Finding Home

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Chapter Nineteen

“Good evening everyone, and thank you for joining us live. Tonight we decided to surprise you with a special guest who has traveled very far from home, and arrived today to start helping us rebuild our community. Give it up for your very own, Kiera Johnson.”

“Hi everyone.” I talked into the microphone.

“Hi, Kiera. How are you doing on this fine evening? I trust you had a smooth ride over here?” Jahre asked into the microphone in his hand before pointing it towards me

“It was a slow and long, but smooth flight. We wanted to get our things set up where we are staying so we could get here in time. There’s a lot of shipments coming in within the next few days.”

“You’re a hard working woman, I respect that.”

“Thank you, I try my hardest.” I was flattered.

“I wish we could have had your fiancé here with us, that would have been a show to tune in on.”

“I know, but he’s working and helping set up the supplies so we can get started right away. Unfortunately I’ll barely have anymore time for interviews like this once we get started.”

“Yes, I am a huge fan.” he said happily in his deep accent, “I have to ask though, and I understand you and Matty are together and are happily engaged. But many of your fans including myself wonder if there was anything there between Luka and you? And before you get upset, we haven’t seen much news on you. Last we heard, Luka and you were getting snug before Matty came back.”

I wanted to avoid that topic of conversation. But I knew the topic would come up, just not as soon as we started the interview. I thought he would want to ask me about my adventure here and what I have in store for them.

“Luka had modeled a Calvin Klein his and hers campaign with me two years ago in Hawaii, and it was fun — so much fun. I knew he had felt something more for me than just a friend, and he didn’t try to hide it at all. It was flattering. But he knew what happened with Matty, and he respected that.”

“So you guys were good friends before the Hawaii kiss exchange?” he didn’t beat around the bush slowly at all.

“I’d say so, we hung out outside of the campaign a couple times before and after with our mutual friends like Ken, Zen, and Hails.”

“Continue on with the story, I can tell it was getting good.” he chuckled into the microphone.

This is live air, guess I have to make the best of it.

“Luka was such a neutral person, he isn’t your type of person you’d want to consider a best friend. Sure, he’s sometimes, but barely, ever funny and he’s fun to watch Netflix or Hulu with because he is so quiet and focused. But he’s so laid back and passive aggressive — and brutally honest all at the same time. But what makes him so great? He is so inspirational that he knows his way with the perfect words, and knows how to make someone happy when they are feeling down. I needed that, I needed a best friend like that. And, although Maria will always be my best friend, he’s also earned that title. With that being said, the night was young and Kelia was sleeping in the Air BnB, and the sun was just setting. One conversation lead to another and we got caught up in the moment.”

“So, you guys did feel something?” He was so interested.

“Not really, at least I can speak for myself. I knew I wasn’t ready to move on from Matty, and when he showed up at my doorstep I felt sick to my stomach. Once the announcement was made by the press and family members, people started to spread rapidly throughout my comments, on everything I posted in the past with hate and how much of a mistake I had made choosing Matty. Only, I never knew there was another choice, and I actually take the time at night to read the comments to give feedback to my fans — to let them know I am paying attention to what they think of me and how important they are to me because you are all so important to me.”

I opened my water bottle and took a light sip before moving back to the microphone, “Humanely, I let other peoples comments start clouding my judgement on what was best for my family and I. I thought, do they see something I don’t see? Do they not see how great and perfect Matty is? I started drinking, a lot. And, now I only have a few drinks here and there but I started to really rely on it in order to get through any hard day. Which, now that I think about it — was almost everyday. It just got really hard for me, to the point where Matty and I wouldn’t talk to each other for days. A few texts here and there, but not a word in person.”

“And, I see you two are better than ever now?”

“Oh yeah, more than ever. He’s my little boo thang.” I giggled.

“He’s happy to be here with you, I can see, too. He’s helping you out there while you’re here.”

“Yeah, yeah, he enjoys helping others. He jumped on the opportunity when I presented it to him.”

“And your friends helped donate some funds towards this?”

“Oh, yeah. They donated tons of money toward the project and if it weren’t for their own kids and work, then they would have come along on this trip to help.”

“You’re such a great human being and so caring and giving, it almost makes me have faith in humanity again.” he joked.

“I try to set the right example as much as possible, not only is my daughter watching me but people all around the world are, too.”

“Well golly, you’re making such a great effort. Do you have any plans after this? Can you give us a little detail on what’s next after this?” he grinned at me in hopes I could say yes.

“I have a few things planned for when I get back, I really enjoyed acting and I was actually thinking about taking a step back from modeling to focus on that.”

“Speaking of acting, do you plan to do anything else with Luka?”

“I don’t know yet, I know he’s in France for the next couple of months for a campaign out there so who knows? I did enjoy performing with him.”

“I love it, best friends at heart.” he chuckled, “We are going to take a short break now and we will be back after this shortly after.”

He smiled into the camera before he saw the red light go off, “Thank you so much for doing this, Kiera. We don’t have much electricity here and many of us only have radios to listen to. And very few of us have television.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m just happy to have to opportunity presented.” my phone started buzzing on the table and I saw Matty’s picture on my screen. “This is Matty, I’ll be right back.”

“We have two and half minutes.”

I slid on my phone to answer the call as I walked away some distance from the small group, “Hey babe.”

“I was just listening in on the radio and wanted to call you on your break. What are you doing now?”

“I’m outside right now, we only have a few minutes to talk. Everything okay?”

“I just miss you.” I heard him smile through his voice. “And I really hated listening to you talk about Luka to everyone, I needed to hear your voice.”

“I miss you, too, babe. I’m sorry, you know how nosey people are in this new world. I’m almost done here and I’ll be back there in no time. How’s everything going?”

“We’ve only got one out of the eight planes landed. It’s emptied, and organized but it’s going to be a couple days before we get everything in place.

“Well, I’m sure you’re doing a great job and I will be there to help as soon as possible. Just don’t forget we have to stick to the plan, and move according to schedule.”

“At this rate, we might be running a few days behind, babe.” he joked.

“As long as we try,” I laughed with him.

Someone behind me tapped me on the shoulder, “Kiera? We need to go over what’s going to happen next.”

“Coming.” I smiled at the younger woman whom I had no idea what her name was, “That’s my cue babe. I’ll call you when I’m on my way.”

“Love you, baby.”

“Love you, most.” I kissed into the phone before hanging up and walking back toward the group.

“So here’s the plan, we have forty five seconds to go over it. We were thinking while we ask you questions, we could walk throughout the village and maybe you can explain what you plan to do. Give them a small tour, to know that you aren’t letting us down. Now, I can’t promise anything but we will try to keep fans back and out of camera view however we can’t make any promises.”

“It’s okay, I’ll talk to a few of them.” I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“This is why you’re so amazing.” the younger female started tearing up. “Thank you so much.”

I brought her in for a tight hug, “Anytime.”

“We’re on in ten!” the camera man started pointing the camera towards us and everyone scrambled behind the camera.

Jahre and I smiled into the camera as they counted down from five, “And we are back with Kiera Johnson. I hope we didn’t keep you guys too long.”

“It’s good to be back.” I smiled at Jahre.

“Why don’t we take a short walk while we talk?”

“A walk sounds lovely.”

We started walking forward with everyone following us, “Tell me, Kiera. What gave you this idea? What inspired you?”

“When I saw the news and the images of what happened here, I was devastated. I couldn’t believe that nobody jumped on the opportunity to help you guys out, we talk about wanting to do something and wanting to save the world but we never really get around to it if we are being honest here. I stuck my imagination out there and imagined my family and I in your guys’ shoes and it hurt. I couldn’t not jump on an opportunity to help.”

“You announced that you were going to start organizing something on Twitter two days after the hit. How long did it take you to figure out all of the plans and have everything settled?”

“It took a little over a year to get everything into place and ordered, not only did my friends and colleagues donate to the cause but so did my fans.”

“Wow, so in the end everyone did put in a little something.”

“Every donation helped, whether it was funds or supplies. Many companies donated things, also. Apple donated computer to the school for the students, construction companies donated supplies and tools, and American Airlines donated three of their planes to us to carry over our team.”

“That’s really wonderful. We lost so much, we didn’t honestly think we’d ever get our homes back. When do you plan to start the next step?”

“We’ve got a couple of days until we get everything off of the planes and into position, we hope to draw up the blueprints within the next three days to get the plans in motion.”

“And you’re staying here for three months?”

“Maybe more, I know I’m not leaving until I’m finished with what I started.”

“Can you give us an idea of what you plan to build?”

“We were thinking of rebuilding the community, mainly shelter. We filled an entire plane with food and a separate plane filled with water. We want to give you guys a community school. A soccer field to play on. A community garden. We have so much planned for you guys.”

“I know I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

“You’re going to love it.” I giggled. We continued walking down the damp mud ground road where people were standing and watching us as we walked.

Hell, maybe I’ll even get to see Matty.

“Do you like your tent? Was there enough room?”

“More than enough, I love it and I can’t wait for the night skies where I can just walk outside the tent and look at dark skies whenever I want.”

We continued walking down the road as he asked me questions and we even ran into a couple fans to talk to while filming. I’m glad I decided to do this interview, I can show the world what I have in store for them and what I’m capable of doing.

I’m going to make a statement in this world.

I walked into our glamp tent and I shut the curtains behind me before I started taking off my tank top. I saw Matty laying on the bed shirtless in his khaki shorts, “Hey baby.”

“Hey, love.” I yawned as I pulled my shorts down from my waist and pulled my panties into place before crawling onto the bed.

“Wow, you look exhausted.” he started rubbing my bareback with his thick hands.

“I’ve been talking for hours.” I groaned into the pillow.

“I know, I thought you said it was only going to be a small interview.” he chuckled while moving to my hair to stroke it softly.

“Yeah, another opportunity presented itself.”

“Yeah? What’s this one?”

“They think I should start a documentary.” I rolled over on my back to face Matty who was still propped up onto his elbow and his side. “Film everything I do.”

“Yeah, what do you think?”

“I think it’d be a great idea, but I don’t know if I have the energy for it.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to do it,” he started twiddling his finger lightly on my stomach, “You’re already doing so much and I’m sure your stories will be enough awareness.”

I watched his fingers start forming a circle around my naval, “Yeah. But I was thinking we can take half the proceeds I make off of it and donate it to companies to help continue building in the community, expand and help them grow.”

“You could.” he reasoned with me, “But again, you don’t have to.”

“Have you talked to Kelia tonight?” I didn’t want to talk about work, I’m tired and I’ve been working all day since I got off the plane this morning. The feeling of missing my babygirl is weighing heavy on my mind and shoulders.

“Yeah, she wanted to talk to you but she had an exhausting day. She started riding lessons with your mom today and she had a blast.” he chuckled.

“Awh, I wish I got her when you did. I called her but she didn’t answer, I assumed she was busy and would call me back.” I whined.

“Don’t worry, she told me to tell you she loves you and misses you already.” He lightly kissed me.

“I can’t imagine letting her go at eighteen, let alone any of our future children.” I sighed as the anxiety began to kick into my gear.

I was never one for having anxiety or depression until I started getting noticed out here in the big world. Sometimes when I’m working or when I’m doing something, I’ll start randomly hyperventilating and crying, without any kind of hold on the tears.

Anxiety is a real thing, and many people suffer from it. So it’s pretty normal for me to feel like that with what world I live in and how my lifestyle is. I love my job, and almost everything about it. But I’d be lying if it didn’t come with consequences. Every single word I say in my interviews come straight from my heart with nothing but pure honesty.

Whether it’s the people who want to see me fail, their comments, or whether it’s if I wore a clothing item wrong during a walk show — people would find something to complain about me no matter how much good I do, and it takes a toll on me and my emotions.

He smirked at me as our eyes met when my sentence finished, “You’ll do just fine. We’ll do just fine.”

“I would kiss you right now, but I’m so tired I can’t even lift my head.” I covered my face from embarrassment.

“Oh, you’re telling me.” he sighed in relief, “I won’t have to worry about exercise while I’m here.”

“So, we can just lay down and go to sleep?” I glanced up at him with my bottom lip stuck out and my puppy eyes.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” he chuckled before pecking me on the lips and crawling up from the bed, shutting off the fuel lamps. He laid back down behind me and held his arm out with the blanket sprawled open to allow me to crawl into his arms.

I love that little chuckle of his. It’s so soft and happy, who couldn’t fall in love with it?


“Yes, mi amor?” he kissed the top of my head before wrapping his arms around my body and bringing me in tightly to his chest.

“Will you read to me?” I closed my eyes and rested my head on his warm bare muscular chest.

“Do you want something scary? Or something you’re reading?” I heard a faint laugh escape him.

I yawned, “Surprise me.”

“No sleep, good choice.”

He began reading the personal scary stories out aloud to me and I felt myself drifting off into the darkness as I followed his soft and low voice.

“I love you goodnight, Matteo.”

“I love you too, goodnight, Kiera.”

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