Finding Home

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Chapter Twenty Eight

“You killed that shit, bro.” Delgado said.

“Enough, Delgado.” Boss scoffed as he handed me a manila envelope. “Now that you’ve passed your qualifications test, I’d like to take you out in the field today to get a feel what it’s like.”

“Where are we going?” I haven’t had much sleep in the last forty-eight hours. I’m not even sure how I passed the course of the qualification.

“Phoenix, Arizona. You have an hour to get a go-bag ready and be back here. I’ll have Delgado brief you on the way there and we will proceed from there. Do you have any questions?”

“That’s nearly a five-hour drive from here. Are you sure I’m ready for that yet?” I don’t want to leave Kelia and Kiera. I’m stomping my feet on the ground in my head and pouting like a little child. Just the thought of not being able to kiss them both goodnight gives me chills and makes my stomach turn. It’s part of the job but I wasn’t expecting it to hit so fast.

Boss lightly chuckled. “Sir?”

“The beauty of being in the FBI, Santiago. You have so much to learn and see. It’s only an hour flight over there. Bring something to keep yourself occupied on the way to Phoenix unless you’d like to hear Agent Sarah Stewart talk about her seventeen cats. I’ll see you back here within the hour.”

How am I going to explain this to Kiera? We just got back from Africa and now I’m leaving again to work my first case. I thought my first case in the fields would be close to home. Not a five-hour drive away or an hour-long flight.

“Yeah, awesome sir. I’ll see you then.” I turned around and began walking away while I dialed Kiera’s number.

“Yellow?” I hate it when she answers the phone like that. Yellow. Are we naming colors from the rainbow? Because I’ve got time for that argument. It’s also very adorable if I’m being honest. I’m such a simp.

“Hey, baby.” I missed her voice so much already. “What are you two doing?”

“We just got home from the hospital. Kelia is upstairs getting ready to take a nap and I’m getting ready to cook dinner. Do you have anything in mind?” I heard her closing a door through the speaker.

“Uh,” I guess I don’t deserve any time to process how I’m going to explain this to her, “About that.”

“What’s going on? Did you not pass your test?” she sounds like a worried mother.

“I passed it with flying colors. But I have to go to Phoenix.”

“What’s in Phoenix?” she’s no longer acting like a worried mother. She sounds kind of annoyed or pissed off by the tone of her voice.

“We have a case out there and Boss wants me to tag along. It’s only an hour flight and I can tell him that we haven’t set up arrangements with a babysitter yet, babe. Just say the word and I’ll call him.” I don’t want to stress her out any while she is cooking my bun in the oven.

She sighed into the phone, “No. It’s okay, babe. We have it held down here. It’s your first case out in the field. I think you should do it. Do you have enough time to eat dinner before you leave?”

“We leave in the next hour. I’m getting into the vehicle they lent me to go grab a go-bag and I have to be back here before we board the plane. Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

“I promise, babe. I want you to want to go to. Do you want me to pack you some dinner before you leave? I don’t want you flying on an empty stomach. I can order Charlie’s burgers if you’d like.”

“If you can have it there within the next thirty minutes I would more than grateful for a double cheeseburger with extra pickles and onions.” Kiera always knows how to dig her claws deeper into me. Food. I love it.

“I got you, babe. You can get your bag ready while I send Garrett out to get your food. I’ll see you then?” her voice is so angelic.

“I love you.” I love her so much.

“I love you, too.” I will never get sick of hearing her say she loves me. I know she is smiling just saying those three words together in a sentence. I can’t believe she fell in love with me of all people she could’ve chosen at camp. And she chose me for the long run, too. I owe it to God for allowing me to find my way back to them when I got lost. I’m forever thankful.

I’m unsure what I’m supposed to pack in a go-bag. I’m assuming essentials like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. But what outfits do I wear out in the field? I don’t own any suits. I own nice clothes for public outings with Kiera when she is making a debut. But I don’t know what to wear in this situation. I should’ve asked Boss before he left the room. Of course, I wasn’t thinking about that at the moment. I was thinking about my beautiful wife and unique daughter.

“Hello?” I walked into the garage door leading into the kitchen but no one was to be found. Only a note sitting next to a brown Charlie’s Burger’s paper bag. The smell of fast food filled the air and it was causing my stomach to grumble. “Anyone home?”

I grabbed the note from the counter and reached into the bag for a handful of their seasoned fries.

Find me in the shower. I’ve got a surprise for you. xoxo.
Your Wife, Kiera

The letter smells like her. She always has this strawberry scent to her skin. I don’t know if it’s the lotion she uses or her Chanel perfume but it’s always there. I set the handwritten letter down and I walked upstairs into our bedroom closet.

I’m still unsure what I’m supposed to bring with me in this go-bag. I refuse to pack any suits. I know as an FBI agent and team member I’m supposed to both look and act professionally but that’s not how I roll. I can make a few nice outfits work with t-shirts and a nice pair of jeans. I don’t need to bring eight pairs of suede dress shoes or seven different suits for each day of the week.

I decided to pack some of my plain colored long sleeves and some of my cargo pants. It’s easier to throw a nice outfit together with different colors rather than deciding which tie to go with. I’m sure Boss won’t mind either.

“Babe?” I heard her call from the bathroom with the shower running.

“I’ll be there in a second.” I finished shoving a couple of pairs of boxers and socks into the bag and I zipped my camouflage deployment bag, “I’m packing a bag really quick!”

I walked into the bathroom to see the shower glass fully fogged to the point where I could only see a blob of Kiera’s skin. I know what I want to do in this little time I have with her. I want to make love to her. I want to connect with her and I want to make her look forward to when I get home from this trip.

Kiera opened the glass door and a wave of steam hit my face as I began undressing. The thought of Kiera in this steamy hot shower waiting patiently for me makes my boner grow harder by the second. This beautiful woman is all mine. I get to taste her for the rest of my life. I get to make love to her for the rest of my life and make her moan my name while I make her feel good for the rest of my life. If that doesn’t excite a man then I can only assume he isn’t really a man, to begin with.

“Hey, baby.” I slid the glass door open enough to enter and let very little steam out.

“I missed you.” she slammed her wet lips to mine before I even got underneath the running water. We’ve only been apart a few hours and she already misses me. I could only imagine what it’s going to be like when I’m gone for weeks at a time. I know I’m not looking forward to it. I hope she’s not looking forward to it or Kelia either.

This is going to be hard as fuck.

“I missed you, more,” I said in between each kiss. She wanted to get the deed done quickly. I know we only have twenty minutes to do what we were born to do but I want to take my time. I want to hold her as I feel inside her. I want to connect with her spiritually. “Slow,” I tried pulling apart but she pulled me in to reconnect our lips together. “Down.” I was finally able to pull away while laughing at her eagerness.

“No. No slow down, speed up.” she cheesed hard when she slammed her lips to mine and she started rubbing my shaft while pushing me underneath the steaming hot water.

“Babe,” I want to take my time this time. I want her to get excited for when I come back, have something to look forward to.

“Matteo Santiago, you’ve been too good to me and you deserve for me to treat you for once.” she sat me down on the marble shower seat with the water pouring down from the waterfall above our heads and started seducing me. It’s working. I’m nearly fully hard and I’m ready for her to treat me now.

I was looking to treat her but I guess she has other plans for us.

She pushed my chest causing my back to lean against the wall and began sucking on my neck while slowly moving down to my pectoral muscles. Her plump lips that were soaking wet from the water falling on top of her head felt like lotion on my skin. The lower her lips moved down to my navel, the more I felt chills running down my spine. She sure does know how to get a man excited.

“Yes ma’am.” my eyes rolled to the back of my head as she started sucking on my head and rubbing my shaft. Her tiny hands barely fit around my shaft but she manages to wrap two hands around me and she starts bobbing her head up and down.

Her lips are extra wet from the water and her mouth is so moist I could finish any second. She really is showing me what’s going to be waiting for me when I get home from this trip. I should purposely fail out in the field for my first time so I can stay back with my family while working the computers. It seems like the smarter choice for me. I can’t live away from Kiera and miss out on this every night of my life. It’s just not going to work out.

“Fuck,” I accidentally moaned aloud as she began to lower her lips on my shaft removing her hands. She slowly bobbed her head up and down while making her way all the way down my shaft. She really knows how to work her lips. But her tongue is what does the magic. I don’t know what it does, but the way it moves just feels phenomenal on my dick and I’ve never experienced this with any other girl. She’s a secret baddie.

I don’t want to finish yet, but it’s close. I want to give her what I came in here to give her. I came in here to make her feel good and show her what I’ll have for her when I come back. I knotted Kiera’s wet hair in my hand while she began to deepthroat my dick and I had to pull her off. She isn’t getting off that easy. I’m not going to be the only one who is going to be missing something while I’m gone.

She tried putting her head back down on my shaft but I lifted her jaw up and picked her up from her knees and sat her on my lap. She lightly bit my bottom lip and held on tight with her arms wrapped around my neck, “I’m supposed to be treating you, honey.” she kissed my cheek.

She slowly began bobbing her hips up and down slowly on my dick causing me to get closer to my climax. What is wrong with her? I’m not complaining about how this is going but I’m supposed to be making her feel good. She’s completely taken over my body and I have no control anymore. It’s all up to her now. “We had the same idea in mind.” I lightly chuckled grabbing her butt cheeks and squeezing comfortably.

“You do so much for Kelia and I,” she pulled away from my neck and looked me in the eyes, “Just sit back and relax, my love.”

I want to take her to pound town. I want to make her scream now. I don’t know why but the way she told me to sit back and relax hit a spot that made my horny level go from seven to one hundred in just those few seconds. I stood up from the bench and I held her close to my body barely using any muscle.

Now it’s my time to shine.

I lifted her high enough in the air to insert my dick inside of her and I slammed her down my shaft causing her to scream and moan. I know she loves it when I take over. I know it. She doesn’t need to admit it because her energy and moans tell me otherwise.

I continued clapping our skin together while kissing her underneath the steaming hot waterfall above our heads. I’m so happy she chose this house and this bathroom. There are so many ways that I can fuck her and make her feel the way every wife should feel in their master bathroom.

Her body is perfect in every which way possible. Her ass. Her breasts. Her face. Her stomach. It’s all so perfect. God ran out of nothing when creating her. “I love you.” I could feel myself seconds away from completion. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

She smirked while kissing me, “I love you, more.”

As the last word that rolled off her tongue, I started to feel complete. She’s so beautiful. I love looking into her bright eyes as I fill her up. It’s such an intimate moment, I don’t know. I see the love in her eyes when I finish with her, I don’t see lust. Just love.

“I, wow-,” I was speechless. That was the perfect quickie I always had in mind. So inspirational but yet so short.

“Yeah, same.” she giggled as she lowered herself from my hips.

“Are you sure I should go? I don’t want to miss out on that.” I quickly started washing my hair with shampoo.

“Yes, babe. I think it’d be good for you to be out in the field. You don’t think so?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m kind of scared.” why am I saying this? I don’t even really feel scared.

“Awh, scared of what, honey?”

“Being away from you and Kelia.” maybe I was in denial. Because what I’m about to say is the God honest truth. “Death.”

“Matty, I-,” her face looked concerned and scared. Not scared of me but scared for me.

“It’s fine, babe. I just don’t want to leave you and Kelia again. It’s not that deep.” I sighed. I can’t believe I’m lying to her right now after how far we’ve become. “I really can’t stand the thought of risking my life and you guys losing me again.” I’m actually terrified of death.

“Are you sure it’s nothing more? I can’t be there for you if you don’t let me.” does she have superpowers? I started washing her hair for her.

“I promise it’s nothing more. I thought you’d be more scared than me. The people we hunt have no morals. They aren’t capable of feeling guilt. They’ll shoot knowing they are going to die.” I’m rambling now but it’ll take her mind away from her gut feeling.

“All I can tell you is that I believe in you.” she turned around with the strawberry soap suds on the top of her head, “I’m not going to try and sugarcoat it. It’s scary knowing it might not be you at the front door but it’ll be your colleagues. And I’m not going to stand here and say corny inspirational shit.” she lightly giggled. “But I believe in you. If you don’t like it after this round, just ask to be put back in the office. As you said, it’s not that deep.”

I couldn’t help but smile and kiss her. She knows I don’t want to hear that corny shit, just like she said. But I believe her when she says she believes in me. She always had the answer to everything and I love that about her. She’s experienced so much at such a young age and she uses that to an advantage when helping her people out. So fucking unique. I love it.

“Thanks, baby.” my pre-alarm for me to be out the door sounded outside of the glass wall that was completely fogged up. “I’m going to miss you.”

“FaceTime us as much as you can. We will answer every time.” she kissed my cheek and began washing the shampoo out of her hair. “Wait for me to get out of the shower. I’m only washing my body, Kelia and I want to say bye.”

I reached outside of the shower and I grabbed a warm towel. “Got it, I’ll pack my bag in the Suburban and say bye to Duma.” I wrapped the warm towel around my waist and I quickly dressed in the outfit I had picked out before getting in the shower. I hurried to get my bags outside and in the truck. I have fifteen minutes to beat traffic and make it to the airport if I leave on time. I have a little less than three minutes to say goodbye to the love of my life and perfect daughter for God only knows how long.

“Babe!” I shouted for her to come meet me at the front door. I hate rushing like this. I hate leaving them. “I have two minutes before I have to leave!”

“We’re coming!” I heard Kiera shout from the kitchen and seconds later both Kelia and her walked out. Kiera was holding my bag of food she got me, I would’ve been so disappointed if I missed this awesome cheeseburger. “You forgot something.”

She pressed her cheek to mine as she handed me the bag and she lightly kissed my skin with her soft plump lips, “Thank you, baby.” I tightly wrapped my hands around her back and kissed her without pulling our lips apart.

“I love you.” she pulled away after pecking me on the lips.

“I love you, too.” I love her so much it’s scary. I finally grew the courage to break my hands apart from each other and let her pull away from my body. I don’t want to let her go. Ever.

“Hello? What about me?” Kelia pulled at my pant leg and dramatically looked at me with her puppy dog eyes. “Don’t I get a hug and kiss?”

“Ven aquí, princesa.” I bent my knees to pick her up and her arms wrapped around my neck immediately.

“Are you sure you’re only leaving for a few weeks? You aren’t going to leave mommy and me, are you?” she whimpered into my ear so only I could hear her while Kiera took a picture of us.

“Prometo que volveré por ustedes dos. Sólo me iré unas semanas como dijo tu madre. Te quiero tanto, y no lo olvides. Tal vez hasta pueda traerte un regalo para cuando llegue a casa.” I whispered into her ear. “Mamá necesita que seas fuerte con ella. ¿Prométeme que no la desobedeces y la ayudarás todo lo que puedas?”

“Si,” she whispered back. “Te quiero, papá. Go catch some bad guys and kick their butt.” I have the best fucking family ever.

“I love you, most.” I kissed her cheek and gave her a tight squeeze for a hug and she started giggling. She loves my bear hugs. I don’t know why but she always giggles once I start.

“Okay, daddy! I can’t breathe!” she dramatically cried out while laughing.

I lightly set her on the ground and kissed her cheek one more time before kissing Kiera on the lips while petting Duma on the head. “I love you, guys. I’ll be back shortly. Muah!” I kissed my fingertips before spreading my arm out.

“Text me when you land, babe.” they both waved at me, “Tell daddy you love him.”

“Love you, daddy!” she stopped waving and hugged my legs one more time before running away to the television.

“See you later, babe.” I don’t believe in goodbye’s after this. It’s never goodbye, it’s always see you later now. “Love you.”

I feel so much more confident leaving our home to another state now that I talked with Kiera. Knowing that she believes in me gives me hope that maybe this is what I’m supposed to do rather than sit behind a computer and look up names.

I hope Kiera’s done believing that she is being punished because I see life as such a blessing now that we are back to where we were at in our relationship and we even have a baby on the way. If she believes in me then anything can be done. I know no matter what she and Kelia will always have my back and I can’t wait to see what else fate has in store for us.

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