Finding Home

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Chapter Twenty Five

“Good morning, Kiera. How are you doing?” the younger woman who was interviewing and filming me asked.

“I’m splendid. How are you?”

“I’m wonderful. How are you and your family settled in?”

“Great, our daughter is here with us and we are having fun doing this with our friends and crew.”

“So Cape Town is treating you nicely, then?”

“We love it here,” I confirmed with a convincing smile.

I meant what I said, I’m just kind of going through some personal things while trying to work. And it’s not always easy, I’m always checking my phone and my watch is always charged and alert. I’m expecting something great to happen, a miracle maybe. But I highly doubt it, not with the streak I’ve been going with.

“Speaking of here,” her accent was so strong she had to talk slowly so I could understand her, “How far along have you come on the new village?”

“Well, we can take a walk through what we have done so far if you’d like?”

“Well, this is all about the process of building the new village. Please, after you.” she chuckled.

I started walking toward the village that was away in front of us, “What do you have planned?”

“Well, I was up late one night and I was trying to think of a way to avoid these floods from happening again.”

“So I heard correct when someone told me you’re the one who suggested we move more inland and put up the small wall?”

“You did,” I said proudly, “But there’s more to it than that. We have a protocol we are going by and taking it one day at a time hoping it’ll turn out how we planned.”

“And how’s that going?”

“We aren’t behind if that’s what you’re asking.” I giggled, trying to use humor for the video.

“Wonderful, why don’t you show me around?” she giggled with me.

We started walking throughout the camp while I went over the new structures of the huts being made and how putting a small barrier around the village plus a taller one closer to the beach would benefit in their favor. I didn’t want to reveal too much, only because they decided to turn this into a personal YouTube channel blog last minute.

It was annoying that it was last minute, but it’ll be easier to film because I’ll get to carry my portable camera around along with my new GoPro seven they insisted I had to film with while I explore around.

The more the views, the more the possible donations to go towards this project and future funds that will be needed.

Bravo, Kiera. Taking the easier route.

“Merci beaucoup d’avoir fait tout ce chemin et d’avoir fait tout ce travail pour nous avec très peu en retour.” an older woman who was first in line to talk to me greeted me with a tight grip on my hands and didn’t let go.

Of course, I have Garrett here. Could anyone expect anything less?

“She says, Thank you so much for coming all this way and doing all this stuff for us with very little in return."

I forgot nobody knows I studied French as a side job this last spring to prepare for the trip. All those late-night runs on the treadmill with my French book resting in front of me paid off, my French is quite excellent. I went to go reply but the woman started to speak again.

“Tout était si vite que mon petit-fils de douze ans était à la plage avec ses amis à la recherche de coquillages à donner à son grand-père pour son anniversaire parce qu’il les collectionne.” her voice started to get shaky, “Ils n’avaient aucune chance de survivre et j’aurais dû être là pour le surveiller.” tears started to fill everyone’s eyes around us, including mine.

I felt awful, and this is only the first person I’ve talked to. They still don’t know that I know French and I want to reply to her but I have no idea what to say to her. Which makes me think, what do I say to any of them? What could anyone possibly say to make this all feel better?

“She says, everything was so fast, my grandson of twelve was at the beach with his friends in search of shells to give to his grandfather for his birthday because he collects them. They had no chance of surviving and I should’ve been there to watch him."

I gave her hand a tight squeeze before I turned to the lady holding the camera, “Would you excuse me for a second? I need to go make a phone call.”

“Of course, I’m going to go get some refreshments. Do you want anything?”

“Water is fine, thank you.” I let go of the woman’s hand and I jogged away from them. I needed a second to recuperate after what happened. I have to do this for at least another hour so we can get the footage we need for the first day of blogging, and I don’t have any idea how I’m going to do it alone.

I looked over my shoulder to confirm I was alone and once I confirmed it I started hyperventilating immediately. That woman lost her twelve-year-old grandson and his friends at the beach, and what makes it even worse is that she blames herself. She couldn’t have known what was going to happen. Like she had said it happened so fast that they didn’t even have the chance of survival.

The tears started falling down my face and I slid my phone out from my back pocket and dialed Matty’s number.

“What’s up, baby?” you could hear the smile in his voice and you could hear Kelia and the kids in the background laughing and screaming.

“Matty.” my voice cracked. I was having such a hard time breathing and I couldn’t stop the waterfalls of tears from crashing down long enough to talk to him.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

I took a deep breath in and held it for five seconds, “Hello? Babe?” I exhaled lightly.

I let go of the large breath and my chest loosened up a tad bit, “Are you busy right now?”

“I was just about to go with Hailey to get everyone lunch. What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Where are you?”

“The question is,” his voice drifted away from the phone, “Where are you? I see the cameraman but I don’t see you.”

“I had to take a break,” my heart was so heavy it hurt physically and mentally, “Just keep walking past them and walk towards the big boulder.”

“Gotcha. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Of course, I just need to talk to someone.” my voice was trembling.

Matty quietly approached me from behind while he was still on the phone causing me to jump when he put his hands on my shoulders, “That’s never going to change, is it?”

“What?” he played innocent.

“The whole popping in and scaring me thing that you insist on doing.”

He lightly laughed, “What’s wrong babe? It’s clear that you’ve been crying.”

“It’s the first day of the blog filming.”

“Right, I know that.” he sat beside me with his arm wrapped around my shoulders and pulling me in close to his body.

“They thought it’d be a good idea for the first video to talk to some of the survivors,” my voice cracked from the heartbreak of the single story I had heard.

“They thought you should do this alone?” his voice shifted strangely.

“I thought I could do this alone but I can’t, Matty.”

“What happened?”

“This woman lost her twelve-year-old grandson and his friends as soon it hit. They were looking for seashells for his grandfather’s birthday, Matty. How are we supposed to bring more children into this cruel world and expect them to be okay? We barely made it as teenagers because of the choices we made and we just got lucky but not everyone has that luck.” I started hyperventilating and the tears started filling my eyes again.

“Where is this all coming from? I thought you wanted to start trying?”

“I do, and that’s the problem.” I wiped my cheeks from the tear trails.

He stayed silent.

“All I’m saying is that this is an awful world to bring children into and I’m scared.”

“It’s okay to be scared, baby.” he chuckled lightly, “The world is dangerous but we will raise our children to be just like you. You inspire me more and more every day, with everything that you’re doing for this world. I wish I could do the things you’re doing and have the guts to put something like this together.”

His statement stopped the tears from falling instantly. I inspire him?

How ironic.

Only because he inspires me to be a better mom and a better human being every day.

“How about this — we go back to filming and I’ll be with you as long as you need me to be. Then we go home,” he stood up from the ground and held his hand out to me, “I’ll cook you and Kelia dinner tonight and the three of us can watch a movie together before we go to bed?”

I connected my hand with him and he helped me lift myself from the ground, “That sounds perfect, thank you, babe.” I wrapped my arms around his waist as I fell into his arms.

“Plus, I would love to get on your first episode.” he teased.

“Yeah, maybe then you can see your other girlfriend? What was her name — Bianca?”

“If that’s the case then I only have one girlfriend, duh.” we started walking back to the group and I let go of his body.

“Wow.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You’re my wife, she’d be my side chick while you’d be my main chick.” he playfully said as he stopped walking and took a few steps back.

“You think you’re so funny, huh?” I glared at him and I stopped walking but I stayed in place, “Then maybe you can call your regular smegular girl Bianca to make love to tonight.”

“Maybe I don’t want to make love to a regular smegular girl.”

“Maybe I don’t care.” I shrugged my shoulders and I started walking toward the group again.

“I was joking, babe!” he shouted at me.

I continued walking without saying a word. I wasn’t actually mad, I was quite the opposite. My emotions are everywhere and I’ve grown pretty used to it but I guess that’s what I get for being a twenty-two-year-old mother and wife.

“Baby!” his voice grew louder.

I felt him grab my arm from behind and he spun me dramatically inside his arms and didn’t let me even think about getting out of his grasp with the look in his eyes, “You know I was joking, right?”

I stared into his eyes with an evil smirk on my face without saying a word.

“Babe.” he chuckled.

I didn’t answer again.

“Babe, come on! You can’t actually be mad at me.”

I lightly kissed him on the lips and smiled before I turned around and started walking back to the group whether he followed me or not.

My phone vibrated in my back pocket and Selena texted me.

Hey girl.

I know she’s been busy with her new album dropping these past couple of months and that’s why she has been so absent. I’m not a singer, but I know what it feels like to be busy with this kind of work industry.

Hey babes. What’s up?

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately. And I didn’t find out about your dad until just now... how are you?

How’d you find out? I hadn’t told anyone. & I’m fine. It’s hard but I’m hanging in there. Thanks for checking up! I knew you were busy because of the new album. Btw congrats on that! I can’t stop listening to it it’s stuck on repeat.

You know, the normal. There was an anonymous tip to TMZ and GossipCop. The article came out about two minutes ago and I don’t know what it feels like to lose someone to sickness but I know what being sick does to loved ones and I just wanted to let you know I am here for you no matter and what if you need me to come to Cape Town to help I’m there. Even if they are there.

I knew who they was.

Justin and Hailey — everyone knows that they are over each other, Justin and Hailey are happily married and Trey and Selena were happily married. When Selena and Justin are in the presence of each other everything tends to get awkward, even when they tolerate each other in public.

What Justin had done to her was awful and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, but it only made Selena stronger and she’s so happy being both a mother and stepmother.

“Baby?” I was startled by Matty tapping me on the shoulder.


“Who’s that?”


We could always use all the help we can get to further this along quicker!! Even if you just come for a couple of days with Trey and the kids, we could give you our old tent further away from Justin and Hailey. But if you feel uncomfortable in any way then I don’t want you to feel forced to come and join us in any way.

“Oh.” I looked up to see he had googly eyes as soon as I mentioned Selena.

“Yeah.” I know she was every two thousand’s boys crush up until this day.

I don’t think Matty would go to the measures of even trying anything with her and I don’t think she would ever go to the measures of even trying anything with him. Matty is head over heels in love with me and Selena is a close friend but there is still a tad bit of jealousy that came from that oh.

I’ll talk to Trey and I’ll let you know by tonight! And if you need anybody to talk to about what is going on, you can always talk to me. I try to avoid the topic of my Lupus with anyone but you’re a really good friend of mine and I’ve seen what it’s like.

Perfect! Lmk. I’ve got to get back to filming. Make sure to stay tuned for tonight’s episode.

I already have a timer set for 9 lmao.

Thanks, babes, I’ll talk to you later tonight xoxo.

“She might come over here for a couple of nights.”

“Even with Justin and Hailey here?”

“Well I’m assuming she’d bring Trey and maybe the kids along with her but she said she can tolerate them.”

“You better run that by Hailey and Justin first.”

“Who cares? This is my project and Selena was my friend way longer than Hailey and Justin even noticed me.”

“Babe, for the sake of everyone’s happiness and peace I think you should just let them know that Selena is coming. I know that they are all mature but it’d be a good heads up that Justin’s long-term ex-girlfriend is showing up here to help out with your project.” we approached the group and everyone stared at us.

“Who’s ready to start recording? We are already behind schedule.”

“Well, luckily we have all of the stuff we recorded the past few days before they decided to turn this into a YouTube series and I think I can put something nice together with what we did today and with what we have from before. I’m just going to need your journal entries by six so I can have it ready no later than 8:30.”

“Sounds good, I’ll make sure I’ll email it to you. Now, where were we?” I took a sip of my water bottle that was handed to me by one of the interns.

“You were in the middle of talking with some people who would like to thank you for helping them out.” the camera girl had answered me.

“What’s your name? I’m sorry I didn’t ask before.” I held my hand out for a handshake.

“Alison, ma’am.” she shook my hand firmly with a smile. “You could call me Ali, ma’am. Or call me whatever you want, ma’am.”

“Call me Kiera, anything but ma’am.” I teased her.

“Nice to meet you, Kiera.” she giggled lightly, “Are you ready to start rolling?”

“Yes, we are going to have Matty join us if that’s okay.”

“That’s perfect, he’s camera eye candy. Go ahead and stand right here.” she pointed to in front of a group of five or six adults and young children. “I was thinking that we could just stick to one family instead of causing you to go through listening to all of those sad stories in one day. I know it can be heartbreaking but what you’re doing for them is so great and they are so appreciative.”

“That puts my mind at ease a bit, thanks, Ali.” I dragged Matty behind me by the hand to position ourselves.

“If you need a break just give me a light squeeze.” Matty kissed my cheek as Ali set the camera on the camera stand and we saw the red light turn on.

“Salutations, Kiera. Comment vas-tu aujourd’hui?” the younger child greeted me with a cheek on the kiss.

He was no more than twelve or thirteen years old. He was a little under my shoulders for height and he was skin and bones. He looked completely malnourished and like he hadn’t bathed in months. His clothes stunk of dirt and bad odor stained with mud and grass stains.

It made me feel absolutely awful that not only him but everyone here had to go through this.

“He says, ′greetings Kiera. How are you today?’.” Ali translated, I forgot that she didn’t know I could understand them. Again.

“I’m good, how are you doing sweetie?”

“Je vais bien, comment vas-tu ma chérie?” Ali translated for me. I think I should keep this one hobby in secrets.

“Splendide, maintenant que vous êtes là pour nous aider. Sans vous, je ne pense pas que nous l’aurions fait. C’est un tel gâchis et nous vous remercions de nous avoir aidés à revenir du désastre épouvantable.” he couldn’t stop smiling while talking to me.

“He says, ′splendid, now that you’re here to help us. Without you, I don’t think we’d of made it. It is such a mess and we have you to thank for helping us come back from the horrendous mess.’”

“I couldn’t be more happier to help you guys out. We are all human and put on this earth for a reason, we’ve got to stick together. Hopefully, this brings some awareness of how serious it can get.”

“Dit-elle, je ne pourrais pas être plus heureuse de vous aider. Nous sommes tous humains et mis sur cette terre pour une raison, nous devons rester ensemble. Espérons que cela montre à quel point cela peut devenir grave.”

“Ce sont mes deux petites soeurs, ceci est ma maman et papa, et ceci est ma grand-mère et ma tante. Nous avions un frère plus jeune mais nous l’avons perdu dans la grande eau, nous avons essayé de le sauver maishnous étions en ville alors que cela frappait les maisons.” he started pointing towards everyone as he introduced them and the mother started crying and breathing heavier. Her eyes filled with tears and turned blood shot red in the matter of five seconds.

“He says, ′these are my two little sisters, this is my mama and papa, and this is my grandma and aunt. We had a younger brother but we lost him in the big water, we tried saving him but they were in town while it hit the homes.’”

“I’m so sorry for your loss. If there is anything else I can do to help you guys out please don’t hesitate to ask me.”

“Je suis vraiment désolée pour votre perte. Si je peux faire autre chose pour vous aider, n’hésitez pas à me demander.” Ali said.

“C’est de ma faute s’il n’est plus là. Si je venais de sauter dans l’eau et de l’attraper, nous aurions tous été ici ensemble.” the boy started crying with his family while herded together.

“He says, ′it’s my fault he’s gone. If I had just jumped into the water and caught him, we would have all been here together.’.”

“It’s anything but your fault. Bad things happen to good people and there is nothing you could’ve done about it. I can assure you we are going to take every precaution possible to create a safe environment. But your brother and son will always be here,” I pointed to the mother’s and son’s hearts, “And he will never blame you. He’s in a better place now and I believe that he made it to the other side without any unfinished business.”

“C’est tout sauf ta faute. De mauvaises choses arrivent à de bonnes personnes et vous ne pouvez rien faire à ce sujet. Je peux vous assurer que nous allons prendre toutes les précautions possibles pour créer un environnement sûr. Mais ton frère et ton fils seront toujours là et il ne t’en voudra jamais. Il est dans un meilleur endroit maintenant et je crois qu’il a réussi à passer de l’autre côté sans rien d’inachevé.” Ali translated as I spoke.

“Merci beaucoup, Kiera Johnson. Nous vous le devons pour pouvoir vivre et voir demain.” the grandmother took off her wedding ring and put it in my hand and held my hand closed around it, “S’il vous plait, prenez cet anneau pour vous remercier de tout ce que vous avez fait pour vous et nos générations futures. Que Dieu vous bénisse, à vous et à votre famille, et qu’on vous serve la vie la plus facile.”

"Thank you so much, Kiera Johnson. We owe it to you for being able to live and see tomorrow. Please, take this ring for how thankful we are for you and everything you’ve done for not only us but our future generations. God bless you and your family and you be served the easiest life." Ali said lowly and her voice cracked.

“Thank you, so much for the opportunity. But I couldn’t take this, please keep it.” the diamond was huge and I was sure that it was expensive and held personal value to it.

“Merci beaucoup pour cette opportunité. Mais je ne pouvais pas supporter ça, s’il te plaît, garde-le.” I tried to hand her back the ring but she shoved my hand away while Ali was translating.

“J’insiste, s’il vous plaît. Dieu a un timing parfait; jamais tôt, jamais tard. Cela demande un peu de patience et de foi, mais ça vaut la peine d’attendre.” she lightly laid her hand over my heart and smiled before she placed her hand on the back of the kids back torso’s and turned them to walk away.

“I insist, please. God has perfect timing; never early, never la-,”

“I know what she said.” I interrupted Ali in annoyance with the translation. I just wish this never happened to these people who were least deserving of it and they expect someone to have faith in God?

With everything that is going on in my life?


But possible.

I’m not annoyed because she mentioned God. I’m not mad that she mentioned perfect timing at times like this. I’m annoyed that what she had said hit home — it made my heart fluttery and instantly made me rethink the faith I had let go back when when I got pregnant.

“Okay, then. Why don’t we do twenty more minutes of walking around and explaining some of the things we have planned and call it a night? All I’ll need then is your journal log.”

“Sounds good to me.” I walked away from both Matty and Ali and I took a few deep breaths in and let them out before I put on my camera face.

“Hey guys, it’s your girl, Kiera.” I grabbed the camera and deleted that introductory.

“Hey, guys, Kiera here.” I grabbed the camera and deleted that footage, “No, that’s not it.”

“What’s wrong with mom?” I heard Kelia ask Matty from the couch.

“Awh, she’s working which is why we’ve got to be quiet.” Matty rested his arm on the back of the couch and I saw her squeeze her tiny body into his side.

They are so cute.

I just wish I didn’t have to make this journal entry by tonight. It’s the last thing I want to do right now, mainly because I am completely blank in my head.

“What’s up you guys? I’m sure most of you know me but for those of you that don’t, I’m Kiera Santiago — formerly known as Kiera Johnson. And welcome to my channel.” okay, that’s not too bad.

“One year, six months, and fourteen days ago a devastating event had occurred here on earth. Cyclone Alexis had not only taken homes,” I started to choke up because the beginning of the story is so sad. It hurts so much to know other people are going through what they are going through because of a natural horrendous event, “But it also took half of the homes already so small population.”

I paused for a second while I let the stories I heard today run through my head again, “And today,” I took a deep breath in and looked away from the camera because I felt the tears starting to slowly form, “It broke my heart. And I have to idea what to say.” I reached for the camera and gently slammed it down on the table and I stormed out of our tent.

I’m frustrated that I don’t know what to say in this. I should’ve stuck with the movie documentary, rather than doing weekly YouTube updates. It’s a great opportunity but maybe I didn’t think this through.

If I did the movie, I’d just have everyone following me around as I just worked. But with YouTube — it takes time. Between personal journal entries and talking one on one time with survivors and everything else that comes with it, it’s going to be so time-consuming and I don’t even know what to say to people through a YouTube video. It’s only the beginning.

I glared into the sunset as I sat outside our tent where we had our floating egg chair and I ran any idea in my head what to say.

“Mommy?” Kelia scared me as she stuck her head outside of the tent curtain.

“Yes, Princess?” I held my arm out for her to join me in the chair.

“What’s wrong, mommy?” she slid her way onto the hanging chair and curled her body into mine.

“I’m just having a small difficulty with work, but I’m better now that I get to get one your warm hugs.”

She hugged me tightly with a light giggle, “What’s wrong with work? I thought you were doing YouTube.”

“I don’t know what to say in the video.” I chuckled at how stupid that sounded coming out of my mouth.

“Well, you should watch Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch. He’s pretty cool and knows what to do for everything.”

“I have a better idea.” I slid out from the egg opening and I struggled but I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“What’s the better idea, mom? Are you going to watch his channel?”

I walked into the tent and sat her down in the chair beside mine and set the camera back up on the stand.

“You’re going to introduce my channel.”

“Really? Do you mean it, mommy? Do you really mean it?” she started crying dramatically.

“Yes, I mean it.” gosh, she is so cute, “But first we have to fix your hair and clean your face up.”

“This is the happiest day of my life!” she screeched as she continued crying.

“But you have to stop crying so we can clean up your face.” I walked out of the kitchen with a damp wipe and I wiped her face of the tear and dirt stains.

“What’s going on over here?” Matty butted in and he was startled by Kelia’s puffy eyes. “What’s wrong, Princesa?”

“Mommy is letting me introduce her channel!” she jumped up and stood on the chair while looking at Matty. Her smile was exquisite, and you could spot it from a mile away because of how happy she was that she is introducing my show.

I didn’t want her getting on cameras until she was older and understood what this life comes with but it’s only a YouTube channel and I’m sure that she won’t fall in love with doing it.

“Oh, really?” Matty looked at me confused and his smile made Kelia’s disappear immediately. “Can I speak to you outside, babe?”

“I don’t really have a lot of time. I have to have this perfect by 6:30 no later.” I started pulling Kelia’s tight black curls behind her ears and worked my way up her scalp to make a high bun.

“Now,” he said sternly as he walked towards the closed curtain and exited the tent.

“I’ll be right back. Why don’t you think of what you’re going to say when you introduce yourself?” I finished putting her messy curls in a nice messy bun.

“Sounds good to me!” she screeched.

I walked out and found Matty waiting for me in front of the tent with a rude look on his face. And I couldn’t help but think, oh gosh. What could I have possibly done to set him off now?

“Yes, Matty?”

“Why didn’t you discuss this with me?” he snapped at me as he started pacing back and forth in front of me.

“Discuss what?” I was confused. I don’t see what the problem is.

“Oh, I don’t know — how about our six-year-old daughter going on camera for her first time?” his attitude was awful and if this is what our fights are going to be like — stupid and idiotic — then I’ve got a road ahead of me because I love him too much to even think about leaving him for a second.

“Well, I-,”

“Well you what, Kiera? You didn’t think to talk to me about it first as her father? I thought we agreed that once she got older we would let her choose if she wants to be on camera or not once she knows what your life comes with.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I don’t know why but I feel slightly insulted. Is there something wrong with my profession? Is there something wrong with what I do for a living to bring in money and give my daughter and future children their best life?

“It means I can deal with the cameras and people following us around when I’m with you, but I’m not going to have my daughter go through that at six years old.” he stormed off, “It’s not happening!”

And that’s it? Does he think I don’t get the last word?

“I don’t even get a say in this?” I shouted as he continued walking away from me and ignoring me, “Then you can go in there and tell your daughter that she can’t introduce a YouTube channel and sit with me while I talk.” I shouted loud enough so he could hear me.

He continued walking off without looking back for a second and he disappeared over a hill of sand.

I walked back into the tent and shut the curtain behind me, “I think I know what I’m going to say, mommy!”

“What’s that?” I took a deep breath in a lightly shakes myself from the anger that had ahold of me and I threw on a smile before I met her at the table and camera.

“I think we should say our names and have a funny introduction. Then other YouTuber’s usually explain what their conquest is and give a little bit of info in it.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. Just tell me where to sit.”

“I’m going to sit on your lap, mom.” she held her hand out in annoyance.

“Okay, ready when you are.” I sat down on the barstool and picked her up to sit in my lap. “Remember, this is work and it has to be perfect.”

“Girl, you know it,” she said with attitude and face.

“Ready? Three, two, one.”

“Hey, everyone.” Kelia wanted to the camera, “I’m Kelia.”

“And although everyone knows me, I’m Kiera.”

“I’d just like to start with thank you for watching, it means a lot to me and her. And thanks for watching my mom’s channel.”

Her and I, Kelia.

I started rubbing Kelia’s back lightly, “A while ago something horrible had happened. Taking out almost half of an entire village, not only their homes but their population, too. And if it weren’t for you guys I wouldn’t be here helping out, so I’d like to thank you guys so much for the support and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Don’t worry, I have a couple of surprises for you guys coming up soon.”

Matty walked into the tent and shut the curtain and Kelia slid off of my lap and ran to him and he scooped her up and exited the tent, “But we will get back to the details and I’ll explain to you what I plan on doing. But right now, I’d like to talk to you guys about the severity of how wholesome we should be with one another. Just because we are separated by different land doesn’t mean we can’t work together to make this world a better place for our children and our children’s children. And I know what you guys are thinking, what could I possibly do to save this world? If you see a straw on the ground, pick it up — you just made a difference. If you see a garbage bag or a candy wrapper floating around, pick it up — you just made a difference. If you see plastic floating in a body of water, pick it up — you just made a difference. Just because you don’t have the social power that others do, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the power to make a difference. Global warming is real, and we can’t keep putting it off like we have another planet to go live on. This is our home and we were all placed here for a reason.”

I took a deep breath in to remain calm, “It’s up to us to keep each other safe. I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks and I’ve learned so much. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Finishing line, Kiera.

“I wanted to keep this short so we could show you what we have in store with you guys. But I can’t wait to bring you guys along with me on this journey and see what Africa has in store for us. If you’d like to make any donations I’ll post the link in the comments. Thanks, guys.” I kissed the tips of my fingers and blew into the camera lens, “Oh, and we have exclusive merchandise coming out soon and fifty percent of the money is going towards charity for the Onwyaga tribe. We out!” I held up a peace sign while smiling before I grabbed the camera and turned it off.

“Are you finished?” I was startled looking over my shoulder to see Matty behind me. I wasn’t even aware that he came back in. Again.

“Where’s your daughter?” I felt like arguing, and I had time today.

“She’s outside with some of the other kids and Duma.”

“For your information, she was only helping me introduce the channel and that was it.”

“She doesn’t need to be in front of the camera’s yet, babe.” he said nicely.

“No, don’t babe me. She is old enough to decide if she wants to be in a YouTube video with me, this is a project that I’ve been excited about for a while now.”

“She’s six fucking years old.” he raised his voice lightly before letting a deep breath out, “Can we not argue and just talk it out?”

“Exactly, she’s six fucking years old and is capable of saying whether or not she wants to be in front of a camera. And if you didn’t want to argue, you shouldn’t have stormed away from me when we were talking and you wouldn’t have taken your daughter away.”

He chuckled lightly.

I turned around to look at him in annoyance and I grabbed the camera while I got up and walked towards the closed curtain door, “Jesus! You’re so annoying.”

“Babe!” I heard Matty shout as I left the tent. I started walking towards Alison’s tent and Matty grabbed ahold of my arm lightly to stop me from walking. “Can-,”

“Don’t do this out here, don’t.” I glared at him as I ripped my arm away from him and I walked away.

I know it wasn’t his fault what happened while he was gone, and I would never hold it above his head. But I’m the one who has raised our daughter, I’m the one who raised her myself. And I’m thankful that he is here now to help raise our daughter together, but he doesn’t know her as I do.

He doesn’t know what Kelia is capable of in this world just only at six years old. And I’m sure every mother says that about their child, but I mean it when I say she is so special and is going to do so much greatness in this world.

“Knock knock,” I said as I approached Alison’s tent.

“Come in!” a soft voice sounded from the inside.

“I’ve got the finishing part of the video you asked for.” my phone vibrated.

At the airport now & I’ve managed to escape the paps today!! Can’t wait to see you!!

She’s already on her way here? We only discussed her coming this afternoon and I didn’t even have the thought that she’d be able to get everything finished and in order by tonight.

Kudos to her.

No way!!!! Let me know when you’re almost here & I’ll drive out to have someone pick you up. Omg, I’m so happy now!

“Sweet. Do you want to set it on the table and we will get started in a second? I’m cooking some rice.”

“Sure.” my phone vibrated again.

I’m sorry baby... forgive me?


I can’t deal with him right now, I have to have this episode out by tonight and I have to figure out how I’m going to tell Justin and Hailey that Selena is coming here for a week or two to help out with the project.

You okay babe?

Matty & I got hitched LMFAO. I didn’t think it would change anything but it’s way harder than it seems to be.

What do you mean change? You aren’t regretting it right?

Heavens no! He’s the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything but it seems he gets annoyed about every little thing I do. He flipped tf out on me because I let Kelia introduce us in the first episode for my channel!! How ridiculous is that?!🤦🏻‍♀️

I see where you’re coming from, you are her mother after all. Have you guys tried talking it out?

I can’t. His face annoys me right now & I have more pressing things to worry about.

And that’s on yeet yeet😂 I’m boarding the jet now and I’ll be there in a few hours love you xoxo❤️

Love you bbg❤️

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, perfect timing. Where do we start?” I locked my phone and set it face down on the table with my ringer on vibrate. I’ve made the mistake of ignoring my phone completely once and I paid for it because my daughter ended up in emergency surgery.

“I’m thinking we can use the building content tonight, just a small fifteen-minute video of what you have planned. I also think it’d be best to leave to the interviews you have done today for the next video, we don’t want to have too much the first so people don’t have anything to look forward to in the next one.”

“Right. So where do we begin?” I reached for the yellow pad of paper and I got ready to make the perfect introductory video.

Hey hails. I’ve got to talk to you. Wya?

This is going to be rough explaining to her that Selena is on her way.

Sure. Kelia and I are at the tent. Is everything okay?

Yeah omw.

I left the small accessory stand and made my way to Hailey’s and Justin’s tent as fast as I could while scrolling through my Instagram.

“Babe!” I heard Matty call for me.

Wait, I forgot we were even arguing. I got so busy with the video editing and thinking about how I’m going to break the news to Hailey that I forgot for a split second that I had a husband with whom I was arguing with.

“Shit,” I mumbled to myself and I turned around to see him jogging towards me, “Hey, Matty.”

“How’d the video editing go?” I started walking forward again when he caught up to me.

“I think it turned out really great I’ve got it downloaded on my phone if you want to watch it?” it feels like I’m talking to a friend, not my husband.

“I couldn’t be happier for you, Kiera.” he lifted the corner of his mouth and slightly smiled at me.

I lightly chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“First of all, it’s baby so get that through your head. And second, if this is your attempt at an apology I give you a two out of ten, would not recommend.” I smiled proudly in his face.

“I’m sorry, baby.” he playfully wrapped his arm around my shoulders and playfully messed up my hair, “Do you forgive me?”

“Stop! My hair is already a mess!” I tried blocking my messy Dutch braid from his large palm but he overcomes my small hands.

“Do you forgive me? Do you?” he laughed at me.

“Fine, but only if you let go of my hair!”

He lifted his grip on me and held his arm around my shoulders while staring at me with a smile, “Are you actually sorry?”

“I shouldn’t have approached things the way I did, and I’m sorry about that. But you could’ve talked to me about it before you made the ultimate decision. I don’t know if you forget sometimes but you’re not alone anymore and I’m here too, now.”

“Yeah, sorry. I guess I just got so used to making all the decisions myself that I might’ve forgotten this time.” kind of.

“What are you doing now?”

“Going to tell Hailey and Justin that Selena is on her way here right now.” we continued walking and I began to see Hailey’s tent.

“Ouch, how are you going to do that?”

“Slowly,” I said the first word that popped into my head. “Unless you want to be the one to do so?”

“Baby, I’m just here for emotional support.” he laughed.

“What? Like my personal cheerleader?” I teased him.

“You got this, sis.” he said with a feminine accent and his hand on his hip while we continued walking and we approached their door.

“Thanks.” I cheesed at him with a big smile. “Are you decent?” I shouted into the closed tent.

“Come in!” I heard Hailey shout.

“Yerrrr!” Matty shouted as we entered the tent and shut the curtain behind him.

“Yerrrr! What’s up, bro?” Justin met Matty halfway and dapped him up. Matty separated from me and followed Justin to the couch and I went into the kitchen area. “What’s up, Kiera?”

“Hey, Justin.” I greeted Hailey, “Hey.”

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Nothing, just got done with the first video. What are you two up to?” keep it casual, Kiera.

“Kelia is in her tent with Garrett reading so we took the liberty to have a small date night.” she glared at Matty and Justin playing to Xbox together, “Or we were supposed to.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t be long.” I laughed at her annoyance because I related to her.

“What’d you have to tell me?” she shoved a grape in her mouth and began mixing what looked to be a fruit salad in a large glass bowl.

“Listen, there is no easy way to say this.”

“Is everything okay back home?” she began to look a tad bit worried.

“No, yeah, everything is fine back home. But uh, Selena is on her way here.”

“Right now?” she stopped stirring the bowl and looked at me with a mean grin.

“Yeah. And before you say anything, I didn’t think she’d come right now. We only discussed it this afternoon while we were filming.”

“Okay, so what? You want us to leave?” she rolled her eyes at me.

“Hailey, no! She already said she would keep her distance and hopes there won’t be any drama. I swear, I wouldn’t put you in that kind of situation.”

“She said that?” she was confused.

I nodded my head slowly.

“I didn’t even have to ask her, she knew you guys were here and she just came out with it.”

“Fine, but if I get the slightest wrong vibe we are leaving.” she glared at me before she went back to stirring the fruit salad.

“Thanks, Hails.”

“What are you two doing for the rest of the night? Want to hang out?” Justin asked while they played the game intensely.

Hailey and Matty glanced at me, “You guys go ahead. I’m going to see Kelia and go shower. I’m not feeling well.”

To be honest I felt sick to my stomach and light-headed with a dash of cramps in my stomach area.

I probably caught the bug.

“You sure, babe? I can come with you?” I walked over to Matty and leaned over to kiss the top of his head.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Don’t be out too late.” I walked towards the curtained exit, “And don’t forget to tune in for the first video in twenty-seven minutes.”

Justin, Matty, and Hailey started cheering in excitement for me, “Love you guys.” I kissed the tips of my fingers and blew the kiss towards everyone.

“Love you!”

I would say I ended this very stressful and mean day on a good note, which I hadn’t expected. But I hadn’t expected to argue with Matty like I did, I didn’t expect Selena to make her way over here, and I didn’t expect Hailey and Justin to take it softly as they did.

I hate to brag, but I have the best friends that anyone could ever ask for. And I don’t just say that because we are famous. I say that because they really are the most sweetest and down to earth friends I could’ve ever asked for.

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