Finding Home

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Chapter Thirty Three

Matty’s POV:

I woke up to a loud roar of thunder and the rain hitting the windows in our bedroom. I looked out to see the sky dark and clouds covering the gray sky. I rolled over to get my morning snuggles from Kiera but all I found was a note sitting on her pillow.

I didn’t even get my morning snuggles from her before I start my day? She’ll pay for that, surely. It’s not necessarily the sex that I look forward to after snuggles . . . maybe it is. But I love being able to wake up and smell the strawberry orchard that radiates from her body. I just love the morning snuggles and orgasm.

Of course, it’s always been the little things that matter. When she holds me in her arms. When she cooks me her breakfast burritos. Or when she plays with my hair while I lay on her lap to take a nap. It’s the little things that matter.

Kiera’s been working her ass off for the past three months trying to perfect the first season of Secret Life. Most nights she comes home late and Kelia is already in bed but I don’t mind. I love being able to tuck Kelia in at night after spending the day with her and have Kiera all to herself when she arrives home.

I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s rocking this pregnancy at nearly seven months all while working her ass off during the day. I miss seeing her any time of the day I want, but she’s thriving right now. They’ve officially announced that Secret Life was in the works and should be released within the year.

We’ve even managed to keep our bun in the oven a secret from everyone in the world except immediate friends and family. Kiera’s so small already that all she has to do is throw on a pair of pants and one of my sweatshirts that fit around her stomach oh so perfectly. Nobody even suspects a thing.

I do miss going to Malibu beach and seeing her in a sexy bikini top, though.

We decided that we wanted to keep the baby’s gender unknown until the day it’s here, but I feel it’s a boy. I would love to have a little boy—a little version of me running around the house antagonizing his older sister.

I grabbed Kiera’s letter and opened it, reading her beautiful handwriting.

Had to run to the office for a shoot. I should be back no later than 4:00. Breakfast is in the oven, I hope you and Kelia enjoy your breakfast burritos, babe. Kelia was asleep last I checked before I left but she might be up by the time you wake. Call me when you wake up. Love you sm.


I could smell the strawberry scent lifting from the white piece of paper. Even her handwriting is fancy, just like her. I lifted myself from our bed and quickly straightened the comforter and pillows before walking downstairs to heat up the burritos for Kelia and me.

I dialed Kiera’s number after I made myself a cup of coffee in the Keurig and I stepped out onto the back porch underneath the canopy.

“Hello?” Kiera answered after three rings.

“In what language did I ever tell you to leave me before I get my morning cuddles?” she sounded to be out of breath. It’s understandable. She’s seven months pregnant working day and night while being a full-time wife and mother.

“I’m sorry, bub. How will I ever make it up to you?” she giggled into the phone, “Hold on one second, Selena. I’ll be right back. What’s up? How’d you sleep?”

“Fine, it wasn’t great because I didn’t get my morning snuggles.” I fake pouted while watching the powerful rain crash onto the ground. “What are you doing?”

“We’re announcing the release date today at three so they decided to set me up for a photoshoot at the crack of dawn. Did you enjoy the burritos?”

“I’m heating them up before I wake Kelia.” I pulled an opened blunt wrap from my shorts pocket and I lit the blunt while holding the phone with my shoulder. “What time did you even leave?” I just can’t get over the fact that I didn’t get my snuggles this morning.

“Oh, around seven I believe?” she giggled, “I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight if you let me.”

A flashback of us making love tonight and me drilling her into the bed flowed behind my eyes and I felt my cock start to harden, “I would never object to such a thing.” I said mischievously. I took a puff of the blunt and I got a text notification from Justin.

“Hold on a second, babe.” Kiera pulled the phone away from her ear and I heard her voice distantly through the speaker while I read my messages.

Heading to the studio & bringing the girls if you guys want to come chill.

Let me wake Kelia up and we will meet you there.

“I’m sorry, babe. They need me to do a change of clothes and get back out there. I’ll see you tonight for dinner?”

“Yeah,” I took a large puff of the blunt, “Kelia and I are going to head over to the studio with Justin after breakfast so we might stop by.”

“Sweet, just ring me when you get here.” I heard her kiss into the phone speaker, “Love you, bye.” she quickly hung up the phone and it was just me and this blunt in the rain.

As I finished the blunt, I walked back inside and looked throughout the house for Duma before I woke the princess up from her beauty sleep. Duma is usually always at the end of the bed when I wake up or she’s usually always in the kitchen next to her food bowl. She doesn’t go anywhere else unless Kelia or Kiera is in the same room.

I walked into Kelia’s room after searching throughout the entire house and she was sound asleep in her bed. I turned the light knob to dim the light to low power and I walked over to her window to pull open the curtains. “Good morning, princesa. Mom made burritos.”

She didn’t move from where she was laying. Her head was completely covered and she slept soundly and warm.

“Come on, princesa.” I sat on the edge of the bed, “The girls are waiting for you at the studio with Tio Justin.” if Kiera’s burritos won’t wake her up then that will definitely wake her up.


I removed her comforter from her head expecting to see her sound asleep. But she wasn’t there. It was clothes that were laid out to imitate her body.

My heart dropped to the floor. Of course, my mind would wander straight to the idea that she was missing. I just searched everywhere except the garage looking for our dog and neither of them are to be found.

I dropped Kelia’s blanket on the ground and ran downstairs into the garage. I’m praying that she’s in there with Duma. She wouldn’t just leave and Duma wouldn’t have allowed anyone to break in without the alarm going off first.

The alarm isn’t set.

The alarm would’ve gone off when I opened the back sliding door to the backyard and it would’ve gone off again if I opened the garage door if I didn’t turn the alarm off. It would’ve never gone off if I did turn it off. But I didn’t.

I checked all six cars to see if maybe there was a chance Kelia was sitting in a car with Duma reading a story or playing on her phone.

“Kelia?” I shouted for her but there was no response.

I dialed Delgado’s number without even thinking to just find his contact and he didn’t answer. I repeatedly pressed redial until he finally answered the fifth call, “It’s so early. What the hell do you want?” Delgado moaned into the speaker.

“Kelia . . . she’s- she,” I can’t speak. My mind is racing ninety miles a minute and my mouth isn’t able to form the sentence that I need to say. My daughter is fucking missing. She would never just get up and leave with Duma, she would never just leave the house without permission. She knows better. She’s too smart and Kiera taught her so well.

“Matty, take a breath and regain your thoughts. What’s going on?”

I can’t. I simply can’t take a breath and I certainly can’t regain my thoughts right now. “Kelia’s . . . she’s . . . missing,” I said in between each breath.

“Woah . . . wha-, how? Did you check her location?”

Her phone. She never leaves anywhere without it. We bought it so we can ensure we can track her whenever we need to. “I-I didn’t check if it’s in her room.” I ran back into the house and went straight for Kelia’s room.

I shuffled through her night table drawer and looked on the ground for her charger to find there was no phone anywhere to be found.

“It’s not here!” I shouted into the phone as I threw her unicorn lamp across the wall.

The bits and pieces of class exploded and somehow a piece landed near me and a piece of glass cut my cheek. I couldn’t focus on the blood right now. I need to open Life360 to see her last location was at the end of our street thirty six minutes ago and before her phone was disconnected.

“I’ll call Boss. Just don’t panic. What was she wearing?”

“Duma’s gone and the alarms weren’t on.” I gritted through my teeth. I just don’t know how to process this right now. “Someone took her.”

“She could very well be walking Duma down the street and her phone died. I’ll call Boss and we all can meet at the office.”

“She was asleep this morning and there were clothes in place on her bed, Delgado. Fuck that!”

“There were clothes in place on her bed?” I can hear the panic growing in his voice. He knows Kelia would never pull a stunt this and that we’ve taught her to never do things like this. “What was the last thing she was wearing?”

“She wouldn’t do this.” I cried on the phone for help but he isn’t hearing me. He should be on the phone with Boss and setting out an amber alert. Not sitting on the phone asking questions.

Kelia would never let her phone die. She would never go anywhere without it. Something bad has happened. I can feel it. It’s like a mother intuition but I’m her father.

“Focus, Agent Santiago! What was the last thing she was wearing?”

I shook my head while rubbing my eyes trying to remember what we tucked her into bed in. “She was, she was, uh, she was wearing a pink onesie that had pig ears and a pigtail.”

As a father, it’s my duty to protect her from any harm that comes her way. I’m supposed to show her to good in the world and how it outweighs the bad. I’m supposed to help her grow up into a fine young woman and conquer all the bad in the world so she can shine just like her mom.

“Get in your car and meet us at the office. I’ll have Boss set out an amber alert and we will find her. Alright, buddy?”

“What if she’s hurt? What if someone took her and they’re hurting her as we speak?” my chest is so heavy I can barely breathe. It’s causing me to hyperventilate.

“Just do as I say, Matty. And make sure you use your sirens.” I hung up the phone and ran back into the garage and grabbed the Suburban keys from the key cabinet. I dialed Kiera’s number as I backed out of the driveway and turned the sirens on.

“You’ve reached Kiera. I can’t come to the phone right now but I’ll be sure to call you back if you leave a message. Thank you!” the automated system began playing before the tone.

“Kiera, I need you to pick up the damn phone!” I hung up and redialed.

I’ve never driven so fast in my entire life. I’ve always been so reliable in obeying the law and ensuring the safety of not only myself and whoever is in the vehicle with me but also other drivers that are on the road.

However, I can make an exception for today. For my daughter.

I don’t know what it is, but I can feel that this is going to be a bad situation. It may just be the parenting in me, but something bad is going to happen if it hasn’t already.

I’ve yet to shoot someone since I’ve joined the BAU. It’s always been my last choice because I would rather save their life and bring justice to the ones taken. We wouldn’t be able to do that if they were dead. But if I have to, I’ll shoot whoever it is that took my daughter without a thought.

Whoever this sick fuck is, they’re going to wish they were dead by the time I’m finished with them. I vow it to my life.

Kelia was always taught and reminded frequently to never speak with strangers and to always scream even if they are told not to. Either way; the kidnapper probably already plans on hurting the child anyway.

Since I’ve joined the BAU, I’ve told her what to do if she does happen to get taken.

If someone takes her in a crowded place, scream. If she can fight him off then try as hard as she can to get the attention of another adult that can help her. I’d like to believe that some human beings are good at some point. Someone would be able to see and hear the desperation in her scream and help her escape her kidnapper.

But if she’s taken in a place where no one is around which is slim to none because she usually always has one of the guys with her or me and Kiera. But if she is taken in a place where no one is around, scream at the top of her lungs and fight until she can’t anymore. Once she’s arrived at the destination where they plan to do to her whatever it is they plan to do to her, play along; feed into what they want you to do. She’s nearly almost seven, but I’m positive she could come up with a plan to keep herself alive long enough for us to find her alive and safe.

I always made sure that she knew I’d come to find her if anything bad ever happened to her. I promised that I’d be her superhero.

Both Kiera and Selena aren’t answering their phone. I threw my phone in my passenger seat and punched the wheel in anger while pressing harder on the gas. We are racing against time and the first twenty-four hours are the most critical.

I pressed the gas pedal down to the floor and my tires screeched as I made a sharp turn onto the street where Kiera is located. If she can’t answer her damn phone nor Selena, then I’ll just pick her up and explain things on the way. Surely, I shouldn’t be telling her over the phone anyway.

My phone suddenly dinged in the passenger seat and the screen lit up. I grabbed it hoping that she wouldn’t fucking text me after twenty-seven missed calls and twelve voicemails. She wouldn’t be stupid enough to see that it’d be an emergency as to call so many times in two minutes.

Kelia Jae Santiago
6 Years Old
Missing December 18th, 2026
Sex: Female Race: White/Hispanic
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Height: 4′ 01" Weight: 47
Missing From: Beverly Hills, California
County: Los Angeles
Narrative: A California AMBER alert has been issued for Kelia Jae Santiago last seen in her parent’s home sleeping in her bed around Santa Rio block, wearing a piglet costume with a tail and ears. If you know of any details of her whereabouts, please call your local police department.

It’s real. My daughter is really missing and she has an entire worldwide AMBER alert sent out. My six-year-old daughter was kidnapped.

The thought that coursed through my head made me only see red. I’m going to fucking kill whoever it is that thought they had the right to do this to my family after all that we’ve already done.

“Fuck!” I almost crashed into a car that should’ve been pulled onto the side of the road for emergency lights as I made a last-minute sharp turn into Kiera’s office tower’s driveway. I didn’t bother finding a parking spot. Instead, I sped onto the sidewalk leaving my emergency lights on and the siren blowing and I ran into the main lobby where I was greeted by the receptionist, “Mr. Santiago. What a pleasure to see you here today. Are you-,”

“Kiera. Where is she? Where the fuck is she?” I shouted in a panic. She could be on the first floor or even the twenty-seventh floor. There are so many sets in the tower; it’d be an hour before I actually found her trying to look and we don’t have time to spare.

“Are you okay, sir?” she looked at me from a worried standpoint.

“Where the fuck is my wife?” I shouted at the top of my lungs and everyone began staring at me.

“Eleventh floor, sir.” she peeped out of her mouth nervously. I could tell by her shaken body posture that I scared her but this is a life and death situation. 46% of kids that are missing are killed in the first hour.

And I refuse to let that happen. No matter who I have to scare or hurt to find her.

I promised her I’d forever be her superhero. And I intend to keep that promise.

I ran to the elevator knowing that I wouldn’t be able to run all the way up to the eleventh floor without needing a break or two to catch my breath. I’m not an athlete anymore and I have smoker lungs now that I’ve been prescribed legally a marijuana license.

I smashed my fingers into the number eleven and then repeatedly hit the close door button hoping to make this ride go faster. I stared at the digital numbers above the doors that started from the letter L and worked its way slowly but surely up to the number eleven.

When the doors began to slide open in front of me, I used my hands to push them open faster than they were going. I swear, it’s like fate knows we are against time right now and it’s trying to stop me from finding my daughter.

“Kiera!” I shouted for her but everyone just stared at me in concern. “Where is Kiera?”

Nobody answered me. They all just continued to look at me in their concerned blank looks. “My name is Agent Santiago,” I pulled out my badge wallet and showed my shiny badge and ID. “Where is Kiera?”

“Excuse, everyone. They’re doing a special dance episode promotion and it’s everyone’s first day on set.” Selena approached me as everyone clear an aisle for her.

I ran up to Selena and placed my hands on Selena’s arms, “Where is Kiera?”

“She’s on set right now. What’s going on, are you okay?” she placed her hand softly on my shoulder trying to calm me down with her touch, “Hey, take a deep breath before you make yourself throw up.”

“Take me to her . . . now.” I’m sick of everyone asking questions. If they were so concerned, they would check their phones for the national AMBER alert that was sent out.

My chest was expanding exceptionally larger than should be, Selena is right. I’m going to cause myself to puke or pass out from hyperventilating. But I don’t care right now. We are in a rush to get Kiera off set and get to the office.

“What’s going on?” she looked over her shoulder to see everyone being nosey around us. She started dragging me down the cleared aisle and we were soon alone in a hallway.

“I think Kelia-,” I can’t say it out loud into existence. I seem to choke every time.

“Come on.” she began pulling me down the hallway running and we entered a set while they were in the middle of shooting mid-scene.

Kiera, Amy, whoever she’s going by right now, is leaning against a green locker with school books in one hand and some random guy that looks like a pussy holding her free hand.

“Kiera!” I shouted without any remorse. “Shut the fucking cameras off,” I ordered everyone behind the cameras and they all jumped out of their skin at the sound of my voice.

“Matty? What are you doing here?”

“Grab your stuff.” I walked onto the set without asking permission and I grabbed her by her arm. “We’re leaving.”

She ripped her arm away from me and stopped walking, “What the hell is it you think you’re doing here?” she whisper shouted at me.

I looked around us to see everyone listening in on our conversation that should be minding their fucking business. But I forgot for a second to whom I’m dealing with. People feed off this shit.

“Matty,” she lowered her eyes and fist formed at her side, “What is going on?”

“I’ll explain on our way to the office when we don’t have ears listening in on our business,” I said loud enough for everyone to hear and they all began stumbling out of the room tripping over each other. “We don’t have time for questions right now.”

The room was now empty with only Kiera, Selena, and I present on the entire set, “You’re going to tell me and you’re going to tell me now. Is Kelia okay?”

My heart felt like it was struck with a direct shot of lightning at the mention of her mother asking if she was okay. How do I tell the love of my life and mother of our missing child that she is missing? That someone broke into the house while I was sleeping and replaced our daughter with a pile of clothes and our dog is also missing.

It’ll be a huge wave crashing into Kiera’s world with the pregnancy hormones. She should be under this kind of stress this far along. Yet, here’s several tons of stress.

“Kelia . . . she’s . . . did you set the alarm when you left this morning?” I spat out, weighing all options right now. Maybe Kiera did set the alarm and Kelia managed to turn it off and take Duma for a walk. Maybe her fine actually died and she’s just at some park with Duma and some friends.

But I know deep down that she would never do that.

“What’s going on?” a shield of tears began to cover her bright eyes and I saw her chest beginning to rise in a panic, “Why do you ask?”

“Kelia’s missing, Kiera.” I mumbled under my breath, “She’s missing.” my voice cracked at each syllable.

The blood left her face and she grew pale quickly. Her knees soon began to give out and I caught her before she could actually start falling to the ground, “Wha-how?” she barely spoke out.

“I-I-I I don’t know. I was asleep . . .” I said lightly dragging her towards Selena for support.

I’m probably the last person she wants to be touched by right now. It’s my fault that she got kidnapped in the first place. If I hadn’t been worried about stopping the anxiety attack I felt coming on within the next hour and went outside to smoke, I would’ve noticed both Kelia and Duma missing. She would’ve been gone only fifteen minutes, according to her phone, if I’d went straight to her room rather than go outside into the pouring down rain.

I’m a failure as an FBI Agent, father, and husband.

“Kiera, honey, look at me.” Selena grabbed Kiera by her chin and forced her to look into her eyes. “Breathe in,” Kiera did as she said while I held her in my arms, “Good, hold it for a few more seconds.” she motioned her hand in circles breathing in with Kiera, “And breathe out.”

Selena is the best friend that Kiera could ever ask for. I know we are closer with Hailey and Justin and we do more things with them but Selena is a lot more understanding and relatable to Kiera in many ways possible. Their once distance relationship is now one of the best.

“Now listen to me, babe.” Kiera’s color in her face remained as pale as it was when her knees began to shake in front of my eyes, “Not only does Kelia need you to keep it together to help find her safe and unharmed, but the little one that you’re carrying also needs to you to keep it together and relax. Your husband is part of the BAU and they specialize in these cases all the time.”

Kiera stared at Selena with a blunt look on her face, looking as if she wanted to speak but her mouth wouldn’t open. “Nod if you understand what I’m saying.”

Kiera took in another deep breath holding it in for a few seconds and breathing out before slowly nodding. “Good, now Matty and I are going to help you into the elevator and we’re going to let Matty drive us to where he needs to drive us without wasting any time.”

I’m so happy Selena understands that time is at the essence.

Kiera nodded again and clasped onto my neck, holding onto me tight. “Here,” Selena took her white large Balenciaga pullover sweatshirt and handed it to Kiera, “Hold her up while I help her get this on quickly.”

“Gracias, Selena,” I whispered to Selena as I obeyed her orders.

We are going to owe her so much.

“Alright, come on, babes.” Selena helped me make sure Kiera was stable by placing her hand on her left lower back and I held my hand on her right lower back. “Matty will fill us in once we get onto the elevator, won’t you Matty?” she glared at me in desperation. I know what she wants, she wants to me try and help Kiera understand what happened.

But even I don’t understand what fully happened. Our dog who is very well at protecting us from strangers is missing and didn’t make a peep when anyone walked in and our daughter was replaced in her bed by a pile of clothes that were laid in the shape of her.

Whoever did this, knows what they were doing and had to have this plan in motion in years to make it this discreet. Again, it’s my fault I’ve allowed this to happen. Kiera was bugging me to get cameras around the house, but I’d been so busy drawing the blueprints for Matty’s Sled Dog Boarding & Grooming that I’d been procrastinating and putting it off.

This just keeps weighing more and more down on my end.

Selena left Kiera long enough to press the button to the lobby floor and she quickly returned to Kiera’s side, “It’s my fault, I didn’t set the alarm.” Kiera whispered in a faint voice. “It’s my fault.” a single tear fell down the side of her face. “I told myself to lock it but you were home asleep and Duma was asleep in her room.”

“Duma was asleep in her room?” she nodded wiping away the single tear with the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

“Why?” Selena asked.

“She’s also missing. I checked every inch of the house and they both are gone. I checked Kelia’s location on Life360 when I finished searching the house and when I checked, her phone was located down our street 36 minutes before the line was shut off.” the elevator doors slid open to the lobby.

We dragged Kiera to my car that had railing sirens playing from the speakers avoiding all of the press that was creating a circle around us. Word traveled fast and I’m sure my entrance wasn’t any better. It was fuel added to the fire.

I revered off of the sidewalk without checking for any pedestrians and I skirted the car onto the highway rushing down the road that was spaced out enough for me to swerve in between cars that weren’t pulling over.


Within five minutes we arrived at the office and the three of us ran side by side into the staircase to get onto the second floor to meet my team.

I trust that they’ll be able to help me find my daughter alive and unharmed in any way shape or form. I trust that they’ll treat this case with top priority, I am one of their best players on the team. They’d never cause me any kind of this harm.

Even though I’ll forever live with the thought that it’s my own fault this happened in the first place. Kiera’s life was ruined the day I had the football thrown towards her so I could pretend to stop her from getting hit in the head with it.

Had I never walked into Kiera’s life, she’d be in a completely different situation right now. She’d probably be close to getting her bachelor’s degree in some kind of science major. She’d be single and living her life as a young adult.

She wouldn’t be stuck at the house with a six-year-old daughter to care for and she wouldn’t have put herself in the spotlight to care for her family. She’s done so much for this earth and for everyone in it and she wouldn’t hurt a fly if she had the choice. Yet, God keeps proving to her that he’s ruthless and is punishing her for life.

This is all my fault.

I barged into the conference room to find Boss, Delgado, Alexandra, and Spencer sitting at the round table whispering with each other in a panic. “Santiago . . . you’re here,” Boss said as everyone stood up from their chairs.

They held heavy pity looks on their faces. I don’t need them to worry about me, I need them to worry about my daughter right now.

“Where are we? What’s the move?” I pulled two chairs out for Kiera and Selena and I sat beside Boss and Kiera.

“Mrs. Santiago, I was wondering if I could get a moment of your time and talk to you in private while they debrief?” Alexandra placed her hand on the back of Kiera’s chair and held a sympathetic smile on her face.

Kiera slowly nodded looking up at her but didn’t move from her seat, “C-c-can M-M-Matty come with?” she stuttered.

“We need your husband in here with us so we can get a plan together and go over what he knows. Alexandra specialized in children’s kidnappings before she joined the team and she would just like to go over some things with you in private so you can remain as relaxed as you.” Boss answered Kiera without a facial expression.

“I-I-I I can’t go alone.”

“Mrs. Santiago . . . we need you to trust us.”

“Trust you?” she stood up from her chair with an angry grin on her face. Her nose even scrunched up and her ears began turning crimson red on the earlobes, “I don’t know you people. I know you work with my husband and that’s it! How am I supposed to trust someone I don’t know?”

“I’ll go with you, babes.” Selena placed her hand on Kiera’s back and began leading her towards the large metal doors. “We have to trust the system, we don’t have a choice.”

I watched Keira look over her shoulder in a panic that I’m not by her side. I shouldn’t even be working on the case. It’s my own fucking daughter that is missing. I should be helping me wife give the information they need to find her. I should be helping my wife and by her side as her lawfully husband.

But I’m not. And I won’t sit back, either. I’m going to fucking find Kelia. I promise if it’s the last thing I do.

“First, I’d like to start off with that I’m sorry this is happening to you, Matteo. We understand if you aren’t able to pro-,”

“Shut the hell up with that nonsense. I’m going to help find my daughter and you can’t stop me.” I lowered my eyes and glared at Spencer.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way.” Boss interrupted us.

“Do you or Kiera have any enemies?” Spencer asked as he sat beside me with a comforting look.

“No . . . that’s why I don’t understand why this has happened. Everyone knows that Kiera is the best kind of person out there. It’s not fucking possible to make enemies with her.” I could feel my shoulders tensing up in annoyance with the dumbass questions but Selena said we have to trust the system. We have to trust me.

A female police officer barged into the room interrupting us with a stunned look on her face. All four of us looked at the woman who was hanging on her knees to catch her breath. Everytime she went to speak, she bent back over with her hands on her knees inhaling and exhaling harshly.

“Spit it out, Torres. We haven’t got all day.” Boss scolded her.

She coughed aggressively before standing up straight, “There’s been a sighting of the missing girl.”

I jumped up from my chair and found myself standing in front of the officer with my hands on her shoulders. “Where?”

She coughed again, her spit nearly missing my face. But I don’t care that she just coughed all over me. I just care that she’s holding back the fucking information we need about my daughter.

“There was a green Honda Civic found with a girl of the description of Kelia Santiago banging on a backseat window on East Florence street.”

“Who called it in? Are they still on the line?” my phone started buzzing in my back pocket but I ignored it.

“I’m so sorry, sir. The man ran the woman and her baby off the road into a ditch before she could get any more details to me.” she looked disappointed with the news she’s telling me.

“Get an APB out on a green Honda Civic.”

The officer nodded and turned around to walk out of the conference room but stopped herself before completely exiting the room and only half of her body on the other side of the door, “Sir?”

“Yes, Torres, what can I do for you?” Boss rubbed his eyes from the stress.

“She did mention one odd thing,” we all looked at her in disbelief that she’s building such suspense in a time like this, “She mentioned that he was a male Hispanic with hair past his shoulders and the car had a princess sticker on the back of the car.”

“Bring the recording to me, Torres,” I ordered her before sitting down in disbelief.

My daughter was taken by one of her own. A child who is the daughter of an A-list celebrity and an FBI agent is missing and was kidnapped by one of her own kind in her own home where I should’ve made sure she was safe.

What the fuck am I to do?

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