it anymore, my mouth made a strange noise as it tried desperately for air. I felt my body going limp as I found myself taken away from my life and brought fully into nothing but blackness and the smell of Ryker.

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