Finding Home

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Chapter Ten

I heard a knock at the gate to the backyard and I knew exactly who it was.

I skipped my way over to the gate and unlocked it before opening it and Joe Sabia had his small camera in his hands pointed directly at me. I’m happy I decided to wear my white romper suit with a gold belt buckle, it was cute but laid back at the same time. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard.

“Hi, Joe.” I greeted him with a nice smile and I went back to the small garden I had started working on because I knew he was here.

“Hey, Kiera, how are you on this fine afternoon?” he smiled with the camera still pointing at me.

“I’m good, thank you for coming. I’ve been so excited thinking about doing this.” I said perky.

“We’re ready to get started whenever you are.” he smiled at me then glanced at the camera screen. “We’ve been super excited to sit down and talk with you.”

“Awesome, lets get started.” I continued watering my vegetation that is only a few inches tall. I only started growing them Tuesday and it’s already Friday. “I’ve been thinking about this consistently since I was told about it.”

He smiled lightly while chuckling under his breath. “Okay, question one. Is it true that you have your first ever Vogue photoshoot tomorrow at three?”


“Are you excited?”

“Super.” I finished watering the plants and I hung the hose back up with Joe following me.

“I hear you just moved into this place yesterday, is that true?” he smirked at me.

“Yes, it was actually a spur of the moment kind of thing.” I giggled, “Would you like to go inside?”

“I would love to, sure.” we started walking towards the back door that lead into the living room and I shut the door behind him. “What’s your favorite part of the house?”

“Um,” I had to think about it for a second, “Probably the media room or the study room.”

“Do you study a lot?”

“I actually finished in the top ten of my class, so I do study and read a lot. Would you like some fresh lemonade? They were grown in my backyard.”

This is so freaking exciting, I’m being the nicest and smiling as much as I can for my fans.

“I would love some, thank you.” he sat down on the white sectional couch in my living room and I walked into the kitchen behind us to grab the cold pitcher of fresh lemonade, “Do you grow your own food on a regular or just starting?”

“I’ve always liked eating healthy, but I want to start growing my own. I don’t know, maybe donate it to the ones in need. I’ve started a little garden in the small greenhouse in the back.”

“That’s great. Who do you look up to the most?”

Most people say their mother or father, but I guess I can’t say so.

“My daughter.” I grabbed the fresh lemonade and poured it into a cup filled with fresh cut lemons and ice.


“I do what I do, for her.” I walked into the living room with two glasses filled with lemonade.

“Who did you look up to when you were a child?”

“Selena Gomez or Michelle Obama.”

“What do you find yourself doing a lot these days?”

“Playing Candy Crush.”

“Oh, that’s cool, what level are you on?”

“Seven fifty two.”

“What’s your current obsession?”


“What’s one thing you can predict about anything, one year from now?”

“I think I’ll be traveling for work.”

“Besides acting and modeling, what do you do for fun?”

“I hang out with my friends or Kelia and Matty.”

“Who is Matty?”

“My boyfriend of almost seven years and Kelia’s dad.”

“So you guys met in high school then?”

“Summer football and cheer camp, but technically yes.”

“What’s your favorite place to visit in the world?”


“What do you love most about Texas?”

“The people and the weather.” my phone vibrated so I grabbed it.

“What is one thing you miss about being in Texas?”

“Matty’s parents’ food.”

“What do you cherish most?”

“My shoes, definitely my shoes.” I giggled before texting Matty back.

“Is that Matty texting you now?”

“It is, Kelia and him are on their way home from the park with our German Shephard.”

“What’s one hobby you’ll never give up?”


I don’t run as much as I’d like to, but I know that I won’t ever completely stop running.

“What’s something new you want to do?”

“I want to learn sign language.”

“That’s cool. What is something you’d say to your seventy two point seven million followers?”

“I love to do what I do, because of you guys. Thank you and I love you.” I blew a kiss into the camera with my hand.

“What was your favorite part of acting in your first movie?”

“Definitely the cast and everyone who I met along the ways of making it.”

“What is the first word that comes to mind when asked to describe yourself?”

“Uh,” shoot, I have to actually think for this one. I don’t like to think about myself much, “Probably perky.”

“What makes you the most angry?”


“Who is your best friend?”

“Luka and Maria.”

“Who is Maria?”

“She’s been my best friend since we were little, but she lives in Germany now so we don’t get to see her a lot or talk much.”

“What is your favorite part about being a mom?”

Oh I could go on about this for hours. “Everything. I learn something new everyday.”

“What’s your spirit song?”

“We are the champions by Queen.”

“What’s your favorite color?”

“That’s between red and black.”

“What’s your favorite candy?”

“Almond Joys.”

These questions are a lot more easier than I thought they’d be.

“What’s your favorite restaurant to eat at?”

“Whataburger. Is that even a question?” I giggled.

He laughed with me, “What’s your least favorite restaurant?”

“Uck, Subway.” I stood up from the couch, “Would you like to go look at the loft with me?”

“Sure. When do you plan on getting married?”

“Whenever I’m asked.” I raised an eyebrow to him while glancing back at him and the camera. We began walking up the wooden stairs.

“If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?”

“Everyone dies, so live your life to the fullest.”

“What is your favorite memory in life?”

“My grandma and I baking cookies.” I smiled at the decent memories from when I was a child.

“What is one thing your grandma taught you?”

“Never bite the hand that feeds you.”

“What’s your biggest secret?”

“Well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told, now would it be?” I winked at him and the camera before walking over to the book shelf next to the loft’s couch and I grabbed my favorite cook book.”

“What’s something you would tell your sixteen year old self?”

“You only live once.” if I were fifteen, I’d tell myself to keep my pants on at all costs. I love Kelia but if I could go back in time and do it over again I would.

“Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?”

“Happy and content with my family.”

“What do you describe as the perfect date?”

“Staying in with a movie night, philly steak pizza, and jumbo medium wings.”

“Why ’d you buy this home? Because of the media room?”

“Kind of, yeah.” I said embarrassingly as I walked back downstairs and into the kitchen.

“How excited are you for your photoshoot?”

“Super excited. Follow me and I’ll show you one of my outfits for tomorrow.” I stepped away from the counter and walked back upstairs to my bedroom.

“Is this Matty’s first photoshoot?”

“It is.”

“How did you and Matty first start talking?”

“His friends threw a football too far and he stopped it from hitting me right in the center of my face. It was actually pretty funny.” I opened our bedroom door and went for the large walk in closet door.

“What’s your favorite thing about him?”

“His heart for his family.” we entered into the room.

“Is it true he served for our country?”

“He did, yes.” I was trying to avoid this conversation, but I’m still managing to keep a convincing act on.

“Was it hard convincing him to do the shoot with you?”

“Not really, he knew how much it meant to me and how much I wanted him there with me.”

“What current show are you watching right now?”

“Grey’s Anatomy and New Girl.”

“You’ve been a fan of Grey’s since you were a teenager, correct?”


“Who is your favorite character on the shows?”

“It definitely is down to Karev and Jackson for Grey’s. But for New Girl I can’t decide. I love all of the characters so much.” I started sorting through my racks of clothing to find one of the dresses I might be wearing tomorrow for the shoot.

“If they asked you to star in an episode of Grey’s, would you?”

“Of course, without a second thought.” I giggled at how many times I’ve actually watched the show. I think I’ve counted twelve times from start to finish.

“So what are you going to wear for tomorrow?”

“I’m thinking this one.” I grabbed the glittery white middle thigh length dress from the hanger and showed it to the camera.

“That’s really pretty. What is the number one thing that inspires you the most?”

“Matty and Kelia.” I put the dress back onto the rack and I stood in front of the camera and Joe.

“Who was your favorite singer growing up?”

“Justin Bieber.”

“So you had Bieber fever?”

“I had posters lining my walls until I was fifteen, and even then I still had all of the posters in my closet of my room until I was eighteen.”

“You and Hailey are friends?”

“We are, I consider her a top dog.” we sat down in the chairs that were in my bedroom.

“Do your kids play together?”

“Oh yeah, they play with dolls mostly.”

“Can you give us details about your favorite scene in the movie you just played in?”

“I can’t tell you guys too much, but I know you guys are going to love the ending.” I replayed the scene in my head.

“Is that where you met Luka?”

“No, we met in Hawaii while Kelia and I were taking a vacation. And we just got really close after that.”

“Okay, that’s nice to have enough trust built for you to be best friends with him. What is your favorite thing about him?”

“He’s exceptionally funny.”

“Ten more questions, Kiera. How many kids do you want in the future?”

“We were thinking three or four.”

“Is that another reason why you guys bought this house?”

“Yes, that was the main factor that took place in the decision making.”

“Does this mean we can be expecting more babies soon?”

“Maybe. We aren’t rushing anything.” and that was true, we are just going with the flow and if it happens, then it happens.

“If you weren’t in the celebrity industry, where do you think you would be right now?”

“Probably in the middle of med school.”

“So you wanted to be a doctor before this all happened?”

“I wanted to help save lives, and I still do want to help save lives. I’m always trying to help out in the communities around the world as much as I can.”

“What is your next trip going to be?”

“Matty and I might actually be heading over to South Africa for a few months now that shooting is done to help out with the hurricane damages.”

“That’s such a great thing to be doing, you’re always helping out in this world. Three more questions. What’s your most proudest moment being a mother?” we stood up from the bed and made our way down the stairs.

“Potty training. That was probably the hardest thing to do, my personal opinion.”

“When you started getting out into the world, who is one person you were excited to meet?”

“Justin and Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, the Jenner’s and Kardashians, and Usher Raymond.” we stopped at the front door. “You name them, I probably would’ve died while meeting them.”

“Are you still a Bieber fan?”

“What do you mean?” I smirked at the camera because of the pun I had intended for.

“I hate to say this but we are on to our final question, what is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?”

“One time a random person tweeted and said I would like to paint you green and smack you around like a dirty avocado.”

We both started silently giggling with each other, “Thank you so much for having me on your free time. We will see you soon.”

“Yep, go ahead and get out. That was a horrible pick up line and I’m too embarrassed now.” I laughed while I opened the door for him and he left without another word.

Matty and Kelia got home a few minutes after Joe and the rest of the crew left. They could tell just by the look on my face that I was happy with the outcome of the interview. Kelia ran to her bedroom almost immediately to get it cleaned up before the family comes over this weekend.

Lately I’ve felt that work has been taking over with everything and I haven’t had enough time for her or for our normal walks. Matty has been taking her and Duma on their walks, and I miss it terribly. I think it’s time we have some family time before we get back to arguing horribly again.

“I’m taking it that it went really well?” Matty chuckled as he let Duma off her leash.

“Really well!” I screeched in excitement before jumping into his arms and kissing him.

“Are you ready for the photoshoot tomorrow? Our families will be landing at six tomorrow.”

“I’m so ready to just get it all done and over with so I can see the final pieces and spend time with you guys.” I hugged Matty around his shoulders.

“Well I’m sure they want to see you, too. But don’t forget you’ve worked really hard to get this, so take your time with it.” he hugged me back.

“Well I have no patience and I want to see it now.” I whined to him.

“I know, babe. But patience is a virtue.”

“Uh huh, sure.” I pulled away from his body and grabbed my phone as I heard it start ringing in my back pocket.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, Lexus. It’s Anna, I’m just calling to tell you that we are going to go over to video now and we will send you the end results.”

“Awesome. Do you guys know when it will be published?”

“We are thinking two weeks from today, depending on how well the shoot goes tomorrow it could be a week.”

“Great, I look forward to it. We will see you guys there tomorrow?”

“Yes, three sharp is when we are starting the shoot so be there by at least one thirty -- two so we can make sure everything is in place.”

We decided to bring Kelia and her sitter, Lexi, with us to the shoot so she could go swimming or play in the sand while Matty and I were working. Plus, I didn’t want to leave her this morning after she crawled into bed with Matty and I because she missed us in her dream that she had the previous night.

“Jenny will take care of you first, Matty. Go ahead and stand over there with her.” Jackie ordered and pointed Matty into the right direction. “And Kiera, Carlos said he will take you first seems how you have more to do with your hair and makeup.”

“Alright, I’ll see you in a bit babe.” I lightly kissed Matty on the lips before separating from him and making my way to the enclosed square where Carlos had the makeup and hair supplies set up.

Carlos decided to have my hair out naturally with a little bit of mouse in it and he went with a smoky eyeshadow and very light highlighter because we were going to be in the water for half of the pictures.

We got ready exceptionally faster than what we thought it would have taken, which meant we might be able to continue moving at this pace. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss Matty’s parents and his little brother. But I can’t necessarily say the same for my parents but Matty insisted that I fly them up here too. I didn’t even want any contact with them.

Plus, I know Kelia wants to see both sides of her grandparents. And at least meet two of them.

“Okay, why don’t we start you guys out with Matty holding Kiera, her legs wrapped around him, and you guys are about to kiss.”

“How do I make it look natural?” Matty whispered into my ear while picking me up and I wrapped my legs around his lower waist.

“Just like this, babe. Just relax.” I kissed him seductively to get him in the right state of mind to do this.

We started to slowly kiss and pull away from each other and I could hear the cameras beginning to click from the photographer and I could hear the paps that were hiding from afar.

“Okay, now look at me with a smile on your faces.” we followed directions and heard more clicks.

“Kiera, go ahead and place your hand on his cheek while looking him into his eyes. And Matty, step into the water a bit.” we followed every direction being thrown at us. I want this to be spectacular. I want him to say his first experience was fun and he would do it again in the future with me.

After the first few poses we were instructed to perform Matty had begun to naturally click with the camera. He posed in the perfect formation in the perfect moments and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I don’t know if the smile is just for the camera and audiences but I think he is having a blast and will definitely do this again in the near future.

We had so much fun with the photoshoot, we even took a few pictures in the water with Kelia and I believe she had as much fun as I did. I’m just so thankful they don’t hate me for constantly working or not being with them as much as I should be.

But they knew how much this meant to me, and what is meant for them, too. I wanted to give them the best life because they gave me my best life. I just wish I wasn’t gone all the time, or that I could drag them around with me everywhere that I go.

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