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Chapter 15

After an endless night of decision making, Jessie had decided to try and begin another new life for herself. A life without John or her Aunt.

She headed out to the seamstress shop, she thought maybe she could find work there.

“Hello, may I help you dear?” said the woman at the shop.

“Yes, I hope so, you see I’m looking for work.”

“Have you any experience?”

“Yes, I’ve made lots of dresses for myself, and when I lived out of town, I made dresses for other woman as well. I was beginning to start a nice little business, but then I had to come back here suddenly.”

“I see. Well, I suppose I could try you out, and we’ll see how you do.”

“Really! That would be great! I’m sure you’ll be happy with me. I can work anytime you need me to.”

“How about you come in first thing tomorrow morning and we can begin.”

Jessie was very pleased with herself. She actually had a real job now and so easily too. She was sure the woman would be happy with her work.

O.K. so she could stay at the Inn and work until she had enough money to pay back John, then she could find a place of her own.

Back at the Inn, Jessie sat in her chair eating lunch. She could not help but think of John, once again. She did miss him so, even after everything that’s happened. She could not let go of her thoughts of their life together. She wondered what would have happened if Aunt Betsy had not died and they never received that letter. Maybe she and John would have married and had children? Or was John just waiting . . . waiting for his time to be through with her so that he could get his money? Her heart ached.

She had to know where John stood, and then she could go on with her life. She would have to send him a telegram. After all, she did owe him an explanation of where his money was. At least now she could explain to him that she had a job and was earning money to pay him back.

Secretly, she wished she could just go back. Back to her life she already loved, with her church, friends, sewing, home, and John.

John had been keeping busy as usual with the farm. Only now he had to take over Jessie’s chores as well. He had gotten used to her help. And now each day he’d go into town to see if Jessie had sent him a telegram. But each day that passed he’d get the same response from Mr. Olsen, “No, son it’s not here today.”

Why hadn’t she contacted him yet? Did she make it in time to see Betsy? And was she ever going to forgive him? There was so much they needed to sort out.

He could not bear the thought of not having Jessie in his life. He longed to hold her and to make love to her again. He had waited long enough. He decided to go to the city and find Jessie. Nothing was more important than her.

He ran upstairs, grabbed a few clothes, stuffed them into a bag, and headed for the train station.

The ride seemed endless to John, he didn’t care about anything else but finding Jessie.

Finally he arrived. He walked past the Hotel and saw the sold sign hanging in the window. Maybe Jessie received her money and decided she didn’t need him, or want him anymore. Well, he’d come this far, he would face her and find out one way or the other.

Next, he decided to try the Hospital.

“Hello. I’m here to check on a patient, Betsy McCann.”

“I’m sorry sir. She’s past away.”


“Just two days ago.”

“I need to find her niece. She must have been here to visit. Is there any way I can find out where she might be?”

“I remember her. I was the one who had to tell her that her Aunt had passed away. But I have no idea how to contact her.”

“Well, thanks anyway.”

So Betsy had died. At least now he knew Jessie had been able to see her. Something’s very wrong. If Jessie hadn’t tried to contact him by now, she probably wasn’t planning on doing so.

“Shit, Jessie, how do I get to you now?”

John saw the Inn, across the way, and decided he could take his chances there and ask around. Surely someone there would know of Betsy, and perhaps Jessie too.

He walked in and sat at the table.

“Hey, honey what can I get you?” asked the waitress.

“I’m not sure yet, but maybe you can help me.”

“You . . . sure, whatever you need.”

She was obviously flirting with him

“I’m looking for someone . . .”

“Well honey, you found her, here I am.”

“Ah, no. See, I used to know Betsy McCann, she owned the Hotel across the street.”

“Yeah, such a shame that she passed away. You now I used to work for her. Maybe you and me could get to know each other a little better, uh?”

“You worked for her! Then maybe you know her niece, Jessie?”

“Yeah, I know her a bit, but forget about her . . .”

“No. You don’t understand, I have to find her. Do you know where she is?”

“Sure, she’s here at the Inn.”

“Here! Are you sure? Where can I find her?”

“Room 108.”


And he ran towards the stairs as fast as he could. He actually found Jessie!

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