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Chapter 10

When Bill arrived at Global, he went to Lisa’s office first, as usual.

“Excuse me! I’m sorry, Ms. Banksworth isn’t here today. Can I help you?”

“No, thank you. I will catch up with her another time.” Could she really be so angry that she didn’t come into work today? He pulled out his cell phone to call her, “Lisa, it’s me, I’m at the office and they said you wouldn’t be in today? Call me back, I want to make sure your ok.”

It was 11:00 before I woke up, I am glad I decided to stay home, I needed the rest. I took Callie for a walk in my pajamas, grabbed a bagel and headed back for my bed. I listened to the message from Bill and decided to ignore it. I didn’t owe him an explanation as to why I wasn’t at the office. I was still angry with him. I heard the doorbell ring, who could that be? I’m never home at this time of the day. I looked through the peephole.


“I have a delivery for Lisa Banksworth.”

When I opened the door, I could see a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a big red gift bag. The card read, “When your ready, put your cowgirl hat on and let me know. I will be patiently waiting.” Inside the bag was my very own cowgirl hat. I couldn’t help but smile. Damn him! He was hard to stay angry at. I put the hat on and looked in the mirror. I felt sad, suddenly, Maybe I was so angry with Bill for the wrong reasons afterall, maybe it was all really about me. Physically, I wanted to be with Bill, it was my head that was holding me back. I don’t feel like I’ve been honest with him. I have a whole part of my life I haven’t even talked about, and several of the parts I have told him aren’t even true. He doesn’t even know my real name.

I texted him: Thank you for the beautiful flowers and I love my hat!

Are you ok? he replied.


Can I come by?




Are you still angry with me?


I’m on my way

I said No!

Ok... I know, I can’t always have my way...See, I am trying

I just need a me day

see you tomorrow?


He is charming for sure, hard to resist for sure. Part of me wanted to say, I’m sorry, come over now and let’s make love! He would think I was crazy for sure. Maybe I am. I laid back down and slept the rest of the day away.

When I awoke, I couldn’t stop thinking about the cowboy hats. It really was adorable how he came walking in the bathroom, naked to see me. I’m so stupid! I grabbed the phone and texted:

Hey What are you doing right now?

Flipping through the TV channels why?

What’s your address?

601 Brick Lane, unit 104 WHY? Hello?????

I jumped out of bed, grabbed my hat, stuffed it into a brown bag and headed for the car. I didn’t want to think anymore, Bill was right about one thing, I am an adult and I need to start doing what I want. I have to stop hesitating, he is obviously not a psychotic killer. His condo wasn’t far at all, he continued to text me, but I purposely ignored him, I wanted to surprise him. I took a deep breath and knocked on his door.

“Lisa!” he smiled.

“Hi! Can we talk?”

“Of course, come in.”

“Actually, can I use your bathroom?”

“Yes,” he motioned to the door.

I looked in the mirror, put my hat on and took my clothes off. My heart raced, what if he didn’t want me anymore? Only one way to find out for sure. I opened the door…He turned and looked at me.

“My Lisa, you look amazing in that hat!” he grinned and came towards me.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

He kissed me hard and long. “You don’t have to do this, seriously. I’m an idiot, the secret is out.”

“Do you not want me anymore?”

“What! Are you kidding me!” He kissed me again.

“Come here,” he grabbed my hand and led me into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed holding my hands as I stood in front of him. “Do you know how crazy I am about you?” He kissed my belly and moved his hands to my backside. He laid back, pulling me on top of him. “Are you sure?” he whispered.

“Yes,” I kissed him, I thought of nothing else but his hands on me. He was so gentle and tender yet fully in control of my body with every touch. He rolled me over on my back and got on top of me. His hand wandered between my legs and then his lips followed. He made me want him more with every lick, until I came.

“I want you so badly,” he said as he entered inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and rubbed his broad shoulders. He took his time, he moved slow at first and then led up to pounding inside of me, till he shook with pleasure and moaned with satisfaction.

We laid for a short while, hearts pounding. When I heard him say, “I am so glad you came over tonight.”

“It was the hat. I couldn’t get it out of my head, go get yours!”


“Yes! Really” It’s the reason I’m here. I have to see it on you again.”

“Damn, I can’t, It’s still at my parents. But, next time for sure.”

We laughed and he continued to stroked my breast. “I can not get enough of you,” he said as he licked my nipple and then again he moved down between my legs, making me pant and moan harder and more intense than before. Harder than I had ever felt before and he wasn’t stopping. I could not get enough of his touch. My torso rocked back and forth with his finger and again I came, as he continued to play with me. I felt his tongue inside of me tasting every part of me. I finally pulled away slightly and he knew, I couldn’t take any more. My insides pounded from being pleasured for so long. He came up next to me and cradled me in his arms as we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to pee around 2:00 am. I didn’t want to wake Bill, but I did have to go home. “Bill, hey, I have to go.”

“What? Why? What’s the matter?”

“I can’t leave Callie all night. I have work in the morning, I need clothes!”

“Ok, I’m coming.”

“You don’t have to get up, I can call an Uber.”

“Absolutely not,” he got up, went to the bathroom and then slid his jeans back on. “Ready?”


“I was hoping to wake up to you this morning,” he said as we walked down the hallway. He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

“Sorry, I had to wake you.” I was glad he came with me though. I didn’t like going out alone at night anymore.

“I don’t mind, besides, I’m the boss, I can sleep in tomorrow if I want to.”

“Umm...no you can not! We have an appointment with Mr. Global at 9:00, did you forget?”

“Damn, yeah!”

“Shh! Callie, it’s ok, shh! Could you come with us quick so I can let her outside? She’s all off schedule now.”

“Of course.”

“You don’t mind?”

“No, you shouldn’t go out alone, at night, too much crap goes on in this world.”

“I know.” I wanted to say more, but I didn’t dare to.

“See you tomorrow, bright and early,” he kissed me one last time.

“K.” I smiled.

Somehow we both managed to get through our meeting, I was exhausted, and swear I could still feel my insides pounding from pleasure. If he were to simply touch me right now, I think I’d cum again!

“Want to get dinner?” Bill popped his head in my office at the end of the day.

“I’m so tired, I just want to crawl back into bed,” I whispered.

“Can I come with you?”

“Yeah, I was hoping you might want to.”

“We could order Chinese and call it a night?”

“Sounds good.”

“I have to swing by my place quick, meet you in a bit,” he closed the door.

Another knocked, this time it was Mr. Global, “Lisa! Can we talk a minute?’

“Sure! Did you need something else before I go?”

“Let’s go to my office.”

“OK.” Something must be wrong!

“Sit, please, this won’t take long, I just wanted to talk to you a few minutes about your position here.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, just the opposite, I’ve been quite impressed. I want to make sure that your happy with everything here.”

“Yes, very. I’m learning a lot and hope to stay for a long while.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I’d like you to have some more responsibilities too. We’ve got several more big accounts coming up and you’ve proven you can handle them. I could use a little more golf time!” He handed me several files.

“Yes! I’d be happy to do all I can.”

“Of course I will upgrade your salary too, How does twenty percent sound?”

“Wow, yes, thank-you Mr. Global.”

I will speak to HR tomorrow. “Keep it up and someday we will be hiring you an assistant.”

I couldn’t wait to tell Bill, WOW! A pay increase too! I could definitely see myself with an assistant someday, haha! I could see Bill was waiting for me, sitting on the floor by the apartment door, when I got off the elevator.

“Hey! Sorry, I got caught up talking with Mr. Global.”

“I’m ok, not too sure about Callie though, she doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t open the door, so I’ve just been sitting here chatting with her,” he smiled.

“You are not gonna believe what happened!” I rambled on about every detail and all of my plans. I was so happy with my new life, my job, friend, and Bill. I could never have imagined in just a few months how much my life could change for the better. I will never forget that Michael was to thank for all of it, he would forever be a part of me.

“Twenty percent is a great increase Lisa, especially in such a short time.”

“I know! I’m so excited to have more responsibilities too. He said I could head up the first meeting with the new clients too!”

“You’ll be great, I know it.”

“I never thought…” I stopped myself.


“Just that, I would be happy again. I’ve had so many changes recently. I never imagined I’d be happy with someone, you...and my job, and this place, all of it, makes me happy.”

“I’m glad to hear it, you make me really happy too,” he teased as he came close to me. “I was especially happy last night, I haven’t been able to think about anything else all day, to be honest.”

I smiled, knowing exactly what he felt, and kissed him. “I have got to get my comfortable clothes on and get out of these shoes!” I walked to the bedroom. I decided to skip the sweats and go right to the pajamas!

“Wow, pajamas before dinner?” he said smiling.

“I have a pair that might fit you?” I said.

“I brought a bag with me, just in case you wanted me to stay over.”

“That was very confident of you.”

“Not really, I just knew if we got comfortable again, there’s no way I could pull an all nighter again. I’m getting too old for it. I was exhausted all day.”

“I know what you mean, me too. Well, I’m already comfortable, so why don’t you get in your pajamas too.”

“I don’t wear pajamas.”

“Really? You sleep naked, all night?”

“Yes, you don’t?”

“Never.” Except of course I did with Michael for months.

“We might have to change that habit.”

Bill started to lift my shirt off.

“Aren’t you hungry?” I interrupted him.

“Yes, very hungry for you.”

I couldn’t help but giggle. “Hmm, I might be hungry too?” I teased as I put my hand on his belly, just above his crotch.

“Oh yeah.” He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor. I kissed his chest and then his belly. I pushed him slightly towards the couch and climbed on top of his lap, he seemed happy to let me take the lead. I could feel he was hard. As I kissed him I slid my hand between his legs and rubbed him gently. I could tell he was ready for me. I decided to slide down and knelt on the floor in front of him.

“Oh yeah, Lisa,” he moaned as I put my mouth around him. He rubbed my head as I teased him with my tongue. After awhile, he became so aroused that he came.

“Damn! That felt great!” he said out loud.

I sat back on top of his lap, “Hi.”

He laughed, “Hello.”

“Can we order Chinese now, I’m starving!” I said as I kissed his cheek.

Again he laughed out loud, he took his two hands around my cheeks, softly, looked me in the eyes and said, “You are so amazing.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

“I definitely do.”

“I seem to remember you being pretty amazing last night too.” I kissed his neck.

“I’m glad you thought so.”

“I definitely did.”

We were interrupted by my phone, “Hello.”

“Hey girl, where are you, I’ve been out in the hallway waiting,” it was Terry.

“Oh my gosh! Sorry, I lost track of the time. I will be out in two minutes!”

“Bill, I have to quickly go walk Callie with Terry and Rosco. I will be back in five minutes, can you order the food?”

“Sure, what do you like?”

I yelled from the bedroom looking for my shoes, “Anything really is fine, fried rice for sure, I like spicy, like szechuan chicken, and an egg roll! Come on Callie, want to go out? We will be right back!”

“Hey! Sorry! I was a little busy,” I said sarcastically as I ran down the hall.

“Doing What?” Terry asked.

“Having fun!”

“No way! Bill?”

“Yes, Bill, who else?”

“You never know. Oh my gosh tell me, I thought you were waiting?”

“I was trying to, and then last night, oh my gosh. I have to ask you something.”


“Have you ever had multiple orgasms with someone?”

“Once, don’t tell me, you did! Go Bill!”

“Seriously, I didn’t know I could, I mean I never have before!...It was amazing, really,

and now, how could I ever not be with someone who could do that to me?” we laughed. Like schoolgirls. “So, I’m assuming it wasn’t Graham that made you do it?”

“No, but I’m hoping he can learn to!”

“Bill came back over tonight too.”

“Oh! I see! Nice.”

“Don’t tell him I told you! Not even a hint to him, really Terry.”

“I won’t, promise, I will bite my tongue and not ask him to give Graham a few pointers.”


“Just kidding!”

“Ok I should get back, ready to go up?”


“See you tomorrow!”

Back inside I said, “Sorry, I ran off like that. We walk the dogs every night at 8:00. I lost track of the time.”

“No complaints from me.”

“Did you order the food?”

“Yes. Do you always walk the dogs in your pajamas?” Bill questioned.

“Actually, yes,” I said a bit embarrassed.

“Both of you?”


“That’s funny!”

“I could have lied, at least I’m honest,” I started laughing.

“I always want you to be honest with me, about everything. I never understood why people have to lie. I’m always honest, even if it’s uncomfortable.”

“Ok, so, there are two things that I never understood; why girls would lie about being hungry and why they would lie about having an orgasm?” I continued to laugh.

“I agree, I don’t know why? I hate to take a girl out to dinner, and then she doesn’t eat. Why waste my money?”


“I noticed you ate plenty of pizza at Felinies.”

I swatted him.

“As for the other, I definitely don’t understand it! And, I did notice that you had a few orgasms last night.”

I could feel my face becoming flushed.

“I’m glad to hear you wouldn’t have been lying,” he teased.

“About that, can I ask you something, seriously.”


“Does that usually happen with other girls you’ve been with?”

He laughed. “Damn, I don’t want to answer this one honestly. I want to say yes, always! Cause how amazing would that be! But no, not always.”

“So …how often?”

“A couple of times.”

“Out of how many?” I continued to quiz him.

“Ha Ha! Ummm...let me think, I have slept with ...about 12 girls? And you are the third to have multiple orgasms with me, honest enough for you?”

“I was just curious.”

“How many times have you had multiple orgasms?” he questioned.

The doorbell rang and the Chinese was here, finally! “Do you think you got enough food?” I asked him.

“Don’t try to change the subject, I want to know, how many?”

“ Hmmm...I have been with 3 people and never had multiple orgasms before last night.”

“Really, I’m the first? I can’t tell you how much that turns me on! Let’s forget the Chinese and go to bed, I want to watch you have an orgasm right now.” He leaned over and kissed my neck.

“Stop! Your embarrassing me.”

“While we are on the subject, I’d like to know how you learned to give such a great blow job?” He stuffed a fork full of food in his mouth and smiled.

“Ummm, I don’t know? Just a natural, I guess?” I laughed.

“I’d like to say, my skills were just natural too, but I did have to do some investigating on my own.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your too funny, Lisa…. I mean, porn, I watched a lot of it growing up and I paid attention. Haven’t you ever watched?”



“Really, I’m just a natural!” I laughed and letteraly spit some of my food out of my mouth!

“Ha! ok, I have one more question. Have you had multiple orgasms by yourself?”

“No.” I said shly. “I didn’t know I could.”

“Damn, how did I get so lucky? You are quite surprising. I want to know everything about you.”

“You mean to tell me you’ve never eaten chinese food and discussed orgasms with anyone else but me?”

“Me either!”

“Can I stay tonight?” he asked as we cleared the table.

“Yeah, I’m ready for bed now. Are you?”

“Yeah, let’s two old fogies turn in before 10:00 pm.”

Bill held me all night long, I felt like we were married tonight. The way we sat talking in our pajamas, the things we talked about so openly, we were very comfortable with each other. It came very naturally. I wasn’t on guard with him at all, and oh...the way he could make me feel! I eventually drifted off to sleep, dreaming of a what a life with a man like him could be like.

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