On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I leaned against my bedroom door, sliding down onto the floor as exhaustion finally hit me, taking me down with a deep sigh. Luckily I had been allowed to headout early from the dinner tonight since it had been dead so at 10pm I could be home to get some sleep before getting up for my morning shift at 8 tomorrow. My hours are really starting to get out of hand; now it seemed I was working doubles, graveyard and now some opening. Basically it was whenever the diner is busy and my boss just makes me go home or come in whenever he needs something baked.

Taking another deep breath I smelt it, the cologne that Ryker wears. My thoughts from work drifted to Ryker, the cologne that was lingering in my room made me feel warm, wishing I had been awake to feel his body against mine when he carried me up here. A soft smile came onto my face to think about what it would feel like to be on Riker’s Harley bike, the feeling of my chest flush against his back as my hands wrapped around him. I quickly shake my head, pushing myself off the floor, I couldn’t just trust him because he was always so calm and collected. Wasn’t Ted Bundy very good at making people like him? Not that Ryker is a serial killer. Or maybe he killed people, fuck I don’t know and that’s why I have to be careful. Esposito hasn’t told me whether I should leave but trust my gut and right now it is at war with itself. Five years of being drilled into my head to never trust and never tell anyone about myself was a second nature to me. But after last night, Ryker seemed to want answers to why I am scared of guns and his club; he doesn’t seem like the person to ignore it.

My body wanted him, it wanted to trust him. It scared me more to think of the power and responses he has to my body with a single thought or smell of his cologne than the idea of guns now. I was a runner but now I wanted to stay with his ever calming presence, those eyes that brought me out of the shadows and his voice that brought me out from Drya to who I was or now wanted to be. To be unafraid to live again and let him lead me to what life can be. Fuck how corney that was but still, he reminds me of what I am missing.

Getting up, I curled up on my bed looking over an old family album, turning the pages to look at the pictures on my mom, dad and myself all covered in flour in our kitchen laughing at the camera. Going to the next picture it was a picture of my dad in his uniform and his partner Esposito, the same Esposito who is in charge of my Wit-Pro, and me sitting between them with cupcake all over my face. It was painful to look at the photos but if I didn’t look at them then I will forget what my dad and mom looked like and they didn’t deserve a daughter who forgot what they looked like. We were the three musketeers, best of friends and now I was forgetting them.

Esposito blames himself for not protecting my father and not being able to stop the execution, which is why he has gone through extremes keeping my mom and I in isolated. I was the one witness but my mom was guilty by association so he moved her out there fast and away from me. He would bring us letters from each other and once a year we would be able to meet up and talk but that is it for now. We both hate it but I won’t risk my mom if I am ever found and neither is Esposito willing to take risks.

The sound of my second burner phone came from my desk, my body launching itself to the drawers, opening it and pressing it to my ear. “Hello?” I ask putting my hand in my hair, hating the nerves that have started consumed me at all waking moments.

“Rumor is it that M8s were close to you and possible ROS interference.” Detective Esposito said through the burner phone, he must be in the area to have heard about the M8s, Riders and me in the same sentence.

“Yeah, the MC Riders of Silence mentioned something about guns and M8s...”

I heard him take a deep sigh as he said a string of curses under his breath, “I have some friends look into those Riders and they seem to believe that though there methods aren’t always strictly legal they seem to be good to the city. Maybe they can help take down the M8s for good.. Wait. Why do you know what the ROS said?” He muttered the last to himself as he took a couple moments to think about what this could mean to me.

Realizing that special secret was about to come out I took a deep breath, “one of them comes into the diner allot and last night a lot of them came in muttering M8…”

“WHAT!!!!! I told you to HIDE there not get friendly!” My hand took the phone from my ears from the loud screaming from Esposito who was now swearing.

“I am hiding ...What do I do?” I ask softly sliding down the wall again to the floor, not entirely sure if I was talking to him or myself.

I could hear his sigh from the line as I brought the phone back to my ear. “Hmmm, What is the read you get off those bikers?”

“My read? Aren’t I supposed to not trust anyone?”

“Yes, but at the moment it is too dangerous to move you from your current location so if you think you’re in danger and I can’t get to you maybe it wouldn’t be a bad decision to have a backup plan with the ROS. Though I wouldn’t say go running to them, still should be careful and if the M8s think to be watching them then they will see you. More of stay close at a distance and go to them if you need help.”

Closing my eyes Ryker’s face came to mind, sure I didn’t know him but he always made me feel safe, calm and he said he is going to prove that I can trust him. He had been coming to the diner for months just to talk and try some of my recipes, if he really worked with M8 he would know who I was and would have sold me out already. I didn’t have to fully trust him or the club, just as Detective Esposito has suggested, see them being a possible back up.

“I want to trust them, I know one and they seem to be sincere.” I whispered into the phone calming, just thinking of Ryker already calming me for some reason. For some reason he has been the only person I have actually talk to here we may not have talked about anything deep but we it was enough to know what made him laugh or know that he hates anything with a lot of sugar.

“Alright, stay put at the moment I’ll be watching the situation. I don’t want to pull you out until I know there will be a safe location which there isn’t at the moment there is more tension with the department and possible mafia interference. Just keep your head down.”

With that he was gone making me flick close the burner letting out a loud puff of air, my mind and body swirling with anxiety.

I jumped onto my feet when I heard movement in the hallway in front of my apartment, sounds of someone walking around. There is a long hallway and another apartment across the way but no one stands there as this person was shuffling their weight around. Hearing my door knob begin to rattle I sprinted as quietly as I could to my kitchen grabbing a frying pan. I saw it in Tangled, it worked for her as a weapon I think I can do that. Right? I can’t be taken by the M8s. I won’t and I won’t die after five years of barely living. If I was going to die at least let me have a night with Ryker.

Don’t judge I am in my sexual prime and not living up to it, let me take on thing before I go to the grave.

The door opened with someone stepping into the room as I went to the wall next to the door ready to face them. As they stepped in I lifted my arm up and swung knocking the man in the back of the head watching as he collapsed onto the floor. Readjusting the grip on the pan I saw how the man I hit is officially unconscious and took a good look at him. My eyes wided and my blood stopped cold.

Riders of Silence MC.


That was on the back of the leather jacket, the man, fuck no kid, was wearing. Why would the Riders of Silence come to my apartment? Are they going to sell me to M8s, having the Prospect drag me back to the clubhouse? Looking around the hallway I saw that it was empty allowing me to lower the pan as panic set in.

No no no no no no no no no. If they weren’t going to hate me or sell me out they will now after I attacked one of their kids!

Knowing that there was only one thing to do and one person to help, I took out my phone going to Ryker’s contact, he had insisted that I put it in my contact list when he left. Since I was on such a high from his presence I didn’t question it.

“Ryker’s phone, this is Birdy.” A soft chipper female voice said through the phone.

“Um hi, is uh, is Ryker there?” I asked shuffling on my feet trying to keep my breathing under control looking at the prospect in front of me, I should run but I can’t leave this kid by himself, if I did I would be just as bad as the people I am running for. If I die, I die being me.

Also bad timing and all... but there is a female voice, does he have a good friend or is it a girlfriend. Why should I care I passed out on him last night and he has a gun, remember the M8 situation. But he is freaking hot as fuckkkk and my body can’t handle the hormones he makes me feel and he is just amazing to talk to. The first person I can actually connect with, he already understands me and it’s only a brief meetings.

Focus Drya, knocked out prospect on my kitchen floor.

“No church is in session. Are you okay babe? You sound a bit out of breath.” My hand clutched my hair at the root, and even though this is a serious situation, part of me began getting nervous to who Birdy is, I have flirted with Ryker... Fuck he eats my food not me.

Shaking my head I tried focusing when my breathing got worse and my lips pressed together as I looked at the prospect completely unconscious, not moving. “I knocked out one of the Riders’ Prospects with a frying pan...”

I was prepared for anything but not her laugher.

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