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Chapter 8

The next few days were incredibly busy at work. I saw Bill daily, we kept things very polite, with a few secret smiles between us. He was charming for sure.

As I sat on the bench at the dog park that afternoon, Bill called. “Hello Lisa. What are you doing right now?”

“I’m sitting with Callie at the dog park, by my apartment. Why?”

“How’d you and Callie like to take a walk and grab some ice cream?”

“Sure! When?”

“I can be there in five.”

“You really need to start giving me a bit more notice.”

“Are you wearing your sweats again?”

“Noooo, I actually haven’t changed from work yet,” I said sarcastically.

“I don’t care what your wearing. I’m pulling around now.”

Callie barked at him for a few seconds, but then warmed right up. We walked about three blocks to an old fashioned ice cream parlor. It was so quaint and even had outside tables. They had special doggie ice cream cups too! Of course, I had to get one.

“Terry and I were talking about you guys the other day and she said she was going to see Graham again. How do you know him?”

“We went to high school together.”

“So your friends?”

“More like acquaintances, we run into each other now and then around town.”

“You grew up here?”


“I like it here, it’s a really charming little town, with plenty of conveniences.”

“Yeah, I’ve traveled around a bit for work but always ended up coming back home. I bought a condo around the corner from here a few years back. My family’s here, I like it.”

“Do you have a big family?”

“Just me, my brother, parents, aunts & uncles, cousins...so yeah, I guess so.”

“I always wished I had a big family. It’s just me, no siblings and my parents passed away a few years ago.” Careful Allison, don’t share too much, I told myself.

“I’m sorry to hear that, it must have been hard.”

“It was, I want to have a lot of kids when I get married.”

“I could do three or four,” he smiled.

We finished our ice cream and walked back to the apartment, again he insisted on walking me to the door.

The elevator opened up and we seen Terry. “Hey ya’ll! Bill so nice to see you again!” she winked at me. She definitely was not conservative. “Did Lisa tell you I invited you both to come with me and Graham to the movies this weekend?”

“No, she hadn’t mentioned it yet,” Bill said smiling. “But, I’d love to go.” He looked over at me with his one eyebrow raised, “What are we seeing?”

“It’s the new Avengers show,” Terry said.

“Sounds great.”

“I didn’t picture you as an Avengers type of guy,” I said teasingly.

“I’m not, but I get to sit next to you, in the dark. Maybe share a popcorn. What could be better?”

“Then its a double date!” Terry said. “I will see you later, Lisa! Have fun!”

We walked down the hall to my door and instinctively I asked, “Do you want to come in for awhile?”

“Yes,” he smiled.

“You obviosley talk about me to your friend. That’s a good sign.” He came closer to me.

“Sign for what?”

“That I’m on your mind.”

“Well, I can’t help but talk about you, this project is taking over all of my thoughts lately.”

He backed me up against the kitchen counter and then leaned his arms atop of the counter, surrounding me with his body, “Were you going to ask me to the movies?”



“I don’t know, maybe five minutes before we were gonna go. You seem to like short notice.”

He smiled, “It’s ok, if you don’t want me to take you, just say so. I know your friend set it up.”

“No, it’s fine. You can take me.”

“Good.” He softly kissed my cheek again as he did the other night, and again he didn’t back away. He waited and slightly rubbed his face along mine. It was very sexy. He looked into my eyes and l leaned forward, our lips met once more. It was soft and gentle.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all week,” Bill said.

“It’s only Tuesday.”

“I might not make it till the weekend.” He leaned in once more, only more powerful this time and longer. His arms moved from the countertop to my waist. Mine went to his shoulders.

“You should go. I have a busy day tomorrow, my new clients very demanding,” I said, still inches from his mouth.


“Yes, very. He requires all of my attention.”

He smiled, “OK then, I will see you tomorrow.” But, he didn’t leave. He kissed my cheek again and then my neck. “I could stay a while more,” he whispered.

“No, you can’t, really. We can’t.”

He sighed out loud,“Ok.” He called Callie over and pet her goodbye.

I shut the door and held my breath for a minute. That was the most romantic kiss, I have ever had! I don’t know if I can wait till the weekend for another, either! I had to hold my ground. He is technically my supervisor, well sort of? It would be wrong to sleep with him while working together. Even our flirting and kissing was pushing it. I wouldn’t do it. I liked my job too much.

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