Finding Home

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Chapter Eleven

The photoshoot had went exceptionally well, in fact everyone else thought so too. Not just Matty and I.

I don't understand how he can do it, honestly. I could never stay home all day and clean just to wait for Kelia to get home to be her personal entertainment. I love her to death, but I'd start going stir crazy.

But whatever makes him happy, is all I need. I just hope he gets out there soon. Not for money reasons, but for the simple fact I don't want our daughter thinking that just because I've created a name for us and I am bringing in a lifetime supply of money for us and beyond that she doesn’t need to work a day in her life.

I'm a bit nervous, I hadn't seen my parents since I moved out here from Texas. Even though I was only a few hours away, I would drop Kelia off at their house and meet up with old friends while staying in a hotel so Kelia can have time with her grandparents. Of course, we never stayed more than a weekend. Kelia doesn't have a problem with it at all, in fact she asks to leave by Saturday evening. And I had no problem with that, either.

Plus, I can always use work as an excuse and I'm always dodging the topic as to why I'm not like all other celebrities and pay off all their parents’ dues plus some. Maybe if I were treated like how a fifteen year old should've been treated, or you know, didn't kick me out because I got pregnant.

But I was head over heels excited for Matty's parents to be there, not only did Kelia enjoy being around them but so did I. They have a much better and laid back life than what my parents live.

"What time is the movie?" Matty knocked on the bathroom door while I was in the steaming hot shower.

"Four, babe." I continued washing my hair out in the shower.

"And what time will our parents be here?"

"About seven by the time they land and find their belongings."

"And the food?"

"Six forty five."

"Okay, I'm going to drive Kelia over to Allen's quickly and then I'll be back to get ready."

"Okay! Jenny put something together for you, it's in your closet hanging on the mirror." I grabbed the bottle of strawberry conditioner and I squirted some in the palm of my hand.

"Tell her I said thanks. Ricky and Garrett texted, they are leaving now."

"I've still got to get my makeup and hair done, why are they coming so early?" I stuck my head outside of the glass shower door and looked for Matty to find him leaning against the countertop.

"Oh you know, us boys are going to do boy things before we go to a chick flick." he sarcastically said.

"It's not even a chick flick! It's a romantic comedy!" I laughed at his accusation.

"Uh huh, I heard you say chick flick." he teased with a smile on his face.

"Whatever, when you're laughing in the theatre I don't want to hear anything come out of your mouth then." I stuck my head back in the shower after lathering the conditioner in and I started rinsing it out.

"Okay, babe. Give me a kiss I'm going to head over there." I rinsed my face of the watered down conditioner layer and stuck my head out of the shower door again.

"Love you, drive safe." he kissed me lightly on the lips and pulled away before leaving and shutting the door behind him.

I rushed out of the shower after shaving my legs, I usually get waxed but I didn't have an appointment set today due to all of the craziness in a single day. Guess we will have to do with the at home care, for the movie premier.

All of my friends are making their debut at my first movie premier tonight. It almost sounds like a dream. Every famous person that I wished to grow up with as a child were attending the show. Zendaya, Justin and Hailey, Kendall, Kylie, all of the above.

I'm a movie star and model at the age of twenty two, with real fans and real celebrity friends.

It doesn't sound real.

"Jenny?" I shouted from the bathroom as I wrapped my towel around my chest. Jenny and Carlos were waiting for me in my closet so they could spiff me up to look gorgeous as I walk the carpet.

"Yes?" she shouted back.

"I'm coming out now!" I shouted as I quickly started moisturizing my body and stuck my white strapless bra on with the matching lace panties and I wrapped my hair up in my towel.

I walked out of the bathroom and went straight for the closet to my right. I was greeted by Carlos and Jenny who were sitting on the floor with their legs crossed and facing each other. "You ready, girl?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." I sat in the high chair in front of my makeup vanity and I let my hair out of my towel.

"Why so glum?" Carlos started with my hair while it was still wet.

"My parents are coming into town for the weekend."

"So? What's the problem with that, honey?"

"We aren't really close like that." I started scrolling through Facebook on my phone while he continued with my hair.

And it was true, we aren't close. I didn't even want to invite them but Matty insisted we invite them for our housewarming party. They stress me out just by being in my presence because in their minds I know they are judging me along with my family and friends.

"Why don't you guys get along?"

"Lets just say they weren't," I thought of the right way without saying too much, "There for me."

"A disagreement?"

"Something like that." the memory of them telling me to either get rid of my baby or get out of their house stormed through my head like it happened yesterday. And I'm more than happy I decided to leave rather than get rid of Kelia, she's taken over my heart and has given me a reason for existing.

"Oh honey, parents and their kids have disagreements all the time. But that doesn't mean you guys don't get along or that you don't love each other."

"Well," I looked down to my hands that were now resting on my lap, "What about when they gave me an ultimatum to either get rid of Kelia or get out of their house at fifteen years old?"

"I-I-I I'm so sorry." he began panicking.

"Oh, no. Don't be, Carlos. You didn't know, not many do. I obviously made the right decision and I've never really talked about it with anyone."

"So why'd you invite them? I don't blame you for not wanting them around."

"I don't know, Matty said it's what adults do. They get over the past and move on into the future." I said with attitude and annoyance.

"You think he is going to propose?"

"What?" I was surprised by his comment, "No way. He isn't ready for that anytime soon."

"I don't know, Ki. Maybe he has a surprise for you."

"No, no, no. I promise it's just a family housewarming party before we have our party with our friends."

Jenny cleared her throat, "Why weren't we invited?"

"Because you haven't checked your email since last Sunday." I smirked at her through the mirror.

"I got the invite, Jen. I don't know why you didn't."

"Wow, now I feel like an idiot." she started tapping on her phone while waiting for her turn to start on me.

"What time will the limo be here?"

"A quarter past three." Carlos answered, "What time will your parents be here?"

"We put them on the same flight, so they'll be here around seven-ish."

"And they are staying at your house?" Jenny asked.

"Well, they are leaving the night after tomorrow before the party starts, so they aren't really staying the whole weekend but it's going to feel like it I'm sure."

Thank goodness.

"Well, when you need an escape route call us and we will come rescue you."

"Babe?" Matty knocked on the door and stuck his head in the crack of the door.


"Everything going okay?"

"Yeah, you?" weird. Why would he be asking me if I was okay?

"I know you're a little stressed so I took the audacity to get you a comfort item." he started to smile.

"What's that?" I smirked at him.

"A large white chocolate latte with two extra pumps of white chocolate and whipped cream on top of it." he walked towards me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips, "And that."

"Get a room!" Carlos teased us as my face began to turn red. I don't know what's been going on with him, but he seems to be in the greatest moods the past few days and he has been so affectionate towards me. He's even been so talkative in therapy that I'm beginning to think we don't need it anymore.

"I have to agree with Carlos. If looks could undress," she hesitated, "Well, you know."

I see exactly what they see, he seems genuinely happy. Therapy must be working for him plus being home around Kelia and I, you wouldn't notice that he went in the middle of no where and disappeared off the face of the earth without a trace to find him.

"Fine, fine." Matty snuck a quick peck on the lips again before pulling away with an achieving smile. This is the same Matty I fell in love with in high school, well almost.

"Don't worry, I'm going to get going with her makeup now and then she will be just about done and you can have her all to yourself." he started playing with the curls and bouncing them while looking in the mirror in front of us before turning to Matty with a serious face, "Don't you dare mess up my masterpiece."

"Yeah, I hear you Carlos." he laughed before patting him on the shoulder, "I'll see you in a bit, babe."

"Okay." I smiled at him as he exited the room and shut the door behind him.

"You can't possibly think he doesn't have something up his sleeve."

"Nah, he was always like this before he left for the military. We've always been infatuated with each other."

"If you say so." they both rolled their eyes at me.

Jenny and I had so many gowns to choose from, and it took a good forty five minutes trying on all of the different designs I had been given as gifts from designers all across the country.

We had decided to go with the champagne silky halter pleated dress that almost looked similar to the one Marilyn Monroe was known to be wearing except it was a tad bit longer and it was a different color. It made my hair not only pop, but it matched my makeup perfectly. And it was an elegant event, so I had to dress elegant.

We finished off the look with a pair of silver Playboy high heels and the necklace Matty had got me with his name on it. I looked amazing.

No, no.

I looked bewildering.

"Wow," Jenny took a step back and continued viewing my body up and down.

"What? Is there something wrong?"

"No, God no. But you look freaking amaze-balls."

I couldn't help but laugh, "Thanks, Jenny."

"Oh come here, I'm so proud of you." she held her arms out and walked back to me with tears in her eyes.

"I wouldn't be able to do it without you guys." and it was the truth, I know I wouldn't be able to pull off half of the things I do if it wasn't for Carlos and Jenny perfecting it in the end.

"You've come so far, I knew you had to potential the moment I laid my eyes on you the first day you walked in." Carlos joined the hug from behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders with his head resting on Jenny's arm.

"Thank you so much, for all of the help. You guys are such great friends and coworkers."

"Limo is here babe." Matty barged into the closet entrance and immediately regretted it because he knew he was ruining a moment.

"Wow, you look beautiful." he smiled at me and he couldn't take his eyes off of me.

"Thanks, honey. You look handsome, yourself." I winked at him, he had on a nice black suit with a purple undershirt and he looked absolutely delicious.

"We will give you two a minute alone and we will go meet you in the living room so we can get a few pictures before you guys head out."

"Don't you dare mess her up." Carlos ordered Matty before exiting the room.

"Can't promise anything." Matty shouted through the crack of the door and shut the door before turning back to me.

"You look stunning, baby." he looked at me astonished and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Thank you.” I lightly pecked him on the lips.

He pulled away and stared at my face with a growing smile on his face.

Okay, I see what Jenny and Carlos are talking about.

“What’s up with you?”

“What’s up with me? Nothing.” he teased, “What makes you think something is up?”

“Well you’ve been super affectionate, like you’re trying to impregnate me in front of everyone.” I giggled before lightly pecking him on the lips, “Not that I’m complaining.”

“I just love you so much.” he playfully pecked my lips, “How could I possibly keep my hands off of you?”

“Just try to keep the PDA to a minimum tonight while we walk the carpet.” I couldn’t stop smiling, I was genuinely happy with how my life has been going besides the whole ordeal with the alcohol and blunt situation.

“But babe,” he begged while outlining my body with his muscular hands and studying my body.

“No buts.” I pressed my finger to his lips, “Now let’s go make a show worth watching.”

“Fine.” he pouted in defeat as I left his grip.

“Coming babe?” I stopped in front of the doorway and held my hand out to him with a smirk on my face.

He smirked at me before walking towards me and connecting his hand with mine, “Fine.”

“I love you.” I whispered in his ear as we walked out of the closet and out of the bedroom and made our way downstairs where everyone else was.

“I love you, too.” he playfully kissed my cheek.

I never thought I’d be in love with my high school sweet heart after high school. In fact, I never thought I’d have a high school sweet heart. I thought that only happened in movies and wasn’t real, if I’m being honest.

But Matty brings light to my life. When I’m feeling down, he knows just the right thing to say. When I need a laugh, he gives me a reason to laugh. When I need a smile, he gives me his best smile.

I don’t know what I could have done to possibly be blessed with the most generous and loving boyfriend and daughter, but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing in this world and if it came down to it I’d put my life on the lines if it meant keeping those two safe.

I don’t know if it’s because my period was due to be coming or if it was just because it was a hectic night and sure was going to be a hectic weekend, but I was in my feelings.

I was feeling every positive emotion that was to be felt. Happiness, joy, hope, you name it and I’m feeling it. But most of all? I feel satisfied and euphoric.

Finally, I can be at peace in my life now.

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