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Chapter 9

As the weeks passed Bill and I continued our work and social visits with each other. We were close to the end of the project now. I was developing feelings for him for sure. Our relationship wasn’t complicated, it seemed to just develop, weather I wanted it to or not, it was happening. He has a smoothness about him, very gentle, but lets me know exactly what he wants.

He phoned, “Hello, it’s me, got any plans tomorrow morning?”

“Just sleeping plans,” I said.

“Have you ever seen a cow?”

“What! Yeah, on TV,” I laughed.

“Have you ever seen a pig?”

“Hmmm...I guess not. I have been to the zoo and seen plenty of other animals, why?”

“How would you like to take a ride out to a real farm, cows, pigs, horses and all. I will give you a personal tour.”

“You? I’ve never seen you out of dress slacks, never mind on a farm!” I laughed.

“Well, I can arrange for you to see me out of my pants, if you like?”

“I think I’d have to choose to see you on a farm first!”

“Ok then, pick you up at 8:00 tomorrow.”

“What does one wear to a farm?”

“I’d say your sweats would be perfect, no sandals though!”

“Your too funny! Ok see you tomorrow then, bright and early!”

Bill came up to get me at the apartment the next morning. “You look beautiful, as usual,” he smiled.

“Are you being sarcastic?” I did only have on jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers and a hat.

“Absolutely not.” He leaned over and kissed my lips.

“I like the casual you too.” He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looked amazing!

“We can take Callie with us, if you want?”

“Really! That would be great!” I grabbed her leash and we were off.

“How far aways the farm?” I said as we got in his car. I loved that he didn’t mind having Callie in his expensive car.

“Maybe 45 minutes.”

“Whose farm is it?”

“My parents.”

“What! You didn’t tell me we were going to your parents! Seriously, you should have!”

“What does it matter?”

“I don’t know, it just does. I’m not prepared.”

He laughed, “What would you have done differently?”

I just glared at him, as he seemed to be amused by me.

“If your nice to me, I’ll show you how to milk a cow!” he said.

“Really? You know how?”

“Yes, I grew up on the farm.”

“You did?”

“I did.”

“I would not have guessed that about you.”

“What, that I’m secretly a good old country boy? Are you disappointed?”

“No! I didn’t mean it in a negative way. Just surprised.”

“I still have my cowboy hat, maybe I will let you see it.”

“I would like to see that, really.” I couldn’t stop laughing.


“Have you ever heard of the naked cowboy, in New York City?” I giggled.

“Yes, actually, I’ve seen him. By the way...I look much better naked in mine.”

“I might like to see that too,” I teased.

He laughed and put his hand on my leg,“We’re here!”

We turned down a windy country gravel road and drove through the trees to a clearing with a beautiful log cabin home. Not what I pictured as a farmhouse. A golden retriever came running off the front porch barking as we pulled up.

“It’s a beautiful house!” I said out loud. I could see several horses and a huge barn with another fence in the distance, where there were goats, chickens and pigs! We walked into the house and it was just as stunning inside as I had imagined it would be. Natural wood beams and walls, large windows, and perfectly decorated.

“Do you want a drink? I’m sure there’s tea in the fridge,” he asked.


“Are your parents here?”

“No, they are out of town for the weekend. I have to feed the animals. I would have told you if I were bringing you to meet the family.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Come on, I will give you a tour of the farm,” he said as we walked back outside.

“Do you know how to ride?”

“Ride? What exactly?”

He laughed. “A horse!”


“Grab that bucket over there with the grain, we can feed the chickens first.”

They were a bit intimidating, but not too bad. Next were the pigs. There were even babies! Bill picked them up like they were puppies. I tried to hold one, but he was very squirmy. I got mud all over my shirt. Callie didn’t seem to mind the animals at all. She fit right in and followed along with us and the other dog. Then came the cows.

“You ready to milk one?” he asked.


“Sure! Come here.” He pulled a small bench down and put it next to the side of the cow. He placed a bucket underneath it. They were a lot bigger than I thought they would be. He crouched behind me, put his arms around mine and onto the cows...parts. It was basically long nipples. After a few seconds of pulling downward, milk squeezed out.

“Oh my gosh!” I said.

“Pretty amazing, right. Your a natural.” He let go of my hands and went over to the cows face and gently stroked her nose. “You missed me, didn’t you?” he said to the cow.

“How much should I keep doing?”

“Fill up the bucket and I will start on the next cow, if your good?”

“I guess I’m good? Don’t go far!”

“I’m gonna bring her right next to you, don’t worry.”

Fifteen minutes later, “Hey, Lisa, look at this,” Bill said and as I turned to look he squirted me with the milk from his cows nipple.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you did that!”

He laughed, “Mines done, how about yours?”

“Almost, my fingers are getting sore.”

“They do say living on a farm is hard work.”

“Did you like it?”

“Loved it. I still do. Once I get my business to the point I want, I plan on buying property and starting a mini one for myself, just to enjoy, not for profit.”

“I think your favorite animals will be the goats.”

“They did look cute!”

We walked over to the next gated entrance and the goats come running towards us! “Do they bite?”

“No, they are super friendly.”


Bill sat on the ground as several of them trampled all over him. He was getting filthy and didn’t care a bit. “Well there’s only one job left, which I’m sure won’t be your favorite,” he said.

“Maybe I will surprise you, I’ve liked everything so far!”

“I’ve got to clean the horse stables.”

“Oh, no!”

The stables were definitely not a part of the farm I liked. The were huge and it stunk. There were flies everywhere. Bill took his shirt off, grabbed a shovel and bucket and began scooping the poop. I just watched him. Bill had a nice body, firm and muscular. I think he took his shirt off just so I could see his muscles as he shoveled. “Where’s your cowboy hat?” I questioned.

“Oh, I will show you later, it’s in my old room.”

“Have you ever shot a gun?” he asked.

I froze for a second, it sounded too familiar, he used the exact words as Michael had once said to me. Only now I answered, “Yes.”

“Really, that surprises me! I would not have guessed that about you, Lisa.”

He reached up on the wall and grabbed the shotgun, bullets, and a couple of old buckets, then motioned for my hand. We walked to a wooded area outside of the farm and he lined up the buckets.

“Here you go, you know how to take the safety off?”

“Yes.” I did it, took aim, and hit the bucket the first time.

“Wow, I’m impressed, really.”

After several more rounds, I put my hand out for the bullets and reloaded, just as Michael had taught me to. He would have been impressed with me too. I smiled at the memory of him, for the first time there were no tears.

Bill was a good shooter too. He still had his shirt off and the hot sun was beginning to make us both sweat. I felt very bold and comfortable with him, not at all intimidated, even though he was definitely more worldly than I was.

“Did you grow up in the country too?”

“No, I sort of dated someone who showed me how to shoot.”

“Hmm, sort of dated? Sounds complicated.”

“Yeah, it was,” I tried to quickly change the subject. “Can I see the goats one more time?”


As I said goodbye to them, one came over and jumped up on me leaving a streak of mud down my pant leg.

Bill said, “Now, its official, you’ve been to the farm.”

I laughed, ”Yeah! I guess if you mean that dirty makes it official.”

“Come on, we can go in and clean up.”

We took our shoes off outside, and went into the house. “I’m gonna need a shower, Lisa. I keep several changes of clothes here, for this reason. Let’s go up and see what I can find for you too.”

“So this is your childhood room? Awh!” I seen pictures of him as a boy with his horse and a lot of ribbons. There were several trophies from basketball on the shelves too.

“Here, I found your favorite, a pair of my sweatpants! And a clean t-shirt for you. Sorry, I forgot to tell you to bring a change of clothes with you. You can use the main bathroom, right down the hall, there’s clean towels in the closet if you want a quick shower too, then we can grab an early dinner.”

“Thanks, I might, I think I smell like horse poop!” I laughed.

“Well, I definitely do!” He turned and entered his bathroom, without shutting the door. “Your welcome to come shower in here with me?” he grinned as he unbuttoned his pants.

I hesitated, he is so charming, but then slowly turned and left for the other bathroom. I quickly washed up and changed. I decided to shampoo my hair as well. I think one of the goats chewed a piece off.

There was a faint knock on the bathroom door. “Are you descent? Can I come in?”

“I’m finished.” I was just drying my hair a bit more with the towel when I caught a glance of him in the mirror, “Oh my! You are too funny!” I could see Bill through the steamy mirror, bare naked holding his cowboy hat over his private area.

“You did say you wanted to see me as naked cowboy, right?”

“Ummm…I believe I did say that,” I laughed.

He took the hat and placed it on his head, exposing himself to me. “Do you like my hat?” he smiled and came closer to me.

“It’s very nice.” I took it off his head and put it on my own.

“My Lisa, you look amazing in my cowboy hat.” He leaned in grinning and kissed me, so softly and passionately. He has a way of making me want more and almost instinctively my body reacted to his advances. My hands wandered across his chest for a few minutes. I felt his upon my t-shirt.

“Bill, I can’t, really, not yet. We’re almost done at Global. I just won’t be able to face you tomorrow in the office with everyone thinking...”

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” He continued kissing my neck.

“But, I do.” I put my arms up to push him back some.

He stared directly into my eyes, “We don’t have to tell anyone.” he halfway laughed. “We are adults. We’re allowed to do whatever we want.”

“And I want to, really, just after we’re done at work.” I leaned in to kiss him, but he pulled away.

“Your acting like a child Lisa, there’s no reason not to…”

“I am not! How dare you!” I raised my voice. “Take me home!” I pushed passed him and ran downstairs and through the front door. I grabbed Callie and waited in the car.

“Lisa!” Bill shouted as he grabbed his jeans and shirt, dressing as he was coming out the front door. “C’mon, stop! Your overreacting.”

“Are you just so used to getting everything you want, that you can’t handle someone saying no to you?” I was so angry. “Take me home! And stop telling me how I feel!”

He started the car and pulled away. After a few minutes he said, “No, I am not used to just getting what I want. Seriously, I’ve been trying to be patient with you.”

“Well my patience has run out with you Mr. seriously, you don’t get to insult me because of how I feel!”

“I didn’t mean to insult you, Lisa.”

“So calling me a child is a compliment then? I don’t have to explain anything to you, Bill. I said no, It’s that simple!” He could not win this argument.

“I know! I’m just frustrated, it’s that simple. I’m sorry I called you a child, really.” He put his hand on my knee and I shoved it off.


“Ok!” he sighed.

We spent the rest of the ride in silence. As we pulled into my parking lot Bill said, “How long are you going to stay angry with me?”

“I don’t know!”

“I’m just asking!” He got out of the car with me.

“You don’t need to walk me up.”

“Yes, I do.”

I walked quickly and in silence to the apartment door. I put the keys in and didn’t even look back at him.

“Bye!” I heard him mumble, and then, “damn it!”

I played over tonight in my head, and was not sorry for the way I behaved. I told him from the beginning I wouldn’t sleep with him while we worked together! I’m not mad he wants to, I want to! I think? I just want to wait a bit longer. It’s my right to wait as long as I want to! I can’t believe he called me a child. Tomorrow would be difficult. How am I supposed to act? Maybe I will just call in sick? I just want to stay in bed. I turned off the alarm and left a message on the office line. I didn’t want to deal.

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