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Chapter 15

Lisa went to work, she needed the distraction, Bill and Michael were both all she thought of. She didn’t want to come between two brothers. She didn’t want to deal with any of it. She couldn’t tell Terry everything either. How could she explain her and Bill’s argument without talking about Michael, no one could ever know the situation between the three of them. That was the only thing she was sure of right now.

“Ms. Banksworth, Mr. Global is on line one for you.”

“Ok thank you,” she responded to the secretary. “Good morning! Mr. Global.”

“Hello, did you get a chance to go over those files I gave you?”

“Yes, some,” she lied.

“Did you see, there’s just one more release paper I need for Mr. Bowen to sign. Can you get up with him today and get it done?”

“Ummm, yes, sure, I will get it done.”

“Thank you!”

Crap, how am I going to do this? I decided to phone his office, perhaps I could drop off the papers and he could sign and then leave them for me to pick up later?

“I am sorry, Ma’m, Mr. Bowen isn’t available today. I will leave him the message for tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” I replied to Bill’s secretary.

I took out my cell phone and texted him:

Are you talking to me yet?

I don’t know

Please, Bill you can’t just ignore me forever!

It’s barely been a day Lisa

It seems longer

He didn’t say anything else, I decided to ride by his office and leave the originals with his secretary on my way home. Then I pleaded with my inner self again. I probably shouldn’t, I should give him space, but I went to his condo anyway. Business would have to wait, but I couldn’t. To my surprise, Michael opened the door!


“Michael? I didn’t know you’d be here? I wanted to talk to Bill and…”

“C’mon in. He just ran out to the store. You can wait.”

“That might not be the best idea, Michael.”

He let out a loud sigh, walked towards me, took my hand and lead me over to the kitchen table.

“We are gonna get through this, the three of us, ok.”

“I don’t know how?”

“Let’s start with us, are we ok?”

“I’m sorry if I put you in a bad position as Bill’s brother, Michael, I had to tell him.”

“No, I figured you would, and if you didn’t, I would have had to. He and I are ok, we talked it out last night, we’re ok, really… and you and I?” He took my hand, “I would love to be your friend. I’d like to be able to see how your life grows, the things you accomplish. I made a decision last night Allis...Lisa! I’m going back to work, you were right, in what you said. I like being the hero, I guess. I can’t thank you enough for reminding me how important what I do is.”

“Michael, I want to be your life and your friend too, I have to know how your doing and who you save next!” we smiled at each other. “We can do this?” I asked.

“We have to try, all of us,” he said.

“Can I ask you about Bill? I’m sorry, no, it’s too weird! I should go, I don’t know how he’d feel about us even talking to each other right now?” I got up and grabbed my purse.

“Well, we are about to find out!” Michael said as he let go of my hand.

“Kid, you still here?” Bill shouted.

“Yeah, in the kitchen.”

Bill walked in startled to see me, “Lisa?”

“I just came by to talk to you,” tears filled my eyes. “Umm, Michael and I we were just trying to...”

He looked at Michael, sat down in the chair next to him and motioned for me to sit with them, “Ok, were gonna do this? Who wants to go first?”

“I will,” Michael said. “Allis….damn it! I got to get used to this, LISA and I we both agree, we want to remain friends. He put his hand over mine again.,“We are happy with that, Bill, and regardless of what the two of you decide to do, Lisa and I will only be friends from now on. No regrets.” He moved his hand off of mine.

“No regrets,” I whispered back to him.

“I’ve already told Lisa that we’ve spoken and you and I are good. So, that just leaves the two of you. I am going to go and let you all talk it out.”

Bill stood up and they hugged once more, “Thanks Kid.”

“I love you, bro.” He turned and winked at me and then left. Bill and I sat in silence for a few minutes.

“Look at me Lisa,” he commanded as he scooted his chair next to me. For a long while we sat searching each other’s eyes, both filling up with tears.

“I’m sorry.” I finally said. “I put my hand to his cheek as a tear fell from his eye. “I never wanted to hurt you like this. Tell me how I can make you forgive me,” I pleaded.

“Do you love me Lisa?”

“I do,” I kissed his cheek softly, “I do,” my tears fell too.

He took my face in both his hands as he looked in my eyes and slowly came towards my lips, “I love you too. You think we can do this?”

“I want to. Tell me you want to,” I begged.

“I need you to know you can tell me anything from the past or nothing more. Weather it’s about Michael or anything else that happened, It’s your choice.”

“I don’t like to think about it.”

“That’s ok Lisa,” he hugged me tight. “I want to try to understand.”

“Are you ever gonna be able to look at Michael and I and not think about it Bill? How do we do that?”

“I guess…..we figure it out, as we go along with our lives, the three of us will each have our own memories to deal with from this. Maybe the secret will be to create better memories to replace the old ones with.”

“I like that idea. I want to make so many more memories with you.” I was sitting on his lap now.

Bills phone rang. “It’s my mother, I have to answer it.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Hello mom. Yeah, she’s feeling better, I’m sitting with her right now actually…..Michael just left a little bit ago…..maybe? Hold on, I will ask her now. My mother wants to know if we would all like to do dinner tomorrow before Michael goes back out of town.”

“Let’s try it again?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Ok Mom, we’ll be there. I have to go, I will talk to you tomorrow, ok...I love you too...yes she is excited ...ok ...goodbye Mom!”

I laughed as he hung up the phone, “Does she always do that to you?”

“Oh yes, everytime.”

“Then, I guess I will see you tomorrow? Pick me up at…?”

“5:15, right after work?”



“Can I be honest? I’m a little nervous about it Bill.”

“Me too.”

“Tell me again, You love me,” I asked.

He put his arms around me, “I love you Lisa.”

“Bill, if I had known he was your brother, I would have said NO. You have to believe me?”

“I have no doubt that if you knew who he was, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“I know I betrayed you. I know saying I’m sorry a million times won’t make it better. I would never, Bill I swear on my life, I would never hurt you intentionally. Thank you for trying again, I’m not sure I deserve it.”

“If It had been a random event, just somebody for whatever reason, I’d never forgive you Lisa, you have to know that. But, I can’t imagine the hell you went through being forced to stay in that situation and for so long. I realized it wasn’t fair of me to judge you based on your history with Michael. I have to keep trying, because you do deserve it, Lisa.”

We continued to sit, me on his lap, both hugging tightly, sharing tears and longing to make new memories.

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