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A Pureblood King. A pure blooded human. The two are destined to find one another. But will this bond end in love or calamity? In an alternate timeline in which Vampires are a fact of life for all humans, a young woman named Corvina finds herself a Blood Baby, and more to a pure blooded Vampire.

Romance / Drama
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1. Pure

Lothaire spat on the ground.

"These damned humans," he growled. "Their Blood is disgusting."

The woman frowned looking down. "I only drank what you wanted, Lord Lo—"

He looked away from her. "It doesn't matter. You taste like..." he glanced at the woman who looked very upset.

Rolling his eyes, he sighed once more. "Just go. Your services will not be needed."

The woman shouted his name desperately as his guards took her away.

"Lord Lothaire! I love you!"

That caught his attention. He locked eyes with her, his own flashing red at such a bold claim.

"No. You really don't. You should focus on your health instead of such inane notions. If your blood is anything to go by, you have a year to live."

He closed his eyes, shutting his ears to her pleads. They fades as she was taken down the hall, and out of the Castle.

Lothaire sipped wine mixed with blood. His stomach ached. Lately, he'd been having to consume animal blood, some low level bat.

But humans these days were so...impure. Worse than they'd ever been. Everything about them was unhealthy, and it showed in the taste of their blood.

They were all...so dirty. In thought. In heart. In soul. It tainted them. At this rate he would have to start consuming Vampire blood to stay sane.

His mouth remembered the taste with bitterness. It was even worse.

He got up, leaving his servants behind. His guards followed him, making him laugh a bit.

As if he needed a guard.

His smile fell.

Maybe his father thought the same. He closed his eyes, shaking it off. It was no time to reminisce.

In 2019, there was no shortage of humans ready and willing to be a Blood Baby, as most Vampires distatefully dubbed them.

People who wanted to be food for fangs. They wanted the pleasure. The statute. The wealth and power.

They sickened him. Every last one. But he couldn't hate them. He admired how they flowered in the light.

Humankind always persevered, despite their many flaws. Such weak, feeble creatures, but they fought so hard to live.

He thought, if for nothing else, that was why they deserved to.

Corvina smiled at the customer. Her bakery was full again.

Henry gave her a fanged smile as he checked out.

"You're busy today, aren't you Vina?" He smiled.

She grinned back. "Yep! I'm barely keeping up. Those Vampire reflexes would be helpful,"she suggested.

He chuckled. "I suppose so, but seeing you in a flurry is worth it."

"Are you on your way out then," the woman said, taking his payment.

"I am. But I was hoping we could do a movie night later on. I'll be in the neighborhood—"

"Hey Ms. Corvina!" One of the many Vampires in her shop called out. "You won't leave us and become a blood baby to some royal will you!"

She smiled at him. "No Howard! Who else will bake cookies and cakes for you old bats if I do?"

In a society where humans and Vampires, coexists, there were three types of humans; the kind who feared them, the kind who wanted to be them and the kind who wanted to serve them.

She never found herself in any of those categories.

"Shut up, Howard!" Henry said, "You know Corvina would never stoop so low as to be a blood bag for some royal."

"She's pretty enough," Howard yelled back.

Corvina smiles sheepishly. "Guys, guys! I can't be food for anyone. I make food. I eat food. But I'm not food," she chuckled.

Henry stayed at her tenderly. "Good because those Royals are—"

Corvina smiled knowingly. "I know. You're late Henry. Vampire or not; I'm sure you'll get fired if you go to work late again."

Henry snorted. "They're too scared I'm gonna rip their throats out to fire me,"

Corvina shook her head with a laugh. "Oh Henry."

He kissed her cheek. "Bye Vina! I'll see you tonight!"

Corvina locked the bakery behind her, walking home. What a busy day! She smiled, satisfied. She loved baking. It made her feel calm, and relaxed.

The smell of sweets cooking, and happiness—

A cough came from an alley, with a moan of pain. She paused. Should she...

She got out her tazer, with the wooden stake at the end. Just in case.

"Who's there?" She called. "Are you alright."

Another moan of pain wafted from the alley.

She hurried, keeping the weapon in her hand. She finally reached the alley, where a beautiful man slumped against the brick building.

His long dark hair obscured his face, as he moaned in pain, a stake in his chest.

"Oh no!" She gasped. Instantly, she moved, putting the tazer away.

"Don't worry. I'll help you."

"I'm so thirsty," he whispered. "So thirsty I might die."

She took the stake from his chest with great effort tossing it aside.

His wounds began healing. She already know he was a Vampire but...

She didn't tear them but there was no denying...not all vampires wanted to live peacefully with humans.

Some of them...no all of them had the potential to be dangerous. Deadly.

Two crimson eyes pierced through the darkness as he lifted his head slowly, sluggishly.

"Please," he coughed. "If I don't have Blood soon...I'll—"

She bit her lip. "You need blood?"

He nodded.

"Then why don't you take it? Even in this state your stronger than I am," she whispered.

His eyes pulsed as he lurched forward, pausing.

Corvina sighed, tilting her head to the side with a swallow.


"I could drain you," he said weakly eyes focused on her neck.

"Go on," she whispered. "If it'll save your life, you can. Just this once."

He fell forward, his senses scattered. He picked the area of her neck, glancing at her closed eyes.

His sense of smell had to be deceiving him. He'd never smelled something like this before.

He buried his fangs inside her neck, his strength instantly returning.

This taste...this taste how?

She winced, making him ease his fangs out of her neck carefully. He licked the wound, not wasting a drop of her blood.

It was so clean. So...so pure.

She looked away. "Are you okay now?" She asked.

"Yes," He said, staring at her neck.

His mouth watered.

"Then I'll go now. But before I do here," she went into her purse. He narrowed his eyes. She extended her hand.

"I'm a Vampire I don't need human food," he said to her.

"I know. But cookies make everyone feel better."

He took the cookie, as she got up, and left him there.

He stared at the cookie. It's been so long since he'd even attempted eating human food. It was tasteless to him. He bit into the cookie.

It was...wonderful. Sweet, and warm. It tasted like a place that should be called home.

But it wasn't as sweet as her. Not by far.

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