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Chapter 2

The train came to a stop and the driver announced that they would be departing again in one hour. John exited the coach first and held out his hand for Jessie. She had been sitting so long her legs were weak. It would be good to have a break for a while.

“Are you hungry?” asked John.

“Yes.” said Jessie.

In fact she was starved, she hadn’t had breakfast this morning and was starting to feel queasy. They entered the restaurant, John holding the door as a gentlemen should. The two looked across the table at each other in silence until finally John attempted to make conversation.

“We should be home just after dark.”

Jessie thought to herself, maybe to your home, but mine is far way. She simply nodded politely.

“Would you like to take a walk around after we’re finished eating?” said John. “It will give us a chance to stretch some before the train leaves again.”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

John paid the bill and signaled for Jessie to follow. They walked for a while as it was a beautiful day. Jessie looked around and thought there really isn’t much to look at here. There were no shops or even any other people in sight. Nothing but grass fields and trees as far as she could see. It certainly wasn’t like the hustle bustle of the city. Yet, it was very peaceful.

“My aunt told me you have a farm.” she said shyly.

“Yes, it’s about 200 acres. Have you ever been out of the city?”


“Well, you’re in for a treat then! There’s more grass and trees then you could ever imagine. I have cows, pigs, horses, chickens and goats”

Jessie couldn’t help but giggle. She had never been around animals and couldn’t see herself helping out with them. “I don’t know anything about farm animals.”

“That’s O.K., you can learn,” John smiled. “We had better head back towards the train, we don’t want it leaving without us.”

Jessie noticed the half smile as John spoke to her, he seemed to be friendly. She looked right into his eyes and smiled back. “Ok then, we should go.”

They hurried back, boarded, and somehow the rest of the train ride was not as bad as the first half for Jessie. She was more relaxed now and she was more than full from lunch. She was actually a bit embarrassed by how much she had eaten. She decided not to re-think any more about Aunt Betsy. She would look at this as a whole new great adventure. Yes, that was it a great adventure for her, now that she was on her own. Now that she no longer had her aunt around to treat her as a child. She could become a whole new person, an adult. “John, tell me more about your farm.”

“The farm, ah . . . that’s my favorite subject.” He smiled and went on to describe every detail of the land, how much care all of the animals needed and how he had finished building his house. Jessie could already picture it in her head. He was obviously very proud of it, as he should be. As they spoke, Jessie was actually beginning to enjoy their conversation. She even laughed out loud at one of his stories. He was a nice change to her normal conversations she had at the Hotel with the “girls” or Aunt Betsy. She had relaxed and nearly forgotten all about her questions of why she going with him and why Aunt Betsy had sent her off so suddenly. She was focused only on John.

“We are almost there Jessie. It’s getting dark so you won’t really be able to get a feel for the place till morning.”

“I feel like I already know what it’s going to be like, from what you’ve told me. It sounds so wonderful.”

She could hardly believe she was actually excited about seeing his home . . . her new home and she felt so comfortable with him already. Even though she had only met John eight hours ago, she had a sense that he was kind. Perhaps things would work out all right after all. They exited the train, John grabbed the luggage and they were off to start a brand new adventure.

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