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Eyes of silver, hair dark as the night. He was impeccable and a true form of a god. "I have been patient enough. . .my mate", he smirked. Ancient amalgams. Creations of the gods to bring upon order. SKADI - daughter of two ancients, a Demetrious was born an amalgam of all. To rule all and choose her fate, either death and restoration or. . .ruling with her heart. Skadi had been gifted by Hades himself, a gift her parents do not speak of. A gift she had strong necromancers block because of it's desire for power. Everything went according to plan, her plan but... What would happen once she found her mate?

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Chapter I


"I don't know, whether I should listen to rotten mutts or see for myself!", Skadi glared at the group of boys, her eyes wide as her blood boiled vigorously.

"WELL? SHOULD I LOOK FOR MYSELF?", she growled, watching the "brave" boys cower and step back--their eyes displaying a glint of fear.

They knew they were ill-fated yet, they lied to her face and she read them like a book.

From their body language.

The way their wolves would hide once they surfaced for a millisecond.

The way their hearts started to beat rapidly.

Skadi smirked and stepped to a lad standing at six feet tall, the two inch difference making her look down at him. "Connor, where is my damn pet? If you boys killed it, only fucking Zeus will know what will happen to you", she sneered, her power bouncing off her and onto them--surging through their veins towards their knees.

Her eyes twinkled and then, they fell to their knees unable to move--immobilized by sheer hatred.

"That thing was a pest!", the one named Draco confessed, the veins in his forehead threatening to burst. His wolf kept fighting and soon mentally shut itself back, after it met with her silver eyes--displaying that she no longer has control.

Skadi had a regular wolf pup as a pet, gifted to her before her parents left--a pet she adored and trained. . .only to have it killed by those mutts.

The Bruner sons.

"Oh lovely, get up", she smirked.

Draco tried mentally shutting her out, his attempts failed and he was before her in no second. He watched in horror, as her hair rose like serpents ready to attack him.

He was a threat after all.

"Open that door and show me my pet, mutt",she seethed through the three sets of canines, feeling her nails slowly extend; her long hair slithering behind Draco.

Draco raised his shaky hand and turned the doorknob, pushing it open to reveal her pet. The wolf laid lifeless, no sign of blood anywhere which indicated, he was poisoned. Skadi growled and grabbed the back of Draco's neck, pushing him into the room.

"YOU POISONED HIM!?", she yelled with fury.

Skadi hated losing things she cared about most. She never liked having them taken away or even touched at times yet; the Bruner sons have killed her pet. A wolf pup she was raising and building into her own weapon.

"N-NO! Jax gave the poison, n-not me", he stuttered making her tilt her head to the side. Displaying a toothy grin, Draco mentally gasped at the sight of her canines--he knew she was something else but never an amalgam.

"Why fear me? You know what Draco Bruner?", she grinned again, her hair like a massive halo around her head.

"W-what?", he asked her.

"Let's play a game. You boys hide while I seek. It will be fun and hey. . .who knows what will happen? Maybe fate has something planned", she chuckled and released all from the haze she placed them in. "Go now Draco. You have a minute", she hissed.

The Bruner sons were up and gone with the wind, making her look at the wolf. "I'm sorry I left you", she spoke softly, feeling saddened all over again--the anger doubling as it returned.

Skadi laughed and ran out after the minute passed, sniffing the air--immediately picking up their scents. Skadi bypassed many maidens and knocked over trays, her hair grasping objects as she hunted them down.

Finay making it out the palace and into the dark night, she stood before the tall trees. "Hmm", she hummed, shifting into a wolf taller than her human self.

Once the silver like fur of her wolf shone under the night sky, Skadi howled. Her howl piercing the ears of everyone outside, telling them to go back in and lock their doors.

Window shutters were slammed shut, doors locked and people turned off their lights. They feared a royal wolf but, Skadi liked telling them before she unintentionally scares them.

Now, where to start. Draco or Jax?

Skadi sniffed out their scents and ran in the direction of Jax, catching up with him. He was hidden in a tall tree, something that was like a stretch for Skadi.

She had noticed his trembling figure and decided to play dumb. She sat down by the lake, drinking from the water as she watched him. To Jax he would take it as an opportunity but will she let him pass?

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