A Game Called Love

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Chapter 6

"I'm dressing you up for the party and there's nothing you can do about it." Alyssa firmly stated when I pulled out a red t-shirt to pair with my usual black leggings.

I winced at the pile of clothes she dropped on my bed. She brought over a bunch of outfits to try on while we got ready for tonight.

"None of that is going to fit me and I don't have anything you'd approve of." I pointed out, wearily eyeing all the tiny clothes she was sifting through.

She abandoned her clothes to look through my closet, and I waited for her to complain about how I have nothing nice to wear.

"I need to bring you shopping sometime soon." She threw over her shoulder when she didn't find anything she liked.

She always says that but she's never actually taken me shopping. Thankfully.

"I'm sure something I brought over would fit you. I have some loose things that would just fit you a bit tighter." Alyssa said when she gave up on my closet.

I shook my head, "Lyssa, you're like half the size of me, even your baggiest clothes wouldn't fit me."

Standing at a whopping four foot ten, and weighting in at about eighty-five pounds, Alyssa was easily one of the smallest people in school. Although her size would never keep her down, she's one feisty girl, something I've always admired about her.

So seeing as she's so small, and I'm average in height and weight, making me seem like I giant compared to her, I'd never be able to squeeze into any of her clothes.

Alyssa sighed, "You're right. But I'm not letting you out of this house in a t-shit and leggings, so pick out something nicer!"

I flipped through the clothes in my closet, trying to find something that Alyssa would approve of, even though nothing would be worthy. But just as I was about to give up, something caught my eye.

A blue strapless shirt, basically a tube top but it didn't show my stomach at all, was peaking out from the back of my closet and I quickly snatched it up to show Alyssa.

"That's perfect! And your boobs are going to look great in it. I can't wear strapless shirts because I don't have enough junk in my trunk to hold it up but that's going to look amazing on you." My best friend gushed, smiling from ear to ear as she picked out a pair of jeans for me to wear with the shirt.

I quickly put on the clothes, satisfied with how the outfit turned out when I glanced in the mirror. I still felt and looked like myself. Even though I usually wear baggy clothes that don’t show quite as much skin, it wasn't so far out of my comfort zone that I felt self conscious.

"You look hot, I can't believe I didn't see that shirt when I was looking through your clothes." Alyssa said as she finished picking out her outfit. "How's this?" She added, holding up a red cropped tank top and a short black pencil skirt.

"It's very you." I replied honestly. In my opinion it was going to show a bit too much skin, but if it makes her happy, all I can do is support her.

As Alyssa got changed I slowly curled my eyelashes and applied some mascara, knowing that if I didn't take my time I'd poke my eyes out.

"I'm glad you did your hair and makeup before you came over, otherwise we'd never get to the party." I teased when I looked over at the time. Mason should be here any minute.

"Beauty takes time." She joked, handing me my hairbrush.

I rolled my eyes as I ran the brush through the wavy mess on my head, wincing as strands of hair were pulled out as I untangled the knots.

"Mason's here!" Liam called from downstairs just as I finished taming my hair.

"Punctual as always." I muttered to myself as Alyssa and I exited my room.

"Are you ready to par-" Mason started speaking when he heard us on the stairs, stopping when we came into view.

He cleared his throat, "You two look great." And as he spoke his eyes lingered on me before quickly glancing at Alyssa and then resting on the car keys in his hand.

I looked down at my outfit, suddenly second guessing my decision to wear it. The way Mason looked at me made me nervous, was I showing too much skin? Was it appropriate? It was probably the most appropriate outfit out of every girl going to the party but still, I was feeling more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked by.

"Maybe I should go change." I spoke up, my insecurities getting the best of me. I'd feel much better with a hoody on.

Alyssa hooked her arm with mine before I got the chance to go back upstairs, "You look beautiful, I'm not letting you change into one of your ugly hoodies."

I pouted out my bottom lip in disappointment, but that only made her laugh.

"She's right Jenny, you look amazing. I'm gonna have to fight off all the guys that throw themselves at you." Mason added, giving me one his warm comforting smiles. That smile always made me feel better.

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I was overreacting, everything was going to be fine. No one will care about what I'm wearing, they'll be too focused on how fast they can get drunk and who they'll hook up with.

My thoughts comforted me, and a genuine smile lifted my lips as the excitement of going to a party sunk in.

"Let's go party!" I cheered, dragging Alyssa after me as I walked over to Mason and linked my free arm with his.

Now that my best friends were on either side of me, there wasn't one shred of doubt or fear left in my mind. I was ready to have a great time.

"Shotgun!" I exclaimed when we got outside.

"No fair." Alyssa mumbled, but got into the backseat of the car without protesting.

I took the front passenger side while Mason got behind the wheel.

The only good thing about Mason's dad was that he was so worried about hiding his monstrous ways that he got Mason a car. To the outside world Mason's dad seems like a hard working, loving parent that was nice enough to get his son a car. But in reality it was just a form of manipulation.

Once we were out of my driveway Mason turned up the radio and we sung to every song that came on, whether it was good or bad. We weren't even at the party yet and I was already having a great time.

By the time we arrived my stomach hurt from laughing so hard at our horrible singing.

Once the car was turned off Mason spun in his seat to face me and Alyssa.

"So I just want to go over the rules to make sure we all stay safe. No drinking anything that someone else gave you. No drinking anything that you put down and leave unsupervised for any amount of time. No going anywhere quiet all alone. And no letting me drink, I'm the designated driver." Mason listed off the usual rules.

"Yes sir." I teased, saluting him.

He gave me a pointed look, "I just want you two to stay safe."

"We know, worry wart." Alyssa spoke up, calling Mason the nickname she uses for him every time he acts all serious and protective.

Mason nodded, satisfied that we understood the rules. He knew we were always safe when we went to parties, which wasn't that often but we've never gotten into any trouble in the past.

"We're suppose to meet Jacob in front of the house, right?" Alyssa asked, glancing out the car's windshield to look for him.

I nodded, "That's what we agreed on. It would be too difficult to find him inside."

Mason stayed quiet as Alyssa and I scanned the front yard for Jacob, which was more difficult than it should've been since people were littering the whole front of the house. Don't they know the party is inside?

"There he is!" Alyssa suddenly exclaimed, pointing to where she saw him.

My eyes finally landed on the blonde boy and a small smile rested on my lips. He looked really good, I mean he always looked good but his hair was a bit messier than usual and that somehow made him look a thousand times better.

"Let's go." I suggested when we all just sat there looking at Jacob instead of getting out of the car.

"He looks super hot." Alyssa whispered to me once we were out of the car, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

I playfully shoved her, "Nothing is going to happen tonight. Except the second kiss hopefully." I whispered back, careful to keep my voice down so Mason wouldn't overhear. I knew Jacob was a touchy subject for him and I didn't want to ruin the night.

She gave me a confident smile, "If there was ever a time that he was going to kiss you, it would be tonight. You look amazing and the party atmosphere makes people bolder, it's basically the prefect setup."

I nodded in agreement, tonight's the night. If he doesn't kiss me at the party, my chances of getting the second kiss are slim.

"Hey Jacob." I was the first to say when we finally got to him.

"Hey Jenny." He greeted, flashing me a warm smile that lit up his grey eyes.

"Hi Alyssa." He added when he saw her and Mason following behind me, but he ignored Mason.

I really need to sit them down to talk out their issues. There's no reason to be so hostile towards each other.

"Let go inside and have some fun." I suggested before anything could get awkward. I was beginning to noticed how tense it got whenever I was around Jacob and Mason at the same time.

We all filed into the huge house and were instantly hit by a wave of smoke and loud thumping music.

The lights were dimmed, and as we got further into the house and reached the living room there were colourful strobe lights going off. Everything about this screamed typical high school party but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Are you drinking tonight?" I asked Jacob, raising my voice over the music so he could hear me.

He shook his head and held up his car keys. Silently telling me that he wasn't going to drink because he drove here, which was easier than screaming it over the music.

I didn’t plan on drinking tonight either so I got Alyssa and Mason's attention and told them that I was going to dance.

"Want to dance with me?" I asked Jacob, gesturing towards the makeshift dance floor in the middle of the living room.

"I thought you'd never ask." He replied, offering me his hand.

I easily took it and he led me to the dance floor as a new song played. It wasn't familiar to me but it was fast so I began to move to the beat and matched Jacob's dancing.

I laughed when he busted out the dougie, horribly, but mirrored his actions anyway. If he was going to look dumb, so was I. Life is more fun when you don't care if people are laughing at you.

A few songs passed and we got closer and closer until our bodies were touching and we were moving as one person. The air around us was electric and I could feel that something was going to happen soon. I was going to get the second kiss.

The chance was finally coming when a slow song started and we slowed our dancing to match the clam melody.

I looked into Jacob's light grey eyes, watching as they trailed down my face, only stopping when they landed on my lips, and my stomach flipped in excitement. This was it. The kiss was finally going to happen. He began to lean in and I closed my eyes, anticipating the kiss, but his lips never met mine.

My eyes snapped open when I felt his hold on me loosen, and I saw Mason standing behind Jacob.

"I think it's my turn to dance with Jenny." Mason finally spoke, and anger bubbled up in me. Why does he keep preventing Jacob from kissing me?

Jacob looked disappointed at the ruined moment, his expression probably mirroring mine, as he dropped his hold from me and backed up.

"I'll see you in a bit." He said, and I nodded in agreement before he walked away and Mason took his place.

As we danced I glared daggers at him, trying to telepathically tell him that I was very annoyed that he prevented the second kiss again.

He sighed after a minute of my constant glare, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize the kiss was about to happen. By the time it clicked in my brain it was too late."

My anger dimmed at the sincerity in his warm brown eyes. How can I ever stay mad at him?

"I forgive you, just don't let it happen again." I accepted his apology, giving him a small smile to let him know that I wasn't mad anymore.

"I have impeccable timing." He joked, beaming a smile down at me.

I rolled my eyes, "Impeccably bad timing." But I couldn't help but match his bright smile.

"Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but I heard that there's a game of spin the bottle going on in the basement." Alyssa suddenly said from beside us. I didn't even notice her walk up to us.

My arms dropped from around Mason's neck and I immediately followed Alyssa when she grabbed my hand to lead me through the crowd, but not before grabbing Mason's hand with my other one so he had no choice but to come with us too.

"We have to find Jacob, there's no point in playing if he isn't there." I shouted over the music.

Alyssa looked back at me and nodded in agreement, letting go of my hand so we could split up and find him.

"I'll text you if I find him." She told me.

"I'll do the same, and then we can meet up in the basement." I replied, and then we went our separate ways.

"I guess I'm tagging alone with you." Mason spoke up, holding up our intertwined hands.

I instantly released my grip on his hand, slightly embarrassed that I was holding it for so long.

"Sorry." I sheepishly apologized. I didn't even realize I was still holding his hand until he pointed it out.

He laughed, "It's okay. You can hold my hand whenever you want." And then he playfully winked. What a flirt.

I ignored his comment and scanned the crowd for Jacob, hoping to find him quickly so we didn't miss the game.

Mason and I probably spent a good five minutes looking before finally spotting him with a blonde haired girl.

"It looks like he moved on quickly." Mason teased, earning a gentle slap on the chest.

Jacob didn't move on from me, I mean he was probably never interested in me, but he was just making friends. I don't blame him, he’s new to the school and apart from me and my friends, he knew no one.

"There's a game of spin the bottle in the basement, do you two want to play?" I asked Jacob and his new friend when I got over to them. I didn't want to just invite him and seem possessive or anything, so I had to invite her too.

Jacob raised his eyebrows in interest, "Sure."

I didn't wait for a reply from his friend, "Great, I'll lead the way."

The four of us quickly weaved through the crowd and thankfully found the door to the basement without much trouble. Along the way I texted Alyssa to tell her I found Jacob, and by the time we got downstairs she was already there waiting for us.

We all joined the circle, I ended up between Mason and Jacob, and the game went on like normal.

A few uneventful turns went by, but then the bottle stopped spinning and pointed to Jacob. The person spinning was a girl from school that I recognized, but couldn't remember her name.

She quickly stumbled over to him and pressed her lips to his for way longer than necessary.

As I watched the kiss unfold I felt annoyed, and maybe a little worried, but not jealous, which disappointed me. If I felt jealous that would mean I had feelings for him. And I only felt worried because the more people Jacob kissed, the bigger the possibility that he catches feelings for someone other than me and I have no chance of winning the game.

I was stuck in my thoughts as people kept taking turns, grateful that the bottle never pointed to me, until it was finally Jacob's turn. This was the moment I'd been waiting for all night. Maybe fate will be on my side and he'll have to kiss me, granting me kiss number two.

Jacob gave the bottle a strong spin, and it passed me at least six times before finally slowing and stopping on the girl I found him with earlier. You have got to be kidding me!

"I guess it's fate." I heard her joke just before his lips met hers.

This time I was unable to watch, so I turned my head and my eyes landed on Mason, who was already looking at me.

He gave me a half smile that said 'I'm sorry.' And I gave him one back to let him know that I was okay.

I quickly formed another plan as Jacob's kiss ended and it was my turn to play. If I landed on someone other than Jacob, I could hopefully make him jealous by really kissing whoever I landed on. If he saw me kissing another person maybe that would make him realize that he had feelings for me and that would prompt him to kiss me.

I spun the bottle, and as I watched it turn I hoped my new plan would work.

Eventually it slowed and for a moment I thought it was going to land on Jacob, but it edged past him, and then past me, and stopped on Mason.

I froze. How was my plan going to work if I had to kiss my best friend? This night couldn't have failed any harder.

My shocked eyes met Mason’s, and I saw the nervousness in his. Was he scared that this would ruin our friendship? Because I was.

"Do it!" Someone in the circle yelled.

"It's just a game." I reassured the both of us.

He nodded, agreeing with me.

I took one last shaky breath before leaning in and pressing my lips against his.

I was startled by the warmth that spread through me as I kissed him, and the tingles that electrified my skin when he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me closer.

I'd never had a kiss that felt like this, and I never wanted it to end.

I pushed harder against his lips, and I vaguely heard the people around us cheer and whistle, but all that was a foggy blur around us.

My lips moved in sync with his for a moment, but then I realized who I was kissing and how wrong it was, and I jumped away from him, ending the kiss so suddenly that it shocked us both.

I instantly felt cold when all physical contact with Mason was cut off, and I was left with so much confusion swirling around my brain that I couldn't focus on anything around me.

"It's your turn Mason." I faintly heard Alyssa say.

Like a bucket of cold water was thrown on me, her words brought me back to reality and I focused in on the game again.

I tried to tell myself that the kiss meant nothing, that it was all part of a game, but the idea of Mason kissing someone else suddenly made me feel sick. I didn’t want him to make anyone else feel that way I felt when kissing him. What the hell was wrong with me?

Mason sent me a worried look before grabbing the bottle and giving it a weak spin.

It quickly slowed and then stopped pointing to a guy in our grade, I think his name was Brady, and I couldn't help but feel relieved. Mason had to kiss a guy, and I knew for a fact that both of them were straight, so he wasn't about to make anyone else feel the way I did when he was kissing me.

Everyone cheered as Mason slowly walked over to Brady and quickly pecked him on the lips, making a disturbed face as he came back and took his seat beside me.

As Alyssa took her turn I nudged Mason to get his attention.

"Maybe we should all go home, it's been a long night and I'm getting tired." I suggested when he turned to look at me.

It has been a long night, spin the bottle alone had been going on for at least an hour, and before that I spent an hour or so dancing. But the reason I wanted to go home was to sort through the confusion that came with kissing Mason. I needed to figure out why I felt what I did when I was kissing him, and how to forget about it so I didn't ruin our friendship or lose the game of Three Kisses. The game was what I really needed to focus on.

Mason nodded in agreement, and asked Alyssa if we could leave as soon as her turn at spin the bottle was finished.

She easily agreed and the three of us got up and made our way upstairs. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn't even bother to say goodbye to Jacob.

I just needed to go home, get a good sleep, and take the weekend to think everything through.

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