Finding Home

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Chapter Twenty Seven

I stared at the crowd of people who helped me make all of this happen. If it weren’t for the donations of my friends, family, and fans then this wouldn’t have been able to be done at all and these people would still be suffering. If it weren’t for the volunteers and construction workers none of this would’ve happened, either.

I needed all of the help I could get, and everyone who could and wanted to offer their help — did. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

I held my glass of ginger-ale high to make a toast, “We’ve done it, everyone. We finished this special project that meant so much to not only me but the people who are staying here.” I’ve done tons of shows and walkways in front of crowds but I’m nervous in front of everyone I’ve brought over here. “I’d like to say congratulations to everyone, who cleared their schedule for six and a half months to come over to another continent to clear this mission.”

I’m just going off of a limb now, I have no idea what I’m saying. I should’ve prepared something nicer.

“Look, I’m going to be honest. I didn’t think we would be able to make this happen. I didn’t think we would be able to finish. I’m so used to things going bad in my life that I have very little hope for anything to go right. And not only did you guys help make this happen, but so did my friends and family. I along with my family and the families we’ve just helped out here, are so proud of you guys. It takes courage and balls to do what you guys did this last half of the year.” everyone started lightly chuckling. Formal is for the weak. We became a family doing this project.

“You guys showed me that the saying, ‘if you put your mind to it, you can do anything’ is real. You just have to believe in yourself.” I saw a few people shedding tears, mostly my friends but there were a few other heads that knew I meant every word, and they were actually touched by what I said. “I know you guys are starving, and the food caterer just finished laying out the food. But I just want to finish with the statement that we leave here tomorrow night, different men and women. Not only I, but every single person who participated has inspired someone in this world to do better. And for that, I’d like to say congratulations, everyone!” I took a sip of my ginger-ale that I had secretly replaced for the champagne.

Everyone started clapping proudly while laughing with each other and enjoying the words I had just said. I hope I inspired every single one of them to be better human beings, and not just from my YouTube channel but from the project itself. We’ve made a family out here, including the survivors and we’ve created reassurance that everything will be okay.

“You can serve yourselves now! The line starts at the end of the table. Why don’t we form two lines on each side of the table?” I watched as everyone but Matty, Kelia, and my friends stood up from their tables and rushed over to the catered food. I really wanted Thai food and Indian, so I ordered a little bit of everything. I got a large bonus from YouTube and wanted something good to feed my friends and family.

“Congratulations, baby.” Matty kissed my cheek lightly, “I’m so proud of you.” he kissed my lips.

“Thanks, honey.” I felt so fluttery right now. I love it when he kisses me in public. It makes me feel like he is claiming me and marking his territory.

“Congratulations, Kiera. You were right, I know I feel so inspired to do more for this world and you’ve helped me open my eyes in a lot of matters.” Justin stood up from the table and hugged me tightly while kissing the top of my head. I guess he sees me more like a little sister, not that I’m complaining. It’s Justin freaking Bieber.

“Thanks, Biebs. That means a lot,” the tears started to slowly fill in my eyes.

“Me, too. I see things — everything so different now. You really did something out here Kiera, and you’ve made a statement for yourself. I couldn’t be more proud.” Hail’s pressed her hand on top of mine and smiled at me before pressing her cheek to mine while kissing my cheek.

“Thanks, babe.” I wish Selena, Alison, and Luka could be here but unfortunately, they couldn’t make it. They helped me drive down the busy road of construction and helped me up when I was down. “You guys helped a lot. And I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“Mommy, can we go eat now?”

“I got it, baby.” Matty stood up from the table looking like a snack himself in his white dress button up long sleeve t-shirt and black dress pants. He grabbed Kelia underneath her arms and lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the long line of people waiting for their turns for food.

“What are your next plans?” Hailey asked while she took a sip of her champagne.

“I might just lay low for a while. Let Matty work at headquarters instead of at home while I take care of the kids.” wait. I didn’t mean to say that. The look on Hailey’s and Justin’s face grew alerted by what I had said, “Kelia. I meant to say Kelia.”

“Is there anything you want to tell us?”

“Not that I can think of. Why?” I rested my chin on the palm of my hand and smiled innocently. I planned on telling them once I get out of the first trimester. I plan to hide this pregnancy for as long as I can from the public and I’m going to make sure my friends and family know this also. I don’t see how it could be anyone’s business until I say it’s anyone’s business.

“No reason.” I feel like deep down Hailey and Justin know what I meant to say. And they knew that I’m hiding this from them. “You want to go get a plate with us?” Justin stood up and held his hand out for Hailey as she lifted herself from her chair royally.

She’s such a queen. I love her.

“Sure!” I stood up from the table and walked with them to fill my plate with food at the end of the line.

Matty’s POV:

“I have a surprise for you and Kelia.” my hand was interlocked with Kiera’s and I kissed the back of her hand while we walked towards our tent. With it being our last night here before we leave early in the morning I wanted to do something fun and I had the perfect thing planned.

The entire time we’ve been here Kiera has either been working or sick so we couldn’t do anything fun as a newly married couple. And now that Kelia is here and she starts school a week from now, I thought it’d be nice to plan something for them.

“What is it?” she asked. Her excitement was very knowledgeable. I’m not sure she is trying to even hide it, but if she is then she is absolutely awful at it. It’s the most cutest thing in the world and I can’t wait to surprise her for the rest of our lives together. With a crowd or not.

“Change into something comfortable.” I lightly cupped her flawless cheeks with the palms of my hands and I puckered my lips extra fluffy before I forced her to face me and kissed her.

“Define comfortable.” she laughed. Her comfortable is way different from my own. If she had a choice of what she would wear every day it’d be something tight. She loves dressing up, even if it’s just around the house or the office for the day she would still choose to dress up.

“You’re so cute when you laugh.” I couldn’t stop staring at her and it was mission impossible to stop smiling. Not that I want to, she’s just so damn beautiful. “A pair of pants and a t-shirt will work, baby. I’m going to go grab Kelia and make sure she’s ready. We will meet you back here.”

“I’m telling Kelia when we land.” she caught my attention as I separated from her.

“I thought you wanted to keep it a secret?”

“I feel like we repeatedly keep keeping secrets from her that are kind of important in a family. And it’s been eating me up alive for the past two weeks. We kept us getting married from her, imagine if we kept the secret that she is going to have a little brother or sister in just a few short months.”

She has a fair point. And I’m not saying she is wrong, but springing it onto her as soon as we land and when she’s about to start a new school year could cause some chaos.

“Sounds good to me, we will tell her together.” I lowered my knees wrapping my arms below her ass cheeks and picked her up while twirling her around lightly, “God. You’re so perfect.”

And I meant it. I’m obsessed with my girl and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better one. She’s my best friend and I got the glory to have children with her and start a family.

She couldn’t stop giggling while I spun her around and kissed her neck playfully. I just want to shower her with all my attention forever. The thought of her never ends and I needed her in my life forever.

“Okay! I feel like I’m going to be sick.” she giggled while pleading so I let her down on her feet slowly.

“How are you feeling right now? Any pain or bleeding?” I forgot for a second that she was pregnant.

“No, honey. I feel great!” she smiled her perfect pearl white teeth at me.

“Good, I’m glad.” I pecked her on the lips. “I love you, babe.”

“I love you, babe.” she kept smiling while she kissed me. She kissed me wanting to only kiss me goodbye before I left, but I didn’t want to disconnect from her perfect pink strawberry-scented lips. She has such kissable lips, I’m surprised I was the first one who got to her. She’s the rarest fucking diamond out here. I started massaging my lips into her plump wet lips and our bodies had become connected. We became one. The kiss grew stronger and faster — more intimate.

A ginormous heat bubble began to grow rapidly in my groin area and started to grow into the pit of my stomach. She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her chest to his without breaking the kiss.

I want more. I need more. We both need more.

I lifted my hand to the bottom of her chin and slowly pulled away with a smile on her face leaving her breathless. I needed to come down for air, I’m on cloud nine with how perfect and steamy that kiss was.

“Wow.” she was speechless.

“I just wanted to give you an example of how I’m going to kiss you for the rest of our lives while we are together.” I winked at her before I kissed her again and left without another word.

“Daddy!” Kelia ran towards me with her arms sprawled out and I scooped her into my arms while lifting her up in the air. “Please tell me we aren’t leaving right now!” she spit out her bottom lip and her eyes grew big and shiny.

“Not until tomorrow morning, princesa. But — what would you say if I had a few surprises for you and mommy?”

“What is it?” she screeched in excitement. “Please tell me!” she repeated over again until she ran out of breath.

“Would it be a surprise if I told you?” I lifted an eyebrow at her while chuckling at her dramatic attitude. She definitely grew up with her mother, that’s a given. “So you in?”

“Si!” she rested her head on my shoulder and I carried her back to the tent where Kiera was.

“You’ve been working on your Espanol. What else do you have?”

“Hola, me llamo Kelia-Jae Santiago. Tengo seis años y no tengo armas. Mis padres son Matteo y Kiera Santiago.”

“Who taught you that?” how the hell does my six-year-old daughter know what to say when she is in a bad situation? I’m not saying it isn’t handy to know — hell no! I couldn’t be a more proud father but what the fuck.

“Mama and Papi. Did I say it right?”

“It was perfect.” I kissed the side of her head, “It was absolutely perfect — just like a princesa.”

“Should I change my clothes, daddy?” I realized she was wearing a matching pair of red Adidas track pants and tracksuit. And where we are going, she’s going to need something light and a bathing suit. “Or do you think mommy would be fine with this?”

“Do you feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit underneath some shorts?”

“We’re going swimming?” she screeched at the top of her lungs in excitement.

I slightly can’t wait until she grows out of that but it’s also very cute. “Calm down, child.” I joked, “Yes. Swimming is involved and I’ve already got your to-go bag ready with it packed inside. But your mother is going to have to find something decent for you.”

“Okay, daddy.” I lowered her to the ground and she had run into the next tent beside ours where she had slept last night and disappeared behind the closed curtain.

“Babe?” I called out for Kiera as I entered the closed curtain to our half-empty tent.

“In the bathroom!” she called out with a tint of misery in her voice.

“You okay?” I suddenly heard her gag loudly in the bathroom.

Morning sickness.

“Yeah.” I heard the toilet flush and she exited the bathroom.

I told her something simple. Today we are just three family members spending the last day of vacation together. We aren’t a family that has loads of money and an A-list model and/or actor as a wife and mother.

I like to watch her lay everything out on the bed and mix things together to get the best look. Hailey taught her that trick, and she also taught her to never overthink an outfit. And ever since then, she hasn’t. And I’ve never seen a bad hair day or bad outfit that she’s pulled together.

Her outfit resulted in a pair of her extra large grey Champion sweatpants with a beige extra large Champion sweatshirt to match and a pair of her original tan Timberlands. I said comfortable, so she went with comfortable.

“Where are we going, daddy?” Kelia groaned in annoyance as she held my hand while we walked through the woods. “Are you sure we aren’t lost?”

“Mind your father, Kelia,” Kiera said nicely. It was cute, and I know Kelia didn’t mean any disrespect whatsoever. In fact, I didn’t even think anything wrong with it, but I like that Kiera is enforcing respect at such a young age.

She’s going to help our daughter become the best woman she can be.

“Sorry, mum.” she said softly, “My feet hurt. What are we doing all the way out here?” we walked down a dirt path through a large section of the woods filled with fallen trees and hanging vines from the standing trees.

“I said I’ve got a surprise for you guys. It’s just over this hill.” I grinned happily at Kiera while Kelia continued holding my hand.

“Can you at least carry me the rest of the way?”

“No fair that you get a piggyback ride and I don’t.” Kiera stopped walking and crossed her arms against her chest while pouting.

“But, mum!” Kelia whined louder than Kiera.

“Fine. I get one on the way back, though!” she bargained with our daughter.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you guys are sisters.” I teased them. I can’t believe I get to live with this for the rest of my life. The best decision I ever made, was taking Kiera into that room and fucking the shit out of her.

“Ha-ha, very funny.”

“You’re the one whining over not getting a piggyback ride because our daughter wants one,” I said in defense while I laughed at her. That statement shouldn’t even be coming out of my mouth. But here we are, with that statement coming out of my mouth.

“You’re not wrong.” she shrugged her shoulders at me while smiling.

“I know I’m not, I’m never wrong,” I said proudly, because I’m never wrong.

“Hey, Kelia,” Kiera called for her attention. “We’ve got something to tell you.” I was confused. I thought we were telling her when we got back to school.

“Am I getting another puppy?”


“Another pony?” her smile kept growing. “A kitten? Please tell me I’m going to be in a movie like you!”

“You want to try acting?” Kiera hesitated to look at me. I hate the thought of my daughter being on a screen for everyone in the world to see her more than what they already see on Kiera’s Instagram and Twitter.

I know I’m going to have to let her decide if she wants to start her acting career like her mother sooner or later, but I’d rather it be later.

“I want to be just like mom when I grow up.”

“We’ll see what we can pull together when we get home. But it is not to get in the way of school and the moment it does, it’s done.” I smirked at Kiera. I could tell she wanted this. And I want to give her everything she wants.

“Really, babe?” Kiera walked to the opposite side of Kelia and took the picnic basket from my hands while resting her head on my shoulder.

“Really, daddy?” she screeched in excitement, “I can be in a movie just like mommy?”

“You can be just like me. And maybe your little brother or sister would like to join you.” Kiera grabbed her belly and Kelia glared at her.

“What?” she muttered under her breath loud enough for me to hear. “I don’t have a little brother or sister.”

“In a few months you will.” we stopped walking and Kelia’s jaw dropped.

“I’m going to have a little sister?” she started to tear up.

“Or a little brother. We don’t know yet.” I lowkey hope for a little boy. I think it’d be so cool to have a mini-me running around terrorizing the girls.

Kelia started crying hysterically and tears began to stream down her face. I worried she was crying because she had a sibling on the way. When I was her age, I definitely didn’t want to have a younger brother or sister. Being an only child is almost perfect. I got everything and anything I wanted.

“What’s wrong, princesa?” I knelt down and held on to her shoulders to comfort her while she cried.

“I’m having a little sister!” she quickly wrapped her arms around my neck as she jumped into my arms.

“So, you’re not upset?” Kiera knelt down beside me and rubbed her back while she hugged me tightly and held on for her dear life.

“Can we play dollies together? And can we play fashion show?”

“Well at first she might be a little too small, but I’m sure once she or he gets bigger they will love to play with you.” Kelia pulled away from me and Kiera moved a loose curl from out of Kelia’s eyes. “When will she be here? Did God choose when to send her?”

“God says she needs time to bake in the oven, she should be here no later than June.” Kiera rubbed her thumb on Kelia’s dirty face to wipe the mud from it.

“How far away is that?”

“Seven months from now, baby.”

“Is that a long time away?”

“It’s after mommy’s birthday, but not too long after that.”

“Okay. And if I don’t like her we can send her back with the bird.” she watches way too much television. I couldn’t help but laugh at her comment. We can’t just return her like a broken toy from Walmart but it was absolutely adorable that she thought we could. At least she doesn’t know that babies come from sex.

“Okay, princesa. Are you two ready for the surprise?”

“That wasn’t it? There’s more?” her smile grew wider while we started walking on the dirt path to our final destination.

“There is so much more.” we came to the top of the small hill and you could see the beautiful scene I was excited to show the girls. There was a gorgeous small waterfall with a natural rock slide leading from the top of the waterfall to the blue open pool of water.

“Woah!” tt was a beautiful scene to look at. But not half as beautiful as looking at my daughter, and my wife who is pregnant with my second child mesmerizing the view. Kelia is the most gorgeous child I’d ever seen. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter. She has these tight curls that she gets from my side of the family. She has big bright blue eyes that her mother has on some days when the sun is shining. Hers were bright and dark like the ocean but always had warmth in them. She had beautiful long eyelashes and a smile that can light up any mood. You can tell Kiera made sure that she brushed her teeth every morning and night before and after bed because her teeth are perfect. And to top it off, she got my Papi’s dark caramel-colored skin that helped every feature on her face stick out almost immediately.

But her mother — God. Her mother is a different kind of human being. Not only is she a killer mother, but she is a killer model-actress. She is literally the definition of picture-perfect. She is exactly the type of female that anyone would want to be around. She is so caring and honest. I intend to shower her with my attention for the rest of our lives together. Her heart and brain are filled with integrity and truth. She is so breath-taking to look at. I almost can never take my eyes off of her and there are always images of her playing through my head. I’m so addicted to her.

“Let’s go!” Kelia started dragging us behind her trying to run like she was the roadrunner running from Taz.

“Go ahead, walk down there, and get ready. Don’t get into the water until we get down there.” Kiera puts emphasis on walk. That’s that mom voice that I think is the sexiest voice she does. It’s hot as fuck watching her have respect from our daughter and still love her with everything she’s got. “We will be down in a few minutes, I’ve got to talk to your dad.”

“Is he in trouble?”

“Is there a reason he should be in trouble?” she winked at me.

“I guess not. He is a cop.” she walked as fast as she could down the hill with her pink Gucci personally-made backpack that had her name printed in sparkly gems strapped around her shoulders.

“Am I in trouble?” I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I don’t recall doing anything.

“Are you texting Bianca?” she waited long enough for Kelia to getaway. She had her arms crossed over her one another with a mean grin on her face. “Don’t lie to me, either.”

“Well, not that I planned on lying to you, but she was messaging me on Snapchat. Would you like to see?” I felt slightly offended that she thought I would even lie to her. I had no intention of hiding it from her. She knows my Snapchat password and she has her face ID registered into my phone in case hers ever dies and she needs to make work calls.

“What the hell could that bitch be messaging you about? And how the hell did she even become your friend?” she started biting her left cheek which meant she was getting extremely angry. And I hate when she gets angry like this. She goes on a binge of ignoring me for weeks until I prove how sorry I am for whatever it is I did. I’m not saying this to be rude, but most of the time she overreacts just a sliver when she does get angry like this.

“She messaged me about my five-year high school reunion that’s happening next month. Babe, what’s this about? Why are you so angry with me?”

“Well, Matty, let me break this down for as easy as I can. She took the liberty to post a picture of your messages — how she took the picture without you getting notified? I don’t know. But there are messages from you stating how excited you are to see her and show her everything you’ve got.”

“What?” those weren’t even relatable to what we talked about. “What the fuck are you talking about, babe?”

“You obviously know what the fuck I’m talking about. Right? I’m just going to put this out there, if you’re not happy and want to experience something else then you can go. I can raise Kelia and the baby on my own and we can work out a schedule. But say so now so I know I’m not wasting my time because you can’t have it both way-,” I slammed my lips into hers to stop her rambling.

It’s just the stupid fucking pregnancy hormones, she doesn’t mean any of it.

She pushed me away and I hugged her tightly. She tried fighting to get out of my grasp but gave up only seconds later while starting to slowly hyperventilate. “Do-do-do you want someone else? Do you want her?”

“Babe,” I pulled her away and held onto her shoulders while looking into her beautiful wet eyes that were ready to let the waterfalls begin rapidly collapsing, “I’m so addicted to you as a person I don’t think I’d be able to even think about leaving let alone look at another girl.”

“So,” a single tear fell down her cheek and she wiped away the trail while slowly starting to grow a small smile, “You still love me? Even though we’ve been together since high school?”

“I love you, babe. And only you.” I kissed her lightly. These pregnancy hormones are certainly going to get the best of her and I only hope I can help her with the life she lives now. The celebrity life is really hard, and I give every single one of the props to what they do. From watching Justin and Artist in the studio late at night or helping Kiera and the girls get ready for their shows. Anyone working the celebrity life lives a pretty harsh life.

“You still want to get married to me, again?”

“Of course I do. I want to rub it in all of our friend’s faces with how amazing our lives are.” I know that’s wrong of me to say as a friend to anyone but my wife is absolutely fucking sexy both inside and out. She’s the whole package. “I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown behind our daughter who is tossing flowers. I can’t wait to say I do, again.”

“I love you.” a couple of tears fell from her cheeks as she massaged her lips on mine. “I love you so much and you’re the best husband and father any girl could ask for. I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby girl.” I wish there was a way to scream to the world how much I love her. “We should probably head down there, I’d hate to see Kelia get angry because we are taking too long.”

The most dramatic fight we’ve ever had.

“Dinner was delicious, babe.” Kiera wiped her face with a cloth napkin with her fork and spoon crossed on the plate. “Thank you so much for cooking for us tonight.”

“It was really good, dad. Is there any dessert?”

“Grandmas Spanish cinnamon cake. Clean up your area after you wash up and you can have a slice if you’d like, princesa.” I wiped my face with my napkin and threw it on top of my plate while finishing my last bite.

Kelia got up from her table and grabbed our plates from in front of us, “I’ll wash them, honey. Go ahead and just set them in the sink.”

“So, what’s next?”

“What do you mean, what’s next?”

“What’s the next project? A new clothing line? Another sponsorship? A movie? A television show? What’s next?”

“I don’t know. Everyone keeps asking me that. I’ve got tons of offers. But I was thinking why don’t we just chill for a bit? I want to hang back with the pregnancy for as long as I can. I’m shooting to hide it up until he’s born.”

“You think it’s a boy?”

She rubbed her tight stomach while smiling, “Yeah. I think it’s a boy.”

“Did you set up an appointment for when we get back?”

“Yeah, it’s Friday at nine.”

“Okay, I’ll set an alarm earlier so I can get my morning workout in, and then we can go see our baby.” I reached beside the table and lifted her high enough from the seat to slide her onto my lap. My hand found it’s way underneath her shirt and I started rubbing her back softly. I rested my head in the crease of her shoulder and she rested her head on top of mine.

“It’s nine at night, babe.” she lightly giggled.

“Why so late?”

“So nobody sees Doctor Askaw entering the driveway. She’s going to bring the ultrasound machine to us.”

“Okay, I’ll be sure to be home.”

“What time do you think we should board the jet?”

“Well, I’ve got one more surprise for you guys, and then we can head out. Garrett said he will get our bags to the airport and checked in after he’s done doing whatever it is he is doing.” I lightly chuckled at the secret that I know but can’t tell her.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, babe. You want some cake?” Garrett asked me not to speak about it until he is ready and I’ve got to respect his wishes.

She hummed in happiness at the sound of cake and kissed the top of my head before attempting to slide off my lap but I didn’t want her to leave. She fits so perfectly on my lap.

I grabbed ahold of her waist firmly and sat her back down on my lap. I want her one last time here while we have time.

“Hey, princesa?” I called for Kelia while looking into Kiera’s eyes with lust trying to hold back from shoving my tongue down her throat.


“Why don’t you take a quick shower before we head out for our final project? We have a long flight ahead of us.” I tucked all of Kiera’s hair that was covering her beautiful face behind her ear. She bit her bottom lip and batted her long eyelashes at me.

“I’ll bring in clothes for you in a second, babe!” Kiera shouted to Kelia while slowly growing closer to my lips and more lustful. Our lips were almost touching, but not quite. She’s teasing me. I love it when she teases me.

One in ten couples have a perfect sex life. I got blessed to have the best fucking sex life with the best partner ever. Everyone always has that sexual itch deep inside where they want more, but I don’t.

Kiera is wild. She’s a beast in bed, and she’s so passionate when we fuck and make love. I’ve explored, studied, and mastered every kink and every inch of her body.

I know the quickest way to get her turned on is to kiss her neck — it’s her easiest weakness and biggest turn on. She also loves when I kiss all over her body and use my tongue to play with her beautiful pink nipples.

Not only does she have a drop-dead gorgeous body but she knows how to use it, too. She can move her hips like no girl I’ve ever seen before. Absolutely amazing. I love it when she throws me back into the bed and creeps on top of me to either play with me or ride the fuck out of me.

She makes me nervous when she teases me like this. She makes me grow butterflies just when she walks in the room or if I hear her name. And when I hear my name leave the tip of her tongue as she moans with my cock deep inside I grow more and more fond of her. I become more addicted every time.

“Okay, mom!” I slammed my lips to hers as soon as I heard Kelia slide the bathroom door shut. I wanted Kiera. And I wanted her now. She positioned my waist between her thick muscular thighs without breaking the extremely steamy kiss. I’m barely able to catch a breath because as soon as our lips separate we find them attracting right back to each other, finding new ways to explore each other’s mouth. My hands fit perfectly on her fat ass and the more I squeezed the harder I got in my pants.

I’m not bragging, but God blessed me with a good-sized one in this lifetime. And I knew that before Kiera, but Kiera has verified it with how loud she gets.

I used my cock to every extent possible after Zoey broke my heart by sleeping with my best friend. I’m not sure how Zoey managed it but she left and never showed her face again the day I found out about them fucking behind my back. Chris quit the team immediately after I beat his fucking ass and is now a stranger to this school.

What can I say? I put the fear in people.

“I want you,” I pulled her face away from mine and she tried to reconnect our faces, “Now.” I slammed my lips into hers again and held tight onto her ass cheeks as I stood up from the dining table and carried her to the couch. Her lips were covered with a mix between strawberry shortcake lipgloss and my saliva — my favorite flavor she has.

I quickly but gently laid her down on the white couch cushion with the goal of not breaking the kiss while I pulled her shirt over her head. I connected my lips with her soft, lightly tanned skin starting at her neck and working my way down to her cleavage that was leaking out of her red lace bralette. Her cleavage is probably my favorite part about her. No — I lied — it’s her ass. I’m sorry, I lied again. It’s her voice. All she has to do is say the word and I’m available to her.

“Take your fucking pants off.” she pushed me away from her chest and she pulled her sweatpants and matching red lace panties below her knees. I untied my grey Nike sweatpants and pulled them down to my knees with my boxers.

I reconnected our kiss and let my tongue massage it’s way over her lips and into her mouth while I laid her straight on her back. I started rubbing my dick as fast as I could to get it completely ready for the best quickie we are about to have.

“Matty.” she moaned while I kissed her breasts and moved my way down to her navel area.

“Shh-shh.” I pressed my finger to her lips to silence her. I rubbed her clit as fast as I could so by the time I slide deep inside of her she’s already soaking wet and throbbing for more of me.

I positioned my cock against the outside of her dripping pussy before I slid in as fast as I could. I think our quickies are probably my favorite. They are short but so inspirational and fun.

I thrusted deep inside of her as fast as I could causing her to moan into my ear growing louder and louder the faster I moved my hips. I tried making it so Kelia didn’t hear the clapping noise over the shower water but Kiera’s got such a juicy pussy that I can’t stop ramming into it as fast as I can.

“Fuck!” she lightly screamed into my ear while I sucked hard onto her neck and picked up speed thrusting hard into the lips of her pussy.

“You have to be quiet, baby.” I covered her mouth with the palm of my hand allowing her to breathe out of her nose and slowed down speed as I was growing close to my climax.

She moaned lightly into my hand she scratched at my back enough to leave marks while I come to a complete stop and soak inside of her while I pump my semen into her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out a long breath of air. “Fuck, you’re so wet, baby.”

“Mommy? I’m ready for my clothes.” Kelia shouted from the bathroom. I quickly pulled my cock out from inside of her and pulled my Nike sweatpants over my waist before I wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead.

I love ramming my cock inside of her, even if I struggle to catch my breath for a few minutes after. Especially after I’ve played with her for a bit. I’ve had my fair share of experience, but she is the best. I knew I had to marry her.

“Be right there, honey. Go ahead and dry off!” she pulled her white skin-tight shirt over her head and pulled her sweatpants over her hips. I bent over and kissed her moist lips while trying to breathe normally before I stood up from the couch. “Oh, I have so many plans for you.” she wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me before walking to the bed where our travel bags were.

I felt my cock instantly spark and begin to grow again as the words escaped her mouth. An average man could maybe go three or four times in one night, but she knows exactly how to get me started. And I’m not complaining.

“Can you-,” my work phone started ringing.


“Hey, boo,” I smirked at Kelia while I put the phone to my ear.

“Why the fuck do you insist on being with that gay shit? Doesn’t your wife feel some type of way about it?”

“Oh, she has no idea that we are secret lovers.” I mumbled to him while smiling happily, “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it last time.”

“Shut the fuck up!” he screamed into the phone at the top of his lungs.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his anger. He hates when I do that gay shit with him but his reaction is just so worth the extra paperwork.

“I’m glad you think this is funny. Just so you know, boss heard every single part of this conversation.”

“Shit.” I mumbled under my breath, “Hi, sir. I didn’t mean to-,”

“When are you going to be back in the U.S., Santiago?”

“We board tonight at quarter to and take off at nine. Is there a new case, sir?”

“We’re working on something, we aren’t sure yet. You also have your qualifications test to be done.”

“Yes sir. If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly am I qualifying for?” I’d remembered him talking about me taking the test but never entirely told me what it’s for in depths.

“Not only will you get to carry your gun but we were hoping to get you out in the field.”

“You want me in the field? I thought I was better off in the screens?” I’m not sure how Kiera will feel about this. It would mean more danger and less time at home to help her with the kids and I’ve already done that to her once. I can’t do that again with two children, especially with her job.

“You are.” I heard Delgado mumble.

“You want round four when I get back, mi amor? Is that why you’re so cranky?”

“I’m not even going to ask what you guys are talking about or who you’re speaking to.” Kiera walked into the room and plopped herself on the bed while tapping on her phone.

“It’s my boyfriend, Delgado.”

“Oh! Tell him I say hi and don’t think he is taking you away from me too much.”

“You heard her, boo bear?”

I married my best fucking friend.

“We could use you out in the field, Santiago.” boss interrupted us.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I have little to no training at all.”

“That’s why we plan to take you out into the field to examine what we do. There will be a giant pay boost and you’d get to brief with us in the mornings.”

“Sir, I’m grateful for the opportunity. But I don’t think right now is a good time for me to be traveling around with you.”

“Why wouldn’t it be a great time? You’re always bragging about how you want to be in the field with us and now is your chance.” boss sounded pissed. I could hear it in his voice.

I know we swore to keep it a secret as long as possible but for fucks sake, I just got my family back and it’s expanding currently. I don’t want to leave them for weeks maybe even months, or even have the chance to miss the birth of our child. “Sir, I have a chi-,”

“You’ll work locally if that’s what the problem is. We still need you on the computers for us. Is there any way that you can put your computer system on a cell phone?” he interrupted me.

“Well, yes, sir. So I won’t be flying with you?”

“Not unless the Section Chief orders so, you’ll stay put in LA.”

“Yeah. When do you need an answer by?” I have to talk to my wife about this. Right? That’s what married couples do. I’m not sure how exactly to do this. My parents tell me to take it one day at a time and never say goodbye. Always say see you later.

“We need you here for your test as soon as you land.”

“Give me a few hours.” I smiled heavily at Kiera. She knows something is up, I can tell by the look on her face. And I’m sure she’s thinking the same thing as me.

“Wimp.” I heard Delgado mumble into the phone speaker.

“Are you secretly begging me to join, boo bear?”

“Fuck you.” he snarled, “We’re hanging up now.”

“And, Santiago?” boss caught my attention.

“Yes, sir?”

“Congratulations on expanding your family.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.” I thought they hadn’t heard my statement because I was interrupted.

“You’ll have to let us know when you find out the gender so Tessa can throw a killer baby shower for Kiera,” Delgado added.

“Yeah.” I lowered my voice so only they could hear me, “Can we try to keep this a secret? Kiera wants to keep silent as long as she can.”

“Yeah, with her lifestyle it’s kind of explainable.” Delgado started laughing.

“You wish she followed you on Instagram,” everyone wishes she followed them on Instagram. Not only is she fun to look at in her beautiful and professional taken pictures but she’s just so cool to be friends with.

“Actually, I,” he began to lower his voice while trailing off, “Do.”

“If you treat me right boo bear, I think I could ask that favor.”

“Enough, you two. Let us know when you board your plane and when you’re about to land, we want to have the range set up for you.” boss scolded us before he hung up the phone on me.

“What was that look for?”

“Baby, have I ever told you how beautiful you are? And how you have the most beautiful soul I’d ever met?”

“What do they want?” she rolled her eyes at me in annoyance to the kissing ass.

“They want me in the field.” I walked over to the bed and plopped myself on my back beside her on the neatly made bed. “Before you object-,”

“You’re leaving me, again?” she sat up straight, “You’re leaving me with two kids?”

“Baby,” I sat up beside her and lightly forced her to look at me. She had tears filling her eyes, and fast. Her nose and cheeks grew bright red. The hurt in her eyes grew more and more intense, “I’m-,”

“Okay, dad! Can we eat cake and go for the last surprise?” Kelia interrupted us and noticed Kiera was on the verge of crying, “Are you crying, mom? Are you okay?”

She quickly turned her head away from Kelia so she could wipe the tears from her eyes and smiled at her, “No, baby. I’m fine.”

“Babe,” I muttered to her. She didn’t even give me the chance to explain. She just immediately jumped to the conclusion that I’m leaving her for work. But I guess I can’t be too pissed off because I’ve already left her once.

I reached to grab her hand so I could tell her and she could enjoy the last surprise I have for her but she ripped her hand away from me and walked with Kelia into the kitchen.

“Since it’s our last night here, can I have a big piece?”

“Sure, sweetie. Why not?” she smiled at her while trying to hide the sadness.

“I think you should have a big piece, too, mom. You seem sad.” Kelia hugged Kiera’s hip causing her to freeze and stare at me.

“Here, go sit at the table and enjoy it.” she handed Kelia the paper plate that had a medium-sized piece of the delicious cake centered on it.

I lifted myself from the bed and caught Kiera before she could walk away and I hugged her with my arms wrapped around her neck. “I’m not leaving now, I’m not leaving tomorrow, and I’m not leaving ever again.”

She stayed silent.

“If you would’ve let me speak before jumping to conclusions, you would know that it’s only locally because they still need me behind the screens.” I pulled her away and grabbed her face to bring her in for a kiss, “I’m not leaving.”

I’m not making the same mistake twice.


“I’m not leaving,” I whispered into her ear before kissing her on the cheek and I went to join Kelia.

“I know it’s been super busy these last few months here. And I thought you both deserved the reward.” I put the car in park beside a large tent.

“What’s in there?” Kelia was practically outside of the vehicle examining around us. She wasn’t going to find anything, everything I plan to surprise them with is behind the tent being blocked.

“It’s not what’s in there, it’s what is on the other side.” I opened the door and walked to the other side. I always opened the door for Kiera and Kelia. They are my queen and princess anyways.

“What’s on the other side?”

Here it goes.

“Have either of you ever rode an elephant before?”

“No way.” Kiera grabbed ahold of my shoulder to turn me towards her, “No freaking way.” she remained calm on the outside but you could see the excitement exploding inside her eyes.

“I told you guys I had surprises for you, didn’t I?”

“Elephants, dad?” Kelia screeched at the top of her lungs. “Can I ride a baby elephant?”

“You may or may not be riding a little girl named Rosa.”

“Rosa!” she started crying hysterically, “That’s so cute!”

I live for these moments. I’m so happy we are a family. I think we made the best decision to get married without waiting. We already have a child and dog together, plus a child on the way. It only made sense to get married rather than waiting a year or two.

“We’ve only got an hour before we have to leave, so make sure you take a lot of pictures.” I winked at Kelia.

“Have you talked to grandma and grandpa today?” Kelia turned to her mom.

“Grandpa is doing fine, he is feeling a lot better today.” she picked Kelia up and held her on her back, “You’re getting just a little too big for this, sweetie.”

“I can take her if she’s too big for you, baby.” I didn’t want her to hurt herself. She has my precious bun cooking inside of her.

“It’s fine, I’ve got it. Thanks, though.” she thinks she needs to be independent still but she doesn’t. I’m here now and I’ll forever regret it and pay for what I’d done. But I’m never leaving her and Kelia ever again. I will forever be in their debt because I already left them alone.

“Fun fact — did you know that elephants react the same way we react to them? They think we are absolutely adorable.”

“Really? That’s so cool!” Kelia screeched in her mother’s ear.

“I did a little bit of research before I booked the hour.” I winked at Kiera. I know she wouldn’t want Kelia to do something that could potentially be dangerous.

“Do you think we can bring my little sister to the elephants next time?”

“Maybe. We will have to ask him if he wants to first.”

“I don’t know why you’re acting like it’s going to be a brother. Mariah says it’s a girl.”

“Who’s Mariah?” I glanced at Kiera in confusion.

“She’s my friend, she’s standing right next to you.” Kelia giggled while covering her mouth.

I think it’s normal to have imaginary friends, and I’d be concerned if she didn’t. Not only is it good for the loneliest children but also the happiest children. Having an imaginary friend means you have someone who can teach you who you can and cannot trust. And sometimes it’s harder for children to talk to someone and trust someone enough to laugh and play with. It just seems so realistically normal to me that she has an imaginary friend.

“What does she look like?” Kiera asked.

“She has long pink hair and a fishtail.”

A mermaid, I’m assuming?

“If she has a fishtail then why isn’t she in water to swim around?”

“I was meaning to talk to you about that. She’s been living in the pool for a while now and she’s brought a couple of things with her for the move. But dad’s bacalao mixed with a plant called green weed gave her special powers to get out of the water and grow legs.”

“I guess I’ll let you slide with inviting someone into our home with whom we have yet to sit and have dinner, which will be happening sooner or later. But what is this green weed you are talking about? Where did you get it?”

“When we went to the waterfall, she pointed it out in the water and asked me to grab it.” Kelia slid down Kiera’s back and started walking beside me.

“Why didn’t she grab it herself?” Kiera asked.

“It was still alive so she couldn’t touch it or it would cut her. It had to be killed in order for her to eat it.”

“I don’t know if we should be concerned or not,” I whispered to Kiera.

“Yeah,” she whispered back to me with confusion on her face, “Did the green weed look like the stuff that was all over the beach and sand before clean up?”

“How’d you know? Are you working against her? Don’t worry, Mariah. I won’t let them hurt you.” she whispered to the vacant space beside her.

Seaweed. What a relief that she picked up seaweed and nothing more.

“Well, that was very nice of you to do for your friend. As long as she treats you like a friend she is always welcome in our home.” we made it around the tent and saw a family of three elephants standing in a circle while being offered treats.

“Oh my gosh, babe. I can’t believe you did this!” she gripped a hold of my cheeks and kissed me repeatedly causing me to smile while our lips were connected. Nearly eight years later and she still causes me to smile from the butterflies in my stomach. That’s fucking incredible if you ask me.

“You’re welcome, mi amor.” I pecked Kiera on the lips one more time before I waved to Burke who was feeding the elephants different treats.

“You guys want to go do this thing or do you want to stand around and take pictures?” I began walking towards Burke while facing the girls. They began lightly running with me towards the elephants and we stopped at a good distance so we didn’t scare them.

I want this for my family, for the rest of my life. And I couldn’t have chosen it to go a better way. I thought it was a horrible decision choosing to leave and go to the military but look at where we are now. There were bumps in the road at first but then we overachieved it and couldn’t be happier than what we are right now. I hope this high lasts forever.

I felt confident that we left Africa on a good note with everyone and ourselves. Our names will be remembered as heroes and known as the family with the kindest heart and I can’t wait to live this life because of it.

Whether it’s spending the night inside and if it’s sitting in the sidelines while Kiera works, I will never get tired of spending time with her and our children. Flying with someone is always more fun when you have someone to lay around with and not be buckled into a small seat. I’d hate to leave her to fly on a plane herself with no company.

I can’t wait to go home and edit the pictures we captured with the elephants and all of the other events that occurred. I’d like to have some of the pictures captured in the wedding video at our receptionist party.

My mind is going to be fully focused on the wedding. I know Kiera doesn’t want to rush anything and I don’t know what she is going to decide to do now that we are pregnant. I hope it’s a private wedding where our closest friends and family will be present. No paparazzi. No fans. No cameras. I want it to be our special day to share with our close ones. I think she will want to the same now, too.

“I’m going to take Duma home and then we are going to head over to the hospital.” Kiera pressed her cheek to mine and lightly kissed me. “Do you want to meet us there or are you going home afterward, babe?”

I lightly placed Kelia in the backseat of the van assuring I didn’t wake her before I quietly shut the door. “I don’t know, yet. I’ll call you when we finish at the range. Are you sure Kelia will be okay seeing dad like that?”

I wasn’t objecting, if she wants to take our child to see her grandparents then she can take our child to see her grandparents. But we are so young and unaware of what we should and should not let Kelia experience as a six-year-old. We would be the world’s worst parents if we didn’t let her see them but would we be awful for letting her see her grandfather dying of cancer?

“Well, I’m not sure. But it’s the first thing she is wanting to do, she’s been asking since we woke up the night we were leaving.”

“I think you should tell them about our little muffin.” maybe it’ll brighten the mood if he’s having a bad day.

“You don’t want to be there when I do tell them?” she wrapped her arms around my back and rested her head on my chest.

“Oh, I do. But if you want to tell them today, I won’t mind. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be at the range for.” I kissed the top of her head. Her hair always smells so good. I will never get sick of the strong scent of strawberries entering my nostrils. “And if dad is having a hard day, I’m sure that will make him feel more than better.”

It’s so natural calling Andrew and Heather mom and dad. At first, I couldn’t stand their presence, let alone could I bear them being around my princesa. But I could see it in Kiera’s eyes how much she wanted them back in her life. I saw how much she wanted to prove to them that she did it without them and she will continue to do it with or without them. But now they’ve slowly grown on me and they’re actually kind of obsessed with our relationship.

“Thanks, babe. They’ll really appreciate that.” she pulled her phone out of her back pocket and brought the speaker to her ear. “Hello?” it was clear that she hadn’t known who it was that was on the phone. She has her business voice-activated. “This is.”

I lightly kissed the open side of her neck while she listened to the person on the other line. If there is any quick way to catch Kiera off guard, it’s to suck on her neck a little bit. And it’s awful that I know that and I do it at the most inconvenient times but it’s just too funny to watch her reaction. “Garrett is in the car waiting for you with his new wife. I’ve got to go, baby. Love you.”

Traveling to an entirely different continent changes something inside of you. I’m not sure if it’s inspiration or if it’s just joy to travel to another place and learn someone else’s culture and their value, but it honest to God changes you. Your mind opens up to more places than what you knew were possible, explore places you seized to exist. Garrett got lucky, not only did he open himself up spiritually but he opened up his heart and found his wife.

I heard a car beep from behind me and I turned around to see a black Suburban with fully tinted windows. I saw Delgado exit the driver’s seat and stand at attention. I hated that he did that. And I hated how he and everyone else feel the need to stand at attention and salute to me as Executive Officer in command.

I wanted to try and forget about my time in the military. It was a nightmare waiting to happen. And I blame myself every day for being so good at my job, that I had to hide from my girlfriend and child for five years. If I hadn’t been promoted to Executive Officer, then I never would have fiddled around in the system with Sammie and we would’ve never been in the situation we were in. And if there is one thing I hate more than everyone saluting me like we are in formation, it’s that I got Sammie in that situation.

Not only will Sammie’s soul be scarred for life, but he will have the physical scars to remind him every day for the rest of his life. And I have no one to blame but myself, all because I wanted to play around in the FBI system. I owed it to him to save his life, and I owe it to him now to make sure he has as much safety as he needs.

“Love you, babe!” Kiera shouted to me as I jogged towards Delgado. I quickly waved at her and I approached the car. I watched as she waved at me while holding her phone to her ear and she entered the black van to the hospital. I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave.

“Fallout.” I hated this shit. We aren’t in the military anymore.

“Tell me, Santiago. Why weren’t we invited to the wedding?” Delgado mocked me jokingly while standing at attention.

“What’s wrong, babe? Jealous and wanted to object?” I winked at him as I sat in the passenger seat of the Suburban. I love fucking with him and I love his reaction to fucking around with him.

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking bitch.” he sat in the driver’s seat and slammed the door shut.

“I know you missed me, but I didn’t think you missed me that much.” I jokingly placed my hand on his thigh and gave his knee a light squeeze. He immediately threw my hand away from him and smacked my hand away when I tried to replace it.

“Shut up before I tell boss that you’re not qualified to be in the field.”

“I’m fine either way. My wife, kids, and I are set for life.”

“You seem confident that you have it all.”

“Think about it, dude. Not only am I an FBI agent, but my wife is a celebrity. Just her herself will forever create a legacy for our name and the generations after us.”

“What she did was great, and she really inspired so many more people in this world.”

“She makes everything okay.” I clicked the screen of my phone and smiled as I admired my background of Kiera and Kelia laying down on the couch while reading with each other. I loved the picture, it’s actually my favorite picture that I have of the millions in my iCloud storage.

Kiera gives off the vibes that everything is going to be okay. And even when it feels like nothing can go right in the world and like everything is against you, she still makes sure that everything will be okay.

“You’re crazy about her, huh?” he chuckled lightly.

“Bro, she’s got me wrapped around her pretty little finger.”

Delgado sighed softly, “As much as I love hearing about your love life, we need to talk about the test. Do you remember what it is that you have to do?”

“At three yards I have to draw and fire three rounds right hand only, switch hands and fire three rounds with my left hand only, all in six seconds. At five yards I draw and fire three rounds in three seconds, from the ready, fire three rounds in two seconds, and from the ready, fire six rounds in four seconds. At seven yards draw and fire five rounds in five seconds, from the ready, fire four rounds, conduct an empty gun reload, and fire four more rounds, all in eight seconds and from the ready, fire five rounds in four seconds.”

“Go on.” I locked my phone and shoved it back into my pocket.

“At fifteen yards draw and fire three rounds in six seconds and from the ready, fire three rounds in five seconds.”

“And twenty-five yards?”

“Draw and fire four rounds from standing position, drop to a kneeling position and fire four more rounds, all in 20 seconds.”

“And how many rounds total are you aiming to shoot?”

“Fifty, total.”

“I think you’re ready.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence but I got this one in the bag.” I’m confident. There isn’t a thing I’m not good at. And it’s one of the perks that makes Kiera fall in love with me more every day.

Everything feels so different now that I’m home with my family. I gained over a million followers on Twitter and Instagram, I have a child on the way, I’m on my way to complete my qualifications test, and I get to get out in the field all while staying local.

I went from sleeping alone on the hard floor with nothing to hold on to, to sleeping in a warm bed with my wife every night, and having everything I could ever ask for.

Kiera asked me once if I believe in God and at the moment I hadn’t. We were children, and it just didn’t make any sense that there was a guy with so much power in the world and yet there was so much suffering.

But now that I’ve grown older, found my wife, started expanding my family, and even found my dream job I realize that there is someone above watching myself and my family. I redeemed myself from the ass hat high school jock to the perfect husband and father and I can’t wait to show it to Kiera and our children for the rest of our lives.

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