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Sanjh and Aayansh meet but one of them fell in love and the other kept rejecting the other. Sanjh Mehra is 21 years old girl who is sweet and simple loving and caring. Live with her father and sister Pakhi who is 19 years old. She shows that she is fine and happy but the reality it's not it. She has some deep scars that is scaring her from everyone and everything. Will she be ever able to love someone? Aayansh Rathodh is 26 years old man he is the next heir of Rathodh group of industrial and the land they rule. Yes he is future king. Not in that meaning but he belongs to a royal Rajasthani family. He has everything in his life. Loving parents sweet siblings and great friends. He is a boy who has born with silver spoon in his mouth. But what happens when his heart got stolen by a girl who don't have a single idea about it. What will happen when Sanjh and Aayansh will meet? One is in deep love and another is scared of love. Will they be able to be together ever? To know more read further. in the end of the book I bet every girl will want a husband and lover like Aayansh.

Romance / Drama
Ankita Ghosh_205
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Character Skecth

Sanjh Mehra - 21 years old girl. Sweet and caring she belongs to a middle class family, her mom has died while giving birth to her sister Pakhi.. She shows that she is strong and happy but from inside she is broken and scared.. For her love is forbidden.

Aayansh Rathodh - 26 years old, filthy rich and belongs to a royal family. The next heir of the land they rule. He Doesn't believe in sleeping around he is like one woman man. He is smart, handsome and sweet. The perfect husband material..

Pakhi Mehra - 19 years old. Sanjh's younger sister. She is a sweet and bubbly girl oblivious of her elder sister's misery. She loves her sister and her father very much.

Aryaman Rathodh - 21 years old younger cousin of Aayansh. He is not like his brother. He likes to flirt with girls but he never crossed his limits as he has a sister of his own he knows that a girls respect is most important..

Vishal Mehra - Sanjh and Pakhi's father. He loves his daughters most. Because they are the last memory of his love and wife Anjali.

Prem and Tejaswi Rathodh - Aayansh's parents they are very loving and not narrow minded. They love All the children equally..

Arjun and Preeti Rathodh - Arayman and Anaita's parents. They also love the children's equally.

Anaita Rathodh - 23 years old, she is beautiful and polite. She is in love with Virat Raichand.

Virat Raichand - 26 years old, CEO of Raichand enterprise.. He is in head over heels with Anaita. Soon they are going to be married. He is the best friend of Aayansh..

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