Wild One

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Niccolo is in love with a woman who has since died. Manon falls in love with him anyway. Chaos ensues/ "What do you want from me, huh?!" She smirked at me, smoothing my tie. "I want you. All of you. I want to make you fall so hard for me, that no one will ever be able to help you back up." She pulled me in close, those beautiful eyes dull. "I want to break you, like you broke me, and leave you on the floor, bleeding from your heart. Then, I want to burn you down until you're nothing but golden ashes mixing in with the dirt." I reach for her, pulling her into my arms. "I think I'd enjoy that." "Are you crazy?" "Maybe. But I've always loved to play with fire."

Romance / Action
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I walk the lonely streets of Detroit. I kick cracked pieces of asphalt, feeling just as battered.

My Dena. My baby.


The night sky is brightened by the moon. These are mean streets, but it seems there’s just enough light to chase the monsters back under the bed.

Well, all but one.

I came her for trouble. But it looks like I might have to cause some myself.

“L-Leave me alone!”

“C’mon pretty baby. Don’t be shy.”

“I think you’re mixing shy and disgust.”

A smirk tugs at the left side of my mouth. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I’ll take it.

“Playing hard to get?”
“Not playing. I am hard to get. And I’m even harder to take. So keep moving.”

Oooh, my damsel seems a little feisty. How...utterly interesting.

“Someone’s feisty.”

She stamps her feet childishly.

“What is it with guys and feisty? Does this look feisty to you?”

She pulls out pepper spray. Aw...


This guy’s from 100. Pepper spray, is like pasta to him.


“Go ahead, try it.”

Now, do I sit back and watch the show, or do I...help.

Helping isn’t really the La Cosa Nostra’s style, but perhaps I could make an exception. If she amuses me.

“Y-Y’know what? No. You seem too enthusiastic, and frankly it’s a bit disconcerting.”

I come around the corner, get eyes on the situation. I could take him down easy. But what to do with her.

If I take him out, she comes with me. I don’t need that burden.

“Thanks, for helping me.”

I close my eyes. There she is, dancing behind my eyelids, her sweet smile.

“it is my pleasure, signorina.”
Not now!


“Well, I’ll put it this way: you are to roller coaster as...rose is to flower.”

I chuckled lowly.


“SATS. Pain in the ass I tell ya. Well, nice chat but I must be going byeeee!”

Is this fool really trying to run?

Ma, per certo.

She runs, her head turned back. When the man catches sight of me, he runs away.

I let her keep going. She bumps right into me. Now, is there an SAT question to prepare her for this test?

Who’s more dangerous? Him?

Or me?

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