Waiting in Darkness

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Cleo and Hakota continue to blaze their path but now it's time to see how Syn will deal with a spunky werewolf mate of his own. BOOK #3 In the dead of Night Torn between killing Or keeping his prey He continues his hunt Throughout every day He wants what is his He has waited so long But he feels that to take it Would surely be wrong But the beast deep within him Has no such qualms To keep or to crush it He holds power in his palms.

Romance / Fantasy
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One | Terrin

I'm a horrible person, yeah, yeah, I know.

I know that I'm an incorrigible ass to my mate even though he was nothing but nice to me until he finally snapped.

It was my fault it had come to this, I put myself in this situation.

But that didn't mean I had to be happy about it!

With a shout of anger I rattled the chair I was securely tied to. The chair tottered on its legs as I bounced up and down while screaming out my frustration.

My damn wrists were losing blood circulation and going numb behind my back and my stupid ankles were also expertly tied to the legs of the chair making me immobile.

Why am I tied to a chair you may ask?

Well the plate of vegetables in front of me and the stupid lycan sitting across from me with an unamused look plastered across his cold face is why!

I mean come on! He called me childish? He was the one who frickin' tied me to a chair because I didn't want to eat broccoli! I'm an adult, I don't have to eat broccoli if I didn't want to! Besides he knew I hated the stuff and he made it on purpose!

When I was finished with my little tantrum, I breathed heavily as I glared at the lycan across from me. All he did was lean back in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest and drawled, "I'm still waiting for that apology."

"You can take you apology and shove it up your-" I was cut off when something lightly smacked my forehead.

I looked down to see a piece of green mushy broccoli on the table cloth where it had splatted on the surface after hitting my face.

I blinked at it before snapping my eyes up to my mate who had thrown it at me. "You just hit me with broccoli!"

"You know how I feel about swearing," was his answer.

"Oh for the love of--!" I bit my tongue and banged my knee on the underside of the table when I rattled the chair again. "What are you, my mother?" I sneered, glowering at the now soggy vegetables on my plate. "You are a grown ass lycan warrior, don't you have better things to do than force me to eat some disgusting green vomit?"

"My mate is the most important thing to me and your health is my current primary concern. Since you can't seem to understand the concept of a healthy diet, I have no problem in teaching you."

"For the love of Lune," I grumbled under my breath before meeting the lycan's eyes and punctuating each word, "I. Am. Not. Your. Mate."

I waited for him to flinch like he used to and then slink away like a puppy with their tail between their legs but he'd stopped doing that lately. All he did was stare back at me with scary calmness, the only hint of his frustration being the slight clenching of his jaw.

He leaned forward, the front two legs of the chair hitting the ground with a thunk. My eyes followed each of his movements as he pushed away from the table, tapping the wooden surface with a finger as he turned to leave. "You aren't leaving the table until you finish your food."

Then he left.

He just walked out of the kitchen leaving me tied to a chair with a plate of cold, wet, broccoli in front of me.

"Hey!" I called after him. "Hey come back!" My seat bounced up and down with my movements, the sound echoing through the room. "How am I supposed to eat them if I can't move my hands?"

All I got in reply was the lights going off.


Now I was alone, tied to a chair, and in the dark.

Cleo thought that she had it bad? Well at least her mate let her eat what she wanted.

I could do nothing but stare at the clock as minutes went by.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, forty minutes, an hour, two hours, five hours.

Finally I broke. "Argh! I'm sorry okay? You win! I apologize, alright?" I waited, listening for the sound of his footsteps but heard nothing. "Come on Syn!" I called out. "I apologized, now untie me!" Still I got no response. "Are you ignoring me now?" I shouted into the empty room. "Look, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, now could you just untie me?"

Dead silence greeted me.

With a groan my head fell back and I stared up at the ceiling. All night I stared into the empty and dark room. It was around six in the morning when I finally heard movement. The lights flicked on and then there were several minutes of shuffling through the kitchen behind me, cabinets opening and closing, the stove top turning on and the sizzle of food in a pan, and the delicious aroma of bacon and hash-browns filling my nose.

Syn strolled around me to the seat across, a plate filled with breakfast food and a cup of steaming coffee in his hand. He ate without sparing me a glance, leaving me to salivate at the food he was eating at an incredibly slow rate.

An agonizing half hour passed like years before he finished. Then he only stood up and moved to leave as if I wasn't even here and still tied to a damn chair.

"Wait," my voice came out hoarsely. He paused, but didn't turn to look at me. I cleared my throat, embarrassed by the dryness of my tone. "Can you untie me now?" I asked. "Please?" I added as an after thought.

Slowly, very slowly, he set his plate back down on the table and turned to me with a calculating look. "Only if you promise to eat the broccoli."

I recoiled, my expression twisting into one of horror. "What?" I demanded, aghast. "I'm not eating that! No way in hell!"

His eyes hardened and he clenched his jaw. "Fine." With a scowl on his face he picked up his plate and marched away.

"Syn!" I screeched out my fury, squirming in the chair and making as much racket as I possibly could. My violent motions had the chair toppling to the side. I could feel my shoulder pop as I roughly landed on it.

Tears of frustration poked at the the backs of my eyes.

I was so upset with everything and it all came out at once.

Syn was by my side in a flash, slicing away the ropes and pulling me half into his lap while examining my shoulder that was obviously dislocated. The tears burned their way down my cheeks in salty trails. Syn despite how awful I treated him, was clearly concerned and murmured soft words of comfort to me as he tried to cut away the fabric of my shirt with a claw.

I shoved him away, hurting myself in the process from the quick jerk of my actions.

"Go away," I tried to hiss out at him but my voice was clogged with a sob and came out as more of a strangled choke.

"Terrin, let me help. For once just let me--"

"I don't need you!" I screamed at him, sick and tired of the way he continually tried to force himself into my life. Why didn't he get it? I didn't want him!

I had been humiliated my whole life, only escaping it when Cleo had entered my life but now she was gone again, too busy with her stupid lycan pack to bother with me. Now I was just a joke again. Everyone just saw me as the childish mate of a poor lycan. I was weak and pathetic in their eyes, punished and lectured all the time by my mate. I'd lost my masculinity in their eyes because next to my mate I was nothing. I was just a clumsy, mouthy, shrimp of a male obviously in need of guidance and direction by my superior lycan mate.

And I hated it.

I wanted to be something of worth. I wanted to be respected, not pitied.

But with Syn constantly inserting himself in my life I was never going to get that.

The only thing the lycans knew how to do was take, take, and take. They took my home from me, they took Cleo from me, they took my new life away from me, they took away my chance at having a normal mate and life, they took away my job, they took away my freedom, my self worth, my pride, my purpose, and left me with nothing.

"But I need you..." Syn's quiet and dejected voice pierced its way through my thoughts.

My eyes flicked up to him. He was sitting on the ground a foot away to where I had pushed him. The stone mask of indifference I had seen all week was now off, showing the vulnerability the lycan felt.

His tormented grey eyes couldn't hold mine and slipped away, falling to the ground.

I felt a little guilty, and also like a complete ass. I was his mate after all, and unlike werewolves lycans only got one. It was only natural he'd fight for me to stay with him but I needed him to understand that this was just never going to happen.

"Too bad," I spat out.

I knew it was harsh of me but I knew that moment I showed kindness to him he would get hopeful, maybe even misunderstand me. That was why I insisted on being rude to him. Maybe he'd finally get tired of my attitude and drop me.

"You're my mate," he said for the thousandth time as if that was supposed to make a difference. His eyes pleaded with me to understand but that wasn't the problem.

I fully understood why he was so desperate to get me to accept him, but I just couldn't place his needs, his happiness, before my own.

"That's your problem," I mercilessly attacked him, "because as far as I'm concerned, you aren't mine." I grabbed my shoulder and popped it back into place before standing over my mate who remained sitting on the floor. "I refuse to submit to anyone, mate or not."

"I never asked you to submit to me!" The sadness was gone in an instant, a spark of anger lighting up his grey eyes as he jumped to his feet.

What a load of crap. There was no way he was going to be the one submitting and I called him out on it. "Well the both of us can't very well be dominant!"

"Why the hell not?" Syn snapped, "Cleo and Hakota are both dominant."

Really? He wanted to use them as an example? Did he really want me to go into all the issues they had because of their battling prides and egos? Besides, they were two different kinds of dominant. "That's different."

"How?" Syn hissed through his teeth, his hands balling into fists at his side. "Because we're both male instead?"

I didn't answer because I didn't want to sound hateful. I had nothing against same sex mating I just knew I could never be in one of those mating bonds. I wanted a female mate because I was attracted to them, I felt nothing for Syn even with the mating bond he was like a stranger to me and Syn knew it.

"So you're saying that if I was a female things would be different."

"Yes," I answered truthfully, "that's exactly what I'm saying." Now, don't get me wrong. It wasn't that I wanted to exert my dominance over a female. I admired Cleo for how strong she was and I wouldn't mind having a strong female mate. I didn't want to be above my mate, I just didn't want to be below them.

"You won't even give me a chance just because I'm a male."

Under the anger I could see how heartbroken he was but I couldn't show him any softness. He needed to hear the bitter truth, as cold and harsh as it was.

"Just give it up already, Syn. I don't want you now and I won't want you ever."

The fire in his eyes died, swallowed up by the stone mask as he put it back in place. A new aura of bone biting coldness surrounded him as he stared me down. I refused to flinch or even look away.

He then let out an inhuman growl and snapped his teeth in my face, causing me to stumble back several steps. A heavy weight of fear settled on my shoulders. It pushed the air out of my lungs and quickened the beating of my heart as I could sense the danger pouring off of him.

Never in my life, not even from Hakota, had I ever felt anything like this.

My head bowed under the weight of dominance he was imposing on me. With another growl Syn strode past me, knocking my shoulder as he stormed away.

I stared at the floor, trying to calm my frantically beating heart while regaining my breath.

I couldn't break.

I couldn't lose the last of my freedom.

And so it begins.
Welcome to book 3!🍾🥂🎉
In case it wasn't obvious this is Syn and Terrin's story. And in case you still don't get it, this is a boyxboy story. Which means there will be a gay realtionship and other guy on guy action taking place. If you don't like it....too bad, no one is forcing you to read this and hateful comments are not welcome and shall be deleted. Happy pride month btw, this is kinda fitting that I released this book now.
Don't worry we will still see the lycan pack and more about the relationship between Cleo and Hakota.
You should all thank the readers who've been begging me for the third book, they pulled me out of retirement and made me feel guilty for leaving you all hanging. Cheers to them and cheers to all my readers ❤
- your un-retired author, Simbacats

P.S. I better see some love from all you so comment and like 👍😁
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