A Game Called Love

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Chapter 7

The day after the party I did a lot of thinking, but I couldn't figure out why I felt the way I did when I kissed Mason. And I had no idea if this whole thing would ruin our friendship.

By Saturday night I still hadn't been able to come to any conclusions so I decided to get my mind off of it all.

I texted Jacob to ask if he wanted to come over on Sunday to work on the painting of him and he agreed. So now I was sat at the kitchen island with Liam and Emma, waiting for Jacob to arrive.

"We're not going to be home for supper tonight, so you can order something if you want, I'll leave fifty dollars for you in case you want to have your friends over to eat." Liam told me.

"What are you guys doing for supper?" I questioned.

Liam looked like he wasn't excited about the answer as Emma replied "We're going out to eat with Steph and Lisa."

Now I knew why Liam didn't look too happy. Every once in a while Emma gets together with her high school best friends Steph and Lisa, and usually she makes Liam tag along. The problem is that Steph and Lisa never fully made up after some falling out they had in school. I don't know all the details but Liam always complained about the two bickering.

"That sounds fun." I teased, sending a cheeky smile Liam's way.

"I heard that Lisa got engaged, so maybe now that she's found someone and Steph is married, the grudge between them will ease up." Emma said, although she didn't sound too sure.

Liam snorted, "Or she'll brag about her fiancé being better than Steph's husband."

Emma gave him a playful slap on the arm, "Let's just go into this with a positive mindset."

"Anything for you, my dear." Liam teased, leaning over to give her a sweet kiss on the top of her head.

My heart ached for a love like theirs. I just wanted someone to look at me the way Liam looks at Emma. But at this rate I'll never find that.

A knock at the door ripped me from my inner despair and I quickly went to let Jacob in so I didn't have to watch Liam and Emma be so in love anymore.

"Hey, come on in." I greeted him.

His smile warmed his steel eyes, "Thanks for inviting me, my weekend would've been dreadful if you hadn't."

That was probably true, he's so new to the town that he probably didn't have many friends apart from me and my friends. Oh and don't let me forget that girl from the party.

"Let's go get that painting finished." I suggested, leading him up to my room.

Once inside, Jacob got situated in his usual spot on my bed and I got to work setting up my easel and supplies.

When I was finally ready to finish the paining, I peeked around my easel and saw Jacob holding up one of my bras.

"Someone call Victoria because her secret is out." Jacob teased.

My face heated up in humiliation as I ran over to him and snatched the bright pink bra out of his hand. I can't believe I left that out when I knew he was coming over!

"Let's never talk about this again. What happens in my bedroom stays in my bedroom." I rambled out in a jumbled mess, mortified with the whole situation.

"I like that rule." Jacob said, a cheeky smile tugging at his lips.

I gave him a blank stare, knowing exactly where his mind was wondering to, but ignored the comment and got to work on the painting. An hour later I was done putting the final touches on it, and it turned out pretty well.

"It needs to stay here until it dries, but then it's all yours." I told Jacob, carefully picking the painting up and turning it so he could see.

His eyebrows raised in surprise, "It turned out amazing. Thank you Jenny."

"My pleasure, I got to look at you for hours." I teased, but it was flirty too. I have to let him know I'm interested. Why would he kiss me if he didn't know that I wanted him to?

His eyes widened in surprise at my comment and I had to stop myself from laughing. His shocked expression was hilarious.

"I should probably be getting home, I told my parents I’d be back for dinner." Jacob changed the subject, to my disappointment. I kind of wanted him to flirt back, or at least let me know he had a good time hanging out with me. The last thing I wanted him to say was that he was leaving.

"I'll walk you out." I told him, trying my best to hide the disappointment in my eyes by getting up and walking towards my door so he couldn't see my face.

The trip downstairs was quiet and soon we were walking out the front door.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I muttered at the same time as Jacob said “Do you want to go out with me sometime?"

To say I was surprised by his question would be the understatement of the year. He hasn't shown much interest in me, so I was completely blindsided by what he said.

Thankfully I quickly recovered from the shock and replied, "I'd love to, maybe on Wednesday?"

He smiled brightly at me, "It's a date."

I immediately thought back to when we first arranged coming over to my house so he could see my artwork, he was flustered when I called it a date. It's crazy how things can change so fast. I haven't known him that long but somehow I'm already so comfortable with him and I could tell that he was quickly becoming an important part of my life. Maybe I could fall in love with him.

"It's a date." I confirmed, and with one last smile he left and I went back inside with a big goofy smile of my own.

"Jacob asked me out." I told Alyssa through the phone later that night.

She gasped, "Does that mean you got the second kiss?"

I shook my head even though she couldn't see it, "No, but maybe he wants to be dating before we kiss again."

"I could see him being traditional like that. Maybe that's how things are where he grew up." She agreed.

I leaned back against my bed's headboard to get more comfortable, "So we're going out Wednesday. I don't know what time or what we're doing yet, but at least there's a day set."

I wasn't even sure if I was suppose to come up with an idea for the date, or if Jacob was, but I was sure that whatever we did would be fun, it was more about just being together than the activity we would do.

"It's funny that you and Mason both have dates this week." Alyssa said, her words taking me by surprise.

"Mason has a date?" I asked, completely confused. He didn't tell me anything about a date, or him even planning to ask someone out.

"Yeah." She confirmed, "When you were dancing with Jacob at the party Mason was taking to a girl from another school. They seemed to really hit it off and he asked her out yesterday.”

He didn't tell me any of that. And I thought he was already in love with someone? If he just met that girl at the party, what happened to the girl he was in love with?

I frowned, "I had no idea. I hope she's good to him."

The idea of anyone hurting Mason made my blood boil. Or maybe it was the idea that he was going to go on a date with someone and didn’t even bother to tell me.

I hadn't thought about Mason at all today, Jacob was the perfect distraction, and I was genuinely excited when he asked me out. So maybe that kiss between Mason and I really didn't mean anything. It obviously didn’t mean anything to him if he was asking a girl out the day after it happened.

So why was I so upset about Mason asking that girl out then?

"She seemed really nice, and she's absolutely gorgeous. I think they'd make a great couple." Alyssa interrupted my thoughts.

That didn't make me feel better at all, I was going to lose one of my best friends to some amazing, beautiful girl. He'd forget all about me and I'd never see him again.

"Are you worried that she's going to take Mason away from us?" I voiced my silent fear.

The phone was quiet as Alyssa thought about my question, and the longer she went without answering, the more nervous I got. Maybe she did think that Mason was going to be taken away from us and she was trying to find a positive way to put it.

"I don't think Mason will let that happen. You two have a special bond and I don't think anything could ever come between it." Alyssa finally spoke.

Her words calmed me down a bit. Mason isn't the type of person to ditch his friends for new ones, and hearing someone else say that comforted me.

No girl could ever come between Mason and I, we're a package deal, you can't have one of us without the other.

I needed to get that across to Jacob though, him and Mason need to get along if there is any chance that I'll fall in love with him. Friends and family will always come first in my heart.

"You're right." I agreed, thankful that I had a best friend that could always calm my inner worrying.

"You worry too much." She teased.

I rolled my eyes even though she was so right, "I'm going to go now, I need as much beauty sleep as possible for school tomorrow."

“That’s true, you need all the beauty sleep you can get.” She teased.

Once we said our goodbyes and hung up I clicked on Mason's contact to send him a text.

To: Mase Face

Jacob asked me out! Hopefully I can complete the final two kisses soon.

I wanted to ask him why he didn't tell me about his upcoming date, but decided against it. Maybe he just didn't get around to telling me yet. The text I sent left him was the perfect opportunity for him to tell me about it.

A minute later my phone buzzed with a text and I quickly clicked on it when I saw Mason's contact name.

From: Mase Face

That's good, I'm looking forward to the game being over.

My heart sunk as I read the text, he didn't tell me about his date. He told Alyssa, but didn't tell me. I wanted to ask him about it so badly, but decided against it. I could see it turning into an argument, and the last thing I wanted to do was argue with him. Everything feels wrong when Mason and I are unhappy with each other.

So instead I locked my phone, plugged it in to charge, and went to sleep with the nagging question gnawing at me.

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