Waiting in Darkness

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Sitka’s book

Well, here it is, we have reached the end and it has a bit more definitive ending than Hakota and Cleo's story. Perhaps the alpha pair is grating on your nerves... Why can't they just get over it already and be happy?

Well, realistically it wouldn't happen. As you may have inferred, my books aren't really fairytales. Often times my main characters are the villains themselves because let's face it, we are all our own worst enemy. Hakota and Cleo have a lot to work through, forgiving is one thing, but forgetting is another.

However you will get a chance to see what the future holds 20 years from the end of the story as we follow Sitka through his own mating trials. I've been asked to give Sitka an easier time than my other characters, and I will... Sort of.

Come on guys, you know that's not how I roll. Bunnies, rainbows, true loves kiss, and clichés are not why you keep coming back for more.

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Anyhow, here is Sitka's book.

In the night

Pacing back and forth

He's searched far and wide

To the very ends of the earth

Growing restless and anxious

A beast ready to snap

He lures his prey

Into his trap

There is no escape

Nowhere to run

Because for him

The waiting is finally done

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