Mind Breaker

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You are a mind breaker, you say these awful things as if you were me, you are a horrible person, that's why... I'm not like that. They always called me a mind breaker, just for saying what they were thinking. Their horrible thoughts, everything, I could see them, feel them and when I spoke them out loud I'm the horrible one, putting words and thoughts on their minds as if they weren't there before, just because you close your eyes, doesn't mean the hurt you did isn't there. I was so lonely until I saw him. How is his mind so beautiful? So pure? He was the first person who actually listened to me and told me that those horrible words arent mine, I'm not a bad person, I just listen. Those people hurt me, betrayed me, and treated me as if I was nothing. Please listen to my story.

Romance / Drama
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The Start

I never know how to finish a book, I’ve started hundreds of them, but they always look like forgotten notebooks on the floor of my old closet; with just a few pages written and a sense of sadness within.

The thing is now I don’t know how to start a book about myself, all I can say is; I hope you don’t get bored with my slightly interesting and depressing life.

I’ve never been lonely, I prefer being alone than being lonely, I push people away instead of solving a problem that maybe couldn’t be solved, I prefer abandoning people than being abandon.

I was born in 98, so I’m not an adult, I’m barely 21 and I can’t handle my own life; my housing are my parents, I don’t have a job, and I just think everything would be easier if I was rich, but life isn’t like that, so what can a girl do? Work my ass off, until I’m left crying in bed at 12 a.m. about how horrible my life is.

Going back to my story, I’m an average girl, who has dreamt about being a lot of things but hasn’t achieved any. In my world, most things are kind of depressing, but I try to be positive because there’s nothing else I could do. I’m a true believer that music can say what’s on your mind, and the music I hear all the time is sad, depressing music that talks about needing love, and suffering, about loneliness and betrayal, so if people just listened to my music a little bit they would know the real me, sad working hard on being happy, and not showing how lonely I am every day.

In my past, there’s been a lot of things shaping me into who I am today, mostly sad things, and a lot of really shameful moments, making my anxiety grow every day too. I won’t go too much into my past because this isn’t a sad story, this is a heroin story, about a girl who saves the world, well maybe not THE world but her own world, and herself in the way.

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