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Chapter 16

I struggled through work knowing our dinner plans were getting closer and closer as my day past. I’m not sure it was the best idea to get together so soon after everything that had happened.

“It’s me, Lisa,” I heard Bill at the apartment door.

“Hi,” I smiled.


“Can Callie come again?”

“Sure, why not,” he leaned down to pet her.



We made simple conversation in the car, both knowing we were scared of tonight. When we arrived, Jane came out to the porch again, waving, “Hello!”

“Ready?” Bill took my hand.

“I guess.”

“Hello Mom,” he kissed her cheek.

She came over and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek, “I’m so glad your feeling better, dear.”

“Thank you, I am.”

“Tom, they are here!”

We walked into the kitchen, I was having complete deja vu.

“Michael, you remember Lisa.”

“Of course Ma.” He came over and politely hugged me with a wink, and then did the same to his brother.

“Dinners just about ready. Let me just check on a few things,” Jean said.

“Can I help you, Jane?”

“Sure Lisa, c’mon. I still have some of those cookies you made too, so we can have them for dessert! Do you like to cook?”

“Yes. Actually, I just remembered I owe bill a home cooked meal, you said burgers were your favorite, right?”

“That’s right,” he smiled at me.

We all chatted and put the dinner from the stove into serving bowls and then sat at the table.

“Thanks for letting me bring Callie again, she loves getting to run free.” I said as we all passed the bowls back and forth.

“It smells great,” Michael said. “This is what I come back for you know, not that I don’t miss you all, but I definitely miss Mom’s cooking,” he laughed.

“When these two were younger, maybe six and seven, they tried to make us some pancakes for breakfast, I agreed not to interfere, they wanted to do it all one their own.”

“Watch out Lisa, she might break out the naked baby pictures next!” Bill said as he laughed.

“Anyway...” she continued,“They had pancake batter from one side of the kitchen to the other. I watched them literally leave the bowl by the sink and then try to carry the batter over to the stove on this tiny spoon, to the frying pan. There were batter droppings on the counter, the floor, the stove and the two of them! It was everywhere!”

“But our pancakes were great, ma!” Michael teased.

“No, they weren’t. They were burned on the outside and raw on the inside! But Tom and I ate everyone of them!”

“She made us clean up the kitchen ourselves too!” Bill leaned over to tell me.

We all laughed out loud. I liked them both, they were very genuine and sweet. She loved her boys for sure, it was obvious.

“Bill said he showed you how to milk the cows, when you came up here with him while we were gone,” Tom said.

“Oh, yes! That was an experience for me, for sure!” I said.

“Did he make you clean the stalls too?” Michael teased.

“No! I didn’t. Thank you, Kid, I am much too much the gentleman to do that.” It was like they were little boys around each other sometimes. I liked seeing them both this way, they were care free, laughing. Surprisingly, I was too. I loved hearing about their past and how they grew up. I was dreading what turned out to be a very strange, but nice evening.

“Michael, when do you have to take off again?” Tom asked.

“I’m going to leave on Wednesday, Dad, why?”

“I thought it might be nice to take you boys up to see grandpa, before you go again.”

“Michael, is a traveling firemen. He goes all over the United States fighting forest fires and training the local departments on how to handle things.”

I shook my head in agreement and smiled, noticing Michael and Bill both grinning at each other.

“I’ll go up tomorrow, Dad,” Michael answered.

“I can’t, I have to go into the office, I’ll see him next time,” Bill said.

“We really should be heading back into town,” Bill said. “Lisa’s got an early day too, I know.”

We said our goodbyes. Michael followed us out to the car and we got Callie in.

“Lisa, I likely won’t see you again, before I go,” Michael said.

“When will you be back?” I asked.

“It’s hard to say for sure. Two, three months maybe? But, I usually get a chance to talk to Bill or at least a text here and there.”

I instinctively leaned over and hugged him tight, “I will see you then.”

“For sure Lisa! Bro, I will see you before then right?” Michael asked.

“Yes. come by my place Wednesday.”

“Allright!” He started walking back to the house, “Hey! This wasn’t so bad? Right?”

“Not too bad!” Bill shouted back.

“It was good!” I shouted.

Bll rubbed my shoulder, “Your right, It was good. Let’s go.”

We got to my apartment door and Bill leaned his arm up against the door, as he’d done before. “Are you going to invite me in?” he leaned close to me.

“I didn’t realize I had to invite you?”

“Do you want me to come in? Or would you rather I go?” his cheek touched mine, “Either way is Ok, you just have to let me know.”

“I’d like you to come in,” I whispered, knowing exactly what he was hinting to. I kissed his lips. “Do you want to come in?” I looked into his eyes.

“I would.” He gently rubbed his cheek against mine, and my heart pounded. I smiled, turned and opened the door.

As soon as he shut the door behind him, he grabbed me, picked me up with my legs straddled across his body and my arms around his neck, he kissed me hard as he walked to the bedroom.

He quickly stripped his clothes off, and I started to do the same, “Don’t.” he said as he stopped my hand from unbuttoning my blouse. “I want to do it.” His underwear fell to the ground and his hands slowly unbuttoned my shirt one at a time as he stared into my eyes. He didn’t say a word. He unhooked by bra and slowly pulled the straps off my shoulders barely touching my skin but exposing my breasts to him. I didn’t say a word either, I just stared back at him with anticipation. He unbuttoned my slacks and let them fall to the floor. He bent down and gently slid my panties off. I stepped out of them, with his help.

As we stood there, I felt closer to him than ever before. I felt like he knew every part of my body and now he knew every part of my life. There were no more secrets, no more fears to face, no guilt, no lies, nothing but him and I.

“My Lisa, You are simply beautiful,” he said as he rubbed his hands down my arms.

Oh! The things this man can do to me! I thought.

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