A Game Called Love

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Sequel to Three Kisses Jenny Coleman is a hopeless romantic. She wants to find true love and she's willing to do anything for it, even play a game that no one’s ever won.

Romance / Drama
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"Have you seen the new guy? He's gorgeous!" My best friend Alyssa gushed as she sat down across from me, slapping her lunch tray onto the table dramatically.

"I'm way better looking than him." Mason, my other best friend, cut in before I could say anything, taking his usual seat beside me.

Lunch was more than halfway done by now, usually I'd ask them where that had been but I had other things on my mind.

"We don't get new people very often, this has potential." I thought aloud, the wheels in my brain turning as I came up with the best plan I'd ever had.

No one's ever won the legendary game of Three Kisses that my sister in law made up way back when she was in high school. It went down in school history after her and her friends played, so everyone that's gone to Northwood High since knows about it, making the game impossible to play. But now that there's a new guy, I finally get a chance to play. We never get new students, it's practically fate that this guy is here. I'm destined to play the game, and who better to win than the sister-in-law of the person that invented it?

"That's not a good idea." Alyssa snapped me out of my thoughts, already knowing what I was thinking before I even said it.

I sighed, couldn't she just support me with this? She knows how much I've wanted to play this game. It's basically my legacy.

"What are you thinking Jenny?" Mason asked, always the clueless one.

"I'm going to win Three Kisses, this is the only chance I'll ever get to play it and I'm not gonna pass it up." I explained, standing from my spot at the table as I spoke.

I knew I hadn't bumped into anyone yet today, so all I had to do is bump into this new guy and the game would officially start.

I saw him get up from his lonely spot in the cafeteria and walk towards the nearest garbage bin, and I strolled right over to him without hesitation.

By the time I got to him he was done throwing away his trash and in the middle of the cafeteria, making his way towards the exit. Perfect, the whole school would see this and then they'd know not to tell him about the game.

My heart hammered in my chest as I "accidentally" walked too close and bumped into him.

I could feel the eyes of the whole cafeteria on us, but I pushed that to the back of my mind as I completely stepped in front of the new guy and leaned up onto my tippy-toes to place my lips against his.

Our lips moved softly in sync for a second and I was surprised he didn't immediately push me away. But that could still happen though, so I ended the kiss to save myself from possible embarrassment.

The whole room was silent as I pulled away, and two shocked grey eyes bored into my baby blue ones.

"Are all Canadian girls this forward? Or is that just you?" He asked in a sexy British accent, recovering from his shock quickly.

I shrugged, trying to seem unaffected by his amazing accent and very attractive face, "That's just me."

He seemed impressed with my answer, and I took that as my cue to leave before I ruined the moment by doing something embarrassing. Luckily the bell rang so it didn't look like I was running away from the situation.

As I exited the cafeteria the room erupted into whispers.

Kiss number 1: No matter what, you kiss them then and there.


Only two more kisses to go, but those will be much more difficult.

Kiss number 2: Get the person you kissed, to kiss you.

Kiss number 3: Tongue

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