Untangling The Lines

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A gay story with a fantasy twist. Join Ox and Tan on their journey to find out how to not only love, but help eachother along the way. Ox Malton is far from your average junkie. His body isn't just his. Drugs are the only thing that seems to supress it, though. Tan doesn't have a social life. He spends all day working in his office cubical and rarely goes out for a drink. One day, these two just happen to go to the same bar on the same day at the same time. Catching both eachother's eye it turns into a one night stand, but after Ox gives Tan his number, will it just remain one night no strings attached? -CONTAINS DRUGS, BLOOD, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, SELF-HARM, MATURE CONTENT- (NOT MY ARTWORK CREDIT FOR THIS PICTURE GOES TO THE ARTIST)

Romance / Fantasy
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Ox Malton

Ox stumbled through the front door to his budget apartment. It had looked half decent before he'd ruined the carpet with leftover needles, crushed up pills and weed. The walls that had been a warm blue colour were now stained forever with vomit, beer, piss, and god knows what else. The small kitchen with wooden counter tops and a very small cramped oven laid unused, instead being home to more empty needles, pill bottles, bags of weed and a small amount of cocaine residue left behind from nights spent trying to forget his issues.

Collapsing down on the couch -the one thing not covered in needles- Ox smiled up at the ceiling like it had just told the most hilarious joke.

But then the whispering started.

"Let me out, Ox..."

He tried to ignore it, but the whispering grew louder.

"C'mon... we could have so much fun."


"You miss me... you miss all the things we used to do..."

Shut up.

"Remember when we cornered that guy in the alley, you had so much fun ripping him to-"

Shut up. Shut UP. SHUT UP.

Ox practically threw himself off the couch and crawled to the kitchen, rolling up a joint with shakey hands and groped around for a lighter. Sitting the joint between his lips and lighting it, Ox inhaled deeply. After a few puffs the high was starting to kick in. The whispering grew silent. Leaning his back against the cupboards, he finally started to relax. His head was his again, nobody else's.

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